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ALI, Muhammad Red Everlast Boxing Glove,  measures appx. 11”x7”. Signed by the legendary boxer: “Muhammad Ali  AKA Cassius Clay The Champ.”  After this writing Ali has drawn a “Loving Heart.” Ali signed with a nice full clean and sharp desirable double signature. $845.00

ALI, Muhammad Red Everlast Boxing Glove, measures appx. 14”x8”. Signed by the legendary boxer: “To Gary from Muhammad ALI.”  After this writing Ali has drawn a “Loving Heart’ and a “Boxing Ring.”  A choice double sketch and all in fine condition. $750.00

ALI, Muhammad A fabulous Ali signature on the sweet spot of a Diamond Senior Little League Baseball. Certified genuine by In Person Authentics with their COA and sticker.  A choice 100% genuine signature of Ali. SOLD

ALI, Muhammad Very scarce typescript on the letterhead of the Marriott Hotels, one and a half pages titled “Ali - You Gotta Believe” taken from Newsweek, November 11, 1974. Boldly inscribed: “To Jeff Muhammad Ali.”. $295.00

ALI, Muhammad Photograph, B&W, 8”x10”, of Ali, full length pose right after knocking out Sonny Liston during their 1965 title fight. Very boldly signed by Muhammad Ali on his trunks, later in life. $235.00

ALI, Muhammad Photograph, B&W, 8”x10”, Very close full face, ready to throw a punch. Boldly signed on his boxing glove with fabulous contrast. Signed later in life, circa 2001 or early 2002.”. $235.00

Signed by Eighteen Players

ALL STAR BASEBALLThose signing are Hank Aaron on the sweet spot, Stan Musial, Lefty Gomez, Duke Snider, Willie Stargell, Bob Gibson, Joe Sewell, Johnny Mize, Warren Spahn, Joe Cronin, Jim Palmer, Luke Appling, Yogi Berra, Ralph Kiner, Luis Aparicio, Willie Mays, Ron Guidry and Juan Marichal. $375.00

ALLEN, Fred, HILDEGARDE and RUNYON, Paul Cover sheet for the radio show on WEAF.  Vitalis For Men Only.  May 30, 1939 Theme: “Anything Goes.” All three have signed their names after their part. $110.00

ASHE, Arthur Full length portrait of Ashe swinging his tennis racquet. Measures 4.75”x2.5”  and on the verso is a full page ad for Advantage Ashe Tennis Glasses. Inscribed: “For Ray, Peace Arthur Ashe.”. $175.00


BISGUIER, Arthur Very scarce A.L.S. with excellent content on a 3"x6” card. $85.00

BROWNE, Walter S.
Fine 3”x6” card boldly signed. Together with a matching size photograph. $57.50

BYRNE, Robert
A.L.S. (1972) on verso of a collector’s letter. Byrne writes: “Dear Mr. Harris, I really don’t know what my greatest satisfaction is – their have been many. One of my favorite wins is my game with Gligoric, Chicago 1963. Yours truly, R. Byrne.”. $65.00

EUWE, Dr. Max
Uncommon signature on a 3”x6” card together with a portriat/biography. $85.00

FINE, Reuben
Very desirable full signature on a 3”x6”. $47.50

American Chess Grandmaster
FISCHER, R. A book from his library:  King Pawn Openings B.T Batsford Limited London, 1975. Two hundred sixty-four pages heavily illustrated.  Signed, “R. Fischer” inside the front cover. . $1,500.00

LASKER, Edward Typed letter from a collector where Lasker answers some questions about having a signed photo and his two most memorable experiences one being the winner in London in 1914 and also about  publishing his book on chess. Together with a fine card 3”x6” boldly signed. The two $40.00

Chess Book From Bobby Fischer’s Library, Signed
LASKER, Edward Signed in ink: “R. Fischer” at the top inside front cover.   Store advertising rubber stamp on inside front free end paper otherwise a V/G copy with dust jacket. From  Fischer’s personal library. $1,650.00

Chess Book From Bobby Fischer’s Library, Signed
MAROVIC, D.  and SUSIC, I. Signed in ink: “R. Fischer” at the top inside front cover.   Store advertising rubber stamp on inside front free end paper otherwise a V/G copy with dust jacket. From  Fischer’s personal library. $1,650.00

RARE Genuine Autograph of a Grandmaster Chess Player
RESHEVSKY, Samuel Page, 8”x10.5”, copied from a chess magazine, 1982, which contains a biography of Reshevsky states prior to 1964 he had never lost a match having beaten Foreign and American players including Bobby Fischer. On this page Reshevsky has underlined several of his accomplishments. Below on the lower margin, next to his portrait he has written: “My best games, Samuel Reshevsky.”  Of the seven items listed on the Internet that are said to be signed by Reshevsky, only one bears a genuine signature. $195.00

Killed his Room Mate with a Razor
WEINSTEIN, Norman On a 3”x6” card  Weinstein writes: “Sept. 15, 1973  Best Wishes, Norman Weinstein  U.S.C.F. Senior Master  P.S. - The highest of my career are the U.S. Junior Championship and U.S. Open Championship.”. $95.00

YANOFSKY, Daniel Wonderful signature “D.A. Yanofsky” on a 3”x6” card. $45.00

YANOFSKY, Daniel Back flap of an envelope where he signed his name and written out his return address. $40.00

ALI, Muhammad & JACKSON, Jesse Full sheet of stationary from The Breckenridge in St. Louis. Signed by Jesse Jackson adding in his hand : “Oct. 7, ’83 Peace-Freedom! Jesse Jackson.” Just below, Ali has signed with a large full signature adding the date Oct. 6-83.”. $225.00

ALI, Muhammad & MARTIN Joe Printed pamphlet “Prophethood In Islam” Muslim Community Center, Chicago, Il, no date. Signed on the cover with a full signature of Muhammad Ali. In addition Joe Martin has written: “from Joe Martin 1st coach of Clay Age 12.”. SOLD

ALI, Muhammad A very vintage full signature in pencil: “Muhammad Ali World Champ.” on a 3.5”x5” slip. Circa mid 1960’s SOLD

ALI, Muhammad A fabulous full ink signature on a 3”x5” card. Ali has hand drawn a boxing ring below his signature $350.00

ALI, Muhammad Large slip, measures appx. 5.25”x8.5”.  Ali has written: “Thank you, Love, Muhammad Ali, Love is the Net, where Hearts are caught like Fish. 1-13-90.”  Ali has drawn a “Heart” and has circled the entire piece. Choice for framing $475.00

ALI, Muhammad On a lined side of a 3”x5” card Muhammad Ali has written: “To Cordetia, Love Muhammad Ali, Service to others is the rent we pay for our room in the HEREAFTER, May 27, 1988.”  In addition Ali has drawn a “Heart” and a “Funny Face.” $475.00

ALI, Muhammad On a piece of brown board measuring appx. 6”x8” Ali has written: ‘To Charles from Muhammad Ali. Three Time World heavyweight Champion. After me there will never be another, 2-11-88.” In addition Ali has drawn a boxing ring and a “Smiley Face.” $795.00

ALI, Muhammad Photograph, B&W, 8”x10” of Ali in the ring at the 6th Street Gym in Miami, Florida. He is wearing his boxing gloves and trunks. Very boldly signed. Mint condition $235.00

ALI, Muhammad Photograph, B&W, 8”x10”, full length pose wearing his boxing gloves and trunks. Inscribed: “To Melissa from Muhammad Ali. Love is the Net, where hearts are caught like Fish.”  Ali has drawn a “Heart” after the inscription $550.00=

ALI, Muhammad Very RARE typed letter signed, on the letterhead of 4944 Woodlawn Avenue, Chicago, Il., no date. “Dear  (left in blank to be added when mailed) I was delighted to hear from you. You may not think so, but I really appreciate each and every letter that I receive.  I feel good now. I’m in good shape and razor sharp. In case you were a little aprehensive  regarding my upcoming fight, let me inform you that this is going to be the prettiest, most masterful upset that boxing has ever seen. I guarantee this, and I couldn’t be more serious.  Please forgive the brevity of this letter, but I have much to do and must move on.  I hope you achieve success in whatever you try to do. Very truly yours, Muhammad Ali.” A very vintage letter and blue ink signature $1,600.00

ALI, Muhammad An incredibly RARE autograph letter signed, one page on his Muhammad Ali Farms letterhead. Jan. 30,89, Ali writes: “Dear Mark, I will soon start the Muhammad Ali Fan Club and I want you to be one of my members. I will get back to you when I am ready. Love always, Muhammad Ali.” One correction also in his hand. This letter contains two full Muhammad Ali signatures. Very fine condition $2,500.00

ALI, Muhammad & MARTIN Joe On a brown piece of  heavy card stock, Ali has written: “Muhammad Ali Service for God is the rent we pay for our room in the Hereafter. 5-22-89.”  Just above Ali has drawn a boxing ring with a stick figure of himself and mike Tyson. Tyson is lying on the canvas. Many fans heads are drawn outside the ring watching the knockdown.  In addition along the bottom Joe martin, Ali’s first coach has written: “From Joe Martin Ali 1st coach.” On the verso is a letter from a fan where at the bottom Ali has written “Thank you Love Muhammad Ali 5-22-89” Magnificent. $1,250.00

America's Most Popular Muslim
ALI, Muhammad & MARTIN Joe Three inch by five inch unlined card inscribed with a religious quotation by Muhammad Ali.  Ali writes: “To Kevin from Muhammad Ali, Serve God He is the Goal. 1-13-90).  Ali has drawn a circle around his writing.  In addition at the bottom right corner, Martin has written: “Joe Martin, Ali 1st coach at age of 12.”. $450.00

Double Signed Photograph
ALI, Muhammad Double signed using a bold black ink pen: “Muhammad Ali aka Cassius Clay”. Signed by Ali during the early 2000’s.  Together with the book: “The Collector’s Guide to Muhammad Ali Autographs (2014) by Shawn Anderson, Markus Brandes and Stephen Koschal. $595.00

ALI, Muhammad
His autobiography; “The Greatest, My Own Story.” Random House, N.Y., 1975, First edition, so stated. Four hundred sixteen pages. A fine copy with the uncommon dust jacket.  Signed “M. Ali” on the title page. The signature of Ali is circa late 1990’s. SOLD

Muhammad Ali
Rare Signed Boxing Glove as Cassius X. SOLD

Muhammad Ali Printed pamphlet  Is Jesus Really God?  Printed during the 1980’s by The Institute of Islamic Information and Education, Chicago, Il.  Inscribed on the front cover: “To David From Muhammad Ali  19-3-88”. SOLD

Muhammad Ali Heavy cardboard 8.5”x11”, where the champ writes very boldly:  “5-22-89, Muhammad Ali, Love is the net, where Hearts are caught like Fish” In addition Ali has drawn a heart and a boxing ring with two stick figures inside the ring. One is standing with arms raised in Victory and Ali adds “Me”. The other figure is lying down and Ali identifies the figure as “Tyson”. Ali also sketches the faces of a crowd watching the fight.  Bottom right is written by Ali’s first trainer: “From Joe Martin, Ali 1st Coach at age 12”.  Most unusual and could by a high light in any collection of Muhammad Ali.  Ali’s signature is magnificent and measures seven inched long. SOLD

ALI, Muhammad A vintage  inscribed and signed signature, in ink: “To Robbie Muhammad Ali” on a 4”x6” album page.  Circa mid 1980’s.  Together with an original one of a kind color photograph of Ali, three quarter length pose, dressed in a suit. $195.00

AARON, Hank & MAYS, Willie Color photograph of the two dressed in their uniforms, standing in a ballpark. SOLD

Two Time World Champion
AYALA, Paulie Matching pair of MacGregor boxing gloves. On the left hand glove, Ayala has written and signed: “Two Time World Champ! Paulie Ayala, 2003.”  In addition he has written “POW.” $55.00

BARROW, Edward G. Bank check, Rye National Bank, Rye, New York, June 4, 1952.  Accomplished by Barrow and made payable to Stamford Hall Co, for $207.63. Boldly signed. $200.00

Rare Collection of 64 Checks Signed by Baseball Hall of Fame Members Baseball Hall of Fame Members, 64 signed checks.  Fifty-three of the checks are signed on the front, ten are endorsed on the verso as they were checks made out to the player. Five checks are described as “unknown” according to the Sports Market report on Baseball Autographs. $11,500.00

Rawlings Big Stick, Baseball Bat, Signed by
31 members of the Baseball Hall of Fame
BASEBALL HALL OF FAME Rawlings Adirondack, Big Stick, Baseball Bat, Professional Model. Hand signed by 31 members of the Baseball Hall of Fame. Those who have signed: Red Schoendienst, Frank Robinson, Robin Roberts, Jim Palmer, Lou Boudreau, Brooks Robinson, Eddie Matthews, Bob Doerr, Rick Ferrell, Luke Appling, Billy Williams, Warren Spahn, Yogi Berra, Ernie Banks, Bob Lemon, Hoyt Wilhelm, Buck Leonard, Billy Herman, Jim Catfish Hunter, Al Kaline, Luis Aparicio, Johnny Mize, Enos Slaughter, Monte Irvin, Bob Feller, Al Barlick, Fergusen Jenkins, Ralph Kiner, Willie Stargel, Ray Dandridge and Harmon Killebrew.   $650.00

NFL Commissioner (1946-1959)

BELL, Bert
Autograph letter signed, in pencil. Very lengthy 12-page letter on the letterhead of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Philadelphia. No date but with original envelope postmarked March 18, 1934. $250.00

Oldest Major Championship Winner in Golf

BOROS, Julius 
Choice ink signature on a 3”x5” card. $45.00

Rare Signature of Stephen A. Calder

CALDER, Stephen A. 
Original International Certificate of Vaccination Against Yellow Fever Approved by the World Health Organization issued to Stephen A. Calder. Signed by Stephen A. Calder and signed by Doctor David C. Lane attesting to the revaccination of Calder on October 6. 1974.  Most unusual item together with a portrait of Calder inside the Grandstand of his new Calder Race Course $95.00

CAMPBELL, Malcolm Fine three word sentiment signed in full and dated “4 February 1935” on the letterhead of The Clarendon in Daytona beach, Florida.  $150.00

Rare Presidential Golf Ball Signed by Jimmy Carter

Top Flite Golf Ball with the colorful Presidential Seal and the words “Jimmy Carter Library & Museum.”  Over his printed signature the former president has signed his name with his desirable full signature. $399.00

Huge Collection of Signatures of
Inductees Into The Baseball Hall of Fame
Museum Quality
COLLECTION This Rare collection consists of 231 signatures on 3”x5” cards, government postcards, a few cuts, signed photos and  documents of those who have been inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. $PRICE AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST

Become An Instant Sports Autograph Dealer
Baseball Hall of Fame Collection Collection of 444 Hall of Fame Plaque Cards, each signed. Almost all are the yellow type. Each signature guaranteed genuine for life. $12,500.00

Signed by Thirteen Members of the Baseball Hall of Fame
Baseball Hall of Fame Baseball Mug, made in Taiwan in 1987, depicts a baseball field with fans in the stand. A baseball protrudes from the mug and the handle resembles a baseball bat. Hand signed (each in person signatures) by Bob Feller, George Kell, Lou Brock, Luke Appling, Johnny Mize, Enos Slaughter, Al Kaline, Billy Herman, Robin Roberts, Rick Ferrell. Hoyt Wilhelm, Monte Irvin and Bob Lemon.  In excellent condition, comes with the original box. SOLD

Scarce Collections of Astronauts Who Threw Out the First Pitch
BOWERSOX, Ken, LOPEZ-ALEGRIA, Michael, WHITSON, Peggy, REISMAN, Garrett, ACABA, Joseph A most unusual collection $150.00

One of History's Most Famous New Yorkers
First Man to Jump off the Brooklyn Bridge
BRODIE, Steve Steve Brodie’s  very rare business card which depicts his portrait, his name and states that he is the Champion Bridge Jumper of the World.  In addition it states: “Will Appear Season 96-97 in Thos. H. Davis’ Sterling Comedy Drama On The Bowery.” Boldly signed and dated : “Sunday, Feb.7, 1897” on the verso of this card. SOLD

BROWN, Willard He was inducted into the baseball hall of Fame (2006). Choice signature on a 3”x5” card. Note on verso indicates this card was signed in September 1975. $550.00

BRYANT, Paul “Bear” Cover commemorating Bear Bryant with a choice cachet of the coach. Affixed are two US postage stamps cancelled Birmingham, AL, NOV 28,1981. Hand signed Paul “Bear” Bryant. $225.00
George H.W. Bush (b. 1924) & Edward W. Stack (b. 1935 ) . 41st President of the United States and Chairman of the Baseball Hall of Fame (1977-2000). A Signed Perez Steel baseball card, #6,770/10,000. A very unique baseball and presidential collectible. Very few of these jointly signed cards exist. $595.00

CAMPANELLA, Roy Fabulous dark, bold signature on a 3”x5” card. Signed, in person,  at the Long Island Baseball Show in September 1990.. $495.00

1949 St. Louis Cardinals
ST. LOUIS CARDINALS Contract between Sportstamp Company and the St. Louis Cardinals dated June 11, 1949. Measures appx. 8.5”x14”.  Permission to use the player’s photographs in Baseball Sportsstamps and albums.  Signed by the 1949 St. Louis Cardinals including three members of the Baseball Hall of Fame, Enos Slaughter, Red Schoendienst and Stan Musial. An additional T.L.S. dated  June 30, 1949 to Sportstamp Company granting the company to use my photograph is boldy signed by Marty Marion and is lightly affixed to the document. $375.00

Holds 72 NBA Records – Signed Twice
CHAMBERLAIN, Wilt Very scarce First Day Cover commemorating Basketball and its inventor Dr. James Naismith. Fine cachet of Dr. Naismith and the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame. Affixed is a Naismith 4 cent Basketball postage stamp cancelled Springfield, Mass. Nov 6, 1961. Hand signed “Wilt Chamberlain” across the lower portion of the cover.  Signed once again on the verso. $675.00
Roberto Clemente A Rare Signature, on a 5.5 in. by 11 in. slip of yellow paper, d. June 1966, on Fairfield Inn stationary, Atlanta, Georgia, with the signatures of nine other Pittsburgh Pirate players. SOLD

COLLINS, Eddie Autograph letter signed, two very full pages. Park Hotel, Seguin, Texas, March 22, 1922. To a young fan Master Arthur Reynnaan. $2,450.00
Very Scarce Full Signature
COLLINS, Edward T. Attractive stamped seal of the Office of the baseball Commissioner (Kenesaw M. Landis) dated June 12, 1944.  Hand signed by a representative of the Columbus Baseball Club, Inc. and by Edward T. Collins, Vice.Pres. Of the Boston American league Baseball Company. $1,250.00

COLLINS, Eward T. Uncommon full signature “Edward T. Collins” cut from a check. Remarkably cancellation holes barely touch his bold signature. $650.00

COMANECI, Nadia FDC commemorating the 1984 Olympic Games. Cachet of a gymnast and affixed to this cover is a US 28 cent gymnast postage stamp cancelled First Day of Issue, San Antonio, TX, JUN 17, 1983. Choice hand signed signature of Nadia Comaneci. $65.00

CRONIN, Joseph Player’s Contract. 27 May 1956 for Maynard B. Theil between the Dallas Baseball Club and Boston American League Baseball Co.  The trade was made for a lump sum payment of $6,250.00 in cash. Signed by Joseph Cronin as V/P of the Boston American League baseball Co. and countersigned by the business manager of the Dallas Baseball Club. $100.00

CUYLER, Ki Ki Choice ink signature on an album page. Newspaper portrait of Cuyler affixed to the top of the page, easily matted out if so desired. Signed on the verso by Guy Bush and Zack Taylor. $750.00

DALI LAMA XIV Apparently the Dalai Lama had difficulty signing the round baseball as do any celebrities. He started to sign, using a ball point pen on the sweet spot. He switched positions to a side panel where he did the best to sign his full name. Baseball show some scuffing. Comes with the original mailing envelope from India which bears 60 Indian Stamps depicting Indira Gandhi  Dalai Lama’s rubber stamped return address is also on the envelope. There are no records of sales of baseballs signed by the Dalai Lama. The Dalai Lama refuses to sign a baseball in person so this could be easily one of a kind. $450.00

First African-American Player to be Picked First Overall in the NFL Draft
First African-American to Win The Heisman Trophy
DAVIS, Ernie His college working manuscript that he was preparing to submit to his class, nine typed written pages on the history of Bristol, Vermont. Over twenty lines underlined in pencil by Davis and 3 words and a few notations written in pencil by his hand in the margins. Boldly hand signed “Ernie Davis” in pencil at the top of page one.  This manuscript comes from the original collection of Todd Mueller who purchased the papers of Ernie Davis directly from the Davis estate.   $1,450.00
DAY, Happy Uncommon typed letter signed on the ornate letterhead of  Maple Leaf Gardens.  October 2, 1948. $275.00

DEAN, Dizzy FDC commemorating the first 100 years of baseball. Cachet of crossed bats, with a glove, ball, and hat. Affixed is a US 6 cent Professional Baseball postage stamp cancelled First Day of Issue, Cincinnati, OH Sep 24, 1969. $265.00

DEAN, Dizzy Signed Vintage Magazine Portrait. $195.00

DEAN, Dizzy Fabulous signature on the lined side of a 3”x5” card $125.00

DEMPSEY, Jack FDC commemorating the SOKOL Centennial. Affixed is a cachet of a disk thrower and affixed to this cover is a US 5 cent Physical Fitness postage stamp cancelled Washington DC, FEB 15, 1965. Boldly hand signed by Jack Dempsey. $125.00

Joe DiMaggio Member of the Baseball Hall of Fame (1955). A Set of Signed Hall of Fame Plaque Cards. Black and White, Color, and Gold and Bronze. Each hand signed boldly by DiMaggio. On the Black and White he's added "HOF 1955". $1,550.00

Wonderful Cover Signed by 22 Yankees (1939
DiMaggio, Joe. Steve Sundra, Buddy Rosar, Bill Knick, Tommy Heinrich, Joe Gordon, Bill Dickey, Al Jorgens, M. Russo, Oral Hildebrand, Bump Hadley, Lefty Gomez, Spud Chandler, Red Rolfe, Joe McCarthy, Frankie Crosetti, Charlie Keller, Buddy Rosar, George Selkirk, Lou Gehrig, Jimmy Deshong and Paul Schriener FDC commemorating the Baseball Centennial 1839-1939. Cachet of a player swinging a bat. Affixed is a US 3 cent Baseball Centennial postage stamp cancelled First Day of Issue, Cooperstown, JUN 12, 1939. Signed by 22 players. The signatures of Lou Gehrig and Joe McCarthy are most likely club house signatures.  The New York Yankees won the 1939 World Series. $875.00
Joe DiMaggio Baseball Legend Signed Diamond Greats #1 Baseball Card. $240.00

DiMAGGIO, Joe Cover bears a colorful cachet of DiMaggio in Yankee uniform swinging a bat. Cover states 50 years ago, on May 3, 1936, rookie Joe DiMaggio made his major league debut at Yankee Stadium. In his first at bat, he lined a single to left field. US 22 cent postage stamp cancelled Bronx NY Stadium Sta. May 3, 1986. A choice hand signed signature of Joe DiMaggio graces this cover. $225.00

DOBY, Larry Attractive FDC commemorating Jackie Robinson.  Choice colorful cachet of Robinson and affixed to this cover is a 20 cent Black Heritage postage stamp cancelled First Day of Issue Cooperstown, NY AUG 2,1982. A fine hand signed signature of Larry Doby in a clear portion of the cover. $67.50

First Woman to Swim the English Channel
EDERLE, Gertrude Large card with her printed portrait which she inscribes “To- A Sincere Admirer Janis Smith.” Ederle continues to write words of wisdom and signs her name in full. She continues to write her many accomplishments and records on both sides of the card. $195.00

FLEMING, Peggy FDC commemorating the XXI Olympiad, Montreal 1976. Fine cachet of a figure skater along with the Olympic Logo. Affixed is an Olympics 1976 13 cent figure skating postage stamp, cancelled First Day of Issue, Lake Placid, NY, JUL 16, 1976. Hand signed by Peggy Fleming and Dorothy Hamill. $95.00

Collection, Signed Football Immortals cards
FOOTBALL IMMORTALS cards The following cards are signed and in near mint condition. ADDERLEY, Herb card #6, ATKINS, Doug card #8, BADGRO, Morris card #9, BEDNARIK, Chuck card # 14, BELL, Bobby card #16, BERRY, Raymond card #12,  BROWN, Paul card #19, BROWN, Roosevelt card # 20, BROWN, Willie card #35, BUTKUS,  Dick card #36, ̣ CANADEO, Tony card # 33, CONNOR, George card # 30, DAVIS, Willie card # 28,  DONOVAN, Art card # 25, DUDLEY, Bill card # 37, EWBANK, Weeb card #39, FEARS, Tom card #40, FLAHERTY, Ray card # 21, FORTMANN, Dan card #23,  GATSKI, Frank card # 3, GIFFORD, Frand card #43, GRAHAM, Otto card #41,  GRANGE, Red card #42, GREENE, Joe card #138,  GREGG, Forrest card # 45, HEIN, Mel card #50, HUNT, Lamar card #58, HIRSCH, Elroy card # 55, HUTSON, Don card #59, LARY, Yale card #66, LILLY, Bob card # 70, LUCKMAN, Sid card #72, JONES (Deacon) David card #60, JURGENSEN, Sonny card #61, MARCHETTI, Gino card #75, MATSON, Ollie card #77, McAFEE, George card #78, McELHENNY, Hugh card #80, MITCHELL, Bobby card #84, MOTLEY, Marion card #87,  MOORE, Leonard card #86, MUSSO, George card #88, NAGURSKI, Bronco card #89,  OTTO, Jim card #95, PARKER, Clarence card #97, ROZELLE, Pete card #1, ROBUSTELLI, Andy card # 104, STAUBACH, Roger card #5,  TARKENTON, Fran card # 135, UPSHAW, Gene card # 140, UNITAS, Johnny card #120 and WARFIELD, Paul card  #123.
Collection of 52 signed cards. $2,575.00

Ford Frick Baseball Hall of Fame, Fabulous Sgnature. $125.00

FORD, Gerald R. Baseball Bat with the name "Gerald Ford" beautifiully engraved.  Hand signed "Gerald R. Ford". $495.00

Knocked Jackie Gleason OUT COLD
GALENTO, Tony  Choice signature on a vintage album page $47.50

Very Rare Signature of  E.G. Gerard- Original Inductee Hockey Hall of Fame
GERARD, Edward George & LAMB, Joseph Gordon RARE, large pencil signature “E.G. Gerard” on an album page. On the verso it is also signed in pencil: “J.G. Lamb, Feby 4/28.” SOLD

GRANGE, Red Cover honoring Red Grange the “Galloping Ghost.” Fine cachet of Red Grange and affixed to this cover is a 10-cent postage stamp cancelledUrbana, IL OCT 18,1974. Nice hand signed signature “Red” Grange he adds his number “77.”. $175.00

GRANGE, Red Vintage photograph, postcard size, full length, standing in a field near what may be a circus wagon.  Inscribed: “Sincerely to Wally, Red Grange.”. $150.00

GRANGE, Red Football Immortals card #42.   Hand signed “Red Grange.”. $125.00

Chick Hafey Baseball Hall of Fame, Choice Uncommon Signature for the Cardinal's great. $160.00

Member of Hall of Fame and President of the American League
HARRIDGE, William T.L.S.  on the imprinted stationery of American League Professional Baseball Clubs. L.C. McEvoy, Broadcasting.  Chicago, April 3, 1940.  Mr. McEvoy  writes to the manager of the St. Louis Office and confirms that the Chicago office submitted the following data relative to the proposed broadcast of American League games over Station KXOK in St. Louis.  This approval of the sponsor, announcers and radio stations is confirmed and granted as signed below by both L.C. MvEvoy and William Harridge.  Very scarce official approval regarding American League games signed by its president with his full signature. 375.00
William Harridge Signature Affixed to a Magazine Portrait. $225.00

A Fabulous Pair - Two Original Inducted in the Pro Football Hall of Fame
HEIN, Mel & HUTSON, Don Two Football Immortals cards #50 for Hein and 59 for Hutson. Both handsomely and boldly signed and both in excellent condition. $145.00

Pioneer of Baseball
HERZOG, Buck A fabulous signature on a vintage card.  Note on verso indicates signature was obtained in November 1939. $550.00

Founder of the American Football League
HILTON, William Barron Portrait, 8”x11”, B&W, full length pose standing in front of a Hilton Hotel. Bottom right corner he has written and signed: “with best wishes Barron Hilton 6-30-76.”. $95.00

New York Rangers Three album pages covering three “1928” Season Teams. On December 2, 1928, the first radio broadcast of a hockey game in Montreal took place. This collection consists of many of the rarest signatures in the field of hockey and worthy of placement in a museum. $2,500.00

HODGES, GIL Fabulous large signature inscribed with a two word sentiment on a full sheet of lined paper. Date in an unknown hand at the very bottom of the page “2/5/68.” $1200.00

HODGES, GIL Fabulous large signature in red ink on a page which contains his biography. On the verso is the same type biography of James Gilliam which is also signed. ” $595.00

Scarce Golf Ball signed by Ben Hogan
HOGAN, Ben Hogan golf ball hand signed by Ben Hogan and adding the date “94” in his hand. Genuine signatures of Ben Hogan on golf balls are quite scarce, most signatures that appear to be signed during old age are forgeries. $475.00

HOGAN, Ben Typed letter signed on his name imprinted stationery. Ft. Worth, TX, Oc. 21, 1992. Nice friendly letter wishing for “better golf.” $195.00

HOGAN, Ben His check on the imprinted Hogan Oil Co. Ft. Worth, TX. Dec. 10, 1992 made payable to W.B. Hogan for $50,000.00. Hand signed “W. Ben Hogan.” $149.00

HOGAN, Ben Nice friendly letter appreciating  their letter and  “...I do regret to advise you that I no longer have any pictures as my supply of photographs has been long exhausted...” Excellent hand signed signature..” $145.00

HOGAN, Ben Ben Hogan golf ball signed. Together with a typed letter signed by his secretary, on his letterhead, November 13, 1994. SOLD

HOOPER, Harry His Christmas Card which contains a fine lengthy inscription to a friend: “To my good friend Wm. Van Baskirk, good health, peace of mind to him 1974, Harry Hooper.” $85.00

HORNSBY, Rogers Fine cachet of a baseball player swinging away stating “Invented by Abner Doubleday Cooperstown, N.Y. America Prefers Base Balls To Cannon Balls. Affixed is a US 3 cent Centennial of Baseball postage stamp, cancelled First Day of Issue, Cooperstown, N.Y. Jun 12, 1939. Fine signature hand signed by Rogers Hornsby across the First Day of Issue cancellation. Collectors name and address is typed below. $950.00

"Mr. Hockey" and His Two Hockey Playing Sons
HOWE, Gordie Two of his sons Marty and Mark were his teammates on the WHA Houston Aeros. Paper stock, promotional photo, 8”x10”, B&W of Gordie Howe and his two sons wearing their hockey uniforms. Inscribed and signed by Gordie Howe: “Hi Barney, Gordie Howe” and also signed by Marty Howe and Mark Howe. $100.00

HOY, William E. “Dummy” Especially important is that baseball signs were developed specifically for him and remain an integral pat of the game today.  Many believe he is a sure bet to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.  Choice, full signature on a   3”x5” paper. $375.00

JACK, Beau Miniature “Ringside” boxing glove measures appx. 2”x4”, hand signed, in person, “Beau Jack.” $65.00

One of 6 Inaugural Golfers Inducted into the LPGA
JAMESON, Betty Box of 15 TiTech Titanium #1 Fluid Metal Molecular Core Golf Balls. Inside the outer box are five boxes containing 3 golf balls. Each golf ball is signed in ink: “Betty Jameson.”  Betty Jameson was a wonderful long time friend and she was my celebrity guest signing golf related items at our Ft. Lauderdale autograph events. Photo of her taken at the autograph show not included with the golf balls. $245.00

World’s Greatest Athlete ??
JENNER, Bruce A very desirable 1991 Impel U.S. Olympic Hall of Fame card #33 which depicts Bruce Jenner running in the Olympics.  Very boldly hand signed.  Removed from one of those silly plastic covers from one of those high profile authenticating companies. $45.00

Bobby Jones Rare Autographed Note Signed, at the bottom portion of a fan's letter requesting a signed golf ball. $4,750.00

JONES JR., Robert Tyre Interesting cover with a cachet of Dwight D. Eisenhower holding a golf club while visiting Augusta, Georgia.  Affixed is a US 3 cent postage stamp of the 75th Anniversary of the State of Colorado cancelled Augusta, GA April 13, 1953. A collector has written his name and address, and above is hand signed “Bob Jones.” $1500.00

JONES JR., Robert T Choice ink signature “Bob Jones” well centered on a 2.25”x3.75” card. On verso is written May 13, 1960 believing this is the date this card was signed. $695.00

Greatest Basketball Player of all Time
JORDAN, Michael Official United Van Lines golf ball #2 made by MacGregor.  Hand signed with a black ink Sharpie Pen by Michael Jordan across the United Van Lines logo. SOLD

Michael Jordan 1998 Championship Ring
JORDAN, Michael A wonderful high quality replica of his Chicago Bulls 1998 Championship ring. Hand crafted by professional jewelers, made of heavy metal, and clad with 18K gold. $135.00

Greatest Basketball Player of all Time
JORDAN, Michael Of the six rings he won, offered is a heavy high-quality replica ring from his first win. This ring was hand crafted by professional jewelers.  $75.00

Died When Only 38 Years Old
JOYNER, Florence Griffith FDC honoring Helene Madison. Cachet of Madison and affixed is a US 25-cent Olympian postage stamp of Helene Madsion cancelled First Day of Issue Minneapolis, MN, JUL 6, 1990. Huge and bold hand signed signature Florence Griffith Joyner, four inches long. $87.50

Kenesaw Mountain Landis Rare Document Signed by Baseball's First Commissioner. $1,495.00

KERRIGAN, Nancy FDC commemorating the XXII Olympiad Montreal 1976.  Fine cachet of a figure skater along with the colorful Olympic logo.  Affixed is a U.S, 13 cent figure skating postage stamp, cancelled First Day of Issue, Lake Placid, NY,  JUL 16,1976.  A fantastic signature hand signed by Nancy Kerrigan. $32.50

Rare John Kennedy, Ted Kennedy and Ted Williams Signed Photograph
KENNEDY, John F., KENNEDY, Ted, WILLIAMS, Ted Hand signed by John F. Kennedy, Ted Kennedy and Ted Williams. Photo by “Fay Foto, Boston”. Photo has some minor creases. The two Kennedy signatures were signed in black ink, offering acceptable contrast, the signature of Ted Williams is fantastic. $3,250.00

First Commissioner of the N.F.L.
LAYDEN, Elmer Autograph letter signed “Elmer”, 4 pages, August 15, 1924, Davenport, Iowa. A love letter to his sweetie  from the young star. $295.00

Signed by Ernie Banks and John Wayne Gacy
LOGAN, Bob So You Think You're A Die-Hard Cub Fan. This was Gacy's personal book which he read and kept in his cell on death row. Gacy has sent this book as a Christmas gift and inscribed this copy: "Steve, enjoy the reading John W. Gacy" on the half title page. Hand signed below Gacy's signature is Ernie Banks. Banks is a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame and is known as "Mr. Cub". SOLD

LOPEZ,  Al Uncommon autograph letter signed on the back of a collector’s letter to him. Circa Oct. 1991. Lopez writes: “Eileen - I am against autographing bats. But if you bring this bat over I’ll make an exception. If you will call me at 312-839-6584 before 12 noon during the week. Sincerely, Al Lopez.” $150.00

Extremely Rare Signed photo of Lisa Lyon
LYON, Lisa Topless ¾ length B&W photo of Lisa Lyon about to shoot an arrow from her bow.  Postcard photograph by Robert Mapplethorpe, 1982.  Inscribed on the front “For Robert Orth (President of American Film Archive)  at the top in gold ink and along the bottom with 2 xx’s and signed. $1150.00

Undesirable Former Pitcher with the New York Yankees
MacPHAIL, Lee, PAUL, Gabriel and CLAY, Kenneth Uniform Player’s Contract The American League of Professional Baseball Clubs.  Five page contract between the New York Yankees and Kenneth Clay of Lynchburg, Virginia. During the year 1975 Clay will receive $900 per month. On the back page, Kenneth Clay has agreed to the terms and signed his name twice as a player. He dated his signature 1 December 1974.  Co-signed twice by Gabriel Paul as the New York Yankee Authorized Person.  This contract was approved and signed by Lee McPhail dated Jan. 3, 1975. $150.00

Excellent Content Letter: The Ty Cobb-Napoleon Lajoie Batting Title of 1910
MacPHAIL, Lee Typed letter signed on his name imprinted letterhead as American League President. Dated March 28, 2005 to John Dalton. $150.00

MACPHAIL. Lee New York Yankees making a contract with Dick Groch to be a Scout for 1982 for a salary of $2,000.  Signed by Groch  and a Yankee Official. Approved and signed on the cover by Lee MacPhail, President of the American League of Professional Baseball Clubs SOLD

2022 Super Bowl Ring
MAHOMES, Patrick 2022-23 Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Championship Ring, high quality replica, very, very heavy, simply gorgeous. $85.00

MANTLE, Mickey & DIMAGGIO, Joe Color photograph, 8”x10”, three quarter length pose together, dressed in their Yankee Uniforms and holding their hats off to the fans in the stadium.  Perfect blue ink Sharpie signatures of both written across their uniforms, therefore excellent contrast. An uncommon signed pose. $695.00

MANTLE, Mickey Fantastic (uncommon portrait) Copyright, T.V. Sports Mailbag, of Mantle ready to swing his bat with a beautiful signature nearly six inches long. $275.00

MANTLE, Mickey Choice colorful cachet of Mickey Mantle in uniform. This cover marks the 20th Anniversary of Mantle’s leadoff Home Run in the ninth inning of the third game of the 1984 World Series. Most interesting the typo on this cover should read 1964 not 1984. Affixed is a Roberto Clemente US 20 cent postage stamp, cancelled New York, Oct 10,1984. Hand signed by Mickey Mantle with a signature grading a 10. $250.00

MANTLE, Mickey Top-Flight golf ball hand signed by Mickey Mantle adding his Number 7. In excellent condition, in protective case. SOLD
Heinie Manush Vintage Signature on a Magazine Portrait affixed to a larger sheet. $100.00

MARIS, Roger Choice inscription, sentiment and large signature on the unlined portion of a 3”x5” card. $395.00

Pro Ball Player who took Honus Wagner’s Job
MCBRIDE, George Autograph letter signed, one page on a once cent government postcard dated Milwaukee,Aug.16,51.  He writes: “Glad to hear some of the fans remember some of us old Timers. Haven’t got any photos available but if I can dig up one will send it to you. Sincerely. Geo.F. McBride.”  Come with a four page interview from 1964 of McBride. $75.00

MIDDLECROFT, Cary Typed document signed: “Ben Hogan’s Secret, On How Not to Hook The Golf Ball.’’ $175.00

MIDDLECROFT, Cary Choice uncommon signature on a 3”x5” card. $125.00

Joe Medwick Baseball Hall of Fame, Choice Signature with baseball card. $110.00

Member of the Boxing Hall of Fame
MOORE, Archie Wonderful content handwritten letter with original envelope postmarked July 3, 1964. $185.00

MOSCONI, Willie Photograph of Mosconi, smiling and about to hit a cue ball. Boldly signed along with a two-word sentiment. In excellent condition. $95.00

NAGURSKI, Bronko He was an inaugural inductee into the Pro Football Hall of Fame (1963). Football Immortals card #89. Hand signed “Bronko Nagurski.”  These cards are awfully hard to find bearing a genuine signature. $175.00

NAGURSKI, Bronco, DIMAGGIO, Joe and GRANGE, Red All three have signed a 3”x5” card. All signatures absolutely beautiful.  Possibly one of a kind. $250.00

He Broke the Curse of the Bambino
NEZ, Chester Very colorful Fenway Park, Boston baseball. Hand signed “Chester Nez” on a side panel Signature is bold and bright. $75.00

NICKLAUS, Jack Uncommon typed letter signed on his “Golden Bear, Inc” letterhead dated June 29 1978. $150.00

NICKLAUS, Jack Photograph, B&W, 8”X10” of Nicklaus half-length pose taking a swing with his club.  He has a very serious look on his face. Inscribed: “To Ruth and Allen, Best Regards, Jack Nicklaus.”  Nice vintage example most likely from the late 1980’s. $125.00

Louisville Slugger Signed by 46 Members of the
Baseball Hall of Fame and President Richard Nixon
NIXON, Richard  President Richard Nixon, Hall of Fame Bat.  Louisville Slugger baseball Bat signed by Richard Nixon and 48 members of the Baseball Hall of Fame.  All signatures signed with a blue ink Sharpie pen. All signatures signed “in person.”The following have signed the bat.  Enos Slaughter, Louis Aparicio, Buck Leonard, Ernie Banks, Whitey Ford, Rick Ferrell, Bob Gibson, Billy Williams, Willie McCovey, Harmon Killebrew, Ted Williams, Bob Lemon, Ralph Kiner, Bob Feller, Frank Robinson, Red Schoendienst, Yogi Berra, Hank Aaron, Eddie Matthews, Ray Dandridge, Jocko Conlon, Willie Stargell, Don Drysdale, Al Barlick, Willie Mays, Early Wynn, Jim Catfish Hunter, Luke Appling, Bobby Doerr, Lefty Gomez, Mickey Mantle, Monte Irvin, Early Wynn, Lou Brock, Johnny Mize, Lou Boudreau, George Kell, Hoyt Wilhelm, Billy Herman, Robin Roberts, Stan Musial, Duke Snider, Warren Spahn, Juan Marichal, Al Kaline and Sandy Koufax.  In addition this bat is expressly made for President Richard Nixon and has been hand signed by  Richard Nixon.  There is some rubbing to four signatures. All signers have added “HOF” and the year they were inducted into the Hall of Fame. One of a kind SOLD

Take Me Out To The Ball Game – Signed
NORWORTH, Jack A large slip 5.5”x7” with the words to “Take Me Out To The Ball Game” typed on it. Boldly signed by Jack Norworth. $575.00

Signed by the author of “Take me Out To The Ball Game”
NORWORTH, Jack A 78 Record of his big hit “Ain’t We Got Fun” copyright 1920. Inscribed and signed on the label: “To Ken, all best wishes, Jack Norworth.” $475.00

Take Me Out to the Ball Game
NORWORTH, Jack, NOVA, Lou and HECHT, Ben Cover page for the radio show on WEAF. Vitalis For Men Only June 13, 1939. With the Vitalis guest stars named above. Signed by all three next to their parts in the program.   A full signature of Jack Norworth is not easily found. He usually signed most items with his first name only. SOLD

NOVA, Lou Very uncommon World Wide Photo, 7”x9” B&W, Pompton Lakes, N.J.. Nova completed his training here today (Sept.27) for his title bout with World’s Heavyweight Boxing Champ Joe Louis at the Polo Grounds... 9/27/41”  Half length pose smiling, inscribed , signed and dated on the lower margin: “9/29/73 To Bill your Pal-Lou Nova.” $175.00

O’DOUL,  Lefty A fabulous large, bold ink signature on a lined 3”x5” card. $125.00

O’DOUL,  Lefty Very scarce 8”x10” photograph, full length in uniform ready to swing his bat.  Beautifully and very boldly inscribed, signed and dated (just four months before his passing. $950.00

Only White Player to Play in Two Negro League Teams
O’NEAL, Dick Lefty His book: "Dreaming Of The Majors, Living In The Bush, A Life’s Journey through the Negro League with His Guardian Angels." Pleasant Word, 2009, First Edition. Paper back, 111 pages, illustrated.  Inscribed and signed: "To Beau, My brother in sports! Dream Big Dreams with Him Dick Lefty O’Neal." . $67.50

O’NEAL, Shaquille Fabulous genuine signature removed from the title page of his book $45.00

The Great Home Run Hitter
OH, Sadaharu Official National League baseball, William White, President. Signed on the sweet spot with a double signature, once in English and again in Japanese. SOLD

OTT, Mel A fabulous full signature in ink with ample margins for framing. $775.00

OWENS, Jesse Choice First Day Cover commemorating the Olympic Summer Games. Cachet of two men racing on bicycles in the XX Olympiad Munich 1972 Olympics. Affixed are 4 U.S. 4 cent XX Olympic Summer Games Munich 1972 postage stamps cancelled Washington, DC, Aug 17, 1972. Very boldly hand signed by Jesse Owens. A magnificent signature 5” long. $575.00

OWENS, Jesse Portrait, B&W,  of Owens turning over the baton to teammate Ralph Metcalfe during the 400 meter run in the 36 Olympics. Measures appx. 3.5”x5” possibly cut from a magazine.  Owens has written across the portrait: “Best of Luck, Jesse Owens, 36 Olympics.” SOLD

First Negro League player Inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame
PAIGE, Satchel Gateway Cachet 1979 cover with a fine silk cachet of Paige, three portraits.  Affixed is  a 15 cent U.S. Flag postage stamp cancelled Cooperstown, N.Y. Jn 12, 1979. Signed by Satchel Paige with a choice signature. 1200.00

Two Giants in Golf
PALMER, Arnold Nice FDC honoring the Sport of Golf. Cachet of a golfer taking a swing. Affixed to this cover is a U.S. 13-cent Golf postage stamp, cancelled First Day of Issue, Augusta, GA,  APR 7, 1977. Very boldly hand signed by Palmer and Sarazen. 145.00

PAYTON, Walter A Beautiful color photograph, 8”x10” of Payton running with a football. Boldly signed adding his number “34”. $195.00

25,1980 PGA Tour Cards Signed
PGA TOUR, 1980 Cards Collection of 25 PGA Tour cards hand signed by notable players. Those who have signed are Hale Irwin, Hubert Green, Johnny Miller (has one crease) J.C. Snead (signed twice), Tom Purtzer, Don Pooley, Tom Weiskopf, Jerry Pate, Larry Nelson, Leonard Thompson, Bob Gilder, Lanny Wadkins, Bill Rogers, Keith Fergus, Ed Fiori, Tom Kite, Lee Trevino, Ben Crenshaw, Curtis Strange, Jack Nicklaus, David Graham, Craig Stadler, Fuzzy Zoeller, George Archer and Dan POHL. All cards but one in fine condition. $350.00

Winner of the 1938 Masters and the 1939 PGA
PICARD, Henry G. Very scarce to borderline rare, A.L.S., one page, dated 12/18/91 to “Ron”.  Picard writes: “Thanks a million for all your favors. I wish you a most Happy and healthy Holiday Season, Sincerely” signed “H.G. Picard.”. $375.00

Very Rare Signature of Brian Piccolo
PICCOLO, Brian American professional football player. Running back for the Chicago Bears. Fantastic player who died at a very early age.  A choice ink signature on a 4”x6” page. $1,950.00

Collection of Race Car Drivers
Collection of signatures of nine race car drivers Bobby Allison (1937-   ), Mario Andretti (1940-  ), Ari Luyendyk  (1953-  ), Gordon Johncock (1936-   ), Rick Mears (1951-   ), Bobby Rahal (1953-   ),  Danny Sullivan (1950-  ),  Al Unser, Jr. (1962-   ) and Darrel Waltrip (1947-   ).   All nine signatures boldly signed on 3”x5” cards. All signatures are vintage. $87.50

Ronald Reagan, Louisville Slugger, Signed by
43 Members of the Baseball Hall of Fame.
REAGAN, Ronald President of the United States.  Louisville Slugger baseball bat made expressly for President Ronald Reagan.  His name is engraved in the bat  This bat has been hand signed (in person) by 43 members of the Baseball Hall of Fame. Those who have signed are:  Duke Snider, Rick Ferrell, Al Barlick, Buck Leonard, Luis Aparicio, Bob Gibson, Jim Catfish Hunter, Ted Williams, Willie McCovey, Hoyt Wilhelm, Red Schoendienst,  Robin Roberts, Yogi Berra,  Don Drysdale,  Warren Spahn, Frank Robinson, Whitey Ford, Mickey Mantle, Stan Musial, Eddie Matthews, Harmon Killebrew, Juan Marichal, Lou Boudreau,  Brooks Robinson, Bob Feller, Lou Brock, Ernie Banks, Lefty Gomez, Ray Dandridge, Jocko Conlon, Johnny Mize, Luke Appling, Willie Stargell, Monte Irvin, Bob Lemon, Ralph Kiner, Enos Slaughter, Billy Herman, Bob Doerr, George Kell, Al Kaline, Hank Aaron and Early Wynn.  At one time, Ronald Reagan was supposed to autograph this bat as well. A space for his signature was lightly sanded so as his pen/ink would adhere to the wood.   SOLD

RETTON, Mary Lou Cachet of 5 athletes and affixed to this cover is a U.S. 15 cent 1980 Olympics postage stamp cancelled First Dat of Issue, Los Angeles, CA,  SEP 28,1979. Boldly hand signed by Mary Lou Retton. $25.00

Pitched Perfect Game in 1922
ROBERTSON, Charlie Postcard photograph, B&W of Robertson pitching. Signed and dated on the verso: “Chas Robertson 4-30-79.”  Signed 57 years to the day of his perfect game. $250.00

ROBINSON, Sugar Ray Fantastic image of Robinson in a boxing pose in the ring. Inscribed: “Best wishes to Irving, Sugar Ray Robinson”. SOLD

Rare Cancellation of a Ship that was Sunk
ROBINSON, Jackie Cover commemorating the Centennial of Baseball with a cachet of a baseball player on the mound waiting for a pitch. Affixed is a US 3 cent Centennial of Baseball postage stamp cancelled U.S.S. Perkins, OCT 19,1939. Addressed by a collector and hand signed by Jackie Robinson. The Perkins was a destroyer that was sunk during war time on Nov.29, 1943 because of a collision. $1,450.00

ROBINSON, Jackie Two U.S. six cent Professional Baseball stamps with Jackie Robinson signing his name across both stamps. In Mint condition and rather scarce as such. SOLD

Original Piece of Goal Post Signed by Knute K. Rockne
ROCKNE, Knute K. Original piece of the goal post from the Nov.13, 1926 Notre Dame/Army game played at Yankee stadium.  In this game, the Fighting Irish handed the cadets their first defeat. Autographed by Knute K. Rockne.   On the other side of the piece of goal post is written “N.D. 7 -  Army 0, 11/13/26.”  Wood measures appx: 1”x3”.  Together with a handwritten letter from the woman who I purchased this relic. $3,900.00

RODRIGUEZ, Alex Two U.S. six cent Professional Baseball stamps with Jackie Robinson signing his name across both stamps. In Mint condition and rather scarce as such. $125.00

Original Sketch of Slapsy Maxie Rosenbloom
ROSENBLOOM, Slapsy Maxie Sketch is on a 8”x10” sheet and is boldly signed by the artist. In ink, the boxer has written: “Good Luck From Slapsy Maxie Rosenbloom”. $165.00

ROWLEY, Arthur May 9, 1995 Arthur Rowley Testimonial Souvenir Program.  Entire pamphlet on Arthur Rowley. Signed on the front cover: “Best wishes, Arthur Rowley.” $40.00

Fastest Woman in the World
RUDOLPH, Wilma Excellent and scarce FDC honoring Wilma Rudolph with a fine colorful silk cachet of her running. Affixed is a US 15-cent postage stamp of Olympic 1980 runners. Cancelled First Day of Issue, Los Angeles, CA SEP 28, 1979. Hand signed, uncommon signature of Wilma Rudolph. $235.00

Highest Salaried Sports Writer of His Time

RUNYON, Damon Rare typed letter signed in pencil (Damon), 3 very full pages, Memorial Hospital, May 16, 1944.  $875.00

RUNYON, Damon Member of the Boxing Hall of Fame.  Very uncommon signature removed from an album page. $550.00

Winner of the PGA Championships 1934 and 1938
RUNYAN,  Paul Autograph letter signed, one page, on his name imprinted stationery, dated Feb. 27, 1994.  Runyan writes: “Dear Sharon, My greatest thrill in golf  was winning the North and South Open at Pinehurst North Carolina in April of 1930, Respectfully yours. Paul Runyan.”. $250.00

One of the Best Players in NBA History
RUSSELL, Bill Very scarce 8X10” color photograph of Russell taking his favorite defensive shot. Boldly signed “Bill Russell” adding in his hand “#6  160/300” of signed photos. This photo comes with a matching numbered Certificate of Authenticity. $550.00

Three Great Yankee Pitchers
RUTH, Babe, & LONG, Dale & GOMEZ, Lefty Fantastic cover commemorating 100 Years of Baseball. Cachet of a pitcher, batter, and catcher, First Day Cover. Affixed is a block of 4 Centennial of Baseball postage stamps cancelled Cooperstown, June 12, 1939.  Hand signed by all three. Notations in ink on verso: “Babe Ruth autograph July 7, 1940. Vernon (Lefty) Gomez November 5, 1964.  Kawanis Club Luncheon.”  In pencil: “Purchased Charles Hamilton Auction.” Cover in near fine condition. $12,500

One Of The Finest Signatures of Babe Ruth
RUTH, George Herman “Babe” Choice portraits of Babe Ruth, half length pose in Yankee Uniform,  Carl Hubbell and Gordy Maguire, all whom managed and coached the 1945 All-American East Baseball Team. Each player has signed near his portrait. The signed portrait of Ruth can easily be matted by itself if so desired. Measures 8”x10”. Together with an 8”x10” reproduced photo of the 1945 New York team that represents the East in the All American Game. They will meet Ty Cobb’s Westerners. A handwritten note is attached to the photo stating: “This is my stepfather Lester Eggers”. SOLD

RYAN, Nolan Unusual FDC OF 1993 Nolan Ryan’s Farewell Tour to Baseball, with a colorful cachet of  Ryan waving his hat in a good-by gesture.  Affixed is a $2 St. Vincent postage stamp, cancelled First Day of Issue, St. Vincent OCT 3, 1993. Hand signed with a choice signature of Nolan Ryan. $67.50

Two Scarce Signatures
Founder of the Harlem Globetrotters
And Goose Tatum- Crown Prince of Basketball
SAPERSTEIN, Abe Vintage fountain pen signature on an album page.  Former owner added biographical notes. On the verso is the signature of Globetrotter legend “Goose” Tatum, the Crown Prince of Basketball who died at the early age of 45. $225.00
Gene Sarazen Rare ALS describing how he invented the Sand Wedge in 1931, $1900.00

Signed by 3 Golf Hall of Famers
SARAZEN, Gene, Sam Snead, and Byron Nelson Agusta National Golf Club scorecard circa 1993, signed on one side by Gene Sarazen (invented the sand wedge), Sam Snead and Byron Nelson.  $175.00

SARAZEN, Gene Made payable (in his hand) to Barnett Visa Gold for $74.27 cents.  Boldly signed. $47.50
Gene Sarazen Rare ALS describing how he invented the Sand Wedge in 1931, $1900.00

SCHMIDT, Mike Typed letter signed, one page, January 6, 1987 on his name imprinted letterhead. Very boldly signed. $150.00

Woman, Red’s Owner, Banned from Baseball
SCHOTT, Marge A card measuring 3.5”x5” inscribed “To Edward Marge Schott & Schottzie.”  Schott has hand drawn a paw print indicating that Schottzie has signed this card as well.  $100.00

The Very  Scarce Signature of The First Black PGA Golfer
SIFFORD, Charlie Most unusual color flyer for the cover of his book “Just Let Me Play.” Boldly inscribed on his portrait: “To Marv Charlie Sifford.”. $135.00

O.J. Simpson, Limited, Numbered and Signed Book
SIMPSON, O. J. His book  “I Want To Tell You” Little Brown and Company, 1995, First Edition,  limited to 3,000 signed copies, this is copy number 298. SOLD

Known as The Trial of the Century, Later
Convicted of 12 Counts of Armed robbery and Kidnapping
SIMPSON, O. J. Typed quote from the murder trial:  “if it doesn’t fit, (glove) you must acquit. I did it, You know I did it and I WOULD DO IT AGAIN. No regrets!”  Boldly signed in ink “O. J. Simpson.”  Together with a color portrait of O.J. with his attorneys at the murder trial. SOLD

FABULOUS, ONE OF A KIND, Signed photograph of

Frank Sinatra, Ava Gardner and Phil Silvers

SINATRA, Frank & GARDNER, Eva & SILVERS, Phild Remarkable photograph, 8”x10” oblong of a very young Sinatra with his celebrity baseball team all dressed in uniform.  Everyone is looking at the camera except for Ava Gardner who is holding  a baseball bat and looking directly at Frank Sinatra having a very pleasing smile.  In addition, also in this photograph is Betty Grable and Virginia Mayo and Phil Silvers. Circa 1946. $2950.00

Rare Signature of Al Singer
SINGER, Al  Choice signature adding “Thanks” in his hand on a vintage album page. $165.00

SMITH, Hilton Choice signature adding “Pitcher” in his hand.  Pencil note on verso states signature obtained in April 1979. $795.00

Vintage 1937 Signatures of the Four Best Golf Players in the World
Three of these Players are Enshrined into the PGA World Golf Hall of Fame
SMITH, Horton, LITTLE, Lawson, COOPER, Harry, THOMSON, Jimmy Four page score card printed by A.J. Spalding for a Match & Shotmaking Demonstration to be played by the four of the best golfers in the world dated Sunday, November 28, 1937 at Ponte Vedra Country Club in Jacksonville Beach, Florida.  Inside this pamphlet is 1.5 pages of fundamentals signed in print by Robert T. Jones.  This contest was played by H. Cooper & J. Thomson vs. Lawson Little and Horton Smith.  Page two contains a scorecard listing in pencil the final scores after nine holes of the four players. Little, shot 35,  Thomson shot 37, Cooper shot 37 and Smith 40. Signed in pencil by all four.” $895.00

Vintage 1937 Signatures of the Four Best Golf Players in Three of these Players are Enshrined into the PGA World
SMITH, Horton, LITTLE Lawson, COOPER, Harry & TOMSON, JImmy Four page score card printed by A.J. Spalding for a Match & Shotmaking Demonstration to be played by the four of the best golfers in the world dated Sunday, November 28, 1937 at Ponte Vedra Country Club in Jacksonville Beach, Florida.  Inside this pamphlet is 1.5 pages of fundamentals signed in print by Robert T. Jones.  This contest was played by H. Cooper & J. Thomson vs. Lawson Little and Horton Smith.  Page two contains a scorecard listing in pencil the final scores of the four players. Signed in pencil by all four. SOLD

Inventor Of Ping Golf Clubs
SOLHEIM, Karsten Photograph, 8”x10”, B&W, head and shoulders pose, smiling,  holding a Ping golf club. Signed adding a two word sentiment: “Best wishes, Karsten Solheim”. In fine condition. SOLD

Pioneer Football Coach
STAGG, Amos Alonzo Wonderful artist printed sketch, head and shoulders pose of a serious looking Stagg.  Measures 4”x6”, cut from a magazine. Very boldly signed in full with an early signature, unlike the shaky ones from the 50’s and after.  $350.00

STAGG, Amos Alonzo Member of the Football Hall of Fame.  Choice full signature dated in his hand “Aug.22, 1952’ on a large slip. $185.00

The Feuding Duo of the New York Yankees
STEINBRENNER, George, MARTIN, Billy Scarce, genuine signatures of Steinbrenner and Martin on matching unlined 3”x5” cards. Together with a wonderful photo, B&W, 8”x10” of Steinbrenner and Martin, side by side. $395.00

Justice Stewart saved Muhammad Ali's Boxing Career
Rare Typescript of a Section of the Constitution Signed by Potter Stewart

STEWART, Potter Typescript of a portion. of the U.S. Constitution of the United States being the Preamble and Article III-Section 1. First of this type we have seen. One page, circa 1979, inscribed and signed by Potter Stewart as Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. $175.00

Creator of the Little League
STOTZ, Carl First Day Cover commemorating the U.S. Flag 15 cent postage stamp. Attractive silk cachet of Francis Scott Key aboard a military vessel watching bombs bursting in air over Ft. McHenry in Baltimore harbor. Stamp cancelled Baltimore, MD Jun 30, 1978. Hand signed in ink “Carl E. Stotz.”. $450.00

The Most Exciting Moment In Baseball History
$1 Million Dollar Reward Poster
Thomson, Bobby & BRANCE, Ralph Possibly the very first Reward being offered in baseball history.  $1 Million Dollar Reward being offered for the original baseball pitched by Ralph Branca where Bobby Thomson hit the home run. Hand signed by Bobby Thomson and Ralph Branca. Along the bottom portion of the item the person who offers the reward writes: “$1,000,000 Reward Josh Leland Evans.’’ Measures 8.5”x11”. $275.00

The Most Exciting Moment In Baseball History
And a U.S. Postal Service Oversight
Thomson, Bobby & BRANCE, Ralph Full sheet of stamps, issued by the U.S. Postal Service in 1998,  for the “1950’s Celebrate The Century.” Of the US fifteen 33 cent stamps one of them depicts the “Shot Hear ’Round The World.”  The batter (Thomson) and pitcher (Branca) are depicted on the stamp.   Hand signed by Bobby Thomson and Ralph Branca. $95.00

1949 Detroit Tigers
DETROIT TIGERS Contract between Sportstamp Company and the Detroit Tigers dated June 15, 1949.  Measures appx. 8.5”x14”.  Permission to use the player’s photographs in Baseball Sportstamps and albums. Signed by 26 members of the Detroit Tigers including Virgil Trucks,  Aaron Robinson, Ted Lyons, Red Rolfe, George Kell, Vic Wertz, Dizzy Trout, Robert Swift, etc. $350.00

First American to Win Wimbledon
He writes: "Did I understand you to say USC would play in the Rose Bowl?
Didn’t you mean the toilet bowl"
TILDEN, William Autograph letter signed, two and a half pages, in pencil, from prison to Marrion Anderson and her son. His name “W.T. Tilden” is written in pencil along with his return address on the envelope. $495.00
Giant's Owner
TISCH, Preston Fine dark ink signature on a United States First Day Cover cancelled Kennebunkport, Me, Oct. 8, 1983. $40.00

WALCOTT, Jersey Joe Photograph, black and white, 8”x10” of Walcott in a boxing pose. Inscribed: “To Jeff Jersey Joe Walcott.” $95.00

WALCOTT, Jersey Joe Miniature “Ringside” boxing glove measures appx. 2”x4” hand signed, in person, “Jersey Joe Walcott.” $95.00

Inducted into Baseball Hall of Fame 1963
WALLACE, Roderick J.  Rare autograph letter signed on a brown 3.5”x6” card. “El Segundo, Calif. 9/9/59.  Dear Charles, Many thanks for your dandy letter and I hope everything is going along just fine for you. All good wishes, Sincerely Yours, Roderick J. Wallace.”. $1,100.00

PSA’S Price Guide Lists Lloyd Waner Checks as “Unknown”
WANER, Lloyd  His personal check on the Bank and Trust CO., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, dated Aug.2, 1961.  Accomplished in his hand, made payable to Southwestern Bell and Tele Co for $10.55. Signed “L. Waner.” He adds his street address.  In fine condition.  PSA’s Price Guide lists Lloyd Waner checks as “Unknown.”. $225.00
Glenn "Pop" Warner "Rare 1934 Autograph Letter Signed on Football Strategy. $1,195.00

Wells, Willie Choice ink signature on a 3”x5” card. He adds the date “3-16-84” in his hand. $695.00

WILLIAMS, Ted Attractive cover commemorating the 40th Anniversary of Ted Williams. Colorful cachet of Williams. Affixed is a US 18 cent “from sea to shining sea” postage stamp cancelled Philadelphia, SEP 28, 1981. Hand signed with a fabulous signature of Ted Williams. $175.00

Very Rare Genuine Signed Photograph used In Court against a Forger
WOODS, Eldrick Tont “Tiger” Very boldly signed. In addition he has taken his pen and crossed out his face an chest. SOLD

American Icon For Whom Wrigley Field Is Named
WRIGLEY, Jr. William A very RARE full ink signature “William Wrigley” on a slip with ample margins for matting and framing. SOLD
Member of the 1927 Yankees
BENGOUGH, Ben He was a member of the 1927 Yankees. He appeared in the 1927 and 1928 World Series.  Choice pencil signature on a  1.5”x2.5”card. $75.00

HOFMANN, Frede He played in the 1923 World Series.  Choice pencil signature on a slip. $75.00
SELIG, Bud Photograph, 8”x10” B&W, head & shoulders pose, smiling.  Inscribed: “To Justin, Best Regards, Bud Selig.”$27.50

The Splendid Splinter-Possibly the Greatest Hitter of All Time
WILLIAMS, Ted Boldly autographed by Ted Williams across his portrait. SOLD

Three Great Yankee Pitchers
RUTH, Babe, & LONG, Dale & GOMEZ, Lefty Fantastic cover commemorating 100 Years of Baseball. Cachet of a pitcher, batter, and catcher, First Day Cover. Affixed is a block of 4 Centennial of Baseball postage stamps cancelled Cooperstown, June 12, 1939.  Hand signed by all three. Notations in ink on verso: “Babe Ruth autograph July 7, 1940. Vernon (Lefty) Gomez November 5, 1964.  Kawanis Club Luncheon.”  In pencil: “Purchased Charles Hamilton Auction.” Cover in near fine condition. $12,500

YAWKEY, Tom Perfect ink signature cut from a typed letter as president of the Boston Red Sox. $295.00

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