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ALGER, Jr, Horatio Fine signature along with a two word sentiment in his hand on a card. Dated by a rubber stamp on the verso “Jan. 30, 1895.” $150.00

Honored with Decorations by the Rulers of Japan, Persia, Turkey and Siam

ARNOLD, Sir Edwin Autograph quotation signed on a 4”x7” slip: “--So that your lives be made like sweet airs, passing by The Light of Asia.” Boldly signed ‘Edwin Arnold.” $125.00

Asimov Appears to be Annoyed With a Collector

ASIMOV, Issac Typed letter signed on the verso of a postcard dated 3 October 1969 to Dear Mr. Berliner: “I think you must be pulling my leg.  If you were a fan of mine you would a) known the correct spelling of my name, instead of misspelling both first and last names, and--- b) you would be quite aware that through all my professional career in all my talks and autobiographic notes I have kept up the consistent “trademark” of what some have called “charming Asimovian immodesty.”  I’m afraid I will have to keep my trademark.’ Signed with a full ink signature. $195.00

Photograph 5”x7”, B7W, head and shoulders pose smiling. Signd with a fabulous full signature. SOLD

BARR, Amelia E.
Autograph quotation signed on a heavy 3”x5” card: “Our questions, are a mortal brood; Our work is everlasting.” Signed “Amelia E. Barr May 1st/99.”. $95.00

Author of "America the Beautiful"

BATES, Katherine Lee Her book: “Little Robin Stay-Behind.” The Womans Press,New York 1923. First Edition, two hundred twenty-nine pages.  On the front free endpaper, Bates has written: “Margaret Sherwood with the affectionate apologies of Katherine Lee Bates Christmas 1923.” Book in very good to near fine condition with a very nice and scarce dust jacket. $285.00

Author of "America the Beautiful"

BATES, Katherine Lee A book she gave as a gift: The Collected Poems of Josephine Preston Peabody (Mrs. Lionel S. Marks). With a Foreword by Katherine Lee Bates. Houghton Mifflin Company, 1927, 535 pages. Inscribed, signed and dated on the front free endpaper: “Marion Pelton Guild with love from Katherine Lee Bates, Christmas 1927.” (Just two years before her death.) $245.00

BESANT, Walter
Lengthy autograph letter signed, 2 full pages on his printed Frognal End, Hamstead, N.W. letterhead, Dated May 20, 1900. He writes to John Russell. A fine literary letter about writing 1500-1800 words for a US publication. $135.00

Novelist Remembered for Lorna Doone

BLACKMORE, Richard D. Autograph letter signed, one page, Leddington, Midd. Dec. 16, 1882. SOLD

BRADBURY, Ray An unused label gold trimmed, 1.5”x3.75” where he writes: “Good Wishes and a Happy 1991! From Ray Bradbury,” $67.50

Best Remembered for “O Little Town of Bethlehem”

BROOKS, Phillips American Episcopal clergyman and author.  Rector of Boston’s Trinity Church & Bishop of Massachusetts.  Remembered for his Christmas hymn “O Little Town of Bethlehem”.  Card, 3.5”x4.5” with the printed address “233 Clarendon Street, Boston” (Trinity Church property).  $87.50

Extraordinary Content

BUCK, Pearl S. page on her name imprinted stationery. Dated, March 11, 1941 to My Dear Mrs. Krug. “Because of your warm interest in the work of the American Bureau for Medical Aid to China, Colonel Roosevelt and the members of the Board want you to know of the China Relief Legion. The only purpose of the Legion is to provide medical relief for the inconceivable suffering of the people of China.  Your membership can literally save the lives of 4,265 human beings: it can provide immunity for 3,000 people from the dreaded bubonic plague, save 1,250 from cholera, and supply enough quinine to cure 15 people of malaria.  If you can, I beg you to join us in this Legion of mercy whose badge is the symbol of humanity. Faithfully yours.”  Signed, Pearl S. Buck. $325.00

Nobel Prize Literature (1938)

BUCK, Pearl S. Membership card #2412 for the Pearl S. Buck Book Club.  Ms. Linda Moody is a member in good standing. Signed in full by Buck. $95.00

Ned Buntline
(1823-1886). Pseudonym of Edward Zane Carroll Judson (E. Z. C. Judson). Gave William F. Cody the nickname "Buffalo Bill." Buntline's dime novel series Buffalo Bill Cody - King of the Border Men, was a fantastic success, and made both men famous. Autograph Quote Signed, on a card, d. December 25, 1885 - Christmas Day - with his double signature. $475.00

Author Best Remembered for Little Lord Fauntleroy

BURNETT, Frances Hodgson Autograph letter signed, one page, no date, written on her Massachusetts Ave. 1770 stationery. $150.00

Regarded by Many as the Greatest English Poet

BYRON, George Gordon known as Lord Byron His signature: “Byron” on a slip with ample margins for framing tipped to a larger slip. Together with a B&W portrait 4”x6”  of Lord Byron. $750.00

Autograph letter signed, one page, 26 July 1984. $135.00

Autograph letter signed, two very full pages to a J. Ballantyne on Fleet Street postmark MY.28,1808. A very friendly letter regarding several statements such as his friend leaving without Campbell being able to shake his hand. “I shall think of you with delight till we meet again.” Campbell continues throughout the letter to make intimate comments.. $135.00

CLARKE, Arthur C.
Color photograph by Roman De Silva, 3.5”x5” of Clarke siting at his desk and writing on his computer. Inscribed and signed: ‘To John from A.C. Clarke.”. $47.50

Samuel L. Clemens
[Mark Twain] (1835-1910).
Famed American Author and Humorist Finds hard luick in Paris. Autograph Letter Signed, Paris, France, on a slip of chain laid paper. $1,875.00

Stephen Foster’s Lover

COOPER, George Autograph letter signed, one page, 547 Broadway, N.Y.  August 20, (18)74. To the Editor of The Aldine. $185.00

Autograph Manuscript from "Oak Openings"

COOPER, James Fenimore Best remembered for his classic “The Last of the Mohicans”.  Autograph manuscript, [no place, no date] 5”x8”. From the story of “Oak Openings”.  Page 186, 17 lines, appx. 350 words, very neatly penned.  Pages, like this were given as gifts by Cooper’s daughter during the 1850’s.  $1,750.00

CULLEN, Countee Scarce sentiment and signature: “Sincerely, Countee Cullen”.  $225.00

Scarce Signature Signed A Year Before His Death

CUMMINGS, Edward Estlin Postcard mailed from his studio in N.Y.C. To: E. Virginia Ellis c/o Hill Thoughts in Indiana.  Short T.L.S., March 5, 61  Thank You!”  Signed with a red pencil “E.E. Cummings”.  SOLD

DANA, Jr., Richard Henry Autograph letter signed, two and a half pages. Cambridge (Mass). June 24, 1865. $235.00

Creator of Ellery Queen

DANNAY, Frederic Interesting autograph letter signed on a approx. 4”x5” card. Feb.5, 1975, he writes “Dear Danny, Of course Ellery is my favorite! – with the Inspector! Sincerely,  Ellery Queen (Frederic Dannay.”.  $295.00

DELAND, Margaret Partial original manuscript from “Old Chester” signed.  She writes: “You’ve got a monopoly of unselfishness, Dr. Lavender told Sally, ‘you grow in grace but it’s at the expense of your family!” From Old Chester Tales. Margaret Deland.”. $115.00

Possibly the Finest A.L.S. of Charles Dodgson/Lewis Carroll in Private Hands

DODGSON, Charles Lutwidge Autograph letter signed, 4 pages, Christ Church, Oxford, Dec. 15, 1875. Boldly written in his characteristic purple ink. In fine condition.  A previous collector has housed this treasure in a protective hard cover binding and by tipping the left margin of the letter to a blank page, There are also blank pages tipped before and after the letter for protection. The book can be opened to display the letter or can be kept on a shelf as a book.  A most remarkable content handwritten letter that he ever wrote to a child and with an extremely scarce double signature.  $24,500.00

Mother of the Everglades

DOUGLAS, Marjory Stoneman Very scarce autograph letter signed, 2 pages on her Florida letterhead. 17 November 1955.  She sends her autograph on a card (not enclosed and another on this letter). She regrets she has no photographs and tells the person writing where he can get one. She writes about her greatest satisfaction being awarded the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Letters in 1952 by the University of Miami.   The latest one that of having my recent book “Hurricane” well reviewed in the best papers and selling well in the best bookstores. She suggests which bookstore he may get a copy...signed in full: “Marjory Stoneman Douglas.”.  $235.00

Rare Signed Photo of the Creator of Sherlock Holmes

DOYLE, Sir Arthur Conan Photograph, 6”x8” depicting Doyle in a half length pose, affixed to the original photographer’s mount. Signed in full by Doyle with a three word sentiment: “your affectionate friend, Arthur Conan Doyle, May 18,/14.”  Light silvering to portions of the photo and light traces of a water stain barely worth mentioning otherwise in very good condition.  SOLD

Rare Psychic Book Shop & Library Letterhead
"I would give you the names of a few honest clairvoyants..."

DOYLE, Sir Arthur Conan PAutograph letter signed, one page, on the imprinted stationery of The Psychic Book Shop and Library, Proprietor: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Abbey House, Victoria Street, London, no date. Doyle writes: “I quite sympathise with your position. Your reading must take you as far as it will go. I don’t know if my own two little elementary books are known to you which I include here in the list of new books.  They are expressly written as firm first steps on the ladder.  But the titles of the various books will help you in choice.  If you had one or two friends equally interested you should be able to get your own proofs.  If you should be in London I would give you the names of a few honest clairvoyants. There are others. Yours sincerely, A. Conan Doyle.” One small nick out of the top of the letter otherwise in very good condition.  Doyle opened  The Psychic Book Shop and library in 1925 and died five years later.  SOLD

DREISER, Theodore (Autograph letter signed, one full page, N.Y. Aug. 1, 1924. A fine letter mentioning that he may appear in Oregon and the possibility of setting up a meeting depending upon the distance. $225.00

The Man Who Found Christmas

EATON, Walter Prichard American author best known for “Wild Gardens of New England” and “The Man Who Found Christmas”. Choice full signature on an album page.  $25.00

FAWCETT, Edgar Autograph letter signed, N.Y., 19 may 1868. $225.00

FAWCETT, Edgar Autograph letter signed one full page, no date, 22 W.17th St. N.Y. $175.00

FERBER, Edna First Day Cover honoring Joseph Pulitzer with a wonderful cachet of  Pulitzer. Affixed is a U.S. 3 cent postage stamp of Pulitzer cancelled First Day of Issue, New York April 10 1947. Boldly signed Edna Ferber with a wonderful signature. $195.00

FROST, Robert First Day Cover commemorating Walt Whitman.  Attractive cachet of Walt Whitman’s home and a short biography.  U.S. 5 cent Walt Whitman postage stamp cancelled First Day of Issue, Camden, NJ Feb 20 1940.  Hand signed by Frost: “Robert Frost November 8, 62.”. $350.00
FUENTES, Gregorio Original drink coaster from the Floridita, Havana, Cuba where Hemingway and Fuentes spent much of their time drinking.  There stools at the end of the bar are still on display.  The Floridita is the bar where the daiquiri was invented. The coaster is boldly hand signed by Gregorio Fuentes. Together with an original photo of Fuentes in his living room signing the coaster. $95.00

Hamlin Garland ALS to Mary Benjamin Autograph Dealer

GARLAND, Hamlin Autograph letter signed, one full page, Sept.13 (NY).  $150.00

Scarce Signature of Photographer Arnold Genthe

GENTHE, Arnold Very scarce signature, removed from a limited edition of one of his books.  $150.00

GRASS, Gunther Black and white postcard of his famous ‘Die Ratten uben den aufrechten Gang (1963). Hand signed at the bottom right corner.  $95.00

Best Known for “The Man Without A Country”
HALE, Edward Everett  Autograph manuscript, 1 page, 20 lines, unsigned. Neatly penned in Hale’s hand “Thanksgiving Days- There is a popular delusion in America, not to say a popular superstition that ‘Thanksgiving Day’, which in its present form, is undoubtedly an American Institution, is a purely American invention.  We are popularly told that the Puritans invented it that they might, thus easily escape the necessity of keeping Christmas.  This delusion is like a good many kindred delusions, with which we flatter ourselves that because we like cakes and ales-and have cakes and ales-we invented cakes and ales….for centuries before Christ, he introduced the system of universal public education...”  $395.00

Author of “Roots”
HALEY, Alex  Scarce autograph letter signed, one very full page on his name imprinted letterhead.  $150.00

WW1 Ace ?,  Author of Mutiny On The Bounty

HALL, James Norman Boldly signed with two words added in his hand.  Original envelope with the stamp removed.  Portrait and newspaper article about the author.”  $295.00

From The Memoirs of a Private Detective

HAMMETT, Dashiell Typed letter signed, one page on the printed letterhead of “The Lombardy” in New York City.  May 31, 1934, he writes to Mr. Groff Conklin: “What ever happened to the Smart Set anthology you wrote me about last winter?  Sincerely yours, Dashiell Hammett.”  The letter is hard bound along with “From the Memoirs of a Private Detective” by Dashiell Hammett, four pages.  These pages are from “The Smart Set Anthology”  edited by Groff Conklin and Burton Roscoe.  $4,750.00

Rare Signed Book by Dashiell Hammett

HAMMETT, Dashiell His book The Glass Key, Grosset & Dunlap, New York, 1931. Inscribed and signed: “For Nat Bardt, with the best of luck wherever he goes, Dashiell Hammett, Camp Edison, May 14, 1943”.  Raymond Chandler said the following of Hammett: “...Hammett was an ace performer..yet the story he himself thought the most of The Glass Key is the record of a man’s devotion to a friend...” .  $2750.00

Norwegian Writer, 1920 Nobel Prize For Literature

HAMSUN, Knut His very scarce visiting card bearing his printed name. Boldly inscribed, signed and dated “Norholm 2/6/37”.  SOLD

Nathaniel Hawthorne American Novelist, author of The Scarlett Letter and The House of Seven Gables. U.S. Consul at Liverpool and Surveyor at the Port of Salem, Massachusetts. Portion of a Document Signed. Accompanied with a 5 in. by 7 in. black and white portrait of Hawthorne. $780.00

Poet Laureate of the Confederacy

HAYNE, Paul H. Signed in full.  A four line P.S. states: “The check you mentioned has not come yet... on its arrival, I’ll send you a receipt.” $650.00

Author of Catch 22

HELLER, Joseph T.L.S. on a postcard dated 5/21/79. He types; “I know nothing about values in book collecting. For a first edition, it seems to me you need a first-edition book jacket, which is different than subsequent printings (starting about the third or fourth).  Later jackets have quotes on the front. I’ve got none and I don’t know anywhere else to get one except from someone who does have one. Good luck.” Signed in full. Heller is responding to a request for help in obtaining a first edition dust jacket for “Catch 22.”  $85.00

Mary & Ernest Hemingway’s Xmas Card from Cuba

HEMINGWAY,  Ernest, HEMINGWAY, Mary Ernest and Mary Hemingway’s Christmas Card for the year 1957, 4 pages, with original envelope with 3 Cuban postage stamps affixed, postmarked, Habana, Cuba, Dec. 11,1957. Envelope hand addressed by Mary Hemingway to Miss Eileen H. Butts, Ormond beach, Florida. The card itself has a stunning cover featuring what appears to be Arabs delivering gifts, camels and palm trees in the back ground.”  $3,500.00

HEMINGWAY, Ernest Bank check, accomplished in his hand in ink, New York, New York,  March 17, 1953, made payable to “Roberto Herrera” for $150.00. $2,250.00

HEMINGWAY, Ernest Bank check, accomplished in his hand in ink, Habana, Cuba,  February 26, 1951, made payable to “Portador” for $15.00. $2,375.00

HEINLEIN, Robert A. His book: Job: A Comedy of Justice. Ballantine Books, 1984, First Edition. Seven Hundred Fifty copies have been specially bound, each copy signed by the author, and numbered. This is copy number 90.  In very fine condition housed in the original slip case. $450.00
Elbert Hubbard Famed author & publisher of the Roycroft Press. Signed Engraved Portrait from his book, The Mintage. $295.00

Founder of the Church of Scientology

HUBBARD, L. Ron Typed letter signed on his name imprinted yellow an green stationery with the Scientology symbol at the top left corner.  20 June 1985. 1 page. In full: “Are you planning on getting other authors to sign bookplates for your store?  Love, Ron.”.  $275.00

Very Scarce Signature of Joyce Kilmer

KILMER, Joyce Killed in action in WWI. Choice signature as Sgt. Joyce Kilmer adding his address as “Headquarters Co. 165th Inf. A.E.F. France” cut from an envelope. Very scarce signature.  SOLD

KIPLING, Rudyard Typed letter signed, one page, Bateman’s Burwash Sussex, Nov. 16, 1908. To H. Allingham Esq.  $650.00

L’AMOUR, Louis Fabulous signature on a 3”x5” card. $95.00

LEE, Harper Very scarce 8”x10” photograph, black and white,  close up of her face boldly signed offering wonderful contrast.  $995.00

LEE, Harper Fabulous typed quotation from “To Kill A Mockingbird” signed on a large 5”x8” card.  “Shoot all the blue jays you want, if you can hit ‘em, but remember it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird.”  $995.00

Rare Signed Excerpt from “To Kill A Mockingbird”
LEE, Harper Souvenir typed excerpt from “To Kill A Mockingbird” on a 4”x6” card. “Shoot all the blue jays you want, if you can hit ‘em, but remember it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird.”  Hand signed in blue ink “Harper Lee.”.  SOLD

Spiderman Card Signed and Dated by Stan Lee
LEE, Stan A very colorful card depicting Spiderman climbing a tree, bold signed and dated using a silver Sharpie pen “Stan Lee. 92.”   SOLD

Jack London Rare Signed Portrait by the famed early 20th Century author. $2,000.00

Excellent Content Quotation By The Author of Madame Butterfly

LONG, John Luther Very interesting typed quotation signed  $350.00

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow An Autograph Quote Signed, A complete stanza from his poem Excelsior! $1,250.00
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 1878 Signed Photograph. $1,295.00

Rare Autograph Quotation of Mary Elizabeth Lease
Lease was the Model for L. Frank Baum’s “Dorothy” in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

LEASE, Mary Elizabeth Very scarce to rare autograph quotation signed on an album page: “Sioux City, Ia. Sept.17th 1895. The highest mission of human genius is to lighten the burdens and lesser the sorrows of Earth’s toiling millions and hasten the day when Justice shall prevail and the ‘Brotherhood of Man’ be established throughout the world.  With best wishes yours Mary Elizabeth Lease”. $185.00

Rare A.L.S. of H.P. Lovecraft
with excellent content

LOVECRAFT, H.P. Choice and very lengthy autograph letter signed, one and a half pages on the verso of two color postcards of Nantucket, Mass [no date] but cards were mailed in an envelope, hand addressed by Lovecraft and postmarked Nantucket, Aug. 31, 1934.  SOLD

Rare A.Q.S. of Edward Lytton - Owen Meredith
Coined the phrase "the pen is mightier than the sword"

LYTTON, Edward Bulwer A.Q.S., one page, London, 3 July 1885, on a black bordered card.  “Of old there were 5 Great Powers, Now there are only three, Labour, Capitol, Credit; And they do not always agree. Lytton , Owen Meredith,”.  $450.00

The Elusive Signature of
F(ather) M. Louis (Thomas Merton)

MERTON, Thomas Religious photo card, appx. 3”x5”, portrait of a religious statue with a heart hanging from its chest along with a printed prayer below. In ink, on the verso, Merton has signed with the very RARE sentiment and form of his signature: “In Jesus, F. M. Louis”.  $1,400.00

MILLER, Cincinnatus Original holograph manuscript draft of Miller’s “In A Gondola.”  Two full pages, four stanzas, eight lines each. Hand signed “Joaquin Miller” and dated “Venice 1874.” $450.00

MILLER, Henry Informative and unusual Typed Letter Signed, one half page, Big-Sur (California) February 26, 1955. $595.00

"The Mitchells Have Always Lived in the South, They have Been
In Georgia Since Shortly After the Revolutionary War..."

MITCHELL, Margaret Typed letter signed as “Margaret Mitchell Marsh”, Atlanta, Georgia, Dec 17, 1940.  One page on her name imprinted stationery.  $2,500.00

Margaret Mitchell Pulitzer Prize winning author (1937) of Gone With the Wind. Partly-Printed Document Signed, being a signature authorization for The Chase Bank Paris. SOLD

Very Rare A.L.S. James Morier
MORIER, James Autograph letter signed, 2 very full pages, Brighton (Australia) 11 May 1840. Together with a scarce full length engraved portrait of James Morier, perfect for framing.  In addition included is a copy of “The Adventures of Hajji Baba of Ispahan,” hardcover, with beautiful color illustrations. $295.00

Awarded the Pulitzer Prize twice
MORRISON, Samuel Eliot Plate block of 4 U.S. Naval Commander stamps. Signed across the stamps. $27.50

Scarce Full Signature India’s Man of Letters
MUKERJI, Dhan Gopal Scarce full signature in ink, on an album page. $225.00

Known for her novels featuring “Scarlet Pimpernel”
During WW1 Her Women of England’s Active Service League brought in some 20,000 volunteers

ORCZY, Baroness Emma “Emmuska” Lengthy two page autograph letter signed.  $185.00

Co-Author of “Mutiny On The Bounty”
Hall was prevented from sailing
at the last moment thereby missed a most unpleasant ship-wreck..."

NORDOFF, Charles Bold signature with three corrections in his hand  SOLD

Author of America’s Creed
PAGE,  William Tyler He is the author of “America’s Creed” (1918).  A very uncommon signature on a card $95.00

Katherine Ann Porter A.L.S. to Glenway Wescott

PORTER, Katherine Ann Interesting lengthy autograph letter signed on a postcard to her very good friend Glenway Wescott, the noted author. Rome, June 13, (1962). In part: “...we had been to a party until midnight up at 8 for the Pope’s public blessing, simply too tired to go to the Post office and send cable. Please tell them yes for me, with a blessing. You’ll know what they are doing. This is a marvelous kind of running picnic in the open-Love every minute of it. Love you too as always, Katherine Ann”.  $175.00

RALSTON, William Ralston Shedden Carte-de-visite photograph of Ralston, full length pose reading a book in his library. Photographer Adolphe Beau printed signature on the lower border.  Signed in ink on the verso “W.R.S. Ralston”. $85.00
Reinhold Niebuhr Scarce Autograph Letter Signed on official Bethel Evangelical Church stationary. SOLD

RICE, Alica Hagen Fine bold full signature along with a presentation inscription on a large card. $65.00

RICHARDS, Laura Autograph letter signed, one full page, 4/28/1895, Gardiner, Maine.  $85.00

Highest Salaried Sports Writer of His Time

RUNYON, Damon Rare typed letter signed in pencil (Damon), 3 very full pages, Memorial Hospital, May 16, 1944.  $875.00

Noble Prize Literature (1950)

RUSSELL, Bertrand Fine bold full signature dated 27 October 1929 in his hand. SOLD

Signed “The Catcher in the Rye”

SALINGER, J.D. Very Scarce signed copy of J.D. Salinger’s “The Catcher in the Rye” with extraordinary provenance. New York: Bantam Books. Later paperback edition. Measures 4″ x 6.75″. Signed on the inside front cover with his desirable bold, black ink signature. Comes with the original USPS Certified return receipt addressed to Jerome David Salinger and hand signed for him by John R. McCuley agent, dated 5/5/88.  Together with a very lengthy autograph letter signed from noted autograph collector Pete Connolly of New York. Six pages in length dated 8/17/93 describing in detail how he was able to get this book signed. $5,500.00

First White Man to be Honored by the NAACP

SANDBURG, Carl Printed portrait, head & shoulders profile pose, measures 5”x6.”  Inscribed and signed on the lower light border: “To James Wiggins, 1951, Carl Sandburg.”.  $165.00

SANDBURG, Carl First Day Cover commemorating Abraham Lincoln with a color cachet of Lincoln and one of his quotes. Four cent Abraham Lincoln U.S. postage stamp cancelled First Day of Issue, New York, NOV 19, 1960. $150.00

Series of Six Typed Letters, Signed by William Saroyan

SAROYAN, William Series of 6 T.L.S’s (May 1954-July 1954) to his Director Maurice Alevy for his play “Fireflies”.  Lengthy correspondence regarding changes, cuts, music, his style of writing, schedules and appearance at opening night in Dallas at the Roundup Theatre.  Four letters are signed William Saroyan and the other two signed as Bill Saroyan.  $1,495.00

SCHLESINGER JR,  Arthur Typescript signed, Excerpts from The Imperial Presidency.  Two lengthy paragraphs about Richard Nixon and his time in The White House. Very interesting reading, possibly typed by Schlesinger because of some typing errors and one correction by his hand.   $39.00

SITWELL, Dame Edith & SITWELL, Sir Osbert Autograph letter signed, three and one half pages, signed “Edith.”. Typed letter signed, one page, June 9, 1960. To Monroe Wheeler.   $350.00

Gertrude Stein Autograph Quote Signed; a play on her most Famous Verse, "Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose." $1,250.00

STEINBECK, John Steinbeck authored 33 books and won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1962.  As nice a signature as one can expect on a 3.5”x2.5” card. $350.00

Possibly the Most Important Book Printed in the United States

STOWE, Harriet Beeche Her book: Uncle Tom’s Cabin Or Life Among The Lowly, Universal Edition, Houghton Mifflin Company, Riverside Press, 1892. Inscribed: “Mr. James Smith Bush from his friend Harriet Beecher Stowe, Trust in the Lord and Do Good.”  Book in G-VG condition, pictorial cover. Binding nice and tight, pages browning from age. Most copies offered by dealers  of this book will have a slip tipped in signed by Stowe. It is scarce to find a copy actually inscribed and signed.  $7,500.00

SUE, Eugene Six line autograph note signed in full.   Affixed to card stock along with a photograph of Sue. Pencil note on the mat dates this “July (18)49.   $175.00

A Very Scarce Autograph, One of the Forefathers of the
Ancient Astronaut Theory

von DANIKEN, Eric A very scarce signature “Erich v. Daniken” centered on a bookplate. This is the first von Daniken signature we have handled in over 20 years. $125.00
Robert Penn Warren A very nice Autograph Note Signed. $100.00
John Greenleaf Whittier Scarce 1875 Autograph Verse Signed. $650.00

WHITTIER, John Greenleaf Autograph letter signed. Two pages, Amesbury, Mar. 30, 1874. $375.00

Known as The American Tolstoy

WOUK, Herman Photograph, B&W, 3.5”x5”, half-length pose wearing a hat and holding his German Shepard. Boldly signed in full, excellent contrast. $125.00

Known as The American Tolstoy

WOUK, Herman Portion of the half title page from “The Caine Mutiny” which won the 1951 Pulitzer Prize. Inscribed, signed and dated in his hand May 1981. $95.00

YEVTUSHENKO, Yeveny Scarce signature on a card with a newspaper portrait of the author affixed above. $47.50

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