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Very Scarce A.L.S. Inventor of Cordite, replaced gunpowder

ABEL, Sir Frederick  Augustus Autograph letter signed, 2 pages, Athenaeum, Pall Mall, 28 April 1883.  To Sir Frederick Braby, thanking him profusely for his congratulations. $185.00

John Couch Adams English astronomer; Discoverer of the Planet Neptune. A Scarce Letter. SOLD

Noted Physician who Committed Suicide

ADDISON, Thomas Committed suicide due to a form of insanity resulting from overwork of the brain. Choice full signature clipped from a letter  $95.00

Royal English Astronomer - Observed Transit of Venus

AIRY, George B.Scarce autograph letter signed, one page, Royal Observatory, Greenwich, 27 May 1870. To Professor Leone Levi, he writes: “Dear Sir, I have much pleasure in enclosing a Card for the visitation of the Royal Observatory. I am, dear Sir yours very faithfully G.B. Airy.’  $250.00

English Astronomer - Observed Transit of Venus

AIRY, George B. Uncommon autograph letter signed, 2 pages, Flamsteed House, Greenwich, 7 February 1853, To Lady Parker, offering his congratulations on the forthcoming marriage of her second daughter to Archibald Smith, “a very good fellow.” $225.00

Royal English Astronomer - Observed Transit of Venus

AIRY, George B. Desirable A.D.S., 3”x4.5”. Please admit Mr. Fournier to the meeting of the Royal Society on Nov. 27,93. G.B. Airy.” Light mounting traces on verso otherwise a V/G example  $225.00

Invented the First Video Game

ALCORN, Al Allan Color photograph of Alcorn, half-length pose 3.5”x5” boldly signed. $55.00

Founder of Scientific Hematology, scarce 2page Prescription

ANDRAL, Gabriel Autograph medical prescription along with instructions, in French, 2 pages,1842. $225.00

ARDEN, Elizabeth She created and popularized the American Beauty industry. She opened her first beauty salon in 1910 on New York’s Fifth Avenue.  She is a pioneer in advertising cosmetics. $75.00

Remarkable Collection of Automobile Pioneers

AUTOMOBILE PIONEERS A Fabulous collection comprising of autographs, letters, documents and signed photographs of many of the most notable names involved in the history and development of the automobile. $6,900.00

Very Scarce Signatures of the Ball Brothers

BALL, Frank C. & Geroge A. Typed letter on the fancy letterhead of the Ball Brothers Company. Muncie, In. Feb. 23, 1937. Signed by Frank C. Ball as president of the company. Together with a card signed by George A. Ball, who was Vice-President. SOLD

Oldest Merchant Banking Co. in England - Collapsed in 1995

BARING, Thomas Free Franking signature “T.Baring” on a cover he hand addressed to a family member. Postmark cancellation 1857. Affixed to a newspaper article regarding Thomas Baring  $95.00

Interesting Personal Content

BARNARD, Christian Fine typed letter signed, one page, 16/6/82 on University of Cape Town aerogram stationary/envelope. He writes: “In reply to your letter of the 7th June enquiring about my hobbies, one of my chief free-time occupations is perhaps writing books and articles. Besides this I am interested in farming and good food made available through a chain of restaurants under my control.  $195.00

Founded the ASPCA (1866) and the
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (1875)

"Land of the Free and Home of the Brave"

BERG, Henry Scarce autograph letter, two very full pages,  signed in full, no date, to a Mr. Gould.$375.00

Tim Berners-Lee and Al Gore

BERNERS-LEE, Tim & GORE, Al Weaving the Web, The Original Design and Ultimate Destiny of the World Wide Web by Its Inventor. Tim Berners-Lee.  Harper, San Francisco, 1999, First Edition so stated. Two hundred twenty-six pages. In very fine condition with dust jacket.  Signed with a fine inscription: “For Kids helping Kids” Tim Berners-Lee, 2005 3/11.”  $375.00

Invented the Blast Furnace

BESSEMER, Sir Henry Uncommon autograph letter signed, 3 pages, 8’x5” London, 14 October 1864.  To “Dear Heywood,” Bessemer is discussing his proposed share purchases, predicting “that a complete revolution in the whole iron trade of the country is being effected,” Fearing disaster if the new methods in the manufacture of iron exclude Bessemer’s own process. $235.00

Inventor of the Popular New Family Singer Sewing Machine

BOLTON, James Autograph letter signed, The Singer Manufacturing Company, Chicago, January 24, 1871. To the Singer Companies corporate office in New York.  $95.00

BRAGG, William Lawrence and BRAGG,  Alice Vintage 3”x5” card signed “WL Bragg” and underneath he wrote out his full name “William Lawrence Bragg’’. At the top of the card Alice Bragg has signed he name.  Most unusual Bragg signed his name twice. $275.00

This week we have a bridge to sell you!

BROOKLYN BRIDGE. An AUTHENTIC chunk of wood made from the pedestrian walkway of the Brooklyn Bridge made into a paperweight. Removed in 1982 the wood may show imperfections which represents natural wear and weathering it received while in service from 1883. This highly desirable collectible was made for the Brooklyn Bridge Centennial Celebration (1883-1983).  The accompanying certificate is registration  #5512 and signed in print by the Chairman.  The Certificate is also signed in ink  by New York’s famous Mayor Ed Koch. His signature is an “in person” signature.  The certificate and wood, measures appx. 1”x3”x4” is housed in its original box. SOLD

Inventor of the BAR (Browning Automatic Rifle)

BROWNING, John Moses Bank check, Georgetown, DC, April 21, 1891, accomplished in Browning’s hand, made payable to “Cash” for ten Dollars. Boldly signed “John M. Browning”. SOLD

BUCKLAND, Cyrus Two autograph letters signed on both sides of one sheet. Springfield, mass, Oct.3, 1886 to Ben W. Austin. $295.00

BURBANK, Luther Desirable full signature which he adds “Santa Rosa, Cal. Nov.8, 1909.”  A very good example $85.00

Inventor of the Sports Drink, Gatorade

CADE, Dr. Robert American physician, leader of the research team that formulated the sports drink Gatorade. The first experimental batch was made in 1965. Dr. Cade also invented a hydraulic football helmet.  Sports Legends Card, 3”x5” signed: “Best wishes, Robert Cade, MD Inventor of Gatorade.”  SOLD

CARVER, Geo. W. Influential teacher and Director of Research and Experimentation at Tuskegee Institute.  Fine signature “Geo. W. Carver” adding in his hand “Tuskegee Inst., Ala. 2-8-1935.” SOLD

CAP, Paul-Antoine Autograph letter signed, Paris, 15 January 1851 using a fine point nibbed pen. (to Pierre H. Boutigny, the French chemist and pharmacologist). One page example regarding his urgent completion of his scientific project/experiment and making arrangements to meet. Left blank margin affixed to an old album page $95.00

Founder of Chick-fil-A

CATHY, S. Truett The book “Eat Mor Chikin”, Looking Glass Books, 2002, First Edition, two hundred pages, illustrated. Very good condition with dust jacket.  On the front free endpaper the author has signed “S. Truett Cathy, Proverbs 22:1.”  $40.00

Father of the Internet

CERT, Vint Color photograph, 5”X7”, head and shoulders pose very boldly signed with excellent contrast”  $57.50

A Collection of Some Scarce Autographs

CHAVEZ, Cesar, RANDOLPH, A. Phillip, BOYLE, William Anthony, ABEL, Iorwith Wilber, WOODCOCK, Leonard First Day of Issue cover commemorating the Fiftieth Anniversary Workman’s Compensation Law. Cachet of what appears to be a handheld power drill. Affixed to this cover is a U.S. 4 cent Workman’s Compensation postage stamp, cancelled First Day of Issue, Milwaukee WIS. Sep 4,1961. Choice signatures of all six labor leaders. $575.00

COLTON, Frank B. American scientist who in 1952  was first to synthesized Norethynodrel, the progestin used in Envoid, the first oral contraceptive.  Blue slip, 2”x6” with a printed Chemistry cachet, signed in full  $27.50

Known as Dr. Sex

COMFORT, Alex Comfort has signed his name and corrected the title of one of his books then adding in his hand: “Will Be Speaking On: Real and Imaginary Aging”.   Together with a newspaper portrait. Both in fine condition.  $225.00

Invented Antibiotic Tetracycline

CONOVER, Floyd H. Scientist who invented the antibiotic Tetracycline. It is the first antibiotic made by chemically modifying a naturally produced drug. A very scarce original sketch on a 4”x6” card of the breakdown of Tetracycline, signed in full adding “Tetracycline” by his hand  $75.00

A Household Icon

COOK, Ann Turner
Lithograph “The Gerber Baby”  copyright 1931, B&W, 8”x10” of the Gerber Baby, had signed “Ann Turner Cook Gerber Baby.”  $67.50

Inventor, Father of the Cell Phone

COOPER, Dr. Martin Choice color photograph of Cooper, measuring 5”x7” , half length pose of Cooper holding up his first cell phone and a newer model of the cell phone. $95.00

Designed and Built the First Locomotive

Fine large signature on a slip affixed to a card  $85.00

Lincoln & 22 Presidents Banked Here
RARE Combination of Two Signatures

CORCORAN, W.W. A slip removed from a book containing signatures of prominent person’s who lived in Washington, D.C.  Each has donated $100.00 to an enterprise. Two of the signatures are of Elisha Riggs, Jr. and  W.W. Corcoran.  Most likely unique, the first time we have seen both these signatures on the same item. $195.00

CORNING, Erastus The New York Central Railroad Company. With an original signature of Erastus Corning. Dated August 1, 1853, No. 4599, for $1000, in the State of New York. Issued and punch/stamp cancelled, certificate is in good condition, with fold marks and light edgewear. 20 x 31 cm. Also included: Extended Debt Certificate of "The New York Central and Hudson River Railroad Company". Debt certificate is dated December 1, 1892, No. 4599, for $1000, issued and punch cancelled. 26 x 17 cm.  Corning’s signature is quite nice, cancellation holes barely touch the bottom of the capital” C” and the very top tip of the small “g.” $275.00
Emile Coue French psychotherapist; exponent of autosuggestion. A Very Scarce Signature. $295.00

CROOKS, Sir William Autograph letter signed ‘William Crookes’ ,7, Kensington Park Gardens, London W, July 10, 1903, to Lord Avebury. $195.00

Inventor of Thallium and the Radiometer

CROOKS, Sir William Fine full signature and closing from an autograph letter signed.  $85.00

Marie Curie Collection

CURIE, Marie Her biography of her distinguished husband: Pierre Curie. Translated by Charlotte and Vernon Kellogg. Blue boards, cloth back, New York, 1923, First U.S. Edition. Limited to ONLY 100 numbered copies, signed. This copy being number 40. Nice, V/G copy in a custom made slipcase. Ex-Library copy with only one small library stamp on the front free endpaper and remnants of glue discoloration on the rear endpaper from removal of a library pocket. In addition is an ink gift inscription and two former owners signatures on the same front free endpaper.
Together with a solid lead ingot from the Radium Institute in Paris where Marie Curie worked in her laboratory. This ingot measures appx: 1.5"x2"x4" and weighs several pounds. These lead ingots were melted down and used by Marie Curie to help protect herself from radioactive waves. The ingot is currently wrapped in tin foil.
Also included in this collection is a limited edition card, printed in color, 8.5"x11". A picture of Marie Curie standing outside her Institute of Radium and a color illustration of the front of the Institute in Paris. A nice printed biography of Marie Curie is printed on the card. These cards were printed in a limited edition of 100 numbered copies hand signed by Stephen Koschal the creator. Each card contains pieces of brick from the Laboratory/Institute of Radium.

Doctor Who Delivered the Dionne Quintuplets

DAFOE, Dr. Allen Roy Rare photograph, 8”x10”, B&W, of the Doctor wearing his hospital gown and mask and holding one of the quintuplets. Inscribed and signed: “From Dr. A.R. Defoe and Yvonne to Fred Griffen.”  The first signed photograph of this type we have offered.  $250.00

Doctor Who Delivered the Dionne Quintuplets

DAFOE, Dr. Allen Roy Typed letter signed 8.5”x11”, Callander, Ontario, January 23, 1940. On “The Dionne Quintuplet Guardianship” stationery picturing  “The Dafoe Nursery.”  He writes: “Thank you for your letter. I am very glad to comply with your request. Wishing you every success in your club” signed in full “Allan Roy Dafoe.”  $95.00

Inventor of the Dahlgren Gun

Union Admiral and inventor of the Dahlgren Gun.  Signature adding in his hand “R. Admiral.”.  $165.00

Inventor of the Davis Gun & Torpedo

DAVIS, Cleland Document signed, September 27, 1907, bank check on Riggs National Bank of Washington, DC made payable to E.W. Young for ten dollars and signed by Cleland Davis.. Cancellation holes do not touch Davis’s fine signature.   $47.50

Chairman & CEO, Dell Computer Corporation

DELL, Michael His book: ‘Direct From Dell, Strategies That revolutionized the Industry.”  Harper Business, 1999, First Edition.  Two hundred thirty-six pages, Signed by Michael Dell on the half title page. SOLD

DEWER, Sir James Autograph letter signed on the imprinted stationery of the Royal Institution of Great Britain stationery, 10 April 1904. To Lord Avebury, Dewer writes in part; “I enclose some Sulphate of Cobalt which you will be able to use….” He concludes discussing the strength of the solution. $295.00

Inventor of Bubble Gum

DIEMER, Walter Typed quotation signed on a 3”x5” card.  “Why Bubble Gum Is Pink”  “I realized I’d forgotten to put any coloring in the gum. I remedied my mistake the very next day, when I made a second super batch.  Pink food coloring was the only one I had at hand.  And that’s the reason ever since, all over the world, bubble gum has been pink.”  Boldly signed in full “Walter E. Diemer.” SOLD

DISNEY, Roy Very uncommon A.L.S. on “The Walt Disney Company” letterhead with a printed portrait of Mickey Mouse. Dated 7-21-99 Disney writes: “Dear Andee, Here’s your envelope back-with my best wishes-but I’ll leave it to your professor about the chances of getting extra credit- Best, Roy E. Disney”. $87.50

Founder of Dollar Steamship Line

DOLLAR, Robert Black and white portrait removed from a magazine, head and shoulders pose. Signed and dated: “Robert Dollar March 1931.”. $75.00

Dr. Thomas Dooley - Destined To Become A Saint - Died When only 33

DOOLEY, DR. Thomas A. Very RARE typed quotation from his book "Doctor Tom Dooley, My Story" one page, boldly signed with a two word sentiment and a large signature. Together with a portrait of Dr. Dooley shaking hands with President Ngo Dinh Diem in Saigon. $275.00

DOOLEY, Tom Photograph of Dooley, 5"x8", black & white of Dr. Dooley with his arms around three children in Laos. Signed with a two word sentiment on the lower white margin. Signed photos of Dr. Dooley are basically non-existent. $275.00

Mother of the Everglades

DOUGLAS, Marjory StonemanAmerican journalist, writer and environmentalist. She was known for her staunch defense of the Florida Everglades. In the photo she is signing copies of her book. Boldly signed with a two word sentiment. Autograph was obtained “in person” in her home in Coconut Grove, Florida just months before her passing.  $150.00

Inventor and manufacturer of pottery
Instrumental in developing the firm later to become Royal Doulton

DOULTON, Sir Henry Rare autograph letter signed, four full pages, 8’x5”, Woodlands, Tooting Common, 16 February 1875, on black bordered stationery. He writes to “My dear Sparkles.”  Obviously, Sparkles was a very close friend of the family and close to Henry. Henry writes about the death of Sparkles mother, and in much detail about the history about their relationships in the past. $385.00

Founder of The Wall Street Journal & Established Dow Jones & Company

DOW, Charles H. Scarce, partly printed bond signed twice “Charles H. Dow” on the verso as Trustee. Folio, with coupons attached at bottom. (Colorado) 1st day of April 1891.  $875.00

Founded What Became later as the J.P. Morgan Company

DREXEL, A.J. Uncommon choice dark signature clipped from the bottom of a typed letter. $87.50

Inventor of the Camera that Bears His Name, Committed Suicide

EASTMAN, George Fine large signature on a slip. Ample margins for matting and framing  $195.00
George Eastman A Rare Signed & Inscribed Copy of the pioneer in photography's self-published book, Chronicles of an African Trip. SOLD

Wonderful Thomas Edison Light Bulb Cover

EDISON, Thomas Cover, with a fine cachet of a profile of Edison. Affixed is a U.S. 2 cent postage stamp of Edison’s First Lamp Electric Lights Golden Jubilee. Cancelled, Menlo Park, N.J. June 5, 1929.  Boldly signed with a choice signature “Thos A. Edison” under his portrait.  $2600.00
Thomas A. Edison A very rare signed photograph, 7.5”x9.5”, in the original photographer’s mount, overall size 12”x14”. Black & White, full length portrait of Edison and his team standing in front of the Edison Laboratory.  Photo, taken by Edison with his own copyright, his initials and date “7-16-16” printed near the bottom right of the image.  Boldly signed “Thomas A. Edison” at the center of the mount.  On the verso is the stamp: “Copyrighted by Thomas A. Edison.” SOLD
Thomas A. Edison (1847-1931). Celebrated American inventor; known as "the Wizard of Menlo Park." A remarkable content Autograph Letter Signed, concerning his fear of another lab fire. Boldly written and signed and in fine condition. SOLD
EINSTEIN, Albert First Day Cover commemorating Walter Reed. Large cachet of Walter Reed Bacteriologist and affied to this cover is a U.S. 5 cent Walter Reed postage stamp.  Cancelled. First Day of Issue, Washington, D.C. Apr 17, 1940. Excellent signature “A. Einstein” above the cancellation. $3500.00

Fantastic Technical Content A.L.S.

A.L.S., J. Ericsson, two very full pages, March 17/60. Very interesting content covering many different subjects. He discusses the caloric engine and testing the carburetor for the 100th time, references steam engines.   $875.00

Henry Rossiter Worthington's Copy

His enormous book: Contribution To The Centennial Exhibition.  First Edition. Original heavy leather covers with gold tooling on spine and covers.  “The Nation” Press, 1876, gilt page ends, text and plates clean, book nice and tight and very sturdy. Five hundred-seventy-seven pages with an addition 67 full page plates.  Inscribed and signed by the author (John Ericsson) on an otherwise blank endpaper. “Henry Rossiter Worthington Esq. C.E. from his friend the author.”.  SOLD

FARADAY, Michael Autograph letter signed, one page, headed “R. Institution.”  April 19, 1848. Faraday writes: “Many thanks my Dear Phillips for the information, I return the card safe, Best remembrances to Mrs. Phillips from your friend, M. Faraday.” SOLD

FIELD, Cyrus W. Choice bold signature on a slip with ample margins for framing $75.00

Possibly a Unique Signed Copy

FERMI, Enrico The book by his wife Laura Fermi, Atoms In The Family, My Life With Enrico Fermi, Architect Of The Atomic Age.  The University of Chicago Press, 1954, Second Printing before publication. Two hundred sixty-seven pages with illustrations.  Signed by both Laura Fermi and Enrico Fermi on the half title page.  Enrico Fermi died just months after this book was published, signed copies are almost non-existent.  SOLD
Henry M. Flagler (1830-1913). Industrialist and 'Father' of South Florida; Organized and served as Vice-President of Standard Oil from 1870 to 1906. Cut Signature. $675.00

Nine Billionaires on One Item

FORBES, Steve, TRUMP, Donald J., PICKENS, T. Boone, PEROT, Ross, BUFFETT, Warren, COOKE,  Jack Kent, GATES, William, KLUGE, John W., REDSTONE, Summer M. First Day Cover commemorating the Andrew Carnegie US 4 cent stamp and the 125th Anniversary of his birth. Cancelled, New York, Nov. 25, 1960. Fine engraved portrait of Andrew Carnegie.  Hand signed by nine billionaires. SOLD

Founder of Forbes Magazine

FORBES, Bertie Chas Uncommon signature “B.C. Forbes” on a slip. His printed portrait is affixed above  $50.00

Inventor of the Magnetic Core Memory Store for Computers

FORRESTOR, Jay He is the inventor of the magnetic core memory store, the industry standard  for computer memory known as Random Access Memory (RAM).  He was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame (1979). Choice signature, dated by his hand “Nov.17, 2000” on a colorful U.N. Institute For Training and Research cover. $30.00

Discoverer of the A.I.D.S. Virus

GALLO, Robert
Responsible for the development of the H.I.V. Blood Test. Inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame (2004).  White slip, 2”x6” with a printed Chemistry cachet. Signed in full  $27.50

Co-Founder of Microsoft

HHis second book:  Business @ The Speed Of Thought. Warner Brothers, March 1999, First Edition so stated. Four hundred-seventy pages, illustrated. Signed “Bill Gates” on the title page. $110.00

Co-Founder of Microsoft

His book: The Road Ahead”  Viking Penguin Books, 1995, First Edition. Two hundred eighty-six pages, illustrated.  Signed on the title page by Bill Gates. The scarce CD-ROM is still affixed in the rear of the book.  SOLD

GATES, Bill Very uncommon signed color 8”x10” photograph.  Gates is a half length pose, smiling standing in front of a Microsoft Windows in back round. SOLD

The Father of Science Fiction, Created the term Science Fiction

GERNSBACK, Hugo He created the term “Science Fiction.”  Because he paid his workers low wages, H.P..Lovecraft called him “Hugo the Rat.” Very scarce signature and date “N.Y. 1961” on an attractive 3.5”x6” card. In excellent condition  $275.00

Rare Signed Photograph of John Paul Getty

GETTY, John Paul Photograph, 4”x4”, B&W, informal candid pose sitting in a heavily carved chair. Signed in old age using a felt tip pen.  $495.00

Scarce Signed Photograph of John Paul Getty

GETTY, Jean Paul Very scarce black & white photograph,  3.5”x3.5” of Getty almost full length sitting in a chair looking into the camera. Boldly signed with fine contrast, In V/G condition, has collectors notations on verso, photo received in March 1974.  $450.00

Builder of the Panama Canal

GOETHALS, George Washington Choice bold signature on a card dated in his hand “Washington, D.C. Sept.3/18.”   $185.00

GORGAS, Dr. William C. Fine signature on a large slip. SOLD

Jay Gould (1836-1892), Original "Robber Baron" & Partner, Banker Russell Sage and Son George Gould, Signature Set. $595.00

GRAHAM. Billy Pink album page he writes: “God Bless You Billy Graham.” On the verso is a choice signature of actor George Raft. SOLD

Physician to our last King, George III, George IV, William IV, and Queen Victoria

HALFORD, Sir Henry Autograph letter signed, 2 pages, Curzon Street, 20 May 1829, He w rites to Sir Herbert Taylor, asking on behalf of Mrs. Blayney, for assistance in securing a Lieutenancy by Stephen Bawtree Adye, 98th Regiment, now at the Cape of Good Hope. He adds: "I am sorry to hear you have the Gout, Lord Bless You."  Sir Herbert Taylor (1775-1839) was the private Secretary to George III from 1805 and later Private Secretary to William IV, and confidential agent to George IV. Several annotations on last blank page. $235.00

HAMMER, Armand Autograph letter signed, 2pg, on a Hotel Statler. St. Louis, correspondence card.  Nice content mentions sending a copy of his book covering his business ventures in Russia $195.00
J (John) H (Hays) Hammond Mining engineer, financier; worked with Cecil Rhodes in South Africa. A choice full signature. $350.00
Rare Signature of Aunt Jemima

HARRINGTON, Anna Short Fine signature, dated “1938” on a portion of an album page. SOLD

Scarce Signature of Stephen Hawkings

HAWKINGS, Stephen  Fine ink, early signature of Stephen Hawkings removed from a heavily water-stained book. SOLD

Founder of Goodwill Industries

HELMS, Edgar J. Very uncommon T.L.S., on the imprinted letterhead of “The Morgan Memorial, Boston, Oct. 9, 1931.”  $125.00

Discoverer of the Use of Fingerprints

HERSCHEL, Sir William James Scarce autograph note signed, one page on a large card with his imprinted address. June 4, (1905). Appreciates an invitation but says he will be away.  $495.00

Father of the Postage Stamp

HILL, Sir Roland Autograph letter signed, one page, May 9, 1825, 11 King’s Bench Walk. In part: “I take the liberty of handing you two letters which I have just received from Hazelwood and also an official letter from myself which circumstances have called for much earlier than I could have expected...and am at present very much occupied with the second edition of ‘Public Education’.  I must beg you to excuse my not taking advantage of your kind invitation to visit you...” Signed in full.  Together with an original Penny Postage Stamp created by Hill.  Interestingly this stamp also has the first cancellation used (Maltese Cross) thus a very early postally used example. $895.00

Inventor of the Postage Stamp

HILL, Sir Rowland He is credited with the basic concept of the modern postal system including the invention of the postage stamp. The first stamp being the Penny Black in 1840. Ink signature on a small slip.  $95.00

Founder of The Hilton Hotel chain

HILTON, Conrad Bachrach photograph, 8”x10”, B&W, of an aging Conrad Hilton. Dressed in a suit, head & shoulders pose, looking directly into the camera.  Boldly signed.  $275.00

Founder of the Hotel Chain that Bears His Name

HILTON, Conrad His personal Holiday Greeting Card which contains a printed Holiday sentiment and his name in print. Conrad Hilton, in old age, has signed his name beneath his printed signature. $95.00

First Person to Brew Root Beer
The Longest Continuously Made Soft Drink in the U.S.

HIRES, Charles E. Typed letter signed on his ornate name imprinted letterhead displaying the colorful “Drink Hires Root Beer” logo.  Philadelphia, May 6, 1932 to the National Employment Commission at the Biltmore Hotel in NYC.  Charles Hires writes that they can’t give a contribution as they feel their first responsibility is to our own employees and those of our employees who are not at the moment employed but whom we are endeavoring to care for to the best of our ability. For decades, signatures of Charles Hires have been rare in any form. $295.00

Discovered Sexual Hormones in 1938

HOHLWEG, Walter German scientist who discovered sexual hormones in 1938. Fine, scarce signature as “Prof. Walter Hohlweg” on a Saluting Our Public Hospitals First Day Cover.  Public Hospitals 22 cent stamp canceled New York, April 11, 1986.  $37.50

One Of The 19th Century’s Famous Spiritualists

(Houdini) HOME, Daniel Douglas Very lengthy three page autograph letter signed (1860)  $3,250.00

HOPKINS, Johns Two Dollar Note, issued by the Merchants Bank of Baltimore, dated May 1, 1862 (Civil War date). His note is hand signed “J. Hopkins” at the lower right as President of the bank. During the Civil War, gold and coins were hoarded. Legal tender notes known as “Greenbacks” were not popular or accepted by skeptical persons having no faith in the Governments promise to pay.  National Banks issued their own currency. This Two Dollar note signed by Hopkins is extremely rare. SOLD

Inventor of the Catscan Machine, 1979 Nobel Prize

HOUNSFIELD, Godfrey Choice signature on a 3”x5” card. Ample margins for framing.  SOLD

Founder of the Church of Scientology

HUBBARD, L. Ron Typed letter signed on his name imprinted yellow an green stationery with the Scientology symbol at the top left corner.  20 June 1985. 1 page. In full: “Are you planning on getting other authors to sign bookplates for your store?  Love, Ron.”.  $275.00

Found Modern Geography - Drew First Map With Isothermal Lines
HUMBOLT, Baron Alexander von Autograph note signed on the front of an envelope.  Introduction of a marine officer, written in French. SOLD

Richest Man in the World,  TV Series Dallas based on his life

HUNT, H.L. Typed letter signed on his name imprinted letterhead. October 22, 1964 stating “your inquiry concerning an autograph however I have made it a practice not to do so….”  Signed “H. L. Hunt”.  $135.00

Very Scarce Signed Portrait of a Pioneer in Photography

IVES, Frederic EugeneB&W, head & shoulders pose. Written in ink on the lower white margin: “Photo by Goldens, N.Y.”  Signed on the lower white margin “F.E. Ives.”  A small circular discoloration, size of a penny on the very top left corner on the black background.  $250.00

Discovered the difference between Typhus and Typhoid
Queen Victoria & Prince of Wales Physician

JENNER, Sir Wlliam 1st Baronet Autograph letter signed, one page. N.d., 63 Brook Street, 7”X4”.  to Dr. Goodson explaining that he is just off to Windsor Castle, asking Goodson to telegraph the Castle to confirm some railway times for their meeting.. $175.00

Discovered the difference between Typhus and Typhoid
JENNER, Sir Wlliam 1st Baronet Autograph letter signed, one page to {Sir Henry} Thompson enquiring about the bearer of this letter. “Has this gentleman any stone in his bladder? Yours truly W. Jenner.” Mounted at corners to an old album page. $175.00

Introduced Postage Stamps in the United States

JOHNSON, C(ave) A very fine, uncommon signature removed from a letter with the word “respectfully” in his hand. $100.00

KARSH, Yousuf Photograph, B&WE, 8”x10” half length of Karsh wearing a fur coat. Signed along the bottom white margin. $195.00

KELVIN, BARON William Thomson. Superb, bold signature adding the date “April 21, 1902.” $150.00

Scarce Signed Portrait of Dr. Jack Kevorkian

KEVORKIAN, Dr. Jack Large, printed portrait, 8.5”x11”, full face. Signed on the lower right margin “Jack Kevorkian, MD.’’. $475.00

Father of Artificial Organs
One of the Most Important Physicians of the 20th Century

KOLFF, Willem Pioneer of hemodialysis as well as in the field of artificial organs. Kolff organized the first blood bank in Europe (1940).  He developed the 1st functioning artificial kidney. He was involved in the development of the heart lung machine. He was involved in the development of the first artificial heart and it was implanted in 1952.  He was awarded the Noble Prize in Medicine (2003).  Blue slip, 2”x6” with a printed Chemistry cachet, boldly signed  $30.00

One of the Most Famous Restaurateurs of the 20th Century

KROC, Ray A. Very scarce full signature “Ray A. Kroc” inscribed to Dave on a unlined 3”x5” card. SOLD

Father of the Submarine

LAKE, Simon Considered the “Father of the Modern Submarine.” Limited Edition Certificate #174 of 500 regarding Simon Lake being the Pioneer Submarine Inventor.  Lightly affixed to the certificate is his check on The Milford Trust Company, June 22, 1940 made out for $3.20 to Edgar T. Clark.  $75.00

Extremely Rare Signed Copy

LAZAR, Bob His book DREAMLAND An Autobiography. Interstellar Books, 2019. First Edition, 243 pages, hard cover.  Signed on the first flyleaf “Flying Saucers & Aliens Are Real! Bob Lazar.”  In Mint condition with dust jacket. $750.00

Founder of Cadillac & Lincoln Motor Co.
One of the Scarcest Signatures of all Automotive Pioneers

LELAND, Henry M. His signature is scarcer than those of Buick, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Ford and Olds.  A fabulous signature, well centered on a large card. $950.00

Inventor of the First Portable Air Cooled Machine Gun

LEWIS, Isaac Newton
Autograph letter signed, one page, on his name imprinted stationery. Montclair, new jersey, Feb. 9. 28. Lewis writes to an autograph collector assuring him that the signature at the bottom of this letter is genuine.  $110.00

Russian Wine Expert, Owned Chateau Prieure Lichine in Bordeau

LICHINE, Alexis His book: “Alexis Lichine’s Guide to the Wines and Vineyards of France”.  A.A. Knopf, New York, 1979, First Edition.  Very boldly signed on the front free endpaper. Fine copy with dust jacket.  $55.00

LIPTON, Thomas J.  Choice ink signature on a 2.25”x4” card adding in his hand “yours faithfully.”  Slight brushing to “yours.” $87.50

Communicator Between The Living and the Dead

LODGE, Oliver Fine bold signature well centered on a card  $100.00

LOWN, Bernard On a 2.5”x3.5” card he inscribes and signed: “To Louis Bernard Lown.” $60.00

Inventor of the Solar Powered Plane & Human Powered Aircraft

MACCREADY, Paul American aeronautical engineer, designer of the human powered aircraft. It won the First Kremer Prize. Later he created the solar powered aircraft. MacCready was the 1st American Pilot to become the World Soaring Champion. Blue slip, 2”x6”,  with a printed cachet of 4 U.S. Stamps relating to space projects. Signed by Paul MacCready  $22.50
G. Marconi Famed Inventor, won the Nobel Prize for Physics (1909). Large Bold Signature on a card. SOLD

Founder of Marriott Corporation

MARRIOTT, J. Willard Uncommon typed letter signed on Marriott Corporation imprinted letterhead, J. Willard Marriott, Chairman of the Board. September 16, 1983. Friendly letter sending thanks about his Key Bridge Hotel and also glad the recipient enjoyed the book about Marriott’s life. He continues: “It is might  gratifying to know there are people such as you who go to the trouble to express your satisfaction. We will do all we can to continue to merit your appreciation..” Signed “J. Willard Marriott.”  $85.00

One of the Richest Men in the United States

MELLON, Andrew W. One of the richest men in the United States. Partly printed engraved card of the Secretary of the Treasury. Signed “A.W. Mellon.” $85.00

America's First Architect

MILLS, Robert Eight signatures of early Washington, D.C and the area of notables who made a subscription for lots of land. of $100.00  $395.00

Invented the Mills Bomb (Hand grenade) and
England’s early Golf Clubs

MILLS, Sir William
Fine typed letter signed regarding an autograph request and sends details about the weather in France compared to England.   $95.00

Very RARE "1983 OPUS ONE" Label Signed by Robert Mondavi
and Baron Philippe (de Rothschild)

MONDAVI, Robert & de Rothschild, Baron Philippe Original “1983 Opus One” wine label.  Hand signed by both Robert Mondavi and Baron Philippe.  Together with a ‘copy” of the original letter from Robert Mondavi to Stephen Koschal presenting the signed label.  SOLD

Known as "The Blue Baby"

MONTGOMERY, Robert Large card, 3”x7” which Montgomery writes: “First Person at Birth to have a complete Blood Transfusion at Birth, 4/17/47  Robert W. Montgomery.” A very rare signature  $37.50

Nobel Prize for Chemistry (1966)

MULLIKEN, Robert Block of 6 U.S. 8 cent Air Mail stamps depicting a portrait of Robert Goddard and a rocket leaving the launch pad. $47.50

NASH, Charles W.
Very rare signature as “C.W. Nash” adding “Kenosha” in his hand. $450.00

Founder and Publisher of The New York Times

OCHS, Adolph S.Top portion of his letterhead as Publisher of The New York Times very boldly signed. Dated 1932 by a former collector. $125.00

Father of the Atom Bomb

OPPENHEIMER, Robert Plate block of four U.S. 8 cent Robert Goddard stamps depicting a portrait of Goddard and a rocket leaving a launch pad.  Signed: “Robert Oppenheimer” on the selvage.  SOLD

Beer Making Pioneer

PABST, Fred Very large fine signature “Fred Pabst” cut from a T.L.S  $195.00

Patented 21 ordnance related inventions including the armor-piercing Pallister shot

PALLISER, Major Sir William Autograph letter signed, a very nice one-page example, 19 Earls Court Square, 29 Dec. 1877. 8'x5' Palliser writes to F. Wardell, The Bolton Arms, Earls Court Road, about a legal dispute $110.00

PAGET, Sir James
Choice signature writing his last name on a slip. Affixed to a larger slip dated (1838) $65.00

Nice dark signature cut from a letter. Not common in clipped signatures $750.00

Recipient of Two Nobel Prizes, Chemistry and Peace

PAULING, Linus Typed letter signed, one page on the letterhead of Linus Pauling Institute of Science and Medicine, 22 July 1983.  Interesting letter in part: “...I may tell you that when I was around 8 or 9 years old my favorite book was ‘Through the Looking Glass.” “I did not have a copy of Alice in Wonderland, and I think that I did not read it until considerably later. If you were to ask my favorite among the books that I have written, I should say The Nature of the Chemical Bond (first edition 1939, third edition 1960). Boldly signed, in near mint condition  $295.00

PAULING, Linus Typed letter signed, one page on the letterhead of Linus Pauling Institute of Science and Medicine, 22 March 1982. Pauling responds that for fifty years my hobby has been to collect dictionaries and encyclopedias, mainly in the English language.   Very boldly signed. $250.00

PEABODY, George Uncommon autograph note signed on a card affixed to a larger page. Together with a handwritten listing of some of the mourners who attended Peabody’s Funeral at Westminster Abbey, Friday Nov. 12, 1869. $375.00

Founder of Phelps Dodge & Company

PHELPS, Anson Autograph letter signed, one page, New York, 9 March 1840. To John L. Graham. Fine financial content regarding the stock of Nat. Trust and Banking Corp. SOLD

Very Rare A.L.S. of George N. Pierce of Pierce Arrow Automobile Co.

PIERCE, George N. Extremely rare autograph letter signed on Pierce’s George N. Pierce & Co. Pierce Bicycles letterhead, Buffalo, New York, April 21, 1897. Together with a two page autograph letter signed by William B. Pierce to “My Dear Son.”  A very detailed letter being so sorry that his son is not well off.  He goes into detail why things should have been better discussing mortgages, a gold watch and all the furniture….”    Signed “Dr.. Wm. B. Pierce.”. $2750.00

RABI, Isidor Isaac
Plate block of four U.S. 5 cent Search For Peace stamps. Signed in full across the stamps. $45.00

Discoverer of Saccharin

T.L.S., on the imprinted stationery of Johns Hopkins University, President, two pages, first and third leaf, 12/17/01.    $195.00

Brought into Clinical use no less than 14 Anesthetics,
made known bromides of quinine and hydrogen peroxide

RICHARDSON, Sir Benjamin Ward Very rare autograph letter signed, 3 pages, 6”x4”, with an embossed crest.  12 Hinde Street, 15 November 1875. To Mr. Keene. $225.00

Brought into Clinical use no less than 14 Anesthetics,
made known bromides of quinine and hydrogen peroxide

RICHARDSON, Sir Benjamin Ward Uncommon a.l.s. on his name imprinted correspondence card, two pages, Manchester Square, 17 March 1888 measures 3”x4”. To J.W. MacAlister, agreeing to send “a complete set of Asclepiad portraits” for the Surgical Society library. $185.00

Nobel Prize in Medicine 1913

RICHET, Charles Scarce autograph letter signed, one page, in French, not translated. Signed in full. With photograph of Richet and original envelope mailed from Paris, 1925.   $295.00

Developed First Oral Contraceptive Pill
First Scientist to Fertilize the Human Egg

ROCK, John Developed the first oral contraceptive pill in the 1950’s which caused a revolution  in sexual behavior.  First scientist to fertilize the human egg in a test tube in 1944 and one of the first to freeze sperm cells for a year.  A fine signature on a lined 3”x5” card  $77.50

Wonderful Content Letter From John D. Rockefeller

ROCKEFELLER, John D. Typed letter signed, one full page, on his name imprinted stationery. Kijkuit, Pocantico Hills, New York. October 13, 1920. To Mr. H.C. Ditmar.  $1,250.00

Typed letter signed, one page, on his name imprinted stationery. Ormand Beach, Florida, January 15, 1925. SOLD

Typed letter signed, one page, on his name imprinted stationery, Golf house, Lakewood, New Jersey, Dec. 29, 1917.  To “Dear Mr. Ditmar”.  In part: “Your sympathy is highly prized by us. The old home is gone, but our dear friends remain, and we have the blessed memories of the past. We are full of hope and cheer and are not cast down. It is all for the best...” SOLD

Pair of Very Scarce Space Related Autographs

ROCKWELL, Willard F.  &  ROCKWELL, Jr. Willard F. A wonderful combination of signature on a attractive 3.5”x5.5” card.   These autographs are seldom seen, especially together, and a wonderful pair for the space enthusiast. $95.00

SABIN, Albert
Slip 1.5”x8” bottom portion of a letter where Sabin has affixed his name and return address label.  Sabin writes using a red ink pen: “Jan. 19, 1977. Apologies for the long delay. Prolonged absence from home and the country is my excuse. Best wishes, Albert B. Sabin”. $95.00

SABIN, Albert
Plate block of four U.S. 2 cent Mark Hopkins stamps. Signed across the stamps. $47.50

SAGE, Russell
Stock Certificate for 100 Shares of the Milwaukee & St. Paul Railroad Co.  22 Oct. 1870 signed by Sage as V/P of the company. Countersigned by transfer agents. $250.00

SALK, Jonas & SABIN, Albert B.
First Day of issue cover commemorating The National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, Twentieth Anniversary. Affixed to this cover is a U.S. 3 cent stamp Honoring Those Who Helped Fight Polio. Cancelled First Day of Issue Washington D.C. Jan 15, 1957. Signed by both Salk and Sabin. $275.00

Developed a Vaccine for the Prevention of Polio

SALK, Jonas American physician; developed a vaccine for the prevention of polio (1954). Director of the Salk Institute for Biological Studies.  During his last years he spent much time working on a cure for Aids. Fine full signature on a card.  SOLD

Received the Distress Signals From The Titanic
Called the "Father of American Television"

SARNOFF, David Fantastic content letter on the letterhead of the War Department, Office of the Chief Signal  Officer, 6 December 1944. Sarnoff writes to Major Walter R. Brown, PRD - S.H.A.E.F. $325.00

Typed letter from Robert Isaacson to David Sarnoff, July 27, 1959. David Sarnoff has complied with the writers request by inscribing and adding a four word sentiment along with his very bold signature. $125.00

All the Beer You Can Drink in an Hour for 60 cents

SCHEPPS, George Typed letter signed one page of the company’s letterhead. June 9, 1934 to a Keith Quick. Letter states that Schepps was out of the city but wants to meet with Quick so he can find something to keep Quick in shape for his track work.  $47.50

SCHWAB, Charles M.
Fine typed letter signed on his name imprinted letterhead$225.00

Portrait of Schweitzer Signed While In Africa

SCHWEITZER, Albert Attractive printed photograph of Dr. Schweitzer sitting in a native canoe paddled down a river by an African native. Overall size 8”x9.25” with image area measuring 7”x7”.  Inscribed, signed and dated on the lower white margin in French to another doctor  $850.00

Plate block of four U.S. 3 cent stamps for Atoms For Peace. Signed in full across the stamps. $87.50

Founder of the Luxury Fountain Pen

SHEAFFER, Walter A. Fine T.L.S. on the letterhead of the W.A. Sheaffer Pen Co., Office of the President, March 22, 1932 to Mark McKee of the National Employment Commission.   $125.00

Inventor of the Computer Disc Drive

SHUGART, Alan Inventor of the computer disk drive. His company was the largest independent manufacturer of disk drives.  Full signature on an American Flag First Day cover, canceled Washington, July 5, 1988  $27.50

In 1860, the First Steam Car

SINCLAIR, James Rare autograph letter signed, ‘Caithness’  3 pages 7X4”, dated 9 August 1856, to ‘My Dear Lock’, about giving the Fuel Company “a fair trial.”  Together with a First Day cover of the steam car/carriage. In very good condition  $270.00

Very Rare A.L.S. of Hamilton Smith
Noted astronomer and Photographic Pioneer who patented the Tintype in the United States

SMITH, Hamilton One small hand drawn illustration, 8”x5” in good condition. His correspondent was an engraver. Letter refers to Smith’s studies of fresh water Diatomaceae and his drawings to be published by the Smithsonian, and suggesting exchanges of microscopic slides, hoping his correspondent can provide information on authentic specimens. He writes much more technical information. At the top of page one, he squeezes two more lines, signed with his initials.Very rare autograph letter signed, four very full pages to Tuffen West, artist of the microscopic, naturalist, and populiser of microscopy.  $475.00

SPOCK, Benjamin
Plate block of U.S. 5 cent Dr. Mayo stamps signed across the stamps. SOLD

Changed Her Name To Frank Leslie

SQUIER, Miriam Folling Autograph letter signed one and a half pages on the imprinted letterhead of Frank Leslie’s Publishing House.  He writes in part: “I am off to Europe for a month next Wednesday but I hope to welcome you early in the autumn to my house or my new offices. Signed “Sincerely yours, Frank Leslie.”   $95.00

Pertly printed D.S. Signed bank check, Schenectady, N.Y. 1/4/98, accomplished by Steinmetz, payable to J.T. Lyon. Cancellation holes do not affect Steinmetz’s full signature. $250.00

Father of the H-Bomb

TELLER, Edward T.L.S. on the printed letterhead of the Hoover Institution, October 3, 1979, responding to an autograph request.   $295.00

Founder of Wendy’s

THOMAS. Dave Two hundred twenty-four pages, illustrated. A fine copy with dust jacket. On the front free endpaper Thomas has written: “Thanks for supporting cancer research at the James. Dave Thomas 9/10/94.”  $57.50

Discovered 9th Planet Pluto

TOMBAUGH, Clyde W. His scarce book “Out Of Darkness, The Planet Pluto”.  Stackpole Books,  1980, First edition. Two hundred twenty-one pages, illustrated. On the half title page the astronomer has written a three word sentiment and signed his name, in ink, in full, dating it “9 Dec. 1991”. In addition inside, in pencil, are annotations, by Tombaugh.  Tombaugh  signed one with his initials. $1,600.00

Discovered 9th Planet Pluto

TOMBAUGH, Clyde W. Reproduction of a photograph, on photography paper of the astronomer which appears he is entering the observatory holding what looks to be photographic plates.  Signed in full and adding “1931” by his hand. $275.00

Discovered 9th Planet Pluto

TOMBAUGH, Clyde W. Printed document titled The Ten Special Commandments For A Would be planet Hunter According to Clyde Tombaugh.  Tombaugh makes a few additions in his hand and signs his name with a full signature below. $225.00

Known as "Commodore"
Founder of the Family Fortune

VANDERBILT, Cornelius Rare autograph note signed "C. Vanderbilt," one page, no date, 4”x5” on lined paper.  Vanderbilt writes: "Please make up my account I will send Wardel for it at 6 o’clock & will oblige you. C. Vanderbilt.". SOLD

Very Rare Signature of Commodore Vanderbilt

VANDERBILT, C. A very desirable and uncommon signature “C. Vanderbilt” on a card with ample margins. SOLD

Choice signature removed from a letter. He adds a six word closing “Hope you are in good health.” Very nice for matting/framing. SOLD

Von Mauser, Paul
Autograph note on the front of a fantastic “Hold to Light” German postcard of a beautiful mansion, gardens and fountain.  When held up to the light all the lights around the fountain and lights in the windows of the mansion light up as well as the moon in the sky.  In the light area of the bottom front of the postcard Mauser has very boldly written in German. Translated in reads: “I will thank you soon in person. In deepest appreciation, yours, P. Mauser.”  Hand addressed on the verso by Mauser. German stamp, postmarked, Weisbaden, 1.11.01.SOLD

Russian Physician Known For Grafting Animal Glands on Human Beings

VORONOFF, Serge Uncommon signature of a card from a noted autograph collection. Identified by the collector as “Serge Voronoff. Nov. 29, 1927.”  A wonderful, bold autograph on a  3”x4” slip.  $125.00

First Nobel Prize Sold by a Living Recipient

WATSON, James D. Scarce color photograph, head & shoulders pose, looking directly into the camera.  Appx. 4”x6” signed using a wide tip gold ink pen. $275.00


WATSON, James D., CRICK, Francis, WILKINS, Maurice Hugh Frederick This collection consists of three signed items including the elusive signature of Maurice Wilkins.  SOLD

First Nobel Prize Sold by a Living Recipient

WATSON, James D. Scarce color photograph, head & shoulders pose, smiling. Measures appx. 4”x5” and is signed with a blue ink “printed” signature. Recently hand signed by James D. Watson above his printed signature.  $275.00

Co-discovered the Structure of DNA Awarded  Nobel Prize in Medicine 1962

WATSON, James D. His book: A passion for DNA, Genes, Genomes, and Society.” Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, 2000. First Edition, inscribed, signed and dated on the half title page: “For Arnie from James Watson, 24 February 2000. $225.00

Co-discovered the Structure of DNA Awarded  Nobel Prize in Medicine 1962

WATSON, James D. His book: “Avoid Boring People, Lessons From A Life in Science.” Alfred A. Knopf, New York, 2007, fourth printing. Three hundred forty-seven pages, illustrated. Signed on the title page. $125.00

Co-Discoverers of DNA

WATSON, James D. &CRICK, Francis Two 3”x5” cards, one signed by James D. Watson where he has hand drawn the ink sketch of a “Double Helix,” DNA strand with a notation “A.T.G.C.” to the right of the strand. Together with a separate card signed by Francis Crick  SOLD

WILEY, Harvey W.
Choice signature, dated August 10, 1911, Washington, D.C. SOLD

Very Scarce signature of the inventor of the 1st U.S. Postage Stamp

WINDSOR, Henry Thomas His stamp was the 1st postage stamp issued in the Western Hemisphere. Very scarce front of an envelope stamped in red “Free.” Free franking signature of Henry Windsor at the bottom left corner. Affixed to a larger leaf.  $250.00

Co-founder of Apple Computer

WOSNIAK, Stephen Gary United States One Dollar Federal Reserve Note. Series 2009 hand signed with a dark blue and vintage signature “Woz.”.  $87.50

Remarkable & Important Letter from Frank Lloyd Wright

WRIGHT, Frank Lloyd  Remarkable and important typed letter signed by Frank Lloyd Wright to Hilla von Rebay of the Museum of Non Objective Painting, 1071 5th Ave. New York City. Wright writes: “Dear Hilla Rebay,  My thoughts are with you my dear and the Guggenheim family.  Its not going to be easy without Solomon and I think it is wise to wait with construction until we can meet with the lawyer after Solomons services.  I spoke briefly with Peggy and the family has made arrangements at Salem Fields Cemetery in Broookln.  I will travel from Taliesin East the day before. With deepest sympathy, Signed in full, Frank Lloyd Wright.  November 5, 1949.”   Solomon Guggenheim died on November 3rd.  Family members especially Peggy (mentioned in this letter) Solomon’s niece found Hilla’s personality very difficult to work with. $1,100.00

Frank Lloyd Wright writes to Senator Barry Goldwater

WRIGHT, Frank Lloyd  The bold ink signature of Frank Lloyd Wright is a 10 out of a 10. The typing is light in some places probably in need of a new ribbon but all readable.   Two small tears expertly repaired on the verso not affecting the appearance of the letter. SOLD

WRIGHT, Frank Lloyd Very bold ink signature of Frank Lloyd Wright. Some light wear to paper along bottom not near any type of signature. $875.00

WRIGHT, Frank Lloyd  
Typed letter signed, on his Taliesin West, Paradise Valley Arizona letterhead, one page, Wright writes: “Albert Adelman, 7111 North Barnett Lane, Fox Point, Wisconsin U.S.A.  Dear Albert and Edith,  It was good to see both of you in Chicago recently. Your generous donation to the Apprenticeship program in Arizona is deeply appreciated. We will see you at Taliesin West this spring. Frank Lloyd Wright – Architect  February 14th 1955.  $50.00 Donation – School of Architecture. Thank You.” Very boldly signed Some archival tape on fold on verso otherwise in very good condition. $950.00

WRIGHT, Frank Lloyd
Attractive check (6”x2.5”) on the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. Account of Taliesin Spring Green Wisconsin. Accomplished entirely in Wright’s hand in blue ink. “February 4, 49” Payable to: “James Fletcher $17.44” “Seventeen and 04/100” Check number “4119” and signed “Frank Lloyd Wright.” . $1,250.00

The Ultra Scarce/Rare Signature of Minoru Yamasaki + Bonus

YAMASAKI, Minoru On unlined 3”x5” card the architect has written: “To Richard F. Dearmeyer with best wishes Minoru Yamasaki.”   In very fine condition. Together with the signature comes a chunk of Tower #1 obtained on Sept. 14, 2011. Measures appx. 2.5”x5” SOLD

Rare Signed Book By  William Zeckendorf

ZECKENDORF, William His book: Zeckendorf, The Autobiography of the man who played a real life game of Monopoly and won the largest real estate empire in history.”  Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1970, First Edition so stated. Three hundred and twelve pages, illustrated. On the title page is the following ink inscription: “To an old friend and colleague Dick Fonton with best wishes from Bill Zeckendorf.”. $125.00

"The Father of Television"

ZWORYKIN, Vladimir K.
Wonderful printed photograph, 8”x11”, B&W, of the inventor dressed in a suit and holding one of his inventions.  Removed from a book, signed and dated Apr. 19, 77.      $225.00

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