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First President of Algerian Republic
ABBAS, Ferhat Four word sentiment signed and dated “5.6.72”.  $125.00

Executed By Firing Squad While Only 47 Years Old
ACHEAMPONG, Ignatius Kutu Rare photograph, B&W, 3”x5”, three quarter length pose in his military uniform. Signed in green ink adding: “Chairman NRC, 25/7/73” $125.00

ADER, Janos Color photograph, 4”x6”, head & shoulders pose, smiling. $22.50

First President of Post Independence Syria
AL-QUWATLI, Shukri Choice Syrian postage stamp signed by S. Al-Quwatli. SOLD

Known as The Mother of Pakistan
ALI KHAN, Begum Raana Liaguat Choice signature on a large card, dated 3.5.72. $65.00

One of the 20 Most Influential Asians of the 20th Century
AQUINO, Corazon C. Fabulous color photograph, half-length portrait, 8’x11” with a slight smile. Official photograph as President, inscribed and signed: “To Jim Wiggins, with good wishes! Corazon Aquino.” $85.00

Shared the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993
ARAFAT, Yassir & PERES,  Shimon Signed and dated along with a three word sentiment: with best wishes Yassir Arafat, 8.3.79.” In fine condition. Color photograph measuring appx. 5.5”x8” of Shimon Peres. Half length photo with hand clasped, signed on the lower white margin.” $350.00

First President of the Palestinian National Authority
ARAFAT, Yassir Color cachet of the “Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People”. Palestinian People/United Nations stamp affixed to the top right corner cancelled 30-1-81 Geneve. Y. Arafat has signed his name with a fabulous signature in the white area of the cover. $185.00

ASSAD, Hafez Al Postcard photograph, B&W, head, and shoulders profile pose. Handsomely signed and dated on the lower white margin. Somewhat uncommon and in fine condition. $155.00

Succeeded Mussolini as Premier
BADOGLIO. (Pietro) A scarce signature, in ink, well centered on a heavy 3”x4.25” card.  Original envelope with a 1.25 Lire stamp with a portrait if Vittario Emanuele III cancelled in Rome. $175.00

First Female to be Elected Head of Government in the World
BANDWRANAIKE, Mrs. Sirimaro She served as Prime Minister three times (1960-65) (1970-72) and (1972-77).  Photograph, 2.5”x3’, B&W, head and shoulders pose, sitting at her desk writing.  Signed in full. Circa 1971. $110.00

Dual signature in both English and Farsi. Rubber stamp on verso "10 Oct. 1981". Some biographical notes on verso otherwise in very fine condition. $125.00

First President of Iran
BANISADR, Sayyed Abolhassan Color photograph, 3.5”x5” of Banisadr sitting in a chair. Signed with a double signature and dated by his hand “12 Nov. 84.” $125.00

First Woman President of Malta
BARBARA,  Agatha Color photograph, 5”x7’, half length pose sitting in a chair. Boldly signed “Agatha Barbara” adding “Malta” in her hand. $40.00

First Prime Minister After Iranian Revolution in 1979
Resigned Following the U.S. Embassy Takeover and Hostage Taking
BAZARGAN, Mehdi Fine content typed letter signed, one full page, April 3, 1983. $195.00

Scarce color photograph of Benazir Bhutto
BHUTTO, Benazir Color photograph, 4”x6” of Bhutto waving to her followers. Signed and dated: “Benazir Bhutto 26 December 1986. $235.00

BISMARK, Prince Otto von. Great Prussian statesman. First Chancellor of Germany. Called “The iron Chancellor”. Uncommon bold signature on a slip, affixed to a larger slip SOLD

Last Prime Minister and First Executive State President of South Africa
BOTHA, Pieter W. Fine official label “With the compliments of The Minister of Defense, Ministry of Defence, Pretoria/ Cape Town” hand signed by Botha. $85.00

Prime Minister & President of Guyana
BURNHAM, Forbes Photograph, B&W, 4”x6”. head and shoulders pose.  Signed with a two word sentiment, dated in his hand as Prime Minister “July ‘70.”. $65.00

BUSTAMANTE,  Rt. Excellent Sir Alexander Photograph, B&W, head & shoulders pose, 4”x5” Signed in green ink. $85.00

Jimmy Carter, Menachem Begin, Anwar Sadat Choice color vintage 8”x10” photograph of Jimmy Carter, half length pose standing in his library. Signed “Best wishes, Jimmy Carter.”   A wonderful full Jimmy Carter signature.
Menachem Begin,  a scarce larger than usual B&W photo  5”x7” head and shoulders pose, signed in the light area, excellent contrast.
Anwar Sadat, a scarce magazine color portrait, overall size, 5”x10”, head and shoulders pose speaking regarding the Soviet Union. Boldly signed with a double signature of Sadat, once in Arabic and again in English. $695.00

Jimmy Carter, Menachem Begin, Anwar Sadat A combination of three signatures, each in ink matted with a black and white photograph of the three world leaders clasping hands in the historic agreement.  $475.00

CASTRO RUZ, Fidel Photograph, B&W, 6”x9” of Castro, informally dressed, head and shoulders pose looking quite serious, being interviewed and talking into a microphone, in a crowded room of people.  Signed “Fidel Castro Cruz” along with six words in his hand. $975.00

Official Membership Card for the
Union of Young Communists

CASTRO, Fidel Official membership card for the Union of Young Communists, issued to I. Agramonte of Havana.  Official stamp in purple ink on the front of the card. On the verso is a lengthy printed message signed in print “Fidel.” On the front of the card, Fidel Castro has signed his name in red.  SOLD

First Cuban National Sports Olympics
CASTRO, Fidel Partly printed, in color, document signed.  “The President of Ministry and State Council Bestows Special Recognition to Teresa Olivia Perez For Her Participation In The First Cuban National Sports Olympics. Genuine Expression of Socialistic Sport Values.  City of Havana, December 2002, Year of Los Heroic Prisoners of Imperialism.”  Hand signed with a fabulous bold signature “Fidel Castro Ruz.” SOLD

Prime Minister of Great Britain
CAVENDISH, William Scarce, full signature on a  4.75”x2.25” slip. $145.00

President of Romania, Shot & Killed on Christmas Day
CEAUSESESCU,  Nicolae Color photograph, 6”x9”, head and shoulders pose, smiling. Boldly signed on the lower margin. $295.00

Fourth President of South Korea
CHOI KYU-HAH Photograph, B&W, 5.5”x7” head & shoulders pose looking very serious. Boldly signed. SOLD

President During the Jonestown Massacre
CHUNG, Arthur President of Guyana during the mass murder/suicide of 909 members of the James Jones Peoples Temple in November 1978.  Very scarce photograph of Arthur Chung, 3”x5”, B&W, head and shoulders pose. Signed and dated “1/6/77” as President of Guyana. $175.00

Father of Winston Churchill
CHURCHILL. Lord Randolph S. Portion of an autograph letter signed, 2 pages, to His Royal Highness, The Duke of Cambridge (George William Frederick Charles, Grandson of George III). $135.00

19TH Century Premier of Australia
COCKBURN, Sir John Autograph letter signed, one full page, Dean’s Hill, Harrietsham, Kent, 6 January 1910. Cockburn writes in part saying he is not taking part in this election, “indeed I am not a party man being a liberal tariff reformer, I am sorry therefore that I cannot accept your very kind invitation...” $95.00

President Fernando Collor de Mello
The youngest president of Brazil. Color Photograph Signed. $180.00

Bestowed Italy’s Highest Honor
COLOMBO, Emilio Color photograph, half-length pose, smiling. Affixed to a larger photographer’s mount. Signed and dated as Prime Minister $65.00

DAHANAYAKE, W. Four by six inch card boldly signed “W. Dahanayake, P.M. Ceylon.”. $35.00

Young Photograph of His Holiness the Dali Lama XIV
DALI LAMA XIV Photograph, 3”x5”, B&W, full length and dressed in robes, sitting on a couch.  On the lower white margin, he has signed his name and adding another word in his language. On the verso a collector has noted that this photo was received in May 1974. SOLD

His Holiness The Dali Lama XIV
DALI LAMA XIV Fabulous color photograph of the Dalai Lama, smiling, three quarters pose, sitting in a chair. Measures  appx. 2.5”x4”. He has signed his name adding a sentiment and date.  According to the verso it appears this photo was signed in 1988. SOLD

DALI LAMA XIV Baseball show some scuffing. Comes with the original mailing envelope from India which bears 60 Indian Stamps depicting Indira Gandhi  Dalai Lama’s rubber stamped return address is also on the envelope. There are no records of sales of baseballs signed by the Dalai Lama. The Dalai Lama refuses to sign a baseball in person so this could be easily one of a kind. $595.00

DALI LAMA XIV Photograph, 6”X6”, B&W, half length, dressed in robes, and smiling. A wonderful, large signature across his chest. $350.00

First Prime Minister & First President of Gambia
DAWDA, Sir Jawara Very uncommon color photograph,4”x6”, head and shoulders pose, signed. $125.00

DE GAULLE, Charles Typed letter signed on his name imprinted stationery, 29 April 1954.  DeGaulle is responding to a letter from an editor who is requesting to be the publisher of DeGaulle’s memoirs.  DeGaulle responds that because of the historic nature of my war memories, I cannot consider the project of your kind firm.  He adds that he has given it full consideration and was highly touched by the interest that has been given to his work.  A wonderful one page example, typed in French, will full translation. A copy of the original letter to DeGaulle is also included. SOLD

DE KLERK, Frederik Willem Color photograph, 5”x7” half length pose. Signed using a silver ink pen. $75.00

Fought For Irish Independence From England
DE VALERA, Eamon Two U.S. Postage stamps, one 3 Cent stamp cancelled “President, PA, Oct.14,1936.” The other is a 2 Cent U.S. postage stamp cancelled “Ireland, Mar 17, 1937.”  Boldly hand signed by Eamon de Valera as Prime Minister of Ireland. $175.00

Fought For Irish Independence From England
DE VALERA, Eamon Plate block of six U.S. stamps of a Lincoln Freedom quote. Twice, De Valera has signed  these stamps in full.   Can easily be separated into two collectibles SOLD

DeJONG, Piet  Photograph, 3.5”x5”, B&W, head and shoulders pose looking quite serious. Nice, dark signature. $30.00

Recipient of the 1993 Nobel Peace Prize
DeKLERK, F.D. Color photograph, 4”x6” half-length pose with a slight smile. Boldly signed on the lower white margin. $85.00

Signature, First President of Nigeria
DIORI, Hamani Ink signature on a vintage card measuring 3”x5”. Collector has written his title and name, top left of card.  $55.00

Second President of Senegal
DIOUF, Abdou Attractive typed letter signed, Oct. 28, 1999 as President of Senegal.  $35.00

Scarce Signed Photo, First Prime Minister of Swaziland
DLAMINI, Prince Makhosini Photograph, B&W, 5.5”x7.5”, half length siting at his desk. On the verso the Prime Minister has signed: “M.J. Dlamini-Prime Minister of Swaziland  22/6/71.”  $95.00
DOBRYNIN, Anatoly Very colorful and Rare Season’s Greeting Card, 1980-The Year of the Moscow Olympic Games.  On the 3rd panel is a printed greeting: “The Ambassador of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic and Madame Dobrynin Send Season’s Greetings and Best Wishes for the New Year”. Hand signed by “Irina” in blue ink and by “A. Dobrynin” in dark ink. $125.00

First President of Hawaii, First Governor of the Territory of Hawaii
DOLE, Sanford  Ballard Partly printed bank check signed, 8vo, The Bank of Hawaii, Honolulu, Hawaii, June 9, 1922, accomplished in Dole’s hand and made out for $133.42. $350.00

Succeeded Hitler as Head of State-Signed Surrender Documents
DONITZ, Karl Typed document in German signed, Headquarters, 6 May 1945.  Donitz authorizes Generaloberst Alfred Jodl to meet general Eisenhower at his headquarters near the end of the war. Very boldly signed by Donitz. He dates this signature “22.4.78”.  $950.00

Scarce Signature of Alexander Dubcek
DUBCEK, Alexander Fabulous large signature on a heavy card measuring 4”x6” “A. Dubcek” dated in his hand “10.4.1991” a year before his death. Together with a COA from a high-profile U.S. company stating they sold this signature in 2014 for $699.00. Our price  $299.00

El SADAT, Anwar His book: Revolt On The Nile, A Shocking frank disclosure of the Nasser revolution in Egypt, by one of his LIeutenants.” The John Day Co. New York, 1957, First Edition. One hundred fifty-nine pages. Hand signed by Anwar El Sadat, in Arabic, on the title page. $450.00

ERHARD, Ludwig Plate block of four U.S. James Monroe stamps. Signed across the stamps by Ludwig Erhard. Together with his calling card containing a brief typed message. SOLD

Prime Minister of Jordan
FAISAL El-FAYEZ T.L.S. as Minister of the Royal Hashemite Court, 1 April 2003 stating His majesty the King has signed a magazine. $35.00

Paramount Chief and the First Prime Minister of Samoa
FIAME MATA’AFA MULINU’U II Fabulous signature as Prime Minister on a United Nations First Day Cover cancelled Oct. 1964. SOLD

Signed color photograph as President of Brazil
FIGUEIREDO, Joan Colorful photograph, half length pose, smiling. On the lower white portion of the photograph, the president has written: “Par Raymond W. Schneider, cordialamente, Joan Figueiredo. Brazilia, 21/3/83.”   Together with the letter of transmittal $55.00

FRASER, Malcolm Choice Prime Minister’s visiting card, signed. $35.00

FUKUDA, Takeo Photograph, B&W, 4.5”x6.5”, head and shoulders pose signed with his full signature on the dark portion of his suit but easily readable. $75.00

GANDHI, Indira & Sonia Magazine portrait of Indira Gandhi with Sonia Gandhi and grandchildren. Black & White and measures appx. 4”x6”. Signed “Indira Gandhi” and dated “1981” (as Prime Minister) in her hand. Large card signed and date 2006 sign in Sonia's hand. $165.00

GANDHI, Indira Portrait of Indira Gandhi cut from a magazine measuring  appx. 4’x6”, black & white, on the day of her election as Prime Minister January 1966.  Hand signed  and dated “Indira Gandhi 1976.”  Signed as Prime Minister. $135.00

Vice President and President of the Philippines
GARCIA, Carlos Document signed as President on the letterhead of Malacanang, Manila. Dated July 12, 1957 to Mrs. Soriano, Department of Foreign Affairs. Garcia writes that according to their Republic act and Article VII of the Constitution, she is appointed, ad interim, Foreign Affairs officer, Class II with a salary of 6 thousand six hundred Pesos per year. $95.00

Third President of Slovakia
GASPAROVIC, Ivan Large colorful card made for President Gasparovic, 4”x9” half length pose of Gasparovic. Signed in ink below his image. $35.00

Tortured in Prison, Escaped from an Assassination
GAYOOM, Maumoon Abdul Fine color photograph 4”x6”  head and shoulders pose, smiling. Signed with excellent contrast. $57.50

Generalissimo Francisco Franco Spanish dictator, Signed Photograph. SOLD

Fourth President of India
GIRI, Varahagiri Venkata Official president card of Rashtrapati Bhavan, the official residence of the President of India. Signed: “V.V. Giri” $145.00

GORBACHEV, Michael His very desirable book: Perestroika.  Harper & Row, 1987, First Edition. Inscribed, signed and dated in Russian: “To Mr. Laetham - from the author. M. Gorbachev “11/1/95.”. $895.00

The Only Edition of this Book Worldwide
GORBACHEV, Mikhail S. Book, A Time For Peace, Inscribed signed and dated by Gorbachev in Russian. $650.00

Scarce image of Gorbachev at a section of the Berlin Wall
GORBACHEV, Mikhail S. Fabulous, photograph of President Ronal Reagan standing alongside Mikhail Gorbachev. Behind them is a large section of the Berlin Wall.  Very boldly signed by Mikhail Gorbachev with excellent contrast.  This is an image rarely seen.  It was on June 22, 1987 that President Reagan said to Gorbachev: “Tear Down This Wall.”. SOLD

GOWDA, H.D. Deve Color photograph, 5”x8”, head and shoulders pose, signed. $55.00

Best Remembered for his namesake tea "Earl Grey" Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
GREY, Charles Autograph letter signed, one page, August 6, 1832 just three months before being Prime Minister. He writes about Lord Grey and has much pleasure authorizing you (J. Sykes) to add his name to the list of subscribers to your work….” Signed “C. Grey.”. $165.00

Discovered thoughts to be Paintings of Visiting Extraterrestrials
GREY, Sir George Envelope addressed to a family member free franked “G. Grey.”  Back of envelope has an ornate red wax seal and postmarked 1849. $45.00

President of the U.S.S.R. From 1985-1988
GROMYKO, Andrei Autographed on the cover by the captain. Inside the menu has been autographed by some of the Swedish passengers and also a few Russians. A. Gromyko has signed with a large 5” signature. $650.00

GRYBAUSKAITE, Dalia Very attractive card, in color, bearing a three quarter length photo of the President signed in a clear area of the card. $35.00

Rare Signed War Time Photograph of Rafael Angel Calderon Guardia
GUARDIA, Rafael Angel Calderon Wonderful head and shoulders photograph, 7.5”x9” inscribed along with a two-word sentiment, signed and dated “San Jose Costa Rica, Dec.9/942. $125.00

President of Austria
HAINISCH., Michael His fabulous autograph is on a card measuring 4.5”x6” which includes by his hand “Bundesprasident Wien 10 Marz 1928” (Federal President, Vienna, march 10, 1928).  Accompanied by a letter of transmittal signed by a secretary. SOLD
First President of the Czech Republic
HAVEL, Vaclav Color photograph, 4”x6” head and shoulders pose. Boldly signed on the lower white margin. SOLD

First President of the Czech Republic
HAVEL, Vaclav Color photograph, 7”x9” close-up full face portrait.  Signed in full on the lower white margin. $87.50

First President of the Czech Republic
HAVEL, Vaclav Photograph, 5”x7”, B&W, head and shoulders pose and signed on the lower white margin. SOLD

Met with Goring, Goebbels, and Himmler at a SS Cocktail Party
HEATH, Sir Edward Richard George First Day Cover commemorating the United Nations General Assembly, first meeting held in London 1946.  United Nations 8 cent postage stamp cancelled First Day of Issue, New York, April 14, 1958. Boldly signed “Edward Heath”. $45.00

First Governor General of the Irish Free State
HEALY, Timothy Michael Irish Nationalist, leader, First Governor General of the Irish Free State (1922-1927). Author. Scarce early autograph letter signed, one page, Dublin, 1/1/97. $150.00

Adolf Hitler’s Personal Monogrammed
Sterling Silver Vanity Mirror and Bristle Brush

HITLER, Adolf Very rare WWII Adolf Hitler curved flat top “AH” monogrammed Sterling Silver Vanity Mirror and Bristle Brush. These were used by Hitler at  Obersalzberg.  $6,200.00

Very Rare Signed Photograph of Adolf Hitler with his 1936 Olympic Team

HITLER, Adolf Photograph signed adding “Olympischen 1936” in his hand.  Photograph, B&W, measures approx. 4.25x6” of Hitler in a white suit wearing an armband with a swastika. He is totally surrounded by over 3 dozen members of the German Olympic Team and one German officer. In excellent condition, in original frame, sealed on verso just as purchased in Germany over 30 years ago.  $6,900.00

HITLER, Adolf Postcard photograph by Hitler’s favorite photographer Hoffmann in Munich.  Photo of Hitler kneeling down wearing his swastika armband in front of a young girl, said to be Helga Goebbels (1932-1945), oldest child of Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Propaganda Minister. She was killed at the age of twelve along with her sisters and brother by her parents. $2,375.00

HITLER, Adolf Photograph, postcard of Hitler, full length pose with soldiers and officers in the background. Hitler is smiling while looking at a young boy in military uniform. Photo by Otto Hoppe Verlag, Berlin. Hitler has boldly signed his name on the lower white margin. A beautiful signature. Hitler’s most attractive signatures were between 1933 and 1940.  On the verso of this card someone wrote “1938” in pencil. SOLD

HITLER, Adolf Photograph, 4”x6” on a postcard.  Hitler’s  profile pose, smiling, looking to the right.  On the verso is a German postage stamp cancelled Munchen (Munich) 1 May 1940. Just below Hitler’s profile is a very large black fountain pen signature two inches long. $2350.00

Holyoake, Sir Keith Photograph, B&W, 7”x9”, head and shoulders pose, looking directly into the camera, boldly signed. $65.00

Governor of Falkland Islands, Captured and Taken Prisoner
HUNT, Rex Very attractive and colorful cover commemorating the Falkland Islands Victory Parade.  British Queen Elizabeth postage stamp cancelled 12 October 1982 London. Very colorful cachet.  Boldly signed “Rex Hunt” as H.M. Civil Commissioner. $67.50

Third President of India
HUSAIN, Zakir T.L.S, 1 page, Rashtrapati Bhavan, New Delhi-4. August 10, 1967. To Mr, Harris in Vermont. The new president thanks Harris for his letter and sends and autographed photo (not enclosed). Signed with a full signature in English. This letter is only three months of Husain being president. $95.00

Very Scarce and Important A.L.S. from Saddam Hussein of Iraq
HUSSEIN, Saddam Folding gift/note card, measures 2.25”x4.25” with the colorful emblem/Coat of Arms of Iraq.
It features the Eagle of Saladin, a gold and black eagle looking to the left. It bears a shield of the Iraq flag, holding a scroll with the Arabic words translated “Republic of Iraq.” On the third panel in Kufic Script, Saddam Hussein has written in bold red ink to his secretary to give 2000 Dinars and a Saloon Car to Shibli Al-Aysami and signed and dated 14/08/1984. $1695.00

Scarce Document Signed by Saddam Hussein
HUSSEIN, Saddam Colorful document  signed, September 14, 1989, six separate pages, small folio, as President of the Supreme Council for the Revolution. Light green letterhead with decorative gold borders and the official Iraqi eagle emblem at top center.  Translated, “Orders by Mr. President the Rais (Leader), In order to defend the beloved country of Iraq against the Khomeinist invaders, the Iraq citizens listed below have made donations...”  Lengthy double columned listing of 286 names follow. Boldly signed by Saddam Hussein in green ink on the last page SOLD

Last Leader of the People’s Republic of Poland
JARUZELSKI, Wojciech Photograph, 4”x5”, Black & white of Jaruzelski, head & shoulders pose wearing his uniform with medals. Signed on the clear portion of the photograph. $95.00

12th President of Afghanistan
KARZAI, Hamid Choice 3”x5” card double signed. $65.00

Fifth President of Iran
KHATAMI, Mohammad Scarce color photograph, head and shoulders pose double signed in English and Nastalig (Persian) $137.50

KERENSKY, Alexander Card measuring 4”x6”, affixed is a color portrait of Kerensky, side view with his hands clasped in prayer. In his hand he has written: “To Jim Wiggins Alexander Kerensky, Nov.27,1959. Hartford.”  $495.00

Leader of the Russian Revolution (1917), Overthrew the Czar
KERENSKY, Alexander Plate lock of four U.S. 5 cent Adlai Stevenson postage stamps. Signed and dated across the stamps: “A. Kerensky Sept.30, 1966.”  SOLD

Very Rare Signed Photograph of Alexander Kerensky
KERENSKY, Alexander Black & white photograph, 8’x10”, half length pose in a sitting position wearing a hat and holding a cane.  Very boldly signed with a full signature and dated “April 17, 1967, N.Y.” SOLD

One of the Leading Founding Fathers of Pakistan
KHAN, Liaquat Ali Choice full signature on a  card, together with a letter of transmittal and the original envelope.  Signed as Prime Minister SOLD

Second President of Pakistan
KHAN, Muhammad Ayub First day over commemorating the U.S. 5 Cent John F. Kennedy postage stamp. Cancelled, Boston, May 29, 1964, Signed as President.  “M.A. Khan, F.M. 16.8.68.”  $135.00

Third President of Pakistan
KHAN, Yahan Choice signature on a large card adding “General July 69.” Signed as President  $95.00

Fifth President of Iran
KHATAMI, Mohammad Scarce color photograph, head and shoulders pose double signed in English and Nastalig (Persian) $137.50

Fifth President of Iran
KHATAMI, Mohammad Scarce color photograph, head and shoulders pose double signed in English and Nastalig (Persian) $137.50

Scarce Document Signed By Nikita Khrushchev
KHRUSHCHEV, Nikita Rare document signed, two pages, as Chief of the Ukrainian Council of Ministers, dated November 23, 1947. Letter regarding the opening of stores and discusses the lack of opening the needed amount of stores for selling bread, etc. Letter of translation included. Signed in green ink by Nikita Khrushchev and countersigned by Demian Korotchenko, Secretary of Central Committee of Communist Party (Bolsheviks) of Ukraine SOLD

Grand Duke of Russia, Head of the Imperial Family of Russia
WLADIMIR KIRILLOVICH ROMANOV OF RUSSIA Hand addressed envelope by Vladimir. Cancelled, Paris, Dec. 11, (19)89. On the verso he has printed his name (as Grand Duke Wladimir) and return address.  $175.00

Long Time Mayor of Jerusalem
KOLLECK, Teddy Plate block of four U.S. 4 cent stamps containing a quote from Thomas Jefferson. Signed twice by Teddy Kolleck. His second signature can easily be removed for a separate display. $45.00

Prime Minister of The Soviet Union
KOSYGIN, Alexei Official Russian Document, not translated, dated 1940.  Early typed document signed in ink. $395.00
Stephanes Johnannes Paulus Kruger South African Boer Statesman and President of Transvaal. A beautiful bold Signature, as President, affixed to a small black and white formal portrait. $475.00

Long Time Mayor of Jerusalem
KOLLECK, Teddy Plate block of four U.S. 4 cent stamps containing a quote from Thomas Jefferson. Signed twice by Teddy Kolleck. His second signature can easily be removed for a separate display. $45.00

KOMOROWSKI, Bronislaw Color photograph, 4”x6”, head and shoulders pose sitting at his desk. Very boldly signed along the bottom white margin. $37.50

Premier Republic of China (1926-1927)
KOO, Vi Kyuin Wellington Rare choice full ink signature on a 4”x6” card $145.00

KOTELAWALA, Sir John Lionel Fancy 3.5” x 5.5” card signed with a very bold ink signature adding in his hand “Ceylon 1964. $35.00

President of Poland, Defeated Lech Walesa
KWASNIEWSKI, Aleksander Choice color photograph  5”x7.5” half length pose looking quite serious. Inscribed and signed on the lower white margin. Dated in his hand “2005”. $47.50

KWASNIEWSKI, Aleksander Fine color photograph, head and shoulders pose. Overall, 6”x8” and boldly signed with a full signature on the lower white margin. $30.00

KY, Nguyen Cao His ink signature on a lined 3”x5” card. $35.00

President of China (Taiwan)
LEE TENG-hui, His Excellency President Very attractive color photograph 5”x7” of the president, head and shoulders pose, full face wearing a suit. Boldly signed in Chinese (April 1993). $175.00

Norwegian Statesman - First Secretary General of the United Nations
LIE, Trygve Plate block of four U.S. 5 cent  Adlai Stevenson stamps.  Signed by Trygve Lie across the stamps. $135.00

LIE, Trygye Plate block of four U.S. 5 cent Adlai Stevenson stamps. Stevenson was appointed U.S. delegate to the U.N.’s General Assembly at its first session and returned there in 1961 as Ambassador for President John F. Kennedy.  Signed by Trygye Lie across the stamps. $75.00

Russian Communist Leader
LITVINOV, Maksim M. Uncommon autograph, in ink on a card created for collecting autographs SOLD

Ninth President of the Philippines
MACAPAGAL, Diosdado Choice signature and two word sentiment on a 4”x6” card. SOLD

The President and First Lady of the Philippines
MARCOS, Ferdinand & Imeda Romualdez Typed letter signed, one page “Malavanang, Manila, February 29, 1968. Typed letter signed on the letterhead of Malacaanan Palace, Manila, Imelda Romualdez, June 9, 1972 (as First lady). Fine letter to a collector in Maine thanking him for his letter and she complies with his request for a signed photograph (not enclosed). Choice full bold signature. $285.00

Photographs of the President & First Lady of the Philippines
MARCOS, Ferdinand & Imeda Romualdez Photograph of Ferdinand Marcos, 4”x5”, B&W, head and shoulders pose, signed with a one word sentiment.  Photograph of Imelda Marcos as First Lady, color, 8”x10”, in formal dress in her palace.  Boldly inscribed and signed. Signatures of Imelda Marcos are quite uncommon in any form and this is a choice item SOLD

First Prime Minister of Sierra Leoner
MARGAI, Sir Milton Card, 3”x5” boldly signed. Typed biographical information. $135.00

MARIN, Luis Munoz
Fine signature on a FDC in Memorium John F. Kennedy, Kennedy stamp postmarked May 29, 1964. $85.00

Tomas Masaryk
First President of Czechoslovakia, Rare and Exceptional Vintage 1920 Signed Portrait as President. $695.00

Scarce Signature of the 3rd President of Burma
MAUNG, Win Scarce signature on a card. Typed on the card identifies himself as the president and dated Rangoon, 21st January 1958.  Letter of transmittal signed by his secretary is included as well as the original stamped envelope. SOLD

Father of the Italian Republic
MAZZINI, Giuseppe His portrait is depicted on many postage stamps. His signature with a one-word sentiment and partial date in his hand. $150.00

McMAHON, Sir William T.L.S. 26 May 1971 as Prime Minister sending a signed photo to a collector in Vermont.  The signed photo is enclosed. SOLD

Golda Meir Signed Photograph, uninscribed, very nice head & shoulder profile image of the Israeli PM. $250.00

12th Prime Minister of Australia
MENZIES, Sir Robert Official card of the Prime Minister with the Coat of Arms of Australia in gold, raised. Boldly signed by Robert Menzies. SOLD

Prime Minister of Finland
MIELTUNEN, Martti J. Choice signature on a  4”x6”card. $18.50

MIKI, Takeo Photograph,4”x6”, B&W, head and shoulders pose smiling. Signed as Prime Minister. $125.00

Prime Minister of Japan
MIKI, Takeo Choice full signature on a large card. $75.00

Prime Minister of Japan
MIKI, Takeo First Day Cover Commemorating the Centenary of the Japanese-American Treaty of Amity and Commerce.  United States-Japan postage stamp cancelled Washington, D.C. Sep 28, 1960. Hand signed by Takeo Miki. $55.00

President of Austria
MIKLAS. Wilhelm Fabulous, uncommon bold ink signature on a 3”x5” card.  $55.00

MILLER, Leszek He joined the coalition to deploy troops to Iraq to help overthrow Saddam Hussein’s government. He allowed the CIA to run a secret prison near Warsaw. Choice full signature dated 22.12.01 on a large white card. $35.00

First President of Pakistan
MIRZA, Iskander Ali His very scarce full signature on a collectors card. $225.00

First President of Pakistan
MIRZA, Iskander Ali His very scarce official card which bears the Presidential Standard of Pakistan. This seal is depicted on the official flag of the President of Pakistan.  The card is signed in full. SOLD

Last Communist Premier of East Germany
MODROW, Dr. Hans Typed letter signed, one page on his ornate letterhead.  Neubrandenburg, 9 November 1992, to a Naval Officer in California/ Modrow responds to a request for an autographed photograph. $87.50

MUBARAK, Muhammad Hosni Photograph, B&W, 5”x7” head and shoulders pose. Choice sentiment signed: “Best wishes for a success and prosperous future, Hosni Mubarak.” SOLD

Prime Minister of New Zealand - Introduced Decimal Currency in New Zealand
Inscribed to notable autograph dealer George Sanders
MULDOON, R.D. His book: “The Rise and Fall of a Young Turk.” SA.H. & A.W. Reed Ltd, 1974 3rd impression. Hardcover, two hundred and three pages illustrated. Near fine copy with scarce dust jacket. Inscribed and signed on the half title page: “For George Sanders  R.D. Muldoon.” $60.00

Introduced Decimal Currency in New Zealand, Became Prime Minister
MULDOON,  Sir Robert A fine large card measuring appx; 4”x6” where he writes “Robert Muldoon, M.P. Leader of the Opposition, New Zealand 20/9/74”. $30.00

Signed by Benito Mussolini and the King of Italy
MUSSOLINI, Benito and EMANUELE III, Vittorio Partly printed document signed “Mussolini” as Minister of War, in Italian, one very full page, small folio, Rome, 1925. Printed heading bears the huge name of the King.  Vittorio Emanuele has signed this document just above Mussolini’s signature. SOLD

MUSSOLINI, Benito Partly printed document signed “Mussolini” as Minister of war, in Italian, one full page, small folio, Rome, September 30, 1926. Not translated.  Printed heading bears the huge name of the King and his titles. Boldly signed by  Vittorio Emanuele with a huge signature nearly seven inches long. Countersigned by Mussolini. Several dockets and signatures of two secretaries. Together with a portrait of King Vittorio  Emanuele and Mussolini, both in uniform, shaking hands. SOLD

Member of Firing Squad for Tsar (1918) - Khrushchev Had Him Executed
NAGY, Imre Scarce block of four U.S. 4 cent Champion of liberty stamps. Signed twice. SOLD

NASH, Walter Large card, 3.5”x6” signed “W. Nash” adding: “October 20-1960 Prime Minister of New Zealand” in his hand. $45.00

First Prime Minister of India
NEHRU, Jawaharlal Fine signature of Nehru dated “1949” in his hand (as Prime Minister). $295.00

NEMETH, Miklos Photograph, B&W, 4”X6” head and shoulders pose, signed on the lower white margin. $39.00

De Facto Ruler of Panama - Excellent content letter
NORIEGA, General (Manuel Antonio) A.L.S. while imprisoned in Florida. To the 11th grade class in your High School (?) From General Noriega, Feb. 1990. Written on his personal imprinted folding correspondence card. SOLD

Scarce Japanese Pime Minister Died in Office
OHIRA, Masayoshi Uncommon full ink signature on a lined 3”x5” card. $135.00

ORLANDO. V.E. Choice signature on a large card: “V.E. Orlando dated N.York, 18 oct. 1931." $95.00

Prime Minister of Morocco
OSMAN, Ahmed Photograph, 3.5”x5”, B&W,  head & shoulders pose. Signed. On the verso he has written “with my best regards.”. $35.00

7th President of Finland
PAASIKIVI, J.K. Prime Minister during 1918 and again from 1944-1946.  Large signature on a 3”x5” card.  A note in the collection this came from stated that this signature was signed in 1947, as President. $85.00

Assassinated Prime Minister of Sweden
PALME. OLOF Photograph, black and white, head and shoulders pose matted. Overall size 6”x7” Boldly signed by Palme on the mat. Note on verso states this was signed in April 1970 as Prime Minister. $47.50

PALMERSTON, Henry J. T. A choice signature “Palmerston” on a slip from a letter. $60.00

RARE Photograph of Assassinated Korean President
PARK, Chung Hee Rare photograph, black and white, appx. 7”x9”, head and shoulders pose, full face. Boldly signed in Korean characters. $500.00

Recipient of the 1957 Nobel Peace Prize
PEARSON, Lester B. Attractive 3.25”x5.5” card inscribed and signed as follows: “To Roger Harris from Lester B. Pearson Ottawa Canada.” $95.00

PERIER, Casimir Autograph letter signed, twice, once in the beginning and again at the conclusion. One page, 1 March 1873, in French, not translated. $95.00

Argentine Dictator and President
PERON, Juan Typed document signed, as president. With an embossed seal and his name imprinted stationery. $225.00

PERON, (Maria) Eva. (Maria Eva Duarte) A choice full signature with ample margins for framing. $395.00

Rare Signed Photograph of Abd Al-Karim Qasim
QASIM, Abd Al-KarimVery rare postcard photograph of Qasim, 3.5”x4.5”, B&W, head and shoulders pose in uniform facing right and smiling.  On the lower white margin, in purple ink he has signed his name. Under his signature he has written: “Leader Abe Al-Karim Qasim, 14 July 1958.” . $695.00

First Vice-President of India and the Second President of India
RADHAKRISHNAN, S. Typed letter signed, one page as President of India, February 2, 1965. $175.00

First Vice-President of India and the Second President of India
RADHAKRISHNAN, S.. Wonderful blue ink signature measuring 4.5” long on a 4”x6” card. Crease on card not affecting his signature. $119.00

First Prime Minister of Malaysia
RAHMAN, Tunku Abdul Uncommon photograph, B&W, 3.75”x4.5” head and shoulders pose. Boldly signed. $150.00

Al-RIFAI, Zaid Signed in a very light area so excellent contrast “Zaid al-Rifai, Amman-Jordan, 15.10.78.” $65.00

RAMO, Fidel Photograph, B&W, 3”x4.5” head and shoulders smiling. Signed with a three-word sentiment. ” $77.50

Father of the Nation
RAMGOOLAM, Seewoosagur Very scarce autograph letter signed, one and a half pages on the letterhead of Premier and Minister of Finance, 16 January 1966.  Ramgoolam writes: “We are all so pleased to read that you have again entered the government as a minister. We ask you to accept our very best congratulations. You have always deserved well of your country, and all your friends in Mauritius are most happy with the news. With our best regards, yours truly, S. Ramgoolam.” $145.00

Fabulous Cover signed by Prince Rainier and Grace de Monaco
RAINIER III, Prince & MONACO, Grace de A most impressive colorful cover commemorating the marriage of Rainier and Kelly, 19 April.1956. Fabulous colorful cachet of the Seal of Monaco. Affixed are three colorful postage stamps depicting Grace and Rainier, cancelled 19 April 1956. Very boldly signed by both. A better cover would be hard to find. $850.00

RAINIER III, S.A.S Rare, early postcard photograph just months after becoming sovereign prince of Monaco. Wonderful Monaco postage stamp of Prince Rainier postmarked Monaco (11-?-50) boldly signed Rainier Pince of Monaco. $225.00

Sixth President of India
REDDY, N. SANJIVA His signature on his Official Presidential card.  Rashtrapati Bhavan is the Official Residence of the President of India. Together with the letter of transmittal dated 1981. Both items affixed to a larger leaf. $60.00

Sixth President of India
REDDY, N. SANJIVA His signature on his Official Presidential card.  Rashtrapati Bhavan is the Official Residence of the President of India. $60.00

A most important letter
RHEE, Syngman Typed letter signed on his name imprinted stationery. May 16, 1960 to Senator Frank Lausche. In March 1960 Rhee won his fourth term as President. Very fine content, personal letter.  ‘If I were to review my life, it would never permit me to change one fraction of my hopes and beliefs in what was best for this country. I trust your interest in Korea will never waver and that the Korean people will go on to merit the confidence you have placed in them.” . $375.00

RHEE, Syngman Choice large signature in full on his imprinted letterhead of Kyung Mu Seoul and dated 24 November 1959, as President. Letter of transmittal from his peronal secretary included.” SOLD

RHEE, Syngman Scarce card for an autograph request with partial printed date “195?.”  Rhee was President of Korea during this time. Signed with a wonderful, extra-large ink signature” SOLD

SADAT, Anwar Wonderful color magazine portrait, 5”x9”, half length pose. On the bottom margin is printed: “The Soviet Union is trying to bring us to our knees. But I will get on my knees before no one but Allah.” Boldly signed with a double signature, one in English, the other in Arabic.” $350.00

SADAT, Anwar  Rare, early postcard photograph just months after becoming sovereign prince of Monaco. Wonderful Monaco postage stamp of Prince Rainier postmarked Monaco (11-?-50) boldly signed Rainier Pince of Monaco. $225.00

Desirable Double Signature
SADAT, Anwar Choice U.S. Search for Peace 5 cent postage stamp hand signed in ink with a double signature of Anwar Sadat. Together with a letter of transmittal from his Director of Public Relations (Cairo 1980) and the original envelope. $275.00

Prime Minister of Japan, Assassinated
SAITO, Viscount Makoto Autograph letter signed, two pages on the imprinted stationery of Shimonoseki Fusan Ferry, Dec.11, 1929 to Arctic Explorer and General A.W. Greely. $395.00

Federal Chancellor of Austria, A.L.S. Signed Twice
SCHUSCHNIGG, Kurt von Scarce autograph letter signed with two full signatures, one full page, Moltrasio, Italy, 11 June 1946.  Interesting content: “Although highly belated I thank you from the depth of my heart for your kind remembrance.  All we have to care for should be the aim that our children might have a peaceful better time...” $225.00

Chancellor of Austria - Killed by an Assassins’a Bullet
SEIPEL, Dr. Ignaz
Scarce autograph letter signed, on page, Wein, 30/3/1931 on a large card and signed in full. Together with a portrait of Dr. Seipel sitting in a horse drawn carriage. $125.00

Second Prime Minister of Ceylon (Now Sri Lanka)
DUDLEY SENANAYAKE Fine color magazine photograph of the Prime Minister playing golf. The caddy in the photo is declining to stoop and picks up a golf ball with his toes. Signed and dated “24.2.70” by Dudley Senanayake. $37.50

First President of Senegal
SENGHOR, Leopold Sedar First day Cover commemorating the issue of the 4 cent Abraham Lincoln postage stamp. Fine cachet of Lincoln affixed to the cover. Two stamps affixed to the cover are the one cent Andrew Jackson stamp and the 4 cent Abraham Lincoln stamp cancelled Nov. 19, 1965.  Hand signed by President Senghor. $75.00

Second President of Nigeria's 2nd Republic
SHAGARI,  Alhaji Shehu Card measuring 5”x8” affixed with a B&W portrait of the president 3”x4”. The president has signed the card adding a four word sentiment: “Best wishes from Nigeria, Shehu Shagari.” $47.50

Scarce T.L.S. Abdul Hamid Sharaf, Good Content
SHARAF, Abdul Hamid A very early letter as the Ambassador to the U.N. Defense.  Typed letter signed, regarding his experience in the Boy Scouts. ” $95.00

President and First Lady of China
CHIANG KAI-SHEK & MAYLING SOONG CHIANG Photograph of Chiang Kai-Shek, postcard size, B&W, head & shoulders pose, full face, smiling. Boldly signed in Chinese. Biographical information written on the lower white border easily matted out. Included is a choice full signature of Mayling Soong Chiang,  In addition is a letter of transmittal from Madame Chiang’s secretary sending the signature. The letter is dated April 4, 1946, with original heavily stamped envelope. SOLD

Premier, Republic of China
SIEW, Vincent Color photograph. 5”x7”, head and shoulders pose smiling. Signed. $65.00

Prime Minister of Union of South Africa
SMUTS, Jan Christian Signature of a large card. $75.00

SUHARTO Photograph, 3.5”x5.5”, B&W, head and shoulders pose, looking quite official. Signed and dated “11/9/70”. SOLD

SUHARTO His very rare imprinted visiting card “General Suharto, President of the Republic of Indonesia.” Hand signed and dated “26/5/69.”  Blind stamped Seal of the Republic of Indonesia. SOLD

FIRST President (Later Dictator) of Indonesia
SUKARNO, Acmad A fine signature on a 3”x5” card. Tape discoloration on three of the corners and a collector has identified Sukarno’s signature near the bottom of the card, not affecting Sukarno’s fine signature. SOLD

Signed while Ruler of his Country
SOMOZA, Anastasio Uncommon typed letter signed regarding an autograph request. A very fine signature and not common in letters. $100.00

Mme. Sun Yat-sen, The Most Celebrated Woman Revolutionary in the World.
Honorary President of the People’s Republic.
SOONG Ching-Ling A CHOICE full RARE signature dated by her “Shanghai, June 26, 1946” on a large card.  SOLD

SPAAK, Paul-Henti A fine large card with the printed seal of the  Cabinet, Minister of Foreign Affairs hand signed. Card measures appx. 4”x6”. $30.00

Prime Minister of Czech Republic
SPIDLA, Vladimir His portrait, half length pose is on the left and he signed his name to the right. $35.00

Great South American Leader
Liberator of Ecuador and Peru
First Constitutionally Elected Leader of Bolivia
SUCRE, Antonio Partly printed document signed, one full page, measures appx. 8”x12” headed “Republica De Columbia, Quito July 29, 1822.  This is a pass to permit a military officer for his up coming journey from Colombia via panama to Habana, Cuba.  $895.00

Rare Signature of President of Czechoslovakia
SVOBODA, Ludvik A fabulous ink signature over 5 inches long on an envelope which has two Svoboda postage stamps cancelled Praha 8.7.1968, as President. $350.00

Mother Teresa of Kolkata, a Saint
MOTHER TERESA A very scarce newspaper portrait of Mother Teresa and Pope john Paul II.  The Pope smiling, has his both arms around Mother Teresa. This photo was taken while the Pope and Mother Teresa was visiting the Home for the Dying in Calcutta.  At this time Mother Teresa had 80 patients in the home. The Pope was visiting India on a 10- day tour.  Measures 4”x6”, black & white. Mother Teresa has very boldly written: “God Bless you” and signed her name “M. Teresa m.c.” Together with a colorful  Mother Teresa prayer card and a Limited, numbered invitation by Pope John Paul for the Beatification of Mother Teresa to be held at the Piazza San Pietro on October 19, 2003. In addition we have included a wonderful original relic. A piece of cloth from one of her robes affixed to the back of a “Madre Teresa” medal which bears her portrait. This was made in Italy and can easily be worn with a silver chain.  The collection. $875.00

Mother Teresa of Kolkata, a Saint
MOTHER TERESA A scarce printed Prayer Card containing her name in print and below hand signed “M. Teresa mc.”  Mother Teresa has attached to the card  a very scarce  “Miraculous Medal.”  In the past she has said about these medals: “…may it remind you to draw strength from our Blessed Mother with which she accompanied Jesus.”   Included in a Prayer Card “Prayer For The Canonization Of The Servant Of God Mother Teresa Of Calcutta” which bears a color portrait of Mother Teresa. Also included is an original “Ticket” issued by Pope John Paul, numbered 207521, allowing the holder to attend the Beatification of Mother Teresa on October 19, 2003. All three items in excellent condition. $550.00

RELIC Cards of Two Saints
TERESA, Mother & PAUL II,  Saint/Pope John Blessed Mother Teresa Prayer card depicting Mother Teresa in prayer on the front. Affixed below her portrait is an original “Holy Relic” piece of cloth relating to Mother Teresa. Card displaying a portrait of pope John Paul II stating this same card was blessed by Pope John Paul II, bringing with it a special wish for peace, health and happiness.  A facsimile signature of John Paul II is across the bottom of the card. $24.95

THATCHER, Margaret Longest serving PM of the 20th century. Known as the “Iron Lady.” Choice B&W photograph, head and shoulders pose, 3”x4” signed. $175.00

THATCHER, Margaret Wonderful First Day Cover honoring Sir Winston Churchill. Attractive cachet of Churchill and affixed to this cover is a Churchill U.S. 5 cent postage stamp, cancelled First Day of Issue, Fulton, MO May13, 1965. Signed by Margaret Thatcher. $145.00

THATCHER, Margaret Fabulous unused bookplate, 3.5”x6”  of the House of Parliament and Big Ben, London’s  two most famous landmarks. Signed with a marvelous, large, blue ink signature. $135.00

Premier of the Kingdom of Viti (Fiji), Fine Content letter
Thurston, John Bates KCMG Autograph letter signed, Colonial Office, 9 April 1885, 1.25 pages, to Sir William (McArthur), returning some papers, referring to an intervention in the case of Mr. Baker “when his hostile conduct of British subjects and British interests compelled us to do so.”. $95.00

Signed Photo of Marshall Tito
TITO, Marshall Signed photograph, measures 5”x7”, head and shoulders pose, dressed in a suit and tie. Signed with a fabulous signature on the light portion of his suit.  Note on verso states this was signed in  “72.”. $450.00

Signed Photo of Marshall Tito
TITO, Marshall Signed photograph, measures 4”x5.5”, head and shoulders pose, in uniform. Letter of transmission from Yugoslavia Embassy dated Jan.20,1950 along with a letter from the collector who obtained this photo describing the meeting with Tito. $395.00

TOGO, Heihachiro His signature and rank  in English and signed once again in Japanese. Boldly penned on a large card. SOLD

First President of Chad, Very Scarce Letter Signed
TOMBALBAYE, Francois Typed letter signed, one page, 31 March 1970, on the letterhead of The President of the Republic. Friendly letter complying with a request for his autograph. $295.00

TUBMAN, William Liberia Today  Magazine, published by the Liberian Embassy in Washington. Oct. 1954 issue. Eight pages, with a portrait of Tubman on the cover. Signed in ink "William Tubman” across the Seal of Liberia. $275.00

Desmond Tutu Bishop of Johannesburg, Nobel Peace Prize (1984). Color Photograph Signed. $95.00

Rare Signed Letter by Yulia Tymoshenko as the First Woman to Become Prime Minister of Ukraine
TYMOSHENKO, Yulia Typed letter signed, one page on the imprinted stationary of the Prime Minister of Ukraine. February 28, 2005. $65.00
CHIANG KAI-SHEK Attractive printed color portrait signed and dated by President Chaing Kai-Shek. Quarto, head and shoulders pose depicting the Chinese leader dressed in his brown military uniform before a sky background made to look like a Chinese flag.  This portrait was originally a Time Magazine front cover, fixed to a backing page on which the president has boldly signed his name in Chinese and dated his signature: “August 27, 1944 (Chinese date which is 11 years behind ours.) Accompanied with a letter of transmittal, The Office of President, Republic of China, one page, Taipai, 8/27/55  referring to returning the Time Magazine cover after it has been autographed by His Excellency...signed by S.Shen, Secretary to the President. Signed portrait in fine condition. SOLD

U. THANT Head and shoulders pose, B&W, 8”x10”. On the clear portion of the photograph the Secretary General has inscribed and signed with his double signature and date it 17 May 1968. $225.00

VARGAS, Getulio First Day cover commemorating the First Day of Issue of the United Nations postage stamp. Postmarked, United Nations, June 12, 1953, New York. Vargas has hand signed this cover with a wonderful large full signature. $235.00

Color Photograph of 8th President of India
VENKATARAMAN, Ramaswamy Wonderful color photograph, 5”x7”, head and shoulders pose, contained in the official presentation folder of the president, Republic of India.  The photograph is boldly signed. $150.00

Desirable Full Signature
VON SCHUSCHNIGG, Kurt Block of four U.S. 5 cent postage stamps depicting the Austrian Flag.  Inscribed and signed with his scarce full signature full along the selvage: “To Mr. W.H. Heaney with personal regards Kurt V. Schuschnigg.”. $175.00

Minister of Justice who oversaw the Rivona Trial In which Nelson Mandella was  Sentenced to Life In Prison for Sabotage
Prime Minister of South Africa
4th State President of South Africa
VOPSTER, Balthazar Johannes Color photograph three quarter length of Vopster in formal wear, appx. 4”x6” boldly signed. $125.00

Prime Minister of So. Africa and 4th President
VORSTER, Balthazar Johannes Block of four U.S. 5 cent postage stamps depicting the Austrian Flag.  Inscribed and signed with his scarce full signature full along the selvage: “To Mr. W.H. Heaney with personal regards Kurt V. Schuschnigg.”. $55.00

Lech Walesa Co-founder Solidarity, Nobel Laureate for Peace (1983), and President of Poland (1990-1995), Photograph Signed. $120.00

Arthur Wellesley, 1ST Duke of Wellington
WELLESLEY, Arthur He helped defeat Napoleon in the Battle of Waterloo. Commander-in-Chief of the British Army until his death.  Wonderful  free franking front of an envelope with an excellent  early signature “Wellesley.”  Many of his franking signatures are as Wellington. $275.00

First Constitutional Russian Premier
WITTE, Serge Fine, rare signature on a card” $185.00

Last White President of Rhodesia
WRATHALL, J.J.Uncommon signature on a 3.5”x5” card. $37.50

President of China
YEN Chia-kan Very scarce formal photograph, 3”x4”, black and white, head and shoulders pose. Most unusual, signed in English. SOLD

Tenth Premier of the Republic of China
SUB YUN-SUAN Color photograph, 5”x7”, head & shoulders pose looking directly into the camera. Boldly signed SOLD

ZAHEDI, Fazlollah Very scarce typed letter signed, just weeks after becoming Prime Minister. Written in French to a collector in Germany very nicely thanking him for his letter of 18 August 1952 upon his appointment of Prime Minister. In addition, he will be sending a photograph for his correspondents’ collection. Boldly signed “F. Zahedi” Premier Ministre. SOLD

Seventh President of Latvia
ZATLERS, Valdis Color photograph, 4”x6”, three quarter length pose. Boldly signed on the lower mount. $35.00

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