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Madison Co., Virginia Tax receipt for 8 slaves

1) Madison County, Virginia. Tax receipt 1837, for land and 8 slaves and 3 homes totaling nine dollars and 58 cents. Measures 3'"x4" and in fine condition. Together with a portrait of a building, Price, Birch & CO, Dealers in Slaves. $275.00

To hire 3 negro men aboard a Steamer
2) Handwritten receipt Milledgeville, dated March 14, 1855. Messrs Carhart & Roff. Will please pay to J.B. Artophe on or about the 17th March Fifty one dollars and on the 17th of April Fifty one dollars on account of the hire of three negro men on board the Steamer Charles Hartridge - I oblige Respectfully, $102.00  D.C. Campbell. $450.00

Cheap Book and Job Establishment Advertising Sale of a Slave
3) Cheap Book and Job Steam Printing Establishment letterhead measures 6"x8" to Dispatch Office dated May 19, 1855, to Mr. J.B. Kusee. Bill of Sale for a printed advertisement for the sale of a slave Wade vs Wade 3 t (imes)$1.00. Recd Payment, J.A. Gentry. $350.00

4) Partly printed document one page 2”x7”  Mr. John H. Fitzgerald, 1859 to the Sheriff of Nelson County. Partial tax receipt for payable for stock and a clock. No Slaves were declared. $45.00

Coloured man Stealing 16 Sheep
5) Autograph document signed one page, measuring 5.5”x7.5” Adams County (Pa). The information of Anthony Storm of Canowago Township, Farmer taken upon his solemn oath before me John L. Gubernaton one of the justices of the peace and foresaid county, this twenty fifth day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty six, who saith, that sometime in the latter part of October  or the beginning of November last past, sixteen head of sheep were stolen out of his fields in Canowago Township aforesaid; and that he hath just cause to suspect & doth James Peters, a coloured man, of Paradise Township York County, of stealing and carrying away the said sheep. Further saith not---- sworn & subscribed before me JNA L. Gubernaton.  Anthony Storm has also signed this document. Writing nice and dark and in near fine condition. $650.00

Treat a 18-year-old coloured boy with dignity and to spell and read
6) Autograph document signed one page, measures 7.25x7.75. "This indenture made this 2th day of January A,D between Justice of the Bourbon County court of the one part and Daniel Trundle of the Count of Bourbon and State Kentucky of the second part witnesseth that the said court do by these presents place and bind out unto him of the second part Reese a free boy of colour aged eighteen years the 30th day of May 1843 until he attains to the age of 21 years and he of the second part covenants to teach the said apprentice the business of farming-to treat him with humanity to furnish him with good wholesome meat and decent and suitable clothing and to pay him thirty dollars and furnish him a decent suit of new clothes at the expiration of his service and to teach or cause him to be taught to spell and read so as to read the New Testament with facility virtues the hand and seal of him of the second part the date first above (signed by) Daniel Trundle seal. On the verso are several lines written and signed by Thomas P. smith clerk of the county court attesting to this apprenticeship and that this Indenture was duly admitted to record 24th day of January 1843. $850.00

Slave steals two sides of bacon
7) Partly printed document signed, one page, measures 7.5”x9” dated 1st June 1859. State of Missouri, County of Howard. This one-page legal document states that a slave by the name of Horace stole two sides of bacon with a value of three dollars….which was carry away against the peace and dignity of the state.” Signed “John Williams atty.”. $475.00

Goods stolen by a slave
8) Autograph document signed, one page, 4”X8”, 20th day of July 1859. “Personally appeared before me James C. McNeill and made oath that goods had been stolen from him of Crawford McNeill & Co. and that Henry a Slave the property of A.M. Probine was engaged in the theft. Sworn to and subscribed before me this the 20th day of July 1859 E.J. McFarland JP.” Also signed by Jas. C. McNeill. $475.00

Money due on a Negro boy
9) Autograph document signed, one page, 44.75”x8”, Promise to Pay for the difference due on the value of one negro boy Henry who was in the estate of Stephen L. Garrard deceased.  A difference of $150 was due James D. Garrard after Henry’s distribution.  This promise to pay is signed by  “A.V. Bedford” the guardian of James G. Garrard.  Many times, when slaves were distributed from an estate there was an uneven dollar amount, and this document reflects $150 due one family member who was shorted in the distribution. $375.00

Receipt for tax on 10 slaves and pay in gold for Military Tax
10) Partly printed document signed, one page, measures 7.5”x7” .  Received from J.J. Coope Forty five dollars and 91 cents in full for his State, County and Military Tax for the year 1861on the following property. Listed in writing are the tracts of land and acreage.  In addition, in writing: Military Tax $11.47 Premium paid in gold to pay Military Tax Printed at the bottom under Money loaned: indicates 1 Carriages and 10 slaves.
Signed by Wm. J. Tayler, Sheriff and Tax Collector. $475.00

Doctor visit for a Negro Slave….unpaid bill
11) Autograph document signed, one full page, Madison County, KY dated Dec. 23RD, 1856.  Measures 7.5”x12”. Mrs. Frances Blackwell visited Dr. Charles Walker with a negro girl on Sept. 30, 1851 and again on Oct.1 and Oct. 3 and once again on Oct.5 for a total of $5.50. Previously appeared begore me Justice of the Peace for Madison County, KY. Chas J. Walker and made oath that the above account is just unpaid and no legal offset in law and equity. Also Dr. John Scott and made oath that the above charges are reasonable and common given under my hand this the 25th day of Feb. 1856. G.B. Bouday J(ustice) P (eace). $350.00

1825 Bill of Sale of Seven Negroes
12) Signed estate Bill of Sale, 4 day of December 1825. Measures 6”x8”. Sale Bill of the balance of the goods and chattel of Joremiah  Dec, real and personal-sold on 4th day of December 1825.  Seven Negroes-$2617.00...One tract of Land...1120.00... Two head of Cattle   21.56.25....and Sundry Articles...84.75. Total Amt----$3843.31.25 Signed Joremiah Glenn Executor. $550.00

Doctors receipt for a Negro Visit
13) Autograph documents signed, dated 1835, measures 7.5”x4.75” “Daniel Mobley to Curtis L. Bythewood to a negroe-15.00. Rcd payment in full Curtis Bythewood.” $250.00

Carried by Steamboat- order for Negro Shoes
14) Autograph documents signed, one page, Oct.16th 1843, measures 8”x12”, Pine Hills, from and signed by W.D. McDonald to F.&C.  C. Gerrison (New Orleans, LA,)   McDonald writes: “as I could not send you any cotton by this Boat I will have twenty or twenty five bales ready by the next boat. I send you a small bill to fill for me, 1 small sack Rio coffee, half barrell sugar, half dozen second quality bed blankets.....twine.” He continues to list “Negro Shoes...13 Prs. No. 12, 4 Pr. No 11, 5 Pr. No 7, 8 Pr. No.9, 2 Pr. No 10, 2 Pr. No.11, 3 Pr. No.8,
7 Pr. No.4, 2 Pr. No.9, 1Pr. No.5”  In addition he writes a P.S. ‘You will rite me the Prices of cotton produce in general your truly, W.D. McDonald.’’  $475.00

Hire of a negro girl Nancy
15) Autograph documents signed, one page, Courtland, Ala. Dec.1839. “On the first day of January one thousand eight hundred & forty one we or either of us promise to pay Thos A. Watkins or order ninety dollars for the hire of a negro girl Nancy from the 1st day of January 1840 until the 25th December 1840. The usual clothing for hired negroes to be given her. Witness our hands and seals J.&L McChung, Michael W. Mayes.” $375.00

Slave boy steals from grocery store and Confesses
16) Autograph legal document signed, one very full page, measures 8”x9.5”, Sept 4th 1865. State of Missouri vs Henry a Mulato boy. “Peter Stapleton Sworn Says I was sitting up slaves in Eliza Boon room I saw Henry come out of MR. Strects Grocery with a can in his hands. I do not know what was in the can.” Peter Stapleton and also signed Jas H. Saunders.  “Henry the Mulato boy made confession that he had take the can of Peaches...” Henry signs with his mark.  It continues: “I Jas. H. Saunders do hereby certify that the testimony of Peter Stapleton & the confession of henry the Mulato Boy is written down precisely as stated by them. J.H. Saunders.” $650.00

Court ordered a free 13 year old boy to learn the art trade of house servant
17) Autograph document signed, one page 29 Feb 1860. Measures 6”x7.75”. “As a court continued and held for Washington county the 29th day of February 1860.  Ordered that the overseers of the Poor of the county do bind Harvey Miller a free boy of color aged 13 years the 15th day of May, to Anna M. Trigg to learn the art trade or  occupation of a house servant, and it is ordered that the said Anna M.Trigg be not required to pay anything for the services of the said Harvey until the last year of his services, and that for that year be pay the said Harvey Miller the sum of Eighty dollars. John G. Kreger C.C.” $575.00

Three Civil War Pay Vouchers for Black Boys/Negroes
18) Three partly printed documents signed, Officers Expense Accounts including black slave expenses, measures 11”x17”,  1) The United States to Earnest Kramer acting Medical Director headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee dated  30 day of June 1865  Special Order by General Rousseau. Payment of $840.38 cents description of Servants: Abert Daen and George Washington “Black Boys. Signed by Surgeon E. Kramer.
2) Document measures 11”x17”, The United States to 2nd Lieut George A Miller 13TH Cav Tenn Vols. Post at Nashville. 30 day of June 1864. Special Order by Major General Rousseau July 28, 1864. Payment $110 dollars and 95 cents for John, Complexion Black, 5’6” Eyes Black and Hair Black. Signed twice by George A,. Miller 13 Cav, Tenn Vols..
3) Document measures 11”x17”  The United States to Lieut Col. T.P. Coon, 9th Ohio Cav.  Who is on Detached Duty by order of Major General Rousseau. Payment of $182 dollars and fourteen cents on this 3rd day of August 1864 for Pete and John Negroes. Signed twice by J.P. Coon. $350.00

Lengthy document includes listing a Medical Bill for negro
19) Autograph document signed, one very full page, measures 7.5”x12” Georgia Wilkes County April 5, 1827. Joshua Willis to Daniel....Guardian to Cash Paid John Dyson for letters of guardianship listing twenty different items including David Cooper medical bill on negro $12. Some of the other listings are for shoes, spelling book, board, furnishings tax, tuition, clothing, furniture and more totaling $123.24 cents. In conclusion is written: “Georgia Wilkes County, Personally appeared before me sworn saith the above return is just and true sworn to in op open court April 5, 1827, John Dyson CCO.” $575.00

Document to Hire a Negro Boy
20) Autograph document signed, 2nd January 1826.  Measures 5”x8”.  “On or before 25th day of December next we promise to pay to John W. Prichard one hundred and thirty dollars for the hire of a negro boy Abram together with the customary clothing. Cha. L. Totler...this 2 January 1826,” Also signed by George Hamilton and Geo. A. Benoit. $375.00

Letter to a Court in D.C. relating to Slave ownership in Maryland
21) Autograph letter to the Clerk of the Circuit Court for District of Columbia , (Washington, DC)  May 5th 1862, measures 7.5”x9.5”. Nice slave content, this letter was with others written by George DuVall, an attorney in Prince George’s County Maryland. He wrote several letters to Judge Tuck in Washington, DC about slave ownership in Maryland, and complying with an April 16, 1862 Act of Congress that dealt with slave labor in the District of Columbia,  In this lengthy letter he writes about a colored man (slave) named Isaac Hamilton of complexion brown or dark mulatto of African descent and then provides his physical features and age. The writer seems to be asking if its possible to seek compensation for the slave or work that he has performed in the District.
He continues to write: “I do not mean to waive my constitutional rights but if he is discharged and freed from such service or labour, claim just compensation to the full … to which I may be entitled under the constitution of the United States and such laws as have been or may be in pursuance thereof...”  $425.00

A person of unsound mind…is having a slave to be sold
22) Autograph legal letter signed, on full page, measures 7.5”x12”, January 1838, Pittsylvania County Court Liliens D. Womack a person of unsound mind who lives by Areeher Wommack his brother and next friend plaintiff against Allen Womack committed of Liliens D. Womack defendant inchancery this day this cause came on by consent of parties to be heard upon the bill of the complainant the answer of Allen  Wommack committee of L.D. Wommack the replication thereto  was argued by counsel on consideration whereof, the court being satisfied that the interests of the L.D. Wommack will be promoted by a sale of the slave Daniel in the bill mentioned doth therefore adjudge order and decree that Allen W. Wommack who is hereby appointed a special commissioner for that purpose do proceed after advertisement for at least fifteen days at several of the most public places in the county to sell the said slave on credit of six months with interest from the day of sale taking bond with sufficient security from the purchaser & report to the court. A copy Teste L.Samiggs Clk.”  $450.00

Lengthy inventory of a deceased widow including a slaved
23) Very lengthy autograph document  signed, 7th day of March 1785, measures 12”x16”, watermarked on each sheet “Pro Patria” one page one, “GR” (King George III) on page two of the two conjoined sheets. This attractive document is “An inventory of the goods and chattles of the widow Jean Jackson deceased taken this seventh day of March 1785.” Listed are 134 items and values including the highest single value: “1 Negro girl named Fillis 35 pounds.”   The list includes chairs, sheets, blankets, feather bed, looking glass, table cloths, frames, basins, pots, plates, knives, forks, silver tablespoons, bushels of corn, earthen ware, etc.”  “This a true Inventory taken by us in whist come to our knowledge this 7th Day of March 1785.”   Signed by Benjamin Seaman and Edward Hicks.  $950.00

Slave Tax Receipt
24) Mrs. Rebecca Miller To the Sheriff of Frederick County 1853, To State Levy... Receipt with tax on one slave, property lot an bond tax.  Received Payment, W.D. Gillneson, Sheriff.  Writing is a bit light but easily readable. In fine condition.  $225.00

Stephen Koschal ~ Quality Autographs & Signed Books
Serving Collectors, Libraries, Institutions, Autograph Galleries and Dealers with
Autographs and Signed Books in all Fields of Collecting Since 1967.

7155 Sand Crest View, Colorado Springs, CO 80923 USA ~ Phone (561) 315-3622 ~