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The First Government of the
State of Israel
The First Government of the State of Israel The autographs and letters in this collection are all signed by individuals who served as leaders of the newborn state, pioneers of their generation.  Their official acts, their courage and commitment enabled the new Jewish State to embark on its journey of self rule and determination.  This collection consists of 11 of the 12 members  of the First Government. $2,750.00

Inscribed to the President of Israel by Yaacov Agam, the Most Noted Israeli Artist
AGAM, Yaakov & NAVON, Yitzhak Agam’s book: Hommage To Agam - Xxe Siecle,  1980, Printed  in France in French. Plates captions both in French and English.  Book also contains two original color lithographs by Agam.  159 pages, heavily illustrated. Hardcover. Very boldly inscribed to the 5th President of Israel. “To the President of Israel and Mrs. Navon, Agam, 30.7.1981”.  Agam has artistically drawn the Star of David which is incorporated in his initial “A” in Agam.  Most unusual and a choice association item between the great Israeli artist and the President of Israel. Certainly one of a kind. $395.00

Agam is called one of the most important living artists of our time.

AGAM, Yaakov Hardcover book “Agam, From the 2nd, to the 3rd, into the 4th Dimension...”  Circle Fine Arts Press, 1981, 48 pages, illustrations in color, Text by Jack Solomon, Jr.  Measures8.5”x11”. )n the inside front cover and onto the first endpaper Agam has boldly drawn his famous 5 color inverted rainbow also signed with 5 signatures in five colors. Length of the artwork is eleven inches.  Beautiful book and drawing. $285.00

Founder of Palestine and Jerusalem Post, Mayor of Jerusalem
AGRON, Gershon Typed letter signed, one page on the imprinted stationery of The Jerusalem Post, July 25, 1952. In English he writes to a Dr. E. Mayer. Interesting content. $47.50

Autograph letter signed, 12.II.34, one page on the imprinted letterhead “24   Gardens, S.W.5”. He writes: “Dear Sir, As desired-by your letter of the 14th January-I have the pleasure to send, herewith a photograph, Yours truly, Allenby F.M.” $350.00

The Man Who Brought Hebrew To The Palestine Telegraph System
AMIKAM, Israel Beautiful Israeli cover commemorating the 15th Anniversary of the Hebrew Telegraph System. Cachet of the first telegram sent by Mayor Dizengoff (founder of Jerusalem) to Israel Amikam sending congratulations in his battle of many years.  Very interesting cover signed in ink in Hebrew by Israel Amikam. In addition, three others have signed as well. Postmarked, Haifa, 12/31/1950. $125.00

His Declaration was the Driving Force to the Establishment of the State of Israel
BALFOUR, Arthur Wonderful signature on a large slip together with a larger slip with the writing from a secretary “With Lord Balfour’s Compliments.”  The two pieces are in fine condition. $95.00

BEGIN, Menachem
Typescript from his book White Nights.  One large paragraph, eighteen line long signed by M. Begin in English. SOLD

BEGIN, Menachem
Signed photograph, B&W, 3.5”x5”, bust portrait, signed “M. Begin” in blue ink in the bottom margin. $135.00

Founder of the Diamond Industry in Palestine
Founder and Long Time Mayor of Netanyah
BEN-AMI, Oved Very scarce typed letter signed, one page, 1938. Personal letter, not translated. Very boldly signed in Hebrew. Two file holes, otherwise in fine condition. $150.00

First Prime Minister of Israel
Signed Photograph in English
BEN-GURION, David Photograph, appx: 4”x5’, B&W, head and shoulders pose at an airport, a plane is behind him.  Signed in ink on the lower white margin with his desirable signature in English. $575.00

First Prime Minister of Israel
BEN-GURION, David Blank postcard which a Spanish collector has affixed a newspaper portrait of Ben-Gurion. Signed by Ben-Gurion in Hebrew under his portrait. His name and birth date added by the collector. On the verso is a biographical sketch of Ben-Gurion. $295.00

Second First Lady of Israel
BEN-ZVI, Rahel Yannait Typed letter signed in Hebrew. One page, 1978, marked “Personal”. $57.50

Signed the Israeli Scroll of Independence and
The Second President of Israel
BEN-ZVI, Yitzhak Partly printed check with the magic date “1948”. Signed by Ben-Zvi in Hebrew. Palestine Revenue Stamp affixed to the top right corner. $175.00

Bar Ilan University Named After Him
BERLIN, Meir (Rabbi Bar Ilan) Written and signed in Hebrew (not translated). $175.00

The Greatest Hebrew Poet of Modern Times
BIALIK, Hayyim Nahman Typed receipt in Hebrew with two place filled in with his pen. Signed in Hebrew by Bialik and signed to his right by David Block who was an early Tel-Avivian. $575.00

Man Who Replaced Bar-Ilan In The Mizrachi Party
BURG, Yoseph Typed letter signed, in Hebrew, not translated. Light damp staining. $30.00

Outstanding A.L.S. Of Jimmy Carter Regarding The Israeli Peace Effort
CARTER, Jimmy Extraordinary content T.L.S. to Carter from the V/P of the Jewish Federation of Palm Beach. March 14, 1944 (should be 1994).  It is interesting to note that Jimmy Carter kept the original letter for his files and sent a copy back to the original writer adding a wonderful autograph letter. Carter writes: “3/26/94 15th Anniversary (of Camp David). To Douglas Kleiner- Thanks for your good letter. I spoke to P.M. Rabin yesterday and he is determined to succeed in the peace effort. Jimmy C.”. SOLD

President Carter Mentions Israeli/PLO Peace Agreement
CARTER, Jimmy Choice typed letter signed, one page of his name imprinted stationery. October 18, 1993 to the Associate Executive Vice-president of the Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County, Florida. Carter writes in part: “..I’m glad to know you share my enthusiasm for the Israeli/PLO peace agreement. Let us hope we can give these neighbors the support they need in the days ahead…”  Full large signature of Jimmy Carter. Together with the original envelope. SOLD

Jewish Surgeon Who Served in the Civil War
Physician's Certificate of Death
COHEN, Jacob Da Silva Solis Very scarce Physician’s Certificate of Death, Philadelphia, March 4, 1874 for a 32 year old white male. Filled in and signed by J. Solis Cohen. $125.00

DAYAN, Moshe
Photograph, 3.5”x5”, B&W, close up head & shoulders pose wearing his eye patch. Signed in Hebrew. Together with the original envelope. $250.00

DAYAN, Moshe
Israeli coved very boldly signed twice, once in Hebrew and again in English. $195.00

The Only British Prime Minister of Jewish Birth
DISRAELI, Benjamin Autograph letter signed on the imprinted stationery of the House of Lords. To Cecil Raikes. Disraeli writes in part: “I think your friend…may make his mind easy, at least for the moment...”  A very nice example signed with his famous monogram “BD” signature. Together with the original envelope hand addressed by Disraeli and signed the same as he did in the letter. $675.00

The Only British Prime Minister of Jewish Birth
DISRAELI, Benjamin Portion of an envelope addressed and dated, “London, Jan. 11, 1838, Wm. Finch, Great Barr, Birmingham” in his hand. Signed “B.Disraeli” near the lower left corner.  Rubber stamp “Free’ postmark top right of cover. Envelope affixed to a larger portion of an album page. Together with a postcard portrait of Benjamin Disraeli. $275.00

Founder’s of Tel-Aviv-Scarce Group of Signatures
The Reading and Signing of the Israeli Declaration of Independence was in the former home of Meir Dizengoff
DIZENGOFF, Meir, BEZALEL. Jaffe, UZIELI, M.,BOGRASHOV, DR. Ch. & MOSINSOHN, Dr. B. Half of a partly printed check, dated 22.4.1914. Endorsed on the verso by Bograshov and Mosinsohn. Large rubber stamp seal of the Direction Du College, Gymnasia Brith-Jaffe. $495.00

One of the Founders and First Mayor of Tel-Aviv
The Reading and Signing of the Israeli Declaration of Independence
was in the former home of Meir Dizengoff
DIZENGOFF, Meir D.S., 4”x6”. One page, September 3, 1935. Tel Aviv City Incorporated, order to pay 24 English Pounds. Signed by Dizengoff across a Palestine stamp as mayor. Rubber stamp on document indicates this order was paid. $275.00

One of the Founders and First Mayor of Tel-Aviv
The Reading and Signing of the Israeli Declaration of Independence
was in the former home of Meir Dizengoff
DIZENGOFF, Meir D.S., bank check, The Palestine Discount Bank of Tel Aviv 3/13/1936 made payable to Tel-Aviv City by an individual. Endorsed by Mayor Dizengoff in the year of his death.  The first check of this kind we have seen. One file hole, and a burn mark near the top left corner which does not affect a thing. Dizengoff’s bold signature on the verso is excellent. $225.00

One of the Founders and First Mayor of Tel-Aviv
The Reading and Signing of the Israeli Declaration of Independence
was in the former home of Meir Dizengoff
DIZENGOFF, Meir Very early scarce typed letter signed on the letterhead “Tel-Abib Town Council” dated 1920. Signed in Hebrew. SOLD

EBAN, Abba
Bookplate of “Temple Emanu-El, February 13, 1994” signed in ink “Abba Eban” affixed to the front free endpaper.  Book shows slight wear (rubbing) to bottom of binding otherwise in good condition. Together with the dust jacket. $35.00

Third Prime Minister of Israel
ESHKOL, Levi Early Israeli cover with two Israeli stamps affixed and cancelled Tel-Aviv, 1/9/1954. Boldly signed in green ink. $150.00

The Man Who Led Israel to its Greatest Victory
ESHKOL, Levi First Day cover commemorating the 8th year of Israeli Independence. Eighth year of Independence postage stamp cancelled Jerusalem, 12.4.56. Signed by Levi Eshkol in Hebrew. $150.00

Otto Frank and Meip Gies
FRANK, Otto & GIES, Miep Holiday greeting card printed in five languages, no date but inside on the left blank panel is a typed letter signed by Otto Frank.  “Dear Mr. Bartlette, It was good to hear from you again and my wife and I are reciprocating your good wishes. We have no intention  to come to the States in the near future. Work at the foundation is progressing and I go to Amsterdam nearly every month. Again all the best and kindest regards. Yours sincerely, (signed) Otto Frank.”  Together with a lovely colorful Christmas First Day Cover, Washington, DC, Nov. 10, 1971 hand signed by Miep Gies. SOLD

GAZIT, Shlomo Flyer to be a Guest Speaker in 1985 at Temple Emanu-el in Tucson, Az. The subject will be “Israel as a Melting Pot”. Signed and dated by Gazit along with a sentiment. $37.50

Woman Who Hid Ann Frank and Her Family For Over Two Years
GIES, Miep Lovely Israeli First Day Cover commemorating the 50th Anniversary of Pioneer Women. Postmarked, Jerusalem, August 5, 1975. Boldly signed by Miep Gies in red ink. $145.00

In 1945, President of the American League For Free Palestine
GILLETTE, Guy Mark Uncommon pencil signature, adding in his hand: “U.S. Senator-Iowa”. Dated below by a different hand “Dec/2/1940”.  Affixed to a slightly larger page. $25.00

Founder and Long Time President of the World Jewish Congress
GOLDMANN, Nahum Typed letter signed, one page, July 24, 1965. Signed in Hebrew. $47.50

Israel's Former Chief Rabbi Commands 'Every Jew' To Kill Arafat
GOREN, Rabbi Shlomo Very rare autograph quotation signed: “To the Jews of Argentina, the Committee of the Communities, the Education Committee, to the Teachers & Educators. A year of peace, success, and blessed Aliyah” Signed “Shlomo Goren”.  Aliyah refers to the immigration of Jews to the land of Israel.  Most likely sent as a response to a request from a teacher’s group. $295.00

GROSS, Chaim Uncommon original sketch of two figures balancing themselves on one hand. Signed and dated along with a two word sentiment: “Best wishes, Chaim Gross, March 28’ 66”. $195.00

GROSS, Chaim Lithograph, in color, for The World Federation of United Nations Associations. 1980 Flag Series. Limited to 1500 signed copies, this is copy number 1394. Together with the informative documentation sheet  (COA). Very attractive and colorful. $175.00

Signer of Israeli's Scroll of Independence
Organized Israel's First Electionn
GRUENBAUM, Yitzchak Israeli First day cover with a color cachet on the left and five Israeli stamps affixed to the cover cancelled Sept. 26, 1949. Signed in Hebrew by Yitzchak Gruenbaum. $95.00

Noted Israeli Painter and Author
Founding Figure in the Israeli Art
GUTMAN, Nahum Typed letter signed to the Jewish Agency, one page dated 13-3-58 and signed in Hebrew by Gutman. Two file holes otherwise a very good letter. $77.50

The Man Who Made Jewish Colonization Possible
HANKIN, Kenosha Very scarce typed letter signed, one page on the imprinted letterhead of  The Eretz-Israel Jewish Agricultural Trust Ltd.  Tel-Aviv, 31.3.1940. Not translated. $395.00

Uncommon Letter of the First Lady of Israel
HERZOG,  Aura (Mrs. Chaim Herzog) Uncommon, early typed letter signed, Oct.2, 1954 on the printed letterhead of “Omen”  Mizrachi Women’s Organization In Israel.  Not translated and signed in Hebrew. Letter’s of the First Lady’s of Israel are many more times difficult to obtain than one of their husbands. $65.00

HERZOG, Chaim His book: The Arab-Israeli Wars, Arms & Armour Press, 1984, First Edition. Four hundred and three pages, illustrated. Boldly signed by Chaim Herzog in English. Fine copy with the dust jacket. SOLD

Founder of Israel Post-Ispex
HESKY, M. Cover commemorating the 13th Anniversary of the State of Israel. ISPEX cachet Sponsored by The Society of Israel Philatelists. Cancelled Tel-Aviv 1961. Signed by M. Hesky. $27.50

Commanded Jewish Defense Forces During The Arab Riots in 1920
JABOTINSKY, Vladimir Envelope hand addressed by Jabotinsky to a person in Melbourne, Australia. Postmarked London, 6 Nov. 1934.  On the verso of the flap of the envelope, Jabotinsky has signed his name and added his return address in Paris. $450.00

The Famous Chief Rabbi of Palestine
JAFFE, Bezalel Uncommon autograph letter signed, one page, 5”x8”, signed in Hebrew, not translated. $225.00

First Shots Fired in Bin Laden’s War Against America
KAHANE, Rabbi Meir The Institute of the Jewish idea, August 1983, third printing, paperback, 150 pages. Very boldly inscribed and signed on the title page: “To Bill Meir Kahane.” $135.00

Fourth President of The State of Israel
Postmarked and Possibly Signed the Day He Became President
KATZIR, Ephraim Philatelic folder depicting a colorful Israeli postage stamp portraying Lions Gate. Cancelled, Jerusalem, May 24, 1973. Signed in Hebrew by Ephraim Katzir who became Israeli’s President on this dated. $77.50

Fourth President of Israel Signed Twice
KATZIR, Ephraim Block of four Ephraim Katzir Israeli postage stamps, signed twice on the selvage, once in English and again in Hebrew. $55.00

Rare Combination of Autographs
Signed by the Author of Schindler's List and also by a Survivor
KENEALLY, Thomas & DRESSLER, Henry Program for a ceremony held in Palm Beach, Florida on December 11, 1994. Printed at the top of the cover is “Thomas Keneally Author of Schindler’s List”.  Portrait of two clasped hands in the center. The author has inscribed and dated as follows: “To Steve, Shalom Tom Keneally, 1994”.  Just below Dressler has written: “Never Forget! Henry Dressler, a Schindler Survivor”.  Mr. Dressler’s name is listed as the “Special Guest” inside the program. SOLD

Candidate For First President of Israel
KLAUSNER, Dr. Joseph Scarce autograph letter signed  on his name imprinted stationery. Jerusalem. Written and signed in Hebrew, not translated. Some light wrinkling, usual file holes and one tear repaired. $165.00

KOLLEK, Teddy Color portrait from a magazine, 8”x11” full length pose of Kollek walking through a gate with another man. Signed with a double signature, once in English and another in Hebrew. $95.00

KOLLEK, Teddy Photograph, B&W, head and shoulders pose, measuring 2.25”x3.25”, inscribed along with a two-word sentiment. Dated by Kollek “Jerusalem 1971.” $77.50

KOLLEK, Teddy Plate block of 4 U.S. stamps each contains a quote by Thomas Jefferson. Boldly signed four times by Teddy Kolleck. Twice in English and twice in Hebrew.  $65.00

KOLLEK, Teddy His business card, printed in Hebrew with an autograph note signed on the verso in Hebrew. SOLD

The Famous Chief Rabbi of Palestine
KOOK, Abraham Isaac Hacohen Legal document regarding the collection of some monies owed. Kook’s Official rubber stamp has been affixed to the lower center portion and below his CHOICE signature. Four stamps have been affixed to the lower portion of this legal document, one being a Palestine Court Fees stamp. $225.00

Mayor of Tel-Aviv
LAVANON, Chaim Typed letter signed, one page on the ornate stationery of the Jubilee of Tel-Aviv. June 30, 1959. Lengthy letter signed in Hebrew. Two file holes in the right margin which can easily be matted out. $37.50

Rare, Written & Signed by Auschwitz Survivor
MEIER, Lili Jacob Her book: “The Auschwitz ALBUM.”  Random House (NY) 1981, First Edition, hardcover, 167 pages, heavily illustrated with gruesome images. $350.00

Rare Souvenir Folder Commemorating the Israeli Scroll of Independence Postage Stamp
MEIR, Golda Fabulous folder commemorating the 25th Years of Independence of Israel. Original Israeli postage stamp depicting the Israeli Scroll of Independence, postmarked Tel Aviv 3/5/73.  Below the stamp is an ink, “full” signature of Golda Meir in Hebrew. On the cover is a green ink stamp of the Israeli Stamp & Autograph Collectors. $495.00

MEIR Golda First Day Cover commemorating the Chagall King David postage stamp. Postmarked Chagall Exhibition, Jerusalem Chagall Exhibition, Israel Museum 24/9/69.  King David by Chagall printed cachet on the left and signed in ink, in Hebrew by Golda Meir. $350.00

MEIR Golda Early First Day Cover commemorating the First Congress Mondial De La Jeunesse Juive. The First Congress postage stamp is cancelled Jerusalem. 2/7/1953 and the cover is signed by Golda Meir in English. $350.00

Souvenir From The Ministry of Tourism Signed by Golda Meir
MEIR, Golda Fantastic souvenir card issued by the Ministry of Tourism commemorating the 25th Anniversary of the State of Israel. Includes a 25th Anniversary pin. This particular card is hand signed by Golda Meir (as Prime Minister) and during the war against the Arabs. Together with original envelope. The first of this kind we have seen signed. SOLD

MEIR Golda Signed Photograph, uninscribed, very nice head & shoulder profile image of the Israeli PM. SOLD

MEIR Golda Mint example of Israeli currency, hand signed for a collector who obtained this signature in person in Israel. . $235.00

Prime Minister of France On His Only Trip To Israel
MENDES-FRANCE, Pierre Hotel restaurant check from the Pal Hotel, Tel-Aviv dated Nov. 20, 1977. Signed in Hebrew by Mendez-France during his only trip to Israel. $60.00

Dr. Max S. Nordau An Exceptional Autograph Quote Signed from the co-founder of the Zionist World Wide Organization. $995.00

Jewish Philanthropist who Established the British Stock Exchange
One of the Most Famous British Jews of the 19th Century
MONTEFIORE, Sir Moses Haim UScarce closing and full signature cut from an autograph letter. SOLD

MORDEKHAI, Namir Israeli First Day cover with a cachet of Israel indicating the location of the City of Tel-Aviv. Israeli stamp affixed and cancelled Tel-Aviv 12/15/1965. Signed in Hebrew by Namir as Mayor of Tel-Aviv. $27.50

Fifth President of Israel
NAVON, Yitzhak Unusually large photograph, B&W, appx. 7”x9” of Navon in a library with a young child and helping him with his studies. On the verso is the photographer’s imprint “Isaac Freiden,  Press Photographer”.  The photo is boldly signed in Hebrew by Navon. $185.00

NETANYAHU, Benjamin Israeli First Day cover, 1979 of the Israel Egypt Peace Treaty. Israeli stamp cancelled Jerusalem, 26.3.1979.  Very uncommon hand signed double signature of Benjamin Netanyahu in English and in Hebrew. Genuine signatures of Netanyahu are not common and extremely desirable. SOLD

Mayor of Jerusalem - Prime Minister of Israel
OLMERT, Ehud Color photograph, 5”X7”, half length pose sitting at his desk. Boldly signed as Prime Minister. $85.00

President of The Supreme Court
OLSHAN, Isaac Israeli First Day cover commemorating the 50th Anniversary of Tel-Aviv.  Portrait of Meir Dizengoff, founder of the city of Tel-Aviv. Signed by Olshan in Hebrew. $100.00

Jimmy Carter, Menachem Begin and Anwar Sadat  Three choice signatures, one large “J. Carter” on a slip, “M. Begin” on a bookplate and “A.Sadat” in Arabic and once again in English on a U.S. Search For Peace postage stamp. Nicely matted with a photo, 8”x10” of the three world leaders outside The White House clasping their hands in friendship. Together with a copy of a letter on the Arab Republic of Egypt letterhead dated Cairo 14.9.1980 sending a collector in Rhode Island the autographed stamps by Sadat. In addition, included is a copy of the four stamps that Sadat signed. $550.00

PERES, Shimon T.L.S. in Hebrew with a desirable date 9/5/48 just three months after the State of Israel was proclaimed.  Not translated. $135.00

PERES, Shimon Uncommon TLS, April 25, 1997 sending an autographed photo (not enclosed) and wishing the collectors son a speedy recovery.  Signed in English. $125.00
Presidents of Israel A Collection of Signatures by the First 7 Presidents of Israel, 1949-2000, featuring a Bold Vintage Signature from Chaim Weizman. $1,595.00.
Lea Rabin Rare Document Signed, a speech penned entirely in her hand, the full 10 pages, from her historic 1998 speech at Rice University in honor of her late husband, Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. $2,295.00.

Rare Portrait of Yitzhak Rabin with President Gerald Ford
RABIN, Yithzak & FORD, Gerald Portrait of  Rabin standing at the dinner table in The White House as President Gerald R. Ford, smoking his pipe sits along Rabin’s side and listening intently as he carefully watches Rabin. Signed by both Y. Rabin and Gerald R. Ford on the lower white margin below a printed caption. Overall size 6”x9. $395.00

Rare Portrait of Yitzhak Rabin with President George H.W. Bush
RABIN, Yithzak & Bush George H.W. Splendid Official color White House photograph of both Rabin and Bush, head and shoulders pose, both looking quite serious.  Boldly signed by both Rabin and Bush in the light blue area of the sky offering excellent contrast. $595.00

Rare Teacher's Day Booklet
RABIN, Yithzak Rare booklet “Teacher’s Day Booklet” 1994, 32 pages signed by Knesset Speaker Shevah Weiss on the inside cover. Weiss was also a survivor of the holocaust and the Israeli Ambassador to Poland. Inside on page 4, is a full page portrait of Yithzak Rabin. Rabin has signed his name in Hebrew above his portrait. $250.00

Negotiated with Nazis to send Jews to Palestine
Announced the Birth of Israel
RAFAEL, Gideon Scarce ornate 3.5”x5.5” heavy card signed by Gideon Rafael in both English and Hebrew. $47.50

Negotiated with Nazis to send Jews to Palestine
Announced the Birth of Israel
RAFAEL, Gideon Very scarce United Nation’s FDC with a double signature of Rafael both in English and Hebrew. SOLD

Signer of the Israeli Scroll of Independence
REMEZ, David Typed letter signed, one page, Sept. 18, 1942 on the imprinted stationery of General Cooperative Association of Jewish Labor in Eretz, Israel. $125.00

Last Tel-Aviv Mayor Under British Rule
ROKACH, Yisrael Fine typed letter signed, one page, on the imprinted stationery of the Municipal Corporation, Tel-Aviv, 1937. Signed in Hebrew as Mayor. Near fine condition except for two file holes in the right margin. $37.50

First Jew Admitted to the House of Lords
ROTHSCHILD, Nathan Mayer Fine signature removed from the bottom portion of a letter. Signature on a slip affixed to a portion of an album page. SOLD

RUPPIN, Dr. Arthur Typed letter in German, signed, one page on the imprinted stationery of Palestine Zionist Executive.  Dated 9 July 1922. A nice early example, signed in English. $75.00

First Israeli Passenger Liner
SAGI, Captain Edmond Printed invitation for Mrs. Kramer to attend a cocktail party for the Captain at 19:30 hours on November 20, 1955. On the cover is printed the Zim Lines Flag and signed along with a  two word sentiment by Captain Sagi. On the other side is a vintage print of the City of Jerusalem along with the words “S.S. Negbah”. $55.00

First High Commissioner of Palestine
SAMUEL, Sir Herbert His signature “Samuel” on the verso of an English autograph collector’s card. Samuel also dated his signature “Feb. 23rd 1948”. This card was signed less than three months before the signing of the Declaration of the Establishment of The State of Israel. $95.00

Israel's Legendary Finance Minister
SAPIR, Pinchas Typed letter signed, one page, Nov. 30, 1958. Not translated. Fine letter signed in Hebrew. Two file holes in the right margin could easily be matted out. $60.00
Moshe Sharett Extraordinary 1955 Autograph Letter Signed as Prime Minister to David Ben-Gurion with military content. $2,495.00

Second Prime Minister of Israel
Largely Responsible for the Final text of the Proclamation
SHARETT, Moshe Partly printed document signed, 1931. Jewish Agency receipt, signed in Hebrew. $175.00

Minister of Health, Interior & Immigration
In the First Israeli Cabinet under Chaim Weizmann
Signer of the Israeli Scroll of Independence
SHAPIRA, Moshe Scarce typed letter signed, dated 4/1/38. Typed and signed in Hebrew, not translated. $350.00

Founder and President, Women’s International
Zionist Organization
SIEFF, Rebecca First Day Cover commemorating the 12th WIZO World Conference. Cachet at the left of the cover and affixed to the upper right is an Israeli postage stamp postmarked Jerusalem, Sept. 5, 1951. Choice and rare double signature of Rebecca Sieff in English & Hebrew. Together with an invitation to a reception of WIZO in honor of President Sieff, held April 27, 1924. $125.00

7th Prime Minister of Israel
SHAMIR, Yitzhak Photograph, color, 4”x6”, half length pose sitting at his desk. Boldly signed on the lower white margin. SOLD

Publisher of the New York Times
SULZBERGER, Arthur Hays Typed letter signed on his name imprinted stationery of The New York Times. One page, June 20, 1953 to Mrs. Robert Brinsmade of Venezuela. Fine friendly letter in part: “...you really were very bad not to have told me before the wedding took place, so that we might have had a more adequate story and picture...”  Signed in full. $45.00

Founder and First President of Hadassah
SZOLD, Henrietta Important typed letter signed, one page, March 25, 1943, to a woman in Tel Aviv. $495.00

One of the Founders & First President of Hadassah (1914)
SZOLD, Henrietta Typed letter signed, one full page, on the imprinted letterhead of The General Council (Vaad Leumi) of the Jewish Community of Palestine. Signed in Hebrew. $495.00

Great Israeli Artist
SZYK, Arthur D.S., Personal check March 29, 1947, drawn on the First National Bank and Trust Company, New Canaan, Connecticut and accomplished in Szyk’s hand. Made payable to the New York Telephone Co. in the amount of $28.84. Signed in full, some cancellation holes with one just touching the “A” in Arthur. Rubber stamp cancellations. $87.50

Great Israeli Artist
SZYK, Arthur First Day of Issue of the 5 and 15 cent Israeli stamps designed by Szyk. Postmarked Jerusalem 31.8.1950. Not common as Szyk signed this cover just a year before his early death. $65.00

Signer of Israel’s Scroll of Independence
WARHAFTIG, Zerach Uncommon, typed letter signed in Hebrew, dated17/10/52. Not translated and a very desirable autograph $195.00

WEIZMANN, CHAIM World War II-dated TLS in Hebrew from Jerusalem, on letterhead of the Jewish Agency for Palestine.
Typed Letter signed (in Hebrew letters): "C. Weizmann" , 1 page, 5x7Jerusalem1945, February 16. On letterhead of the Jewish Agency for Palestine to Mr.  Heinz Yitzchak of the Jewish Agency for Palestine.  In Hebrew, translated in full:   “...Many thanks to you for your letter and I am happy to comply with your request....in blessings....’’ . Chaim Weizmann (in Hebrew). $1350.00

Famous Nazi Hunter
WIESENTHAL, Simon Photograph, 4”x6”, B&W, head & shoulders pose looking directly into the camera. Typed inscription, boldly signed on the lower white margin. $45.00

UNTERMANN, Issr Yehudah Typed letter signed on the letterhead of “The Chief Rabbinate of Jaffa & Tel-Aviv District”. 12.2.39.  Signed in Hebrew. $100.00

U.S. Rabbi to Chief Rabbinate-Interesting Plea For Help
UNTERMANN, Issar Yehudah Typed letter signed of Rabbi Joshua Stampfer of Portland, Oregon, Nov. 20, 1963 to Rabbi Untermann.  Interesting content about a woman who was married under Untermann’s jurisdiction and found later that her husband was a drug addict and homosexual. Rabbi Stampfer asks for help. Rabbi Untermann has written a lengthy note at the top right edge of the letter. A few other dockets along the letter. $87.50

Helped Found Vaad Leumi and B’Nai B’Rith in Palestine
YELLIN, David Autograph letter signed, one full page on his name imprinted stationery. Not translated and nor a common autograph. Traces of two file holes in the right margin otherwise in near fine condition. SOLD

ZANGWILL, Israel His book: The Master  Harper and Brothers, 1898, First Edition. Five hundred twenty-three pages with illustrations.   In very good to near fine condition, covers and spine nice and bright. On one of the endpapers Zangwill has written: “Chicago, Dec. 15/98   To my friendly manager Mr. F. Wight Neumann in the hope that this Fiction is the highest form of truth. I. Zangwill.’. $225.00

ZWEIG, Arnold Typed letter signed, one page, Haifa, May 25, 1934. In German, not translated. $75.00

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