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Noted Surveyor, Mapped out the American West

ABERT,  John James Very scarce signature at the bottom portion of a letter signed. “J.J. Abert Col. Corps..”. $595.00

Chief Big Man Postcard photograph, B&W, three quarter length pose in full dress. Signed in script and with drawing of four tee-pees. $95.00

Posed for the Indian Head Nickel

Chief Big Tree Postcard photograph, head & shoulders pose, B&W, dressed in full regalia.  Boldly signed in ink on the lower white margin.  Postmarked and stamped on verso at Rhinebeck, N.Y. Jul 29, 1955. $125.00

Inscribed to Chief Crazy Horse

Chief Black Bear Postcard sized photograph of the Chief in full Indian dress playing his Tom Tom. Inscribed: Best wishes to Chief Crazy Horse from Chief Black Bear,”. $125.00

Chief of the Blackfeet Indian Tribe

BULL, Chief  Choice double signature inscribed and signed and dated July 14, 1944.  “To Schmoker - From a Blackfeet Indian.”  Signed in English and in pictograph,  Very, very uncommon and quite attractive. $135.00

Double Signed

Chief Bull Child Postcard photograph, B&W, full length pose in full Indian dress. Signed in pictograph, in pencil with excellent contrast. On the verso the Chief had signed once again in script. $110.00

Sheriff of Deadwood, U.S, Marshall for South Dakota

BULLOCK, Seth Partly printed autograph document signed, 3.5”x8” dated and accomplished by Bullock in red ink. SOLD

First Provisional President of the Republic of Texas

BURNET, David Gouveneur Republic of Texas Government Bond for $500.00, Austin, Texas, February 1, 1841. Measures appx. 10”x8”, one page including ten interest coupons still attached, with each initialed by the Secretary of the Treasury who has also signed the bond. Payable to Charles DeMorse. Boldly signed by David G. Burnet as President (which he was not) actually he was vice-president at the time. Cancellation marks cut into the document, as usual, however none touching Burnet’s signature. SOLD

Chief of the Ojibbeway Indian Tribe

Chief Henry Pahtahquahong  Chase Bold full signature on an album page which he adds in his hand: “Muncey P. Ontario, Canada, 1881”.  Newspaper clipping tipped to the lower portion of the page stating he has arrived in London and that he is an ordained clergyman of the Church of England and has been a missionary of the Colonial and Continental Society for over twenty-one years. $125.00

Chief of the Chiricahua Apaches

COCHISE, Nino A fine full “in person” signature “Chief Nino Cochise” on a 3”x5” card. Together with a copy of a newspaper article about the Chief and his birthday $55.00

Replaced Buffalo Bill as Chief of Scouts

CRAWFORD, CAPT J.W. Typed poem on a 5”x7” sheet. Twenty-four line poem about where his book might be a hundred years from now. Signed with his desirable full double signature and dated “Christmas 1914.” $350.00

Uncommon Signed “Appeal to the Great Spirit”

DALLIN, Cyrus E. Printed portrait of “Appeal of the Great Spirit”  8”x12” signed in ink “Cyrus E. Dallin” and dated in his hand “Se.1924.” Housed in a period frame. SOLD

Dalton Brothers Bank Robbery and Shoot Out

DALTON GANG.  Emmett Dalton, Grat Dalton, Bob Dalton, Dick Broadwell and Bill Power. The bandits had to   run over this brick to get to the alley across the street where four of the five were shot and killed.  A remarkable collection of photos, wooden coin of one of the wild west’s bank robberies $175.00

Chief Daybreak B&W, oval portrait of the Chief in full dress looking directly into the camera. Signed in full, in script, in ink, on the lower white margin. $95.00

Eagle Chief Postcard photograph, B&W, full length pose in full Indian dress and holding his bow and arrows. Signed in pictograph just above his moccasins. $95.00

Esquibel, Joe Postcard photograph, B&W, in full dress boldly signed in ink on the lower clear margin. $75.00

Chief Evergreen Tree B&W of the Chief in Indian dress holding a bird. Signed on the verso in ink adding: “Pueblo Bird imitator” $67.50

One of the Greatest Attorney’s During the Wild West
Defended Brigham Young & the Earp Brothers

FITCH, Thomas A very scarce signature: “Thomas Fitch” which he adds in his hand “Nevada.”. SOLD

Apache Chief - Known For His Guerilla Warfare

GERONIMO Scarce, extremely bold pencil signature on a portion of a cream-colored album page. Note at the bottom in ink “Dec.12, 1908, Ft. Sill, Okla” in an unknown hand. Geronimo’s genuine signatures are amongst the most elusive and desirable signatures from the old west. Together with a limited-edition card #12 of only 100 copies which contains dirt from his grave site in Ft. Sill.  In addition is a fine photograph of Geronimo. $5900.00

Chief Gogeoweosh Postcard photograph, half length in full dress. Signed in ink, excellent contrast. $95.00

Indian Actor in movies with Tom Mix
Worked with Buffalo Bill and the Miller Bros. Wild West Show

Chief Hailstorm Postcard photograph, head and shoulders pose boldly signed in ink. Spreading of ink in the “C” of Chief otherwise a fine signature. $175.00

Chief Ho-ton-ga American Indian Chief. Photo, B&W, half length in full dress. Boldly signed in full from Wisconsin Dells, Wisc $75.00

Sam Houston
President of the Texas Republic, Choice Free Frank Signature. SOLD

Captured Rain In The Face - Custer's Slayer
HUGGINS, Eli Lundy Check on the Riggs National bank with a cachet of the bank building.  Made out to W.F. Clark for $17.14 and signed by Huggins.  Cancellation holes do touch his signature in a few places. Small piece torn from bottom left corner still quite farmable $185.00

Frank James along with his brother Jesse
were the most feared outlaws of their day
JAMES, Frank Typed letter signed on his name imprinted stationery. St. Louis Mo.  Mar. 6, 1900. To Dear Sir, Frank adds in his hand “Mr. James Ghire & Friend”. $4,250.00

Last of the Old Time Outlaws and train Robbers
JENNINGS, Al A fine imprinted autograph collectors card. Jennings has boldly signed his name, adding: “Atty. Now for Pictures, 3/30/21.”  Card and original collector’s envelope affixed to a large album page. Newspaper cartoon of Jennings on verso. SOLD

Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show Contract

LILLIE, Gordon W.  (Pawnee Bill)This lengthy and detailed contact deals with much more. Signed on page four by G.W. Lillie H.G. Wilson ad Wes Pike the witness.  Legal size contract, four pages enclosed in the original protective cover. $950.00

Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show Contract

LILLIE, Gordon W.  (Pawnee Bill) Original, one page circus contract between Buffalo Bill’s Wild West and Pawnee Bill’s Far East Co.  Agreement that H.G. Wilson, showman and manager of side and pit shows for Buffalo Bill & Pawnee Bill during the season of 1911.  Wilson will furnish a 1st class 6 wheel truck equipped in a first class manner for lunch and refreshments offered for sale at moderate prices.  This contract also gives permission to operate a hamburger or lunch stand. Agreement to pay salaries and above company for these privileges.  Signed by showman H.G. Wilson, G.W. Lillie and Wes F. Price as their witness. $950.00

Chief Little Eagle Postcard photograph, B&W, of the Chief in full Indian dress holding his bow. He is kneeling next to his family in front of their hut. Boldly signed in ink on the verso both in script and pictograph. $95.00

First Woman Elected Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation
Her Portrait Soon to Be on The U.S. Quarter coin

MANKILLER, Wilma Photograph, 8”x10”, B&W, half length pose sitting at her desk, hands folded looking directly into the camera.  Signed in full “Wilma Mankiller.”  Contrast is excellent. Quite uncommon in signed photographs $95.00

Rare Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation
Private in the First Confederate Indian Brigade

MAYES, Joel Bryan. Card, boldly signed “J.P. Mayes, Prin Chief, Cherokee Nation.”  A very rare autograph of a prominent and important Cherokee Chief. $650.00

Principal Chief of the Choctaw Nation
Last Choctaw Chief Before Statehood

McCURTAIN, Green Partly printed bank check, American national Bank, Ft. Smith, ARK. Oct. 5, 1904. Accomplished in McCurtain’s hand and made payable to Joseph Wesley for $50.00. Boldly signed by Green McCurtain as Principal Chief $150.00

Pioneer of the Oregon Trail

MEEKER, Ezra Author, Founder of the Oregon Trail Memorial Association. Friend of Calvin Coolidge.  Fine signature on a large slip. Circa 1919. SOLD

Chief Scott Moby Postcard photograph of the Chief in full Indian dress, full length pose, pointing.  Signed on the verso, in script. $67.50
Austin Moses The "Founder of Texas" discusses his mining interests in this Exceptionally Rare Autograph Letter Signed $5,950.00

Chief  Night Sun Color postcard photograph of the Chief in full Indian dress, standing next to a teepee. $55.00

Rare, Fabulous, Autograph Letter by Annie Oakley Bearing Three Signatures
OAKLEY, Annie Autograph letter signed, 1 ½ pages, 8vo, 706 Lexington Avenue, Dayton, Ohio.  Dated April 8th 1926 (in the same year of her passing).  In this most unusual handwritten letter she asks a Postmaster to Forward mail to her under four different names. $9500.00

Scarce Signature of Joe Dan Osceola
Chief Joe Dan Osceola Scarce vintage color postcard photograph of Joe Dan Osceola boldly signed on the verso. $125.00

The Hanging Judge
PARKER, Isaac C. Autograph document signed, small folio, one page plus, Nodaway, Co., Missouri. Filed, May 3, 1865.  State of Missouri vs. Thomas Bolin and Oliver McGuire.  On the second day of February 1865, Bolin and McGuire did willfully run upon a public road or highway in common use certain horses...and then ridden so as to interrupt travelers on said highway or public road...I.C. Parker, Circuit Attorney.” Boldly written and signed $2,950.00

PEACOCK, Thomas H. Full signature on a slip adding in his hand: “Senior Vice Commander in Chief GAR, 4608 Lyndale Ave. So. Minneapolis,Minn”. $35.00

Indian Scout and Fighter, Frontiersman, Showman, Big Game Hunter. Exemplar of the Old West
PEARSON, Colonel B.R. Vintage album page, inscribed: “To my friend nack from Col. B.R. Pearson, Idaho Bill, June 22nd 1938.”  A newspaper portrait of Idaho Bill is affixed to the album page. Signatures of this famous Indian fighter and scout are quite uncommon $235.00

One of the Principals of the Famous Detective Agency
PINKERTON, William AVery scarce typed letter signed, to William Curley on West Madison Street in Chicago,  Sept. 25, 1923 on his personal letterhead just two months before his death. SOLD

His Uncle Was Crazy Horse, Defeated Custer’s Cavalry
Chief Red Fox Color postcard photograph, half length in full Indian dress. Very boldly signed in ink. $185.00

His Uncle Was Crazy Horse, Defeated Custer’s Cavalry
Chief Red Fox His desirable book: “The Memoirs of Chief Red Fox”, McGraw Hill Book Co. 1971, fourth printing.  Two hundred-twenty pages, illustrated. Very boldly signed “Chief Red Fox” on the half title page. $165.00

The Noted Gun Manufacturer
REMINGTON, Eliphalet Fine signature “E. Remington” on a slip.  Dated on verso “Alion (NY) Dec. 15-1859.”. $165.00

Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation
Had Meetings With Abraham Lincoln
ROSS, John Manuscript document signed, one page, oblong, Executive Department, March 6, 1857. To the National Treasurer Lewis Ross. Chief Ross authorizes payment of $17.44 to O. Liepe from the general school fund for work as a Steward in the Female Seminary. $1850.00

Rare One of a Kind Item Signed By Two Famous Indian Scouts, a Circus owner, Custer's Old Bugler, One of the most famous Western writers, A Custer Cavalry man, and some Pioneer Airmen and more.
Russell McNown Unique cover Commemorating The Dedication of the Old Fort Pembina Airport, North Dakota. Fine cachet of Old Fort Pembina in 1841 and a cachet of Ft. Pembina Airport, 1931. U.S. 5 cent Postage Stamp, cancelled “Pembina, Sept. 7, 1931, N.DAK.”Signed near the bottom left part of the cover by Russell McNown, the pilot who flew this cover and one of the 50 pilots who attended this historic event. $650.00

Chief Cain Screamer Signed in full in ink on the verso. $87.50

Chief Joe Sekakuku Fine  postcard photo, half length pose in Indian dress.  Inscribed  signed  and dated “10-25-39) in ink. $60.00

Signed by the Entire Family
Chief Smiling Bear Postcard photograph of the Chief with his entire family all in full dress. Signed on the verso in ink by Running Buffalo, Spinning Sun, Blue Corn, Smiling Bear and Little feather. $100.00

Chief Smiling Bear Color postcard photograph in full length in full Indian dress.  Boldly signed in script on the verso. $75.00

Chief Silver Tongue Postcard photograph of the Chief, full length pose, in full Indian dress standing with his arms folded.  He is at the Dells of Wisconsin. On the verso, in ink, the Chief has inscribed and signed in pictograph. $110.00

Western Union Telegram - General Custer is Dead
TERRY, General Alfred Choice genuine looking by a copy of the western Union Telegram sent by General Terry on 26 August 1876, Rosebud Montana,  to the Dept. of the army Washington, DC stating that General Custer is dead. SOLD

Chief Thunder Cloud Portrait appx. 4”x5.5”, B&W, head & shoulders pose in full dress. His name, etc. printed across the top of his portrait. Choice double signature in ink in script and pictograph. $90.00

Led His Men of the 7th Cavalry at Wounded Knee
TOMPKINS, Selah R(eeve) H(obbie) A very rare signature “S.R.H. Tompkins” adding in his hand: “Colonel 7th Cav. Retired. Ft. Clark, Texas, Dec.13, 1929” on a portion of an album page. $795.00

CHIEF TWO GUNS WHITE CALF Postcard (circa 1931) color photo of Two Guns White Calf, half length pose in his native dress. Signed on the verso in pictograph, in pencil (as usual). His signature is of two crudely drawn rifles followed by a calf $550.00

Chief Howard White Thunder Choice full length pose, signed on the front in ink. $87.50

Double Signed
Chief Weasel Feather Postcard photograph, B&W, half length pose in full dress looking into the camera.  Signed on verso in pencil in both pictograph and script $110.00
William Tilghman (1854-1924). American frontiersman, gunslinger,
U.S. Marshall, Deputy Sheriff under Bat Masterson. Part owner of the famed Crystal Palace in Dodge City. Only Major Lawman from the Old West Shot & Killed in the Line of Duty. Rare Autograph Letter Signed, as Sheriff, Lincoln County, Oklahoma, d. March 30, 1903, to his second wife. $5,500.00

Chief Wales-in-Water Photograph, full length in full dress. Boldly signed in pencil in full on verso. $67.50

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Serving Collectors, Libraries, Institutions, Autograph Galleries and Dealers with
Autographs and Signed Books in all Fields of Collecting Since 1967.

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