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Sentenced to Death
ATKINS, Susan Fabulous B&W photograph, 8”x10” of Susan Atkins leaving the Grand Jury room. Very boldly signed with excellent contrast. SOLD

Sentenced to Death
ATKINS, Susan Fabulous B&W photograph, 8”x10” of Susan Atkins leaving the Grand Jury room. Very boldly signed with excellent contrast. SOLD

Sentenced to Death
ATKINS, Susan Fabulous B&W photograph, 8”x10” of Susan Atkins leaving the Grand Jury room. Very boldly signed with excellent contrast. In excellent condition. SOLD

Rare Collection of Letters/Envelopes From David Berkowitz
BERKOWITZ, David Rare collection of 16 handwritten letters consisting of a total of 47 pages, along with 11 of the original matching envelopes. Of the eleven envelopes, 9 bear the signature of David Berkowitz in block letters with most having his full prison number and return address in his hand.  A very lengthy correspondence to a collector in Maspeth, New York.  Letters start Dec.15, 1987 through Jan. 22, 1992. This collection covers a very wide range of conversations. $9,500.00

Desirable Prison Envelope, Signed
BERKOWITZ, David Portion of an envelope sent from the Sullivan Correctional Facility and postmarked “June 23, 92”. Berkowitz has signed his name in block letters in the return address portion of the envelope and adds his serial number and return address. $250.00

Very scarce Christmas card with an illustration of Santa on the cover.  Above Santa, Berkowitz has written: “House burglar” and has drawn an arrow  down to Santa’s head. On the inside panel Berkowitz has written: “Dear Pete, Chrissy, Darlene and Pissy cat... Stick e’m up and fill the bag!”  On the second panel Berkowitz has written: “Dec. 1990, God bless all of you and don’t smoke by the Christmas tree, With Love, Dave B.” SOLD

Printed pamphlet: “How to Know God.”  Thomas Nelson Inc., Publishers, 1982, 50 pages. On the rear cover Berkowitz has penned: “Pete, my prayer for you is that you find real peace. Here’s the answer! David.” $185.00

Serial Killer known as The Hillside Strangler
BIANCHI, Kenneth Portion of an envelope sent from prison where the murderer has printed his name, prison number and return address. $95.00

The Brain of the Great Train Robbery
BIGGS, Ronnie Excessively rare autograph letter signed, one full page, 2nd March ’93. $225.00

The Brain of the Great Train Robbery
BIGGS, Ronnie Rare, typed letter signed, one very full page, 9 March 1993. Biggs types a letter to “Steve” his autograph agent. $175.00

Ronnie Biggs
The Great Train Robber, Signed one pound British note, from Brazil. SOLD

Biggs, Ronnie Card, white, 3”x5" with printed statement, “Ronnie Biggs, The Brain of the Great Train Robbery, England, August 8, 1963, Genuine Autograph” hand signed by Ronnie Biggs. SOLD

Biggs, Ronnie Limited edition print of Ronnie Biggs. Limited to only 100 copies. Contains a biography of Ronnie Biggs and affixed to this card is an original color photo taken of Biggs at his home in Rio de Janiero. Hand signed by Ronnie Biggs. Measures 8”x10”. $150.00

Biggs, Ronnie Color photograph, half length pose, close up of Biggs in his garden in Rio  de Janeiro. Boldly hand signed with a one word sentiment: “Cheers! Ronnie Biggs”. SOLD

Biggs, Ronnie Original sketch of the mail train by Ronnie Biggs. Measures appx. 4”x6.5”.  The engine is identified as “E.R.” (Elizabeth Reigning) and the second car is identified as “Cash”. Boldly signed “Ronnie Biggs, The Brain of the Great Train Robbery.”  Only four of these sketches were ever made. $550.00

BIGGS, Ronnie Printed in bold blue letters on the front: “I know someone who went to Brazil and met Ronnie Biggs...Honest!”  On the left sleeve is a printed two car train, in red.  Below the printing on the front Biggs has written, at my request in person: “The brain of the great train Robbery, Ronnie Biggs.”  In very good condition, some light tan spots from storage. $350.00

5 Pound English Note Signed by Ronnie Biggs
BIGGS, Ronnie This is an “in person” signature.  This is one of only three British notes known to be signed by Ronnie Biggs. A true rarity. Together with an original photograph of Steve Koschal with Ronnie Biggs taken at his home in Rio de Janeiro. SOLD

Known as the Tool Box Killer, Prison Art

BITTAKER, Lawrence
T.L.SD., May 3, 1993 to Dear Nick.  In part: “I imagine you heard from Bill (Bonin) by now about the signed card.” The rest of the letter goes into problems about getting the proper supplies and because of a mistake they will have to eat the costs. $150.00

The mother who killed her own
BOEHM, Eileen Envelope mailed from prison, Vandalia, MO, dec. 20,1999 to Mr. Michael Roberts and family.  Envelope once included a holiday greeting card.  Top left corner is  signed in full “Eileen Boehm” adding her prison # 085927 and her full return address. In fine condition. $35.00

Known to all as “The Freeway Killer”
Called by the prosecutor “The most arc-evil person who ever existed”

Portion of a manila envelope which he has signed his name and written his return address. In his hand he has added: “Special Fourth Class Book Rate” and  “Please seal before mailing.”. SOLD

Rare Helter Skelter Signed
BUGLIOSO, Vincent  & GENTRY, Curt American author and co-author of the 1974 true crime classic Helter Skelter.
Helter Skelter, The True Story of the Manson Murders. W.W. Norton & Co. 1974, First Edition, First Printing.  Five hundred two pages with illustrations. The front free endpaper is signed by Vincent Bugliosi and Curt Gentry, Inside the front cover is a slip signed in pencil, “Charles Manson  B-32920”. SOLD

BUNDY, Carol Autograph letter signed, one very full page dated “June 7” $135.00

Fugitive From A Chain Gang
BURNS, Robert E. Souvenir postcard depicting Robert Burns. Signed in ink: “Best Wishes Robert E. Burns.”. SOLD

BYRD, Robert C.Very uncommon portrait, 8”x10” of Byrd sitting at his desk as Majority Whip. The U.S. Capitol Building can be seen in the distance. Inscribed: “With kind regards to Richard Wayne Butler, Esq. Sincerely Robert C. Byrd.” $110.00

Murdered John Lennon
CHAPMAN, Mark David Typed letter, January 27,1994, Attica Correctional Facility,  signed in type, to Mike Warren denying his request. Original legal size envelope, Grace Kelly 29 cent postage stamp cancelled Jan. 29, 1994 Attica Corr Fac. Top left corner Chapman has signed his last name adding his prison number “81A3860.”. $195.00

Murdered Beatle, John Lennon
CHAPMAN, Mark David His book: The Prisoner’s Letter, Copyright 1992, First printing.  This booklet is dedicated to the Lord Jesus Christ, whose historically recorded resurrection had made it possible. Twenty pages.  On the title page Chapman has written: “God Bless You! Mark David Chapman, Attica, N.Y. June 9, 1994”. SOLD

The Vampire of Paris
CLAUX, Nico Cover mailed from prison, two French stamps cancelled in 1999.  Claux has signed his name and return address at the top left corner of the envelope. $37.50

The International Symbol of Racism & Bigotry
CONNOR, Eugene "Bull" RARE typed letter signed on his Birmingham Police Commissioner, Eugene “Bull” Connor letterhead illustrating the Confederate Flag.  March 21, 1960.  A fabulous content campaign letter. $125.00

On the List of American Monsters
CORONA, Juan V. Corcoran, CA, Jan. 28, 2001. To Rev. Michael Roberts, Corona writes in part: “...I’m praying to our God for help: How to pray the Rosaary; Even if everything else has failed.....Fatima Ejaculation After each decade may be said the Fatima ejaculation: ‘O Jesus, forgive as our sins, save us from the fires of hall; lead all souls to Heaven specially those who are must im need of your mercy......”. $137.50

The Torso Killer
COTTINGHAM, Richard Envelope sent from prison, Trenton, New Jersey, postmarked Dec, 2001. Hand addressed to a Michael Roberts. Top left corner Cottingham has signed his name, written his prison number and added his return address. SOLD

Leader of the “Hole In The Wall” Gang
CULLOTTA, Frank Large portrait of Cullotta being booked in Las Vegas.  Measures appx. 8”x11”, B&W, boldly signed. Only 20 of these portraits were signed by Cullotta and this is number 14. $55.00

DAHMER, Jeffrey Offered is the Eastview Patriots Yearbook 1972-1973.. Jeffrey Dahmer is listed as being in the7th grade class.  This book is  just short of the time when Dahmer became a heavy druggie and alcoholic. Jeff Dahmer’s photograph is posted as a member of the 7th grade. On the page before the inside back cover, Jeff Dahmer has written:  “To a rotten drum player, Jeff Dahmer.” SOLD

Father of the Worthless COA
DARVICK, Herman A not so funny genuine forgery from the hand of Herman Darvick.  On a small slip Darvick has written: “Dear Lee (Harvey Oswald)- 11-20-63. LBJ forgery $70.00

Noted Forger of Autographs
Father of the Worthless COA

DARVICK, Herman Herman Darvick Autograph Auctions, Sale #1, December 12, 1985.  Catalog. 50 pages. Inscribed and signed by Herman Darvick to a doctor on the inside front cover. $40.00

Noted Forger of Autographs
Father of the Worthless COA

DARVICK, Herman Herman Darvick Autograph Auctions, Sale #2, March 13, 1986 Catalog. 48 pages. Inscribed and signed by Herman Darvick to a doctor on the inside front cover.  Together with a small color photograph of Herman Darvick. $30.00

Radical Black Activist Liberation Leader
DAVIS, Angela Uncommon signature signed in full along with a two word sentiment. $59.00

Extremely Graphic (Homo-Sexual) Content Letter from “The Boston Strangler”
DeSALVO, Albert Serial killer known as “The Boston Strangler”. Although he confessed to the crimes he was never tried for the crimes. He was sentenced to life for burglaries and sexual assault. He was stabbed to death in prison.  Very lengthy typed letter signed. 2 pages, August 13, 1972. $1,750.00

Jewelry Made by The “Boston Strangler” While in Prison
DeSalvo, Albert A very nice pendant made of a blue/purple colored stone, handmade by Albert DeSalvo while in Walpole Prison. The stone has a silvery top which appears to be two leaves with a loop made for a chain. SOLD

Very Rare Signature of a Mad Monk of  Medmenham
DODINGTON, George Bubb Choice signature of Geo. Dodington, on a portion of a document for a Warrant. Dated in pencil “1737.” Two other notables have also signed their names. $147.50

Former Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan
Founder of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan

DUKE, David Choice red ink signature on a 3”x5” card. SOLD

Two of the Most Famous Train Robbers
EDWARDS, Buster & BIGGS, Ronnie Large First Day Cover, commemorating the Liverpool and Manchester Railway, the world’s first regular passenger-carrying railway Cachet of the first train. Five postage stamps depicting the entire train are affixed to this cover. Cancelled 12 march 1980.  Hand signed: “Best Wishes Buster Edwards.”  In addition also hand signed: “and Ronnie Biggs. Cheers!”  Extremely rare to find both these criminals on the same item. $350.00

One of the “Ten Men in the World Most Admired By Americans”
FAUBUS, Orval His book: “In This Faraway Land, A Personal Journal of Infantry Combat in World War II”.  River Road Press,1971, seven hundred thirty six pages, illustrated.  Very boldly inscribed and signed on the front free endpaper..  $45.00

One of the “Ten Men in the World Most Admired By Americans”
FAUBUS, Orval Photograph was 8”x10”, black and white, trimmed. Head and shoulders pose inscribed along with a sentiment and signed.  $37.50

"Hanoi Jane"
FONDA, Jane Photograph, 8”x10”, B&W, full face looking confused. Very boldly inscribed and signed: “To Richard Peace Jane Fonda.” $87.50

Scarce Pair of Letters from Lynette Fromme and Sandra Good
FROMME, Lynette “Squeaky Red.” Lengthy four page handwritten letter by Lynette Fromme dated 7/27(1982).. “To Angelo” Fascinating content. $550.00

Attempted to Assassinate President Gerald R. Ford
FROMME, Lynette “Squeaky Red.”Autograph letter signed, two full pages, in ink, signed “Lynette” as usual.  In part: “Sue has shared both of her fruit baskets with Sandy (Blue) and me.  I’d forgotten the taste of a really fresh orange....she also has a good sense of humor and both Sandy and I have enjoyed her company.  They’re here now so I’ll have to go and give Sue this letter, I’d like to see more pictures... Hope your Xmas week is as nice as you’ve made ours.”  Together with a fine snap shot of both Red & Blue together. $195.00

First Woman in History to Directly Try To Kill a President
FROMME, Lynette Fine, legal size envelope hand addressed by Fromme.  U.S. 28 cent Air Mail stamp postmarked July 1, 1981.  She has signed her name in the upper left corner of the envelope and adds her return address. $85.00

FROST, Mike Original ink signature on a fraudulent pre-signed document, signed in advance of a certification. In excellent condition. $7.50

The Man Who Formed "The Barrow Gang" With Clyde Barrow
FULTS, Ralph Broadside containing a reprint of a biographical article about Fults.  Bold headlines read “The Man Who Ran With Bonnie and Clyde”.  Article contains a portrait of Fults. Hand signed by Ralph Fults in the upper blank area offering excellent contrast. $795.00

Known as the “Stocking Strangler” and “Granny Killer”
GARY, Carlton Michael Offered is a huge collection of handwritten letters, paintings, drawings, handmade knitted dolls, legal documents, etc,   Most everything is written to his girl friend who later in the correspondence became his wife.  Included are approximately 258 letters totaling about 794 pages.  He signs his name about 30 different ways including Papa, your spanker, your baby, Tasty lover, C. Michael, Carlton, hubby and more. SOLD

Known as the “Stocking Strangler” and “Granny Killer”
GARY, Carlton Michael Original portrait, well executed of Little Richard. Measures 7.5”x10”.  Appears to be accomplished in ink and possibly some pencil and paint. Little Richard is bellowing out into a microphone.  Signed using black ink ‘’C. M. Gary’’ on the bottom of the microphone stand.   $150.00

Known as the “Stocking Strangler” and “Granny Killer”
GARY, Carlton Michael Original portrait of a lions head accomplished in black ink.  Measures `9”x11.75” on heavy paper. Signed “C.M. Gary.” Fine quality and ready for your favorite frame. $125.00

Known as the “Stocking Strangler” and “Granny Killer”
GARY, Carlton Michael Fantastic 4 page A.L.S. dated 9/26/02.  $87.50

Known as the “Stocking Strangler” and “Granny Killer"
Very Rare Book

GARY, Carlton MichaelAdvanced proof copy of a book by David Rose about Carlton Gary.  Typewritten, 8”x11”, a massive 3” thick.  $65.00

Slain Mob Boss’s Daughter
GIANCANA, Antoinette “Very scarce color portrait, 5”X11” from Playboy Magazine, partially topless. signed: “Antoinette Giancana.” $95.00

Boss of the Gambino Crime Family
GOTTI JR., John Joseph Colorful postcard photograph of the inside of the Windjammer Restaurant in Monterey, California. On the verso is a scarce full bold blue ink signature of John Gotti Jr. SOLD

Noted Australian Prostitute
GRAY, Isabel W. A very scarce two-word sentiment and signature (after all men were not asking her for an autograph) on an album page: “Yrs, sincerely Isabel W. Gray, Nov.15th 1918.”  A collector has affixed a facial portrait of gray at the bottom right of the page $55.00

Murdered the Doctor noted for the Scarsdale Diet
HARRIS, JeanLegal size envelope mailed from “Bedford Hills Correctional Facility, Westchester, N.Y. APRIL 20, 1992.  She has signed her name and written her return address on the upper left side of the envelope. $75.00

German Monster, Angel of Death, Head of SS and Gestapo
HIMMLER, Heinrich A colorized portrait of Himmler as Reichsfurer SS.  Head and shoulder pose in uniform. Overall measurement 6”x8.25”.  Attractively signed with a fountain pen “H. Himmler” over his printed name and title. $925.00

A Very Scarce Autograph Forger’s Autograph
HOFMANN, Mark Mark Hoffman’s business card as an autograph dealer selling Mormon Autographs. Signed M.W. Hoffman on the verso. Along with a color mug shot portrait 4.5”x7” and an eight-page story from a magazine on Mark Hoffmann. In conclusion we add a hard bound copy of ‘Salamander’ The Story of the Mormon Forgery Murders.. $250.00 <

RARE full signature of the Unabomber
KACZYNSKI, Theodore Legal size envelope, hand addressed by Kaczynski to a Texas collector. In the upper left corner Kaczynski has written his full name “Theodore John Kaczynski” and added his Prison Number.  Return printed address “U.S. Penitentiary-Max, Florence, Co. Postmarked, June 24, 2005. SOLD

Actor who Killed an Actor
KELLY, Paul Signed and inscribed album page, small portrait attached In fine condition. $45.00

Signed by Ernie Banks and John Wayne Gacy
LOGAN, Bob. So You Think You're A Die-Hard Cub Fan. This was Gacy's personal book which he read and kept in his cell on death row. Gacy has sent this book as a Christmas gift and inscribed this copy: "Steve, enjoy the reading John W. Gacy" on the half title page. Hand signed below Gacy's signature is Ernie Banks. Banks is a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame and is known as "Mr. Cub". SOLD
James Hadfield (1771/1772 - 1841). Attempted to assassinate George III of the United Kingdom in 1800 but was acquitted of attempted murder by reason of insanity. Autograph Poem Signed, 1806, from Bedlam Hospital. The first of anything that we have seen offered on the market signed by Hadfield in nearly forty years and this poem is choice collectible. SOLD

Rare Book With Signatures of Ronald Reagan and John Hinckley, Jr.
From the Library of Governor Richard Lamm of Colorado
HINCKLEY, Jack & JoAnn ( The book Breaking Points by Jack & JoAnn Hinckley, 1985, First printing, 375 pages. Inscribed to their Governor: “ To Governor and Mrs. Lamm, with our sincere thanks for your concern and support Jack and JoAnn”. Affixed to the inside cover is a 3”x5” card signed “John Hinckley, Jr.” and a bookplate signed by “Ronald Reagan”. $695.00

The Nation’s Master Forger
JENNINGS, James S U.S. one dollar bill inscribed on the verso and signed “James S. Jennings, The Nation’s Master Forger. Portion of his visiting card affixed to the verso. $35.00\

American Serial Bomber-Known as The Unabomber
KACZYNSKI, Theodore John Rare autograph letter signed “Ted” dated June 19, 2005. SOLD\

“...why I am not entitled to a piece of the loot...”
“..they could have never got me to end it with that fairy tale
about Hoover grabbing me personally..”
Extraordinary Content T.L.S. From Public Enemy #1

KARPIS, Alvin Rare, typed letter signed, to his biographer (Bob Livesey), Saturday, Nov. 16, 1974. Together with the original envelope and copies of letters from Melvin Belli to karpis and a copy of a letter from Karpis to Belli. $1,850.00
Alvin Karpis Public Enemy #1. A Choice Sentiment and Signature. SOLD
Charles Manson Compact Disk (CD) All The Way Alive. Recorded September 11, 1967, Copy #1 of 1,000, with Original Signed Manson artwork. $4,900.00

Extremely Lengthy Charles Manson Handwritten Letter
MANSON, Charles All writing nice and dark, easy to read and in fine condition except for the file hole not touching any writing. SOLD

American Criminal, Leader of the Murderous "Manson Family"
Dubbed the "Icon of Evil"

MANSON, Charles Document signed, two pages being a formal complaint against a Corcoran staff member for preventing Manson from filing a legitimate complaint of malfeasance in federal court and theft of $120. Very boldly signed incorporating a Swastika on his signature. Together with his original copy “State of California” receipt for the purchase of the $120.00 check on 1/08/97. This receipt is also boldly signed by Manson incorporating a Swastika. $450.00

Very Scarce Charles Manson Check made out to Charles M. Manson
MANSON, Charles Check on Charles M. Manson/Stephen K. Drasil account dated 8/ 69 (the month and year of the Hollywood murders) made payable to “Charles M. Manson” for One Hundred Dollars.  Check accomplished by the hand of Manson and boldly signed with his signature Charles Manson. He has incorporated a swastika in his signature.  Stephen K. Drasil (1949-2008) was a friend of Charles Manson. Drasil would have Manson’s lawyer Stan Bowman take items to Manson in prison to be autographed. $375.00

Very Scarce Charles Manson Check made out to His Attorney
MANSON, Charles Check on Charles Manson account dated August 16, (19)98 and made payable to Stan Bowman for $50. Check is accomplished by the hand of Manson and boldly signed by Manson who has incorporated a swastika in his signature. SOLD

MANSON, Charles Document signed, two pages, June 6, 1995, Attorneys for Daniel E. Lungren, Attorney General of the State of California In the Matter of the Investigation of Charles Manson.   This is in regards to Geffen Records pursuant to the subpoena....”.  Boldly signed by Charles Manson incorporating a Swastika.  Manson’s signature is a “10.” . $275.00

MANSON, Charles Document signed, one full page, February 24, 1994, United States District Court of California.  Bartek Frykowski, Plaintiff, vs. Charles Manson, Charles “Tex” Watson, Susan Denise Atkins, Patricia Krenwinkle and Linda Kasabian, Defendants,   Plaintiff acknowledges the sum of $72,608.26 from Geffen Records debtor of Charles Manson leaving a balance of $1,338,873.74.  Boldly signed by Charles Manson incorporating a Swastika. SOLD

Very Scarce Charles Manson Check made out to “The Church of Christ”
MANSON, Charles Check on Charles Manson account dated August 22, 1969 (the month and year of the Hollywood murders) made payable to “The Church of Christ” for One Million Dollars.  Check accomplished by the hand of Manson and boldly signed with his signature Charles Manson. SOLD
Charles Manson American Criminal, Leader of the Murderous "Manson Family" Dubbed the "Icon of Evil"
Document Signed Check to Manson Family Member Linda Kasabian. SOLD

Fabulous, Large & Bold Signature of Charles Manson
MANSON, Charles Wonderful, B&W, 8”x10” portrait of Charles Manson holding his guitar. Signed with an unusually bold and large signature incorporating a Nazi Swastika. SOLD

MANSON, Charles Color photograph,4”x6” of one of his paintings  depicting Christ on the Cross beside him. Painted in red are the words “Pig” and “Helter Skelter.” Manson using a black ink Sharpie pen has signed his name which includes a swastika. SOLD

MANSON, Charles Copy of he front page “United States District Court In and for The Eastern District of California.  Charles Manson, Plaintiff vs. C. Tigh et al, Defendants  Defendant is summoned to serve an answer to a complaint within 20 days.  Signed: “Charles Mac Manson.” Manson has drawn a swastika in the middle of his last name. SOLD

MANSON, Charles Large manila envelope sent from State Prison Corcoran, three 37 cent Bat stamps cancelled “2002”. Top left corner is Manson’s full name, prison number and return address. $125.00

Fabulous, Large, Bold Signature of Charles Manson
MANSON, Charles Wonderful, B&W portrait, 8”x10” of Charles Manson playing his guitar. Signed with one of the largest, boldest signature of Manson we have seen. His guitar was finally confiscated by the prison warden. SOLD

Charles Manson wants he confiscated guitar returned
MANSON, Charles Rare typed letter signed, August 5, 1996 to Special Agent C. Tigh. Boldly signed in full Charles M Manson.  Three file holes left margin and a few staple holes along the top otherwise in fine condition. SOLD

Known as the “Icon of Evil”
MANSON, Charles Legal size envelope addressed to collector George Coolidge, canceled  California, 1992. Upper left corner Manson has signed his name in full adding his prison number and return address. SOLD
Charles Manson Legal size envelope addressed and signed by Manson from prison. SOLD

Serial Kiler??? Spent 30 years in prison, wrongfully accused

MAXWELL, Bobby Joe
LAutograph letter signed (Rainbow) dated April 30, 2000 to My Dear Friend. $95.00

Murdered 13 people

MULLIN, Herbert
Legal size prison envelope postmarked Sacramento, Ca Feb. 7,2000. He has hand addressed this envelope in pencil. Top left corner he has signed his name adding a six-line return address in his hand. $37.50

RARE ALS From The Oklahoma City Bomber
NICHOLS, Terry Autograph letter signed, U.S. Penitentiary Max, Florence, Colorado. 22 April 2010, both sides of one legal size page. $175.00

Known as the Tool Box Killer, Prison Art

Envelope hand addressed.  On the top left corner Norris has signed his name, added his prison number and return address.  Tastefully done is an original drawing of a smiling pumpkin and the words “Seasons Greetings” by the hand of Norris. $125.00

The Most Hated Woman in America
O’HAIR, Madalyn Fantastic cover commemorating “Atheism Comes of Age”.  Two U.S. stamps with a special cancellation “American Atheists Convention XXI, Sta. Scottsdale, AZ 85253, March 29, 1991”. Signed in ink by Madalyn O’Hair. $225.00

Stamp From Lee Harvey Oswald’s Stamp Collection
Limited Edition Signed by his Brother Robert Oswald

OSWALD, Robert Offered is copy #266 of 300 hand signed by Herman Darvick, naming himself as the Agent for Robert Oswald (Darvick is also well known in the autograph hobby as admitting he is a forger of autographs) and signed by the seller of autographs who purchased the collection and also hand signed by Robert Oswald. A nice presentation describing the back ground of the stamp album.  The U.S. 3 cent stamp affixed to this presentation ironically is one of a President of the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt with a portrait of The White House. Overall item measures 8.5”x11”. SOLD

Pee-wee Herman On a manila card he has signed his name adding “Hello” in his hand. Together with a 4”x” color photograph of his mug shot taken after his arrest in the movie theater. $25.00

POLANSKI, Roman Uncommon photograph, appx. 4"x5", B&W, head and shoulders pose appears to be directing a film. Inscribed, signed and dated: "To E. London, Best Wishes, R. Polanski, Paris 92." $125.00

Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan
PRITCHARD, Hank Both Pritchard and Marilyn Manson was attending an art exhibition of John Wayne Gacy. Pritchard was handing out these notices. In person signature. $25.00

Very Rare Prison Art
PUDU PRISON Original cover to the last journal of Cell Block “D”. Both front an back covers contain many scribbles, notes and original sketches (artwork) by the head guard of Cell Block “D”.  On the cover is a sketch of the entranceway to Padu Prison and a full self portrait of the guard in uniform holding up a large prison key standing next to a Palm Tree and a large wooden club. Noted on the cover is the date 1995-1996 (the closing of the prison).  “Blok D” is also written on the cover in three different places.  On the back cover is a drawing of a guard in uniform holding a club and he has the face of the Devil with red blood dripping from his mouth (most likely the executioner).  The back cover also contains four other facial sketches (3 guards). Dozens of notes fill the front and back cover. Inside the front and back covers are listed in columns the dates and notes about the movement of guards signed by each guard.  This prison is the site of the execution of 100’s of Japanese WWII prisoners of war. The prison was haunted and torn down in 2012. SOLD

Special Agent FBI - Gunned Down Dillinger and Pretty Boy Floyd
PURVIS, Melvin Fine ink signature addressed to himself on a portion of an Air Mail cover. Postmarked U.S. Army, Mar.10, 1944. $95.00

"The Night Stalker"
RAMIREZ, Richard Unusual photocopy of a close-up of the face of Ramirez taken in 1985. He has inscribed this portrait in the light area in blue ink: “To Mike Warrren, if you’re a friend of evil you’re a friend of mine”.  He then signs his name in black ink and draws a switch blade knife.  He also draws a star with a circle around it. SOLD

Uncommon Original James Earl Ray Painting from Prison
RAY, James Earl Colorful acrylic painting on artist board consisting of a farmhouse, barn, a large field, trees, huge rock, blue skies and a white cloud.  On the verso Ray has signed his name in full, in ink and has added his prison umber: “65477” and writes the address of the property: “7475 Cockrill Bend Ind. Rd. Nashville, Tennessee 37209, State Prison, 1994.” $3,500.00

Killer of Martin Luther King, Jr.
RAY, James Earl Copy of a July 1994 newspaper article from the “Memphis Commercial Appeal” titled “prosecutors call for end to appeals in Ray case”.  Inscribed, in ink on the side margin: “Mike Jackson, not sure if I answered note of last December, Everything going OK. Trust all going OK. Return address on letter is Brother’s P.O. Box No., J.E. Ray, Aug.-94”. $175.00

Assassin of Martin Luther King
RAY, James Earl Copy of his mug shot, 8”x10”, B&W, signed “James Earl Ray.”. $125.00

Pee Wee Herman
Movie Actor Who Entertained Himself in Public

REUBENS, Paul His signature and one word sentiment on a card: “Hello, Pee-Wee Herman”. Together with his mug shot. $22.50
ROLLINGS, Danny Legal size envelope hand addressed by Rollings.  U.S. 32 cent stamp cancelled “Stark, FL Feb.9,96”.  Rollings prints his name, serial number, Florida State Prison” and his return address in the top left corner of the envelope. $195.00

Twilight Zone Actor who Murdered His Wife then Committed Suicide
SALMI, Albert A very scarce inscription signed on an album page: “thanks Eileen Albert Salmi”. Light discoloration on much of the signature. Pencil notation on verso states this was signed in N.Y. on Sat. Sept. 20, 1958. SOLD

The Gangster Who Inspired Dillinger to become Public Enemy #1
SHAW, William A. Autograph manuscript signed, Indiana State prison, April 1960. Thirty-eight pages all in a very neat hand of William A. Shaw addressed to Joseph M. Pinkston, Radio Station WIRE, 307 N. Penn Street, Indianapolis, Indiana.  In two places on the manuscript is a rubber stamp; “APPROVED, April 25, 1960, Warden”.  The entire manuscript is the detailed story from beginning to end of Shaw’s relationship with John Dillinger. $9,500.00\

"The Juice"
SIMPSON, O.J. Typed quotation signed: “I did it, you know I did it and I would do it again. No regrets!” Boldly signed with a very large signature. Together with two color portraits, one of O.J. and Nicole Simpson and the other of OJ in court with his attorneys. SOLD

Convicted Felon
STEWART, Martha Fabulous 8”x10” color vintage photo of Martha Stewart surrounded by colorful flowers. Inscribed: “To Marge Best Wishes Martha Stewart.”  Beware of the many forgeries of Martha Stewart being offered on the Internet. Mounted to a foam board. $45.00

Edward Otis Toole Serial Killer and murderer of Adam Walsh. Original, Horrific Sketch Signed, in ink, by Toole, drawn in his cell in Florida State Prison. SOLD

TOOLE, Ottis Original ink drawing of an evil man, measures  8.5”x11”.  Toole has written his Prison number, signed his name in full and added his prison address dating this 12-14-92.  $275.00

I Am In Hard Times Now and Could Use Some Money
TOOLE, Ottis Signed letter, together with the original envelope from Florida State prison with Ottis E. Toole’s name, prison number and return address written in the return address portion of the envelope. $100.00

WATSON, Charles “Tex” His book: “Will You Die For Me?”  Fleming H. Revell Co., 1978.  Two hundred twenty-three pages, illustrated. On the title page Watson has written: “Best, Charles “Tex” Watson.” On the inside front endpaper a Pastor has written a half page congratulations most likely referring to a graduation and sending God’s Blessings in the future. SOLD

Wide Receiver for Green Bay Packers - Killed 18
WOODFIELD, Randy Legal size envelope hand addressed. Postmarked “Salem, OR 21 May 1996”. Envelope imprinted: “Oregon Department of Corrections-Inmate Mail”. Woodfield has signed his name in the return address portion, adding his prison number and return address. SOLD

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