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Stephen Koschal's Profile
Stephen Koschal with President Richard Nixon

• Established 1967 as an autograph dealer recognized by his peers.
• Former Director of the U.A.C.C. 1980-1984 & 1996-1997.
• First Place Winner of the U.A.C.C. Sixth Annual H. Roger Phillips Memorial Award.
• Appeared as a regular weekly guest on autograph collecting for a radio talk show.
• Appeared as the autograph expert for a television series on autograph collecting.
• Appeared as an expert for a documentary film series for Twofour Broadcast in the UK.
• Lectured extensively on autographs around the United States and Internationally.
• Creator and promoter of the International Autograph Fair & Sale Extravaganzas.
• Creator of the 14 different autograph educational courses taught around the United States, three of which I was the instructor.
• We maintain one of the largest autograph reference libraries in the word which is used by collectors, dealers, autograph authenticators, auction houses and institutions.
• Contributing author The Sanders Price Guide To Autographs, First Edition (1988), Second Edition (1991) and Third Edition (1994).
• Author of several published educational signature studies.

• Co-Author Donald J. Trump Signature Study and Autopen Guide. (2018).
Stephen Koschal with President Gerald Ford

• Author of over 200 autograph related articles published in every major trade journal.
• Author of Collecting Books & Pamphlets Signed by the Presidents of the United States (1982).
• Author, Collecting Signatures of the Presidents of the United States on Baseballs. (2012).
• Discoverer and compiler of the lost The American Antiquarian The First Ten Issues (1870). Reprinted 1992.
• Chosen autograph authenticator for the John F. Kennedy letters from the Estate of Eric Sevareid of C.B.S.
• Co-author, The History of Collecting Executive Mansion, White House and The White House Cards Signed by the Presidents and Their First Ladies. (2006).
Stephen Koschal with President Jimmy Carter & First Lady Rosalynn Carter

• Co-author, Thomas Jefferson's Invisible Hand. (2007).
• Co-author, Ronald Reagan and Nelle Reagan Autograph Mystery Uncovered. (2008).
• Co-author, Autopen Guide, The Presidents of the United States. (2009).
• Praised in writing for my efforts in "trying to stop the forgers" by Charles Hamilton the acknowledged worldwide leading expert on autographs.
• Worked undercover, served as an expert witness representing law enforcement.
• Participated in sting operations with Sheriff's Department, exposing autograph forgers.
• Worked with the F.B.I. in their evidence room exposing autograph forgeries.
• Expert witness in Federal Court representing the F.B.I. and The United States of America in "Operation Bullpen" (see transcript of F.B.I. letter below).
• Court testimony responsible for sending an autograph forger to prison for three years.
• Authenticated for The Gazette the love letters from convicted double murderer Jacob Ind to his lover and biographer Mary Ellen Johnson who wrote Murder of Jacob. The letters span over 25 years while Ind is spending life in prison without parole..
• Voted by the members of Compuserve 1994 Philographer of the Year.
• Listed in the 1993 and 1994 editions of the Guinness Book of World Records.
• Listed and published in Ripley's Believe It Or Not.
F.B.I. Testimonial Letter

Stephen Koschal is well known as a legendary pioneer in the autograph hobby/industry working with law enforcement on International levels. The following is just one of many testimonials:

U.S. Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation

March 25, 2004

Mr. Stephen Koschal:

On behalf of the FBI, I thank you for your assistance in the investigation and prosecution of forger Steve Lyons, one of the convicted subjects in the FBI's Operation Bullpen case.  The hours you spent working with Special Agent Timothy Fitzsimmons and Assistant United States Attorney Melanie Pierson were very helpful to the government's case. Your knowledge and professionalism resulted in Judge Jeffrey T. Miller accepting your trial testimony, after qualifying you as an expert witness in this matter. You should know that in the recent sentencing of Steve Lyons, Judge Miller singled out your expert testimony as very illuminating.  In describing the overwhelming evidence against Lyons, Miller noted that even without Lyon's recorded conversations, the government presented a clear case that was clarified through your testimony.  Judge Miller ultimately sentenced Lyons to 36 months in federal prison. I also want to thank you for your continuing assistance to law enforcement in combating memorabilia fraud. I know you have assisted SA Fitzsimmons, as well as other agencies, on other matters and I encourage you to continue in this worthwhile endeavor.

Signed: Kenneth W. Boschen, Supervisory Special Agent

Stephen Koschal ~ Autograph Services
Serving Collectors, Libraries, Institutions, Autograph Galleries and Dealers Since 1967

7155 Sand Crest View, Colorado Springs, CO 80923 USA ~ Phone (561) 315-3622 ~