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QUEEN ALEXANDRA (1844-1925) Cabinet photo by Lafayette of "Her Majesty The Queen." Signed below her portait "Alexandra." $550.00

Scarce A.N.S. as Queen of England
ALEXANDRA Heavy card with a crown and Marlborough House in raised print at the top left corner of the card. As Queen, Alexandra has written: “Alexandra, August 12, 1923. I hope you are feeling better after-long illness.” $235.00

Sixth King of Saudi Arabia
KING ABDULLAH bin ABDULAZIZ  Color photo cut from a magazine of Prince Addullah sitting with King Kalid, Signed by the future King Abdullah. Overall size, 4”x6”. T.L.S. from the Saudi Arabian Embassy signed by the Charge d’Affaires  confirming the signature of Abdullah. SOLD

The Last King of Mysore
His Highness Sri Jaya Chamarajendra Wadiyar Bahadur  The title page to his book DATTATREYA.” Printed in Gretat Britain, 1957 along with the next page, blank where the King has written in green ink “John D. Barrett Esq. With the author’s best wishes and in anticipation of meeting him in New York. Jaya Camaraje Wadiyar, March 20th 1957.”. $295.00

EDWARD VII (1841-1910) Autographed letter signed "Albert Edward" SOLD

EDWARD VIII Wonderful cover with a small portrait of Edward affixed to left side.  Four postage stamps affixed to this cover, tree U.S. stamps and one British stamp. Three postal cancellations, the first is King, KY dated Dec. 30, 1936. The second is Edward, N.C. Jan.21, 1936 and the third is England, Ark, June 3, 1937.  Edward has signed his name. boldly with a two inch long signature. $375.00

Signed by the King & Queen of Spain
CARLOS, Juan & Queen Sofia of Spain Their Holiday Greeting card for the year 1974. Left panel contains a color portrait of the family and to the right are printed Holiday Greetings, signed by Juan Carlos and Sofia. SOLD

Scarce Photograph of King Carol signed on the Verso
Carol II. Postcard photograph, head & shoulders pose, photo by Julietta in Bucuresti, dated 1930.  Boldly signed “Carol R, 1934” as King. $175.00

King of Greece-Twice Abdicated
Constantine I  Autograph letter signed, two full pages on the imprinted stationary of the Hotel Continental, Paris. Dated 6 July 1908 to a Dear Mrs. Chauncey. $295.00

King of Greece In Exile
CONSTANTINE II Typed letter in Greek,  on his Royal letterhead, 1984.  Not translated. Hand addressed and hand signed. $75.00

Last King & Queen of Greece
CONSTANTINE II & QUEEN ANN-MARIE of Greece Their “1984” Season’s Greeting card with a King’s Crown and their logo on the cover. On the inside panel is Season’s Greeting’s printed in Greek and English.  On the third panel is a wonderful color photograph of the entire family, affixed to the card  Below the photo both Constantine and Ann-Marie have signed their names in blue ink $95.00

ELIZABETH & ELIZABETH II Magnificent partly printed document signed, appx. 12"x15" SOLD

King of Saudi Arabia
FAHAD BIN ABDULAZIZ AL SAUD Official color photograph of King Fahd, 6”x8” half length pose standing. Signed on the lower white portion of the photograph. Photograph is enclosed in the original presentation folder. Together with original envelope bearing the stamped seals of Saudi Arabia and dated December 14, 1994 as a first notice of attempted delivery. SOLD

GEORGE III King of Great Britain and King of Ireland. Considered America’s last King.  Attractive fine signature (George) removed from a document. $195.00

GERALDINE, Her Majesty Queen First Day Cover commemorating the issue of the U.S. Christmas 20 cent stamp. Cancelled, Washington, DC  Oct. 28, 1983. Hand signed “Geraldine R” as Queen. $55.00

Last Queen of Bulgaria
QUEEN GIOVANNA First Day Cover commemorating the issue of the U.S. 5 cent Christmas stamp. Cachet of Madonna & Child. Cancelled at Silver Bell, AZ, Nov. 2, 1965. Hand signed by King Leka and Queen Susan.  Quite scarce to find anything signed by both the King and Queen $95.00

Her Majesty the Empress and Queen, in Exile
HERMINE, Reuss of Greiz Postcard where she writes on the address side: “Many thanks for your Easter  wishes, Hermine.” $85.00

KING MICHAEL OF ROMANIA Color photograph, 4”x6”, full length pose of King Michael with Queen Ana and Princess Margareta. Signed using a silver ink pen thus offering excellent contrast. $100.00

At Birth He Was Proclaimed A Living Saint
PALDEN THONDUP NAMGVAL and His Queen. Wonderful ink signatures of both the King and Queen on separate 4”x6” cards $175.00

KING SIMON II. (1937- ) Autographed letter signed on his royal embossed correspondence card dated 23.6.71 "Dear Mr. Butler, My very warmest thanks for your kind wishes on the occasion of my birthday! Cordially, Simon.” $150.00

King & Queen of the Communist Republic of Albania
HIS ROYAL MAJESTY KING LEKA I OF ALBANIA & QUEEN SUSAN First Day Cover commemorating the issue of the U.S. 5 cent Christmas stamp. Cachet of Madonna & Child. Cancelled at Silver Bell, AZ, Nov. 2, 1965. Hand signed by King Leka and Queen Susan.  Quite scarce to find anything signed by both the King and Queen $165.00

LOUIS XV (1710-1774)Choice signature with ample margins for matting and framing $750.00

WILLIAM (Wilhelm) I
(1797-1888) Beautiful, dark, bold signature on a large slip $125.00

THEIR ROYAL HIGHNESSES Grand Duke Friedrich Franz V (1910-2001) and Grand Duchess Karin Elisabeth von Schaper (1920-2012) Color photograph of the Royal couple, 5”x7” matted. Boldly signed on the lower mount by both. In excellent condition SOLD

LOUIS FERDINAND (1907-1994) Photograph, black & white,4”x6” of His Imperial Royal Highness sitting at his desk, looking at a book. Boldly signed in full. $85.00

Gustaf VI - King of Sweden
GUSTAF VI, Adolf  Official card with the imprint of the Crown Prince of Sweden.  Signed in full adding “Crown Prince of Sweden.”  Together with the original stamped envelope and a letter of transmittal from his aide de camp on official letterhead dated at Stockholm, Oct. 10, 1923.  The three. $125.00

Twice King of Nepal
GYANENDRA BIR BIKRAM SHAH DEV  Color photograph 3”x5”, head and shoulders pose as King. Boldly signed. $85.00

THEIR ROYAL HIGHNESSES PRINCE CARL, DUKE OF WUTTEMBERG (1936-   ) and PRINCESS DIANE HERZOGIN VON WUTTEMBURG Very boldly signed by both on the printed inside right panel. On the left panel is a color photo of the Royal Family. In fine condition SOLD

Signed a Month Before his Tragic Death
(1920 - 1969) Photograph, black & white 4”x5” boldly signed on the lower white margin “Konstantin R.”  Notation on back of photo states it was received June 1969. $95.00

PRINCESS ANDREA von HABSBURG. (1953- ) Her engraved card offering thanks and good wishes. Boldly signed “Andrea v. Habsburg.” $25.00

(1912-2011) and ARCCHDUCHESS REGINA VON HABSBURG OF AUSTRIA (1925-2010). Photograph of Otto and his family, black & white, 4”x6” boldly signed on the lower white margin “Otto v. Habsburg.”  Together with a large card signed with a three word sentiment by Regina v. Habsburg. SOLD

SCHWARZENBERG, HIS SERENE HIGHNESS PRINCE KAREL. (1937- ) Photograph, black & white, 5”x7”, head and shoulders pose (circa 1992) boldly signed on the lower white margin. $50.00

HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS PRINCE NARODOM SIHANOUK. (1922-2012) Photograph, black & white, head & shoulders pose, inscribed and signed adding the word “Cambodia”. $275.00

HIS HIGHNESS NARENDRA SINGH JU DEV. (1915- ) Typed message "With best luck, His Highness Maharaja of Panna, M.P." Signed. In fine condition $60.00
HIS MAJESTY KING PALDEN THONDUP NAMGYAL. (1923-1982) Attractive photograph, black & white, 3.5"x5", head & shoulders pose looking directly into the camera. Signed on dark portion of his jacket. $195.00
HIS ROYAL MAJESTY KING MAHENDRA BIR BIKRAM SHAH DEVA.  (1920-1972) Photograph of the King, black & white, 3"x4" sitting on sofa and signing a book. Signed along with adding "Nepal" in his hand. $150.00
HIS HIGHNESS MAHARAJADHIRAJA BAHADUR (Sir Uday Chand Mahtab) (1905-1984). Typed letter signed on his official embossed letterhead. $75.00
EDWARD VIII (1894-1972) His official crested bookplate, inscribed, signed and dated. “To Edith Paulus Edward Duke of Windsor May 1959”. $475.00

THEIR ROYAL HIGHNESSES OF ITALY VITTORIO EMANUELE OF SAVOY (1937- ) and PRINCESS MARINA  Holiday Greeting card of the Royal Family. Hand signed by Vittorino Emanuele, Marina and their son Emanuele on the inside panel facing their portraits.  A wonderful example, excellent for display. $150.00

His Royal Highness of Italy
EMANUELE, Prince Vittario of Savoy Fine engraved card dated 12 Feb. 1992 at Ginevra. Signed in full. $67.50

EUGENIE, MARIE DE MONTIJO  (1826-1920) Choice signature on a black bordered slip dated by her hand “24 Aout 1883”. $250.00
DE MONACO, GRACE (1928-1982) Very boldly signed “Grace de Monaco”. $295.00\
THEIR SERENE HIGHNESSES PRINCE RAINIER III OF MONACO (1923-2005) Attractive color photograph, postcard size of Prince rainier and Princess Grace in their Palace. Signed in full by Prince Rainier and boldly signed “Grace de Monaco”.  $550.00
HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS PRINCE PETER OF GREECE & DENMARK (1908-1979) Together with a small photo of the Prince signed “Peter, Prince of Greece & Denmark”. SOLD
HIS ROYAL MAJESTY KING LEKA I OF ALBANIA (1939-2011) Very boldly signed as “H.M. King Leka I of the Albanians”. In very fine condition. A rather scarce autograph. $175.00
VICTORIA, QUEEN (1819-1901) Document signed. One page, on the embossed stationary of The Admiralty, 27 March 1884 is written in part: “...The conduct of Lieutenant Francis Hamilton Northesk Wilson of the Royal Marine Light Infantry having been such as to render it disadvantageous to your Majestys Service that he should any longer continue an officer in the Royal Marines.......would humbly submit to your Majesty that the name of Lieutenant Francis Hamilton Northesk Wilson be removed from the list of the Royal Marine Corps.”  In the Queen’s hand she writes ‘App(roved)’ Victoria R.”  Together with a fine postcard portrait of the Queen. $475.00
VICTORIA, QUEEN (1819-1901) Signed by Victoria at the top left corner. Countersigned by the Secretary of War. Paper Seal of Queen Victoria affixed to the document. $450.00
Original Drawing By A Member Of The English Royal Family
PRINCESS VICTORIA (July 6, 1868-Dec.3, 1935) Rare, original drawing, in pencil, 4”x6” on an album page of flowers. In addition she drew a vase with flowers.  She drew this as a child and signed her name at the top of the page. $475.00\

KHALID bin Abdulaziz Al Saud Wonderful, flawless official color portrait of King Khalid sitting down with his hands clasped. He is looking directly into the camera. In bright blue ink he has signed his name adding the date. $450.00

Heir To The Romanov Dynasty
Head Of The Imperial House of Romanoff
THEIR IMPERIAL HIGHNESSES GRAND DUKE VLADIMIR KIRILLOVITCH ROMANOV OF RUSSIA (1917-1992). GRAND DUCHESS LEONIDE BAGRATION-MOUKHRANSKY (1914-2010) Russian postcard depicting portraits of both The Grand Duke & Grand Duchess side by side, head & shoulders pose. Signed by both on the dark area of their jackets. $1195.00

PRINCE ADALBERT OF BAVARIA. (1930-1970) Typed letter signed, one page, Munich, November 9, 1970.  He says in part: “ hurts me to have to tell you that my son Konstantin was killed in a plane accident on July 30, 1969...according with your request I am sending you an autographed photo of myself. Unfortunately there are no photographs of my wife available...” Signed Adalbert Prinz von Bayern”. $45.00\

HER ROYAL HIGHNESS PRINCESS MARGARITA MARIA DE LA VICTORIA DE BOURBON Y BOURBON OF SPAIN. (1937- ) DR. DON CARLOS ZURITA Y DELGADO (1943-   ). Husband of Princess Margarita. Their name engraved correspondence card where there is   a several word sentiment, signed by both. $35.00

Their Royal Highnesses Don Luis Gomez-Acebo y Duque de Estrada & Maria del Pilar Alfonsa Juana Victoria Luisa Ignacia of Spain. Their Royal Christmas card for the year 1973 and the New Year 1974 depicting them and four children.. Hand signed by both. Collectors notations on the verso listing the names and titles of the group. SOLD

1979 Christmas Card
HIS ROYALHIGHNESS DON LUIS GOMEZ-ACEBO Y DUKE OF ESTRADA OF SPAIN. (1936-     )  HER ROYAL HIGHNESS PRINCESS MARIA DEL PILAR DE BOURBON OF SPAIN (1934- )The Official Royal Christmas card for the year 1979 signed by the Duke and Duchess. SOLD

HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS PRINCE DON JUAN OF SPAIN (1913-1993) His correspondence with the engraved King’s Crown. Estoril (Portugal) 30 June 1972.  Three typed lines, signed. $50.00

HIS SERENE HIGHNESS CROWN PRINCE ALOIS OF LIECHTENSTEIN (1968-   ). HER ROYAL HIGHNESS PRINCESS SOPHIE OF BAVARIA (1967- ) Royal card with embossed seal and printed statement: “Many Thanks For Your Kind Wishes”. The Crown Prince writes: “on our engagement”. Signed  Alois Liechtenstein and signed Sophie, Bayen. $45.00\

President of the Liechtenstein Red Cross
COUNTESS GEORGINE (GINA) VON WILCZEK (1921-1989) Her correspondence card with the imprint of the Crown, Vaduz.  She writes: “Oct, 23 (1972) many thanks for your kind birthday wishes Gina of Liechtenstein”. $30.00

PRINCE PEDRO GASTAO OF ORLEANS-BRAGANZA (1913-2007) A large folding card,  5”x7” the front and back covers are of the Royal Family in 1889 and 1962.  Inside panel imprinted with the Crest of the Emperor and “a Familia Imperial em Petropolis”.  He has inscribed the card to an American collector and signed and dated the card “18-XI-73”. $75.00

HIS SERENE HIGNESS PRINCE ULRICH OF LIECHTENSTEIN (1913-1978). Fine large engraved card with a printed sentiment sending good wishes. Boldly signed. His name and birth date are typed at the bottom of the card. $25.00

THEIR ROYAL HIGHNESSES CROWN PRINCE ALEXANDER OF YUGOSLAVIA (1945-   ) and PRINCESS KATHERINA (1943- ) Color photograph, 8”x10” of  Alexander and Katherina, three quarter length pose of both smiling. Alexander has a three word sentiment and signed his name. Katherina has signed her name and dated it 23 February 1992. $125.00

(1957- ) Autograph letter signed, one page to “Dear Diana”. The young Princess (circa 1971) writes: “How are you? I hope well. I have first received your letter this minute. I am very touched by your note. I have no pictures of myself but I can at least give you my autograph. Love from, Sophia of Romania”. $45.00

KING MICHAEL OF ROMANIA (1921- ) Typed letter signed, one page, with the imprint of The Standard of the King.  October 26, 1978, the King sends thanks for birthday wishes and also sends thanks for the wishes for his wife. Signed “Michael R”. $295.00

Grand Duchess of Russia
GRAND DUCHESS OF RUSSIA MARIE ALEXANDRA VICTORIA (1875-1938) The Grand Duchess complied and signed with a very bold signature: “Grand Duchess Marie”.  Together with a portrait of Marie with her husband Prince William of Sweden, taken from a book. $100.00

HIS IMPERIAL HIGHNESS PRINCE NAPOLEON LOUIS JEROME VICTOR EMMANUEL LEOPOLD MARIE OF BELGIUM. (1914-1997) Photograph. 6.5”x9”, B&W, head and shoulders pose, smiling. Signed along the bottom margin. SOLD

LEOPOLD III OF BELGIUM  (1901-1983) Crested Greeting card for the Holidays (1977) signed by both beneath their printed names. SOLD

LEOPOLD III OF BELGIUM  (1901-1983) Official card of the King with a printed King’s Crown, Domaine d’Argenteuil. Signed and date by Leopold “1970”. Short typed biography of the King at the bottom of the card. Together with a photograph of Princess Liliane, B&W, 5”x7”, three quarter length pose, inscribed, signed and dated “1971”. Bottom margin trimmed otherwise both items in fine condition. SOLD

Their Royal Highnesses Princess Maria del Pilar de Bourbon of Spain & Don Luis Gomez-Acebo y, Duke of Estrada of Spain Royal Photograph of the family.  Christmas and New Year’s card hand signed by both. The printer forgot to add the year so one of the Royal Family added the year “1971” in ink. SOLD

HER ROYAL HIGHNESS PRINCESS DESIREE ELIZABETH SIBYLLA OF SWEDEN (1938- ) Autograph letter signed, one and a half pages, Koberg, Sollebrunn, 7th of Sept. 1971.  Princess Desiree writes in part: “…your nice letter and kind congratulations for our wedding anniversary. You also kindly asked us for photos of ourselves but I’m afraid I have to disappoint you! Hope you will understand, I am really sorry.  Both my husband and I are sending you our good regards…” Signed “Desiree Silfverschiold, Koberg, Sweden”. $65.00

GEORGE II OF GREECE Autograph letter signed, three very full pages on the imprinted letterhead of the Brown’s Hotel, London. August 18, 1925. Signed “George R.” $195.00

HIS ROYAL MAJESTY KING CARL XVI GUSTAV OF SWEDEN (1946- ) Printed message on a card measuring 4”x5.5” and signed in full (circa May 1971). Together with a photograph, 5”x7”, B&W, head & shoulders profile pose. SOLD

HIS ROYAL MAJESTY KING HUSSEIN I OF JORDAN His families greeting card on the left panel wishing” “My Daddy, my family and I send you our best wishes and the Seasons Greetings.” Signed by King Hussein below the printed greetings. “   On the right panel is a colorful full face photograph of H.R.H. Prince Ali Hussein of Jordan. $295.00

HUSSEIN of Jordan, His Royal Majesty King Original ink sketch of Hussein, half length pose smiling. Affixed is a color flag of Jordan and also the King’s Seal.  Signed by Hussein as King. $295.00

HIS ROYAL MAJESTY KING HUSSEIN I OF JORDAN (1935-1999 ) His greeting card wishing “Season’s Greetings and Best Wishes for a Very Happy New Year”. Signed “Hussein” on the inside panel. Printed in Beirut 1968. On the cover is a color reproduction of David Roberts March 30th 1839 Entrance to Petra.  The back cover depicts the King’s Crown. $295.00

King of Jordan’s Season’s Greetings Card
HUSSEIN bin Talal His Season’s Greeting card for the year 1968. On the front cover is a color illustration of a painting of the Entrance to Petra by David Roberts (1839). On the rear cover is an embossed King’s Crown. Inside the front panel is a printed Holiday Greeting in Arabic and in English.  On the third panel, below the Greeting, it is hand signed by King Hussein.  $175.00

HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS PRINCE BERTIL GUSTAV OSCAR CARL EUGENE OF SWEDEN (1912-1997).  Prince of Sweden, third son of King Gustav VI.  Typed note signed on his Official embossed H.K.H. Hertigen Av Halland letterhead. Royal Palace Stockholm, March 13, 1972.  Sends best wishes for his 60th birthday. Signed as prince of Sweden. $45.00

Their Imperial Highnesses Otto & Regina & Princess Andrea
Archduke Otto of Austria & Archduchess Regina von Habsburg & Princess Andrea von Habsburg Together with a large card, 4”x6” signed by Regina v. Habsburg along with a three word sentiment. Completing the collection is a large card with printed best wishes signed: “Andrea v. Habsburg. SOLD

Grand Duke of Russia, Head of the Imperial Family of Russia
KIRILLOVICH, Vladimir A Christmas Card signed and dated: “Vladimir, Grand duke of Russia, Xmas. 1989.” Together with the original envelope hand addressed by Vladimir. He has written his name and return address (in Paris) on the back of the envelope.. $495.00

HIS ROYAL MAJESTY KING HUSSEIN I OF JORDAN (1935-1999 ) His greeting card wishing “Season’s Greetings and Best Wishes for a Very Happy New Year”. Signed “Hussein” on the inside panel. Printed in Beirut 1968. On the cover is a color reproduction of David Roberts March 30th 1839 Entrance to Petra.  The back cover depicts the King’s Crown. $295.00

HIS ROYAL MAJESTY KING HUSSEIN I OF JORDAN (1935-1999 ) King of Jordan (1952-1999). HER MAJESTY QUEEN ALIA AL HUSSEIN(1948-1977). Royal Christmas card (Circa 1976).Cover depicts the King’s Crown. On the inside left panel is a printed greeting “My parents and I send you our best wishes, regards and the Season’s Greetings”. Signed  “Alia Al Hussein” and “Hussein”.  On the right panel is a color photograph of H.R.H. Princess Haya Hussein of Jordan.. $650.00

HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS PRINCE MUHAMMED BIN TALAL (1940- ). Color photograph 5”x7” of the Crown Prince in military uniform. Signed “M. Talal” in the clear area of the sky. $60.00

PRINCESS FIRYAL IRSHAID (1945- ). Married to Prince Talal in 1964. Marriage ended in 1978.  Their Royal Holiday card. Cover illustrates a gold King’s Crown. Inside left panel is a portrait of Petra, On the right panel is a printed Christmas and new years greeting signed by Princess Firyal Talal and Crown Prince M. Talal. In fine condition. $75.00

Last Czar of Russia - Nicholas II
NICHOLAS II. Document signed, one page, appx. 9”x13”, Russian rubber stamp date of May 9, 1914. Imprinted heading “Edict To The Capitulum of Russian Imperial and Royal Orders  The typed text is translated as follows: “To show my appreciation to Christian Teacher-Attorney of Hasaret teachers gymnasium of the Imperial Christian Palestinian Society and to the Principal Nasaret Male School to Konstantin Kanaz, we gave him a title of “Kovaler” of my Imperior and a medal St. Anna Third Degree. After that I order to give everything that I said above to tis person for his rewards.’ In very fine condition bearing a choice signature of Nicholas II.  Together with a fine portrait of Nicholas II and a genuine Russian Empire Nikolai II, 15 Kopeks 1914 silver coin. The three items. SOLD

King of Iran
PAHLAVI, Mohammad Reza Photograph of  Pahlavi sitting at his desk, B&W, 4”x5.5”. Signed “M.R. Pahlavi” with a black ink fountain pen. SOLD

Former Empress of Iran
PAHLAVI, Farah Choice bold full signature dated 9.4.2006 on a white 3”x5” card. $65.00
Queen Consort of Iran
EMPRESS  FARAH PAHLAVI Color magazine photo measures appx.  6.5”x5.5” of the Imperial Couple reviewing Iran’s armed forces.  Signed “Farah Pahlavi” adding the date “2nd May 1981” in her hand. SOLD

Wonderful color Matching Photographs of Princess Grace and Prince Rainer III
RAINIER III, Prince and KELLY, Grace Patricia Postcard photograph of Prince Rainier ad his family, taken in the palace in Monaco.  Signed in full.  Typed below,  “Rainier, Prince de Monaco. January 31, 1979”. Postcard photograph of Princess Grace along with her family in the Palace Garden. Boldly signed “Grace de Monaco’. Striking.  The matching pair with two original envelopes. $575.00

KELLY, Grace Striking color photograph, 5”x6” head and shoulders pose of the beautiful Princess Grace.  Boldly signed with a 3.5” signature. Together with the original envelope cancelled 28-29 Avril 1979. $575.00

King of Cambodia
SIHANOUK, His Royal Highness Prince Narodom Photograph, 7”x9”, B&W, head and shoulders pose facing to one side. Inscribed and signed on the lower white margin. Circa 1969. $250.00

King and Queen of Cambodia
Very Rare Combination of Signatures
SIHANOUK, Norodom & SIHANOUK, Monineath Printed card 5”x7”, from the King and Queen sending greetings.  Signed by Norodom Sihanouk “N. Sihanouk, King of Cambodia 5-8-96.”  The Queen has also signed this card as “Monineath Sihanouk.”. $225.00

KING SIMEON II & QUEEN MARGARITA Rare official photograph of the Royal couple in formal dress. Measures overall 7”x9”, B&W, Signed “Simeon II R” and inscribed signed and dated “Oct. 1970” by Margarita. $185.00

King of Tonga
TAUFA’ ahau TUPOU IV Fabulous color magazine portrait of the King during his coronation. Signed on the light area of the rug. $150.00

UMBERTO II (1904-1983). Official card with embossed King’s crown and the Seal of the House of Hohenzollern. A printed message in Italian dated at Casoais, 15 September 1972. Boldly signed “Umberto”. $125.00

Wonderful Letter Signed by King William 1
WILHELM I Manuscript letter signed to the General of the Infantry, Herwarth von Bittenfeld, Governor of Magdeburg.  The King of Prussia offers thanks for long-term service and adds “a particularly gracious acknowledgment of the Grand Cross of the House Order of Hohenzollern.” In fine condition with central and horizontal folds. Accompanied by Herwarth’s personal calling card as General of the Infantry $395.00

Emperor of Germany
WILHELM I Bottom portion of a letter signed, dated 1860.  A 100% fabulous signature, bold and dark. SOLD

Emperor of Germany
WILHELM I Bottom portion of a document signed, 1860. SOLD

Prince William of Gloucester Free frank cover, Cheltenham, July thirty-one, 1832, addressed to Major Austen in Preston. Wax seal. $65.00

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