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Air Force One Rare, colorful, and heavy Air Force One, Security Forces, 2001 Badge, three pins on verso for attaching to a uniform. Engraved on verso “Misuse of Badge subject to Prosecution” and number “252.” Together with a 3”x5.5” card with a color portrait of Col. Mark W. Tillman (12th Presidential Pilot of Air Force One.).  $375.00

ALBERT EINSTEIN METEORITE From OUT OF THIS WORLD. This is a genuine slice of Iron/Nickel + meteorite. This meteorite came from what was briefly a planet 4.5 billion years ago between Mars and Jupiter.  The impact was Campo del Cielo, Argentina appx. 4,500 to 5,000 years ago.  The meteorite that this slice was taken from was discovered by Spanish conquerors in 1576. This pendant weighs 17 grams and measures appx. 1.25”x1”. The face of Albert Einstein is engraved in this slice. Meteorites are considered sacred and have supernatural powers, energy from another world.  Scarce. Complete with a 16” sterling silver chain. $135.00

Dallas Grassy Knoll Relic
GRASSY KNOLL Offered is one section of the picket fence measuring 4”x58”.  Affixed to this section of fence is a brass plaque engraved “Grassy knoll, Dallas, Texas, Section of Original Wood Fence, Site of  John F. Kennedy assassination.  In addition affixed to this item are two original color photographs showing the wooden fence above the Grassy Knoll with the missing section. SOLD

HERACLIUS (575-641AD) A Byzantine general turned Emperor
HERACLIUS CONSTANTINE Gold coin minted between 610-641 AD. Denomination Solidus, weight 4.34 grams. On the obverse, Heraclius proclaims to rule jointly with his son Heraclius. The senior ruler is depicted on the left with junior Heraclius Constantine on the right. The chlamys, crown and cross worn by the two is civilian garb as most emperor portraits of the seventh century. This replaces the armor of earlier emperors.   The reverse has a cross on the hill of Calvery. $1275.00

Large Piece of Original Hindenburg Outer Covering
Hindenburg Original piece of the outer covering showing much evidence of the fire. Measures 1.25”x1.75.”  Removed from the crash site by a woman who lived in the area and helped clean up the debris. $275.00

Adolf Hitler’s Personal Monogrammed
Sterling Silver Vanity Mirror and Bristle Brush

HITLER, Adolf Very rare WWII Adolf Hitler curved flat top “AH” monogrammed Sterling Silver Vanity Mirror. These were used by Hitler at  Obersalzberg..  $6,200.00

Scarce Michael Jackson Collectible

JACKSON, Michael Very scarce HBO Dog Tag for “One Night Only” scheduled for broadcast, Sunday, Dec.10 (1995).  The concert was cancelled due to the fact that Jackson collapsed onstage at the historic Beacon Theater in New York City on Dec. 6 while rehearsing for this special. He was hospitalized until Dec.13, These Dog Tags were to be handed out to members of the audience in exchange for their tickets.  Michael Jackson ordered all the Dog Tag to be destroyed. This original Dog Tag comes with the original 24” chain and is still sealed in the original plastic bag. $95.00

Very Rare, heavy Jiugong carved Meteorite

JIUGONG Meteorites are sold usually by weight.  Our Jiugong weighs a whopping 371.7 grams more than double plus an additional 52 grams over one that our competitor is selling. $3,500.00

Michael Jordan 1998 Championship Ring
JORDAN, Michael A wonderful high quality replica of his Chicago Bulls 1998 Championship ring. Hand crafted by professional jewelers, made of heavy metal, and clad with 18K gold. $135.00

Holy Roman Emperor Justinian I
JUSTINIAN I Gold coin made roughly of 23K fine gold which has amazing preservation of detail.  Minted in Constantinople, now Istanbul, the coins denomination is Solidus. This coin has a small hole likely punched in antiquity to be worn by a local elite who used this coin as jewelry. $475.00

2022 Super Bowl Ring
MAHOMES, Patrick 2022-23 Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Championship Ring, high quality replica, very, very heavy, simply gorgeous. $85.00

Genuine Mars Rock
Mars Rock Authentic small piece of authentic Nakhilite Martian Meteorite, NWA 998. This is the only Martian Nakhilite meteorite that has the presence of water bearing minerals. $39.00

Rare Meteorite, Carved Face of Jesus

Aletai, iron Meteorite Aletai, iron Meteorite. 27.8 grams, discovered in 1898 in China. This is a slice taken from the meteorite, carved with the face of Jesus.  Measures 45.1x26.3x3.9mm. Fine quality polished meteorite with hole drilled for a chain. Meteorites are considered sacred and have supernatural powers, energy from another world. $185.00


MICHAEL VII DUCAS Authentic ancient gold coin with the Bust of Christ Pantocrator, wearing a nimbus crown, pallium and colobium, and raising his right hand in benediction. In his left hand is the book of gospels. On the other side is a portrait of Michael VII Doukas the Byzantine Emperor. His face is bearded, wearing a crown and loros, and holding labarum and globe cross. $1450.00

Important Original Part of NASA's Space Age Computer

Original NASA “Channel Selector” EMR Division of Weston Instruments, Inc. a Schlumberger Company. Manufactured 12/65. Serial #1658, measures 10.5”x3.5” x1” and weighs over one pound and twelve ounces. Made of different metals. Affixed are three different stickers, one with the NASA logo stating “SERVICEABLE  AUG 1 1972.” Locking switch in working condition. Other identifying marks and number very visible.  This early space age data storage technology was made by EMR the #1 Telemetry manufacturer in the world. $95.00

ORIGINAL NAZI COINS Collection of seven coins. 1 Reichspfenning (zinc) 1944B, 2 Reichspfenning (bronze) 1939G, 5 Reichspfenning (zinc) 1941A, 10 Reichspfenning (zinc) 1944A, 50 Reichspfenning (zinc) 1943A,  2 Reichsmark (silver) 1938A,  5 Reichsmark (silver) 1937A.  As issued all coins have the German Eagle and the Nazi Swastika. $147.50

Rare Holy Relic of Apostle Santiago, Brother of John

SANTIAGO Rare medal bears a raised portrait of Santiago with the words Santiago Apostle.  On the verso reads “Particula De La Santa.”  In the center of the medal on the reverse is housed what appears to be a piece of cloth. $175.00

Wonderful 3 Column Stalagmite

STALAGMITE Stalagmite’s grow only seven thousands of an inch per year, The three attached columns we offer is 21 inches tall at the tallest mount x 7” x 10”.  Age is appx: 144,200 years old and is in fine condition. $1,250.00

SCARCE Stock Market  teletype-Ford Succeeds Richard Nixon

Stock market Teletype 08-09-74 Market Summary and Analysis New York—The New York Stock Market edged downward in relatively quiet trading today as investors watched calmly while President Ford succeeded Richard Nixon in The White House. The Dow Jones Industrial average was down seven and a half points. And losers nosed out gainers in moderately active trading. Analysts say the psychological Impact of the changeover in the Presidency had been largely absorbed in advance by the market. But some traders took profits today, illustrating the market precept of buying on the rumor, selling on the news. $75.00

Unusual Huge Trilobite

TRILOBITE The early ones to be found  were 540 million years ago. Species ended about 250 million years ago.  Original extinct marine Arthropods, similar to a horseshoe crab. Discovered in Utah.
Measures 10.5”x8” and weighs a total of 4.45 pounds.  Very good condition and a great fossil for display.

TRUMAN, Harry S. Truman’s pencil is in fine condition, just in need of a green lead replacement.  Metal cap removes to expose the eraser. SOLD

U.S.S. CONSTITUTION (OLD IRONSIDES) Original Gordon Grant color print (circa 1926) of the U.S.S. Constitution, signed in the print near the lower left portion.  Framed in original oak wood from the hull of the vessel. The wood frame is a generous 2 inches wide held together with iron straps taken from the ship during the 1926-1931 restoration.  On the bottom portion of the frame is a brass plaque stating: “THIS MATERIAL WAS TAKEN FROM THE HULL OF THE U.S.S. CONSTITUTION KEEL LAID 1794 REBUILDING 1927.”. $475.00

Vampire Protection/Killing Kit The kit contains two real wood carved stakes, 3 different bottles of potion/elixir, a rosary, bible, and a large vial of granulated garlic.  Overall measurement is 15”x12”x4”. Together with a rare limited, numbered edition of genuine dirt removed from Dracula’s Castle in Transylvania. SOLD

One of the Famous  Florida Voting Machines
From the 2000 Presidential Election, Bush vs. Gore

2000 Presidential Election, Florida Voting Machine Original complete voting machine used  during the 2000 Presidential election of Bush vs. Gore.  $850.00

Genuine Piece of World Trade Center Tower One, N.Y.C.

WORLD TRADE CENTER, TOWER NUMBER ONE, NEW YORK CITY Chunk of the World Ttrade Center, Tower #1, appears to be a cinder block with the face covered in cement, measures appx 3”x2”x1” and left side is painted. Weight 63 grams.  Written on the front side: “September 11, 2001, Found at Ground Zero, World Trade Center, Tower One, September 14, 2001.  A Battlefield, A Cemetery, A Sacred Place.”. SOLD

Genuine Meteorite Carving of Mao Zedong

ZEDONG, Mao Genuine meteorite, weight 16 grams, skillfully carved with a portrait of Mao Zedong. Hole at top for a chain.”. $135.00


Stephen Koschal ~ Quality Autographs & Signed Books
Serving Collectors, Libraries, Institutions, Autograph Galleries and Dealers with
Autographs and Signed Books in all Fields of Collecting Since 1967.

7155 Sand Crest View, Colorado Springs, CO 80923 USA ~ Phone (561) 315-3622 ~