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We are an internationally respected dealer in fine autographs and signed books. Established in 1967, we specialized in books signed by the Presidents and First Ladies of the United States. Our first autograph reference books was published in 1982 and today is still the standard reference book on collecting books signed by the U.S. Presidents. Since then we specialize in autographs in all fields of collecting including World Leaders, Monarchs, History, Aviation, Literature, Art, Music, Scientists, Inventors, Sports, Judaica, Supreme Court, Civil War, Space, undesirables, The Old West and firearms related autographs.

Every item we sell is guaranteed authentic without time limit to the original purchaser.

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As an autograph expert, we have represented the Federal Bureau of Investigation and others in courts around the country.

We are proud members of every major autograph organization both domestically and internationally and abide by their code of ethics.

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Three Dissimilar Musketeers of the Air

KOEHL, Herman (1888-1938) Pilot of the Bremen

von HUENEFELD, Baron Guenther (1892-1929) Purchased the Bremen, blind in his left eye, nearsighted in his right eye.

FITZMAURICE, James (1898-1965) Co-Pilot of the Bremen, Ireland’s most famous aviator.

The three aviation pioneers are known for their First Westward Flight across the Atlantic. A westward flight is more dangerous than an eastward flight because of the winds. They flew from Ireland to Canada in 1928 in their all-metal plane “The Bremen.”

When they landed in Canada they were lost. Floyd Bennett flew to their aid but was stricken with pneumonia and died. New York City gave the three pioneers a huge ticker tape parade. Beautifully printed program and menu 7”x10” tied with a cord. Printed by Marshall Field & Co. This program honored their flight. The first page contains a portrait of the three aviators dressed in their flight gear. All three have signed above their portraits.  Page two is about the aviators, dinner and date 12 May 1928. The third page is the Program. Would frame very well.  Most unusual to have all three sign on the same piece.  A historic treasure.  The signature of the baron is quite scarce as he dies at the early age of thirty-seven.  In very fine condition.


TAYLOR, Elizabeth (1932-2011) British-American actress who began  her career as a child actress in the early 1940’s. She was one of the most popular stars of classical Hollywood. She was married 8 times to seven men and converted to Judaism. Taylor became the highest paid movie star during the 1960’s. She assembled one of the most expensive private jewelry collections in the world. Gorgeous vintage photograph of the young actress, head and shoulders pose looking quite serious. One of the earliest signed photographs of Taylor to appear on the market. Rare, not inscribed to an individual but contains a three word sentiment. Vintage signed photographs of Taylor of this caliber are very scarce. A truly stunning portrait of this young actress with a 3 word sentiment signed: "Best wishes always Elizabeth Taylor." Boldly signed with a fountain pen. Light creasing on three corners otherwise in very fine condition.


GENUINE - Adolf Hitler’s Hair

HITLER, Adolf (1889-1945).  German politician, leader of the Nazi Party.  Chancellor of Germany (1933-1945). Fuhrer of Germany (1934-1945). He initiated WWII in Europe. Committed suicide in his Berlin bunker by a gunshot to his head.  He was only 56 years old. Our latest Limited Edition Collector’s card. Card 8, in Series #3 of 100 numbered and hand signed collector’s cards created by Stephen Koschal. A very attractive card stock card measuring 8.5”x11”, printed in color and contains a strand of hair from Hitler’s sterling silver, monogrammed hair brush. In mint condition and rare.


Five Presidents, Scarce The White House Color Litho

NIXON, Richard, FORD, Gerald, CARTER, Jimm, BUSH, George and REAGAN, Ronald. Very attractive lithograph, in color of The White House and its gardens filled with tulips and a fountain. Signed in print by the noted and prestigious artist Paul N. Norton.  His paintings can be found in The White House, U.S. Capitol, and Iowa’s Governor’s Mansion and more. He is remembered as a “Master of the Familiar.” In addition, he created the logos for Dairy Queen and Pella Windows.  He painted over 500 watercolors, and many were reproduced by the thousands for the public eager to own his artwork. In 1981, he had an audience with Ronald Reagan while presenting the original watercolor of this lithograph. Measures appx. 18”x24” signed by the five presidents with full signatures. Some light wrinkling in the clear left and right margins that can be either matted out or steamed out. There is plenty of room for more signatures. A quite impressive item.


RARE signed photo of the Dalai Lama and Mother Teresa

DALI LAMA XIV (Tenzin Gyatso). (1935- ) Tibetan religious leader. In 1939 he was recognized as the 14th Dalai Lama in a public declaration. During the 1959 Tibetan uprising he fled to India where he currently lives as a refugee. He is the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize (1989). In 1996 the Chinese Communist Party reinstated the total prohibition of any photograph of the 14th Dalai Lama. Authorities in Tibet have banned photographs in public places and monasteries.  Plain clothes policemen went to hotels and restaurants and ordered all pictures of the Dalai Lama to be removed. His current net worth is $150 million.

MOTHER TERESA (1910-1997).  Albanian-Indian Roman Catholic nun and missionary, known as Saint Teresa of Calcutta. In 1950 she founded the Missionaries of Charity. She was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize (1979) and in 1985 she was presented the Presidential Medal of Freedom from Ronald Reagan. She was closely associated with Pope John Paul II. Pope Francis recognized a second miracle attributed to Mother Teresa. She was canonized on December 17, 2015.  A rare color photograph, possibly one of a kind of the Dalai Lama and Mother Teresa, closeup, holding hands and smiling. Signed “God Bless You M. Teresa mc and signed by the Dalai Lama adding a sentiment in his hand.  Notation on verso states this photo was signed by Mother Teresa during May 1997 very shortly before her passing.  This is the first signed photo of the two we have seen. In fine condition. Can easily be considered a museum piece.


SUPERB Signed Color Photograph of 4 Presidents Who Assembled At The White House Before Departing for Egyptian President Sadat’s Funeral

NIXON, Richard (1913-1994). 37th President of the United States (1969-1974).

FORD, Gerald R. (1913-2006) 38th President of the United States (1974-1977).

CARTER, Jimmy (1924-    ) 39th President of the United States (1977-1981).

REAGAN Ronald (1911-2004) 40th President of the United States (1981-1989).

Superb Color Photograph Signed by 4 U.S. Presidents, smiling, appx. 8”x10”, depicting the four – Nixon, Carter, Ford, and  - Reagan standing together before an American flag. This historic and formal photograph was taken at The White House when the four met there before Nixon, Carter, and Ford (as Reagan’s representatives) departed for Egypt to attend Egyptian President Anwar el-Sadat’s funeral following his assassination (October 6,1981). A superb photograph, and a rare assemblage of signatures on a color photograph. This is one of the rare full sized 8”x10” photographs and not the ones that have a 5”x71/4” image on an 8”x10” photograph. Boldly signed on the image: “Richard Nixon”, “J. Carter’’, ‘Gerald R. Ford”, and “Ronald Reagan” and he adds the date “11/6/87” in his hand (as President).  Reagan’s signature was obtained “in person” by Senator Mark O. Hatfield of Oregon, as a favor for Stephen Koschal.  This is one of two known examples positively signed as president. In MINT condition


FABULOUS, ONE OF A KIND, Signed photograph of

Frank Sinatra, Ava Gardner and Phil Silvers

SINATRA, Frank (1915-1999).  American singer and film actor. Known as ”The Voice.”  He became an idol during the 40’s and 50’s.  Won an Oscar in 1954 for “From Here to Eternity.” One of the wealthiest men in show business.

GARDNER, Eva (1922-1990). U.S. Leading Lady considered one of the most beautiful women in the world.  Best known for her role in The Night of the Iguana. Fans were outraged at Sinatra’s desertion of his wife Nancy and his three children for Ava Gardner. Sinatra was determined to be with the woman of his dreams who was married twice before. Sinatra was still married to Nancy when he and Ava moved into another home together. Ava was known as a “house wrecker.”  Several days subsequent to Sinatra’s final divorce decree from Nancy he married Ava Gardner on 7 November 1951.  IN 1952 they separated, Ava having an affair and after a few rocky years their marriage ended in a Mexican divorce after four years of separation.

SILVERS, Phil  (1912-1985)  Vaudeville comedian and also appeared in some movies. In his hit TV show he will be remembered as  Sgt. Bilko.  His autograph can be called uncommon in any form.

Remarkable photograph, 8”x10” oblong of a very young Sinatra with his celebrity baseball team all dressed in uniform.  Everyone is looking at the camera except for Ava Gardner who is holding  a baseball bat and looking directly at Frank Sinatra having a very pleasing smile.  In addition, also in this photograph is Betty Grable and Virginia Mayo and Phil Silvers. Circa 1946.

This is the ultimate celebrity signed baseball related photograph. Any photograph signed by Sinatra and his wife to can be considered rare. Signed by Phil Silvers is an added bonus. In very good to fine condition


Very Rare First Flight Cover Honolulu-San Francisco Signed by the crew including the world’s most famous pilot at the time, and F. Noonan who disappeared with Amelia Earhart

MUSICK, Capt. Edwin C. (1894-1938). Chief Pilot of Pan American World Airways. Pioneered many of Pan Am’s transoceanic routes, as Capt. Of the China Clipper on its first scheduled crossing of the Pacific in November 1935.  One of the greatest aviation pioneers who set 10 world records.

On July 11, 1938, he took off from Pago Pago and soon after the flight began, he discovered an oil leak in one of the engines.  He dropped fuel to lighten the load and vapors collected around in the wing causing the plane to explode in mid-air causing his death and there were no survivors of the explosion.

SULLIVAN, R.O.D. (1893-1955) Capt. Of the Dixie Clipper that carried the first scheduled passengers across the North Atlantic. First Officer of the First Flight Trans-Pacific 2400-mile return flight in 21 hours against adverse winds from Honolulu to San Francisco.

KING, George Junior Flight Officer of the First flight Trans-Pacific Route from Honolulu-San Francisco Dec. 5, 1935.

WRIGHT, C.D. Engineering officer of the First flight Trans-Pacific Route from Honolulu-San Francisco Dec.5,1935.

JARBOE, W.T. Radio Officer of the First Flight Trans-Pacific Route from Honolulu-San Francisco Dec.5,1935.

Noonan, F.J.  (1893-1937). Aviation pioneer who first chartered many commercial airline routes across the Pacific Ocean. One of the best navigators of his day. Navigating Officer on the First Flight Trans-Pacific Route from Honolulu-San Francisco Dec. 5, 11935.  He left Pan Am and accompanied Amelia Earhart on her ill-fated round the world flight in 1937.

WRIGHT, V.A. Assistant Engineering Officer on the First Flight Trans-Pacific Route from Honolulu-San Francisco Dec. 5, 1935.

Air mail cover, Pan American Airway System with a fine cachet First Flight Trans-Pacific Route 14, Honolulu-San Francisco (Alameda Airport). Cachet includes a China Clipper. U.S. 25 cent Trans-Pacific postage stamp affixed and cancelled Honolulu Dec 5, 1935. On the verso is a postmark San Francisco Dec.6. 1935. In addition on the verso are the hand signed signatures of the entire crew. Their ranks and names are typed below their signatures. A rarity in fine condition


From the Library of Young Sharon Tate

TATE, Sharon (1943-1969) American actress and model. She was hailed as one of Hollywood’s most promising newcomers. She made her film debut in 1961 and her first major role was in “Valley of the Dolls”.  Tate and four others were murdered by members of the Charles Manson family. Tate was 8.5 months pregnant with Roman Polanski’s baby.

POLANSKI, Roman (1933-   ) French/Polish film director, producer, screenwriter and actor. Oscar winner, Best Director (2002).  He is also known for his films “Rosemary’s Baby” and “Chinatown.”

His second marriage was to Sharn Tate (1968-1969). Tate was stabbed 16 times and strangled with a rope. Years later Polanski was arrested for the assault of a 13-year-old girl. He fled the United States and has not returned.

MANSON, Charles (1934-2017) American criminal, cult leader, musician who led the Manson family. According to Manson, the family was responsible for 35 murders. Offered is a book from the library of the young Sharon Tate. Horatio Alger’s” Strive and Succeed” Hurst and Co. Publishers.  Two hundred and eighty-one pages. Signed by a young Sharon Tate on the title page, circa 1954.  According to Debra Tate, Sharon would often write her name in her books, a habit she acquired while in school. On the flyleaf facing the title page, affixed is a portrait of Sharon Tate, along with a bold ink hand signed signature of Roman Polanski. On the front free endpaper is affixed a genuine hand signed signature of Charles Manson cut from a legal document. Book has light wear around the covers and some wear to the bottom of the spine, otherwise it has been well kept.


A Wonderful Starter Set of Presidential Free Franks

Presidential Free Franks are one of the most coveted items collected by serious collectors of presidential signatures. The privilege of franking an envelope was abolished during the latter part of President’s Grant’s term of office.  The U.S. laws permitting franking also required the signature of the sender, along with the word “free”. This rare collection, short a few, is prized by collectors. Some say they give off energy. When you see them and hold them, you’ll have a feast for your eyes.  It is said one can receive unusual vibrations, even looking at their illustrations.  Caregivers of autographs can receive a refreshing boost from simply viewing this collection.  Many of these type items are quickly disappearing from the hobby.

WASHINGTON, George (1732-1799)   Hand addressed by Washinton to Capt. Thomas Arnold. On Public Service.

ADAMS, John (1735-1826) Addressed to his Vice President Elbridge Gerry. Gerry was also a Signer of the Declaration of Independence.

JEFFERSON, Thomas (1743-1826) Addressed to John Dickinson. Dickinson was an influential leader in the Continental Congress. He abstained from voting for Independence and refused to approve the Declaration. Dickinson College in Pennsylvania is named in his honor.

MADISON, James (1751-1836) On a portion of a panel signed “Free James Madison” Written above his name: “Dec.1823, Encl of Wheat from Algiers.….” adding several more lines about wheat being infected by the fly and proving that the fly is not in the grain but eggs laid on the stalk for no fly is found in Algiers, affecting the Wheat.” Originally addressed to someone in Philadelphia.

ADAMS, J. Q. (1767-1848) Address panel, Department of State, “FREE J.Q. Adams” addressed in another hand “His excellency John Adair, Frankfort, KY.”  John Adair was an American pioneer, slave trader, soldier, General in the War of 1812, who led the Kentucky troops into the battle of New Orleans and Governor of Kentucky.

JACKSON, Andrew  (1767-1845)  Bold, Free Franking signature on an address panel addressed in another hand to Miss E.M. Taney Baltimore M.D.

VAN BUREN, Martin (1782-1862) Free Frank, unfolded with center panel “Free M. Van Buren” addressed in Van Buren’s hand to “Mr. George H. Bulland Exeter N.Hampshire.”

TYLER, John  (1790-1862)  Envelope with a Franking signature “J. Tyler” addressed to Hon. J.Y. Mason Secretary of the Navy Washington.  Later he was appointed Attorney General of the U.S.  Reverse retains a full original wax seal.

FILLMORE, Millard (1800-1874). Envelope with a Free Franking signature “Free M. Fillmore V.P.” addressed to John Hancock Esq. Albany N.Y.  Reverse retains a full original wax seal.

PIERCE, Franklin  (1804-1869). Black bordered envelope bearing a Free Franking signature “Free Franklin Pierce.” Addressed to Hon. John Aiken. No.71 Milk St. Boston. Pierce’s last surviving son, Benjamin, was killed in a train accident shortly before Pierce’s inauguration.

BUCHANAN, James  (1791-1868) Very scarce legal size envelope bearing a FREE Franking signature “Free James Buchanan.” Not addressed.

LINCOLN, Abraham  (1809-1865) Rare Free Franking signature “A. Lincoln” handsomely penned on a large envelope, appx. 3.5”x6”. The envelope is addressed entirely in Lincoln’s hand. Lincoln writes : “Admiral Dahlgren.”  He adds in the lower left-corner: “Introducing Capt. Lavender.”  Lincoln free franks are becoming quite rare and to find one with a message also written on the front is quite unusual. Admiral Dalgren commanded the Federal Fleet at Charleston Harbor which had the city’s fortifications under constant watch. Capt. Lavender (an 18-year sea Captain) desired to demonstrate a device for discovering and removing underwater obstacles to vessels which already had Lincoln’s endorsement. The following illustration may be the letter that was originally enclosed in this envelope.

JOHNSON, Andrew (1808-1875) Attractive envelope bearing a Free Franking full signature “Free Andrew Johnson M.C.” Addressed in his hand “D.J. Patterson Esqr Greenville Tenn.”

GARFIELD, James A. (1831-1881) Envelope with a free Franking signature: “J.A. Garfield M.C.” Addressed by Garfield’s hand to “Prof B.A. Hinsdale Alliance Ohio.” Hinsdale served as President of Hiram College. He authored The Works of James A. Garfield. He rose to become one of America’s pioneers in education. Not all franking signatures of Garfield are genuine. Many are signed for him by either a secretary or by his wife Lucretia Garfield.

Some of the Free Franks comes with COA’s from the RAAB Collection, a few from The History Buff, and PSA/DNA. A collection similar to this, will be quite difficult to put together in the future. Net to all


Very Rare A.L.S of Emily Donelson, Unofficial First Lady

DONELSON, Emily (1807-1836) Emily served as the unofficial First Lady from 1829 until her death in 1836. Emily was married to Andrew Jackson Donelson. After Andrew Jackson's wife died, he invited his niece, Emily Donelson, 21 years old, to serve as hostess at the Executive Mansion. A.L.S., 1.5 Pages, 7.5"X10" she writes: My Dear Miss Taney, I have been intending to write to you for some weeks past, but the possibility of seeing you here very soon, has heretofore prevented me. I hope it is not too late to offer my congratulations upon the late result in the Senate. The mess all very much gratified and I am sure no one more so than myself. I hope it will be the means of bringing you all to Washington, although we have but a short time to remain here at any rate you must not forget your promise to pay me a visit this spring. We are quite alone at present and would be very happy if you and Ellen would come some ceremonie and pay some time with us. I have written to Miss Skinne who has also promised us a visit, to know at what time she would come, but expect as her husband is away, she will not be here before the first of May. I shall therefore expect you in the meantime. We have been very gay all winter. There seems to be a _______at present, and your arrival would set us all going again. I am very glad to hear the children have recovered. This fine weather will restore them again. Give my love to your Dear Ma. Tell her she must certainly come and see us, before we go to Tennessee. Present my kind regards to your Papa. My love to all the girls. May sends hers & a kiss to Alice. Believe me Dear Elizabeth to be yours. Truly and affectionately, E. Donelson, Washington April 7th. Letter broken in the folds and taped together in strategic places with tape holding it nicely and not affecting any of the writing. Can barely tell except if held up to the light. A very scarce letter from a young First Lady who lived to be only 29 years old. In over 50 years, this is the first example of an Emily Donelson signed item we have handled


A Wonderful Starter Set of Presidential Free Franks

Presidential Free Franks are one of the most coveted items collected by serious collectors of presidential signatures. The privilege of franking an envelope was abolished during the latter part of President’s Grant’s term of office.  The U.S. laws permitting franking also required the signature of the sender, along with the word “free”. This rare collection, short a few, is prized by collectors. Some say they give off energy. When you see them and hold them, you’ll have a feast for your eyes.  It is said one can receive unusual vibrations, even looking at their illustrations.  Caregivers of autographs can receive a refreshing boost from simply viewing this collection.  Many of these type items are quickly disappearing from the hobby.

WASHINGTON, George (1732-1799)   Hand addressed by Washinton to Capt. Thomas Arnold. On Public Service.

ADAMS, John (1735-1826) Addressed to his Vice President Elbridge Gerry. Gerry was also a Signer of the Declaration of Independence.

JEFFERSON, Thomas (1743-1826) Addressed to John Dickinson. Dickinson was an influential leader in the Continental Congress. He abstained from voting for Independence and refused to approve the Declaration. Dickinson College in Pennsylvania is named in his honor.

MADISON, James (1751-1836) On a portion of a panel signed “Free James Madison” Written above his name: “Dec.1823, Encl of Wheat from Algiers.….” adding several more lines about wheat being infected by the fly and proving that the fly is not in the grain but eggs laid on the stalk for no fly is found in Algiers, affecting the Wheat.” Originally addressed to someone in Philadelphia.

ADAMS, J. Q. (1767-1848) Address panel, Department of State, “FREE J.Q. Adams” addressed in another hand “His excellency John Adair, Frankfort, KY.”  John Adair was an American pioneer, slave trader, soldier, General in the War of 1812, who led the Kentucky troops into the battle of New Orleans and Governor of Kentucky.

JACKSON, Andrew  (1767-1845)  Bold, Free Franking signature on an address panel addressed in another hand to Miss E.M. Taney Baltimore M.D.

VAN BUREN, Martin (1782-1862) Free Frank, unfolded with center panel “Free M. Van Buren” addressed in Van Buren’s hand to “Mr. George H. Bulland Exeter N.Hampshire.”

TYLER, John  (1790-1862)  Envelope with a Franking signature “J. Tyler” addressed to Hon. J.Y. Mason Secretary of the Navy Washington.  Later he was appointed Attorney General of the U.S.  Reverse retains a full original wax seal.

FILLMORE, Millard (1800-1874). Envelope with a Free Franking signature “Free M. Fillmore V.P.” addressed to John Hancock Esq. Albany N.Y.  Reverse retains a full original wax seal.

PIERCE, Franklin  (1804-1869). Black bordered envelope bearing a Free Franking signature “Free Franklin Pierce.” Addressed to Hon. John Aiken. No.71 Milk St. Boston. Pierce’s last surviving son, Benjamin, was killed in a train accident shortly before Pierce’s inauguration.

BUCHANAN, James  (1791-1868) Very scarce legal size envelope bearing a FREE Franking signature “Free James Buchanan.” Not addressed.

LINCOLN, Abraham  (1809-1865) Rare Free Franking signature “A. Lincoln” handsomely penned on a large envelope, appx. 3.5”x6”. The envelope is addressed entirely in Lincoln’s hand. Lincoln writes : “Admiral Dahlgren.”  He adds in the lower left-corner: “Introducing Capt. Lavender.”  Lincoln free franks are becoming quite rare and to find one with a message also written on the front is quite unusual. Admiral Dalgren commanded the Federal Fleet at Charleston Harbor which had the city’s fortifications under constant watch. Capt. Lavender (an 18-year sea Captain) desired to demonstrate a device for discovering and removing underwater obstacles to vessels which already had Lincoln’s endorsement. The following illustration may be the letter that was originally enclosed in this envelope.

JOHNSON, Andrew (1808-1875) Attractive envelope bearing a Free Franking full signature “Free Andrew Johnson M.C.” Addressed in his hand “D.J. Patterson Esqr Greenville Tenn.”

GARFIELD, James A. (1831-1881) Envelope with a free Franking signature: “J.A. Garfield M.C.” Addressed by Garfield’s hand to “Prof B.A. Hinsdale Alliance Ohio.” Hinsdale served as President of Hiram College. He authored The Works of James A. Garfield. He rose to become one of America’s pioneers in education. Not all franking signatures of Garfield are genuine. Many are signed for him by either a secretary or by his wife Lucretia Garfield.

Some of the Free Franks comes with COA’s from the RAAB Collection, a few from The History Buff, and PSA/DNA. A collection similar to this, will be quite difficult to put together in the future. Net to all


Early 1846 A.D.S., Legal Brief signed twice by Lincoln
Lincoln Appointed Guardian ad litem for underage child Emily Bailey

LINCOLN, Abraham (1809-1865).  Sixteenth President of the United States. Autograph document signed “A. Lincoln” and “Abraham Lincoln”.   Tremont, Tazewell County, September 1846.  Document measures 7.5 by 10.5 inches.

Autograph legal brief, one full page entirely in the hand of Lincoln and signed by him, dating from his legal work for the Eighth Circuit Court of Illinois.

Lincoln’s legal briefs are now increasingly important owing to recent interests by The Lincoln Legal Papers in Springfield in compiling and publishing his cases. Lincoln’s professional life remains surprisingly inaccessible to historians though the problem in this realm is largely archival.  The documents from Lincoln’s legal practice are only recently being systematically gathered from Illinois courthouses.  We do know that Lincoln was admitted to the bar in 1836 and quickly became John Todd Stuart’s law partner. Lincoln was a diligently successful lawyer, and if, as is the case with some practitioners, he left no mark on the law, he nevertheless became a lawyer’s lawyer, participating in over 350 cases before the Illinois Supreme Court. This document dates from the time Lincoln ran his own law firm with William H. Herndon as his junior associate. Lincoln had just been elected to congress for the first time but had not yet begun to serve.  In this document Lincoln is appointed guardian ad litem for the child Emily Bailey.  The case concerns a sale of land made by her father right before his death.  The separate answer of Abraham Lincoln appointed by the court guardian ad litem of Emily B. Bailey one of the defendants in the above-entitled case [Peter A. Brower vs. Jane Bailey, et al] are in fact under the age of eighteen years…to the court that he is wholly ignorant of the matters and things contained in the bill of wrongful behavior filed…by Jane Bailey + Nelson G. Edwards other defendants—and therefore….and be held to strict….of his said bill.  A. Lincoln. Guardian ad litem of Emily B. Bailey.  The court ruled in favor of the plaintiff by ordering Bailey’s administrators to convey the deed upon Brower’s payment of the balance due.  The case was presided over by Judge Samuel H. Treat, Eighth Circuit Court of Illinois. The document is dated on the verso “September 11, 1846.”

Besides the document all being written on one side and having both variations of Lincoln’s signature, which is extremely desirable, and considering the amount of Lincoln’s handwriting, this is a choice piece of Lincolniana. In good to very good condition, light creasing in the fold, some toning from prior framing, and three small pieces of acid free document tape on verso


It is Believed that Only 5 Covers Were Carried on this Around the World Flight
POST, Wiley (1899-1935). American aviator and first pilot to fly solo around the world. Killed is a plane crash in August 1935 along with Will Rogers. Cover with the cachet of A. Wittnauer Co. Watches of New York addressed to J.P.V. Heinmuller of A. Wittnauer Co. New York.  An 8 cent Air Mail stamp cancelled July 15, N.Y.  1933 and another 8-cent stamp added on arrival cancelled Aug.3 1933. Printed in red: “Flown Historical Cover Carried by Wiley Post in First Solo Flight Around the World Record in 7 day 18 hours and 49 minutes.” Signed by Wiley Post.  Cover in fine condition. Included is an article, 2 pages, from “The Airpost Journal the official Publication of the American Airmail Society, January 2012-Vol.83, Number 1”  by Bob Dille. He writes of this cover: “I have never seen one.” “I once offered. $5,000 for one unseen, but the owner wanted $8500.”  This exact cover was purchased on December 17, 1999 for $5,514.00.  In June 2012 one of the other covers sold for $8,625.00 at Cherrystone Philatelic Auctioneers. collection.


Choice Apollo II Insurance Cover from the Buzz Aldrin Estate
ARMSTRONG, Neil (1930-2012), ALDRIN, Buzz (1930-   ) and COLLINS, Michael (1930-2021)

This “Type 3” cover is the scarcest of the three Apollo Insurance covers and today is the ultimate space related philatelic item. Dated July 16, 1969, the day of the launch. A fabulous, large, colorful cachet of the crew mission emblem is on the left side of the cover. Affixed is one Apollo 8 six cent stamp, cancelled by a stamped NASA rocket launching. The signatures of the three astronauts were signed within days of Armstrong and Aldrin’s first historic walk on the moon. A box of covers, most likely 100 signed by all three, were stolen from the Kennedy Space Center’s crews’ quarters which were to be used as insurance covers. The mystery of these covers is still unknown.

In September 2014, one of these covers sold for $26,031 at auction. In October 2015, one of these covers sold for $13,317. In April 2016, one of these covers sold for $13,642. The three autographs on this cover are choice. This cover is in Mint condition and is an heirloom to remember and treasure. From the prestigious Ralph Swap autograph collection.


Very Scarce Himmler calling card with T.N.S. and Signature
HIMMLER, Heinrich (1900-1945). Nazi Reichsfuhrer-SS. Chief of the German Police; Minister of the Interior. One of the most powerful men in Nazi Germany. Main architect of the Holocaust.
He was hunted by the allies and was captured. He committed suicide by taking a hidden potassium cyanide pill. His personal calling card with his name imprinted. On the verso is a typed note regarding best wishes for a birthday, Heil Hitler! Dated 24.5.1944.  Signed “Herzlich Ihr (Fondly) H. Himmler.”  In fine condition with a nice bold fountain pen closing and signature. Together with a 2009 COA from History In Ink


Scarce A.L.S. Baseball Content
CARTER, Jimmy (1924- ) 39th President of the United States.  One of his major accomplishments was to help negotiate peace between Israel and Egypt. Collector’s letter to Carter, in part: “ know my uncle Dick ‘Lefty” O’Neal the only White, Negro League Baseball Player....who are your favorite baseball players in the Negro League…was there a Negro League in Plains...” Carter writes at the bottom of the letter using black ink: “Jackie: Lefty is a fine man- We never  had a Negro team in Plains, and (Carter switches to a pen with blue ink) Satchel Paige & Josh Wilson were my favorites- Best wishes Jimmy C.” Jimmy Carter typically signed his name this way on handwritten letters. Dick O’Neal was the only person to cross baseball’s black color line and holds the distinction of being the only white baseball player to pitch for two teams in the Negro Leagues (1972-75). In 2012 O’Neal was guest speaker at the Presidential Jimmy Carter Historical site in Plains, Georgia. Together with the original envelope postmarked Atlanta, GA 17 February 2012.


Recipient of the 1979 Nobel Peace Prize
Blessed TERESA of Calcutta  (1910-1997).  Known as Mother Teresa, a Roman Catholic Religious Sister and Missionary. She was beatified in 2003 and destined to become a Saint. She was canonized a saint in 2016. Known as the Saint of the Gutters. Fabulous portrait, B&W, full face showing her advanced age. Measures appx: 4”x4”. On the verso is written: “Received in mail June 26, 1997.”  This is just several weeks before her passing. One of her last autographs. She has written: “God bless you M. Teresa MC.” Together with a prayer card of Mother Teresa which bears an original relic.  The two items are outstanding.


The King of Pop
JACKSON, Michael  (1970-2009). American singer, songwriter, and dancer. Best known as The King of Pop. Regarded as one of the most significant cultural figures of the 20th century. He was a global figure in popular culture. His 1982 album “Thriller” is credited with breaking the racial barrier. He sold 300 million records worldwide. Fabulous Backstage Guest Pass for the “Dangerous World Tour,” June 1992-November 1993.   Pass, in color portraying the head of Michael Jackson wearing a mask with a Pepsi advertisement above his name. Boldly hand signed “Michael Jackson.” Along with a copy of a Certificate of Authenticity from Michael Jackson, MJJ Productions, Neverland. Very, very scarce. In Mint condition


Two Men Who Created The 1st Christmas Card
COLE, Sir Henry (1808-1882) Educator, inventor, founded the South Kensington Museum, now the Victoria and Albert Museum. Prince Albert’s right hand man. Cole, in 1843, introduced the world’s first commercial Christmas card. Cole also set up the uniform penny post. British authors responded to the trend with Charles Dickens writing  A Christmas Carol in 1843 and other Christmas themed stories. Autograph letter signed, 2 pages, embossed seal of Council on Education, Kensington Museum now the Victoria and Albert Museum, 6 February, no year. To Thomas Twining. In part:  “send you the enclosed paper which is to be brought before the Committee on Musical Education, which I am sure will be happy to receive from you any suggestions ...” Very boldly signed. Cole commissioned John Callcott Horsley to be the illustrator of the Christmas card.
HORSLEY, John Callcott 
(1817-1903).  He was a painter of genre and historical scenes, illustrator, and the designer of the first Christmas card. Autograph letter signed 3 pages “at I.K. Brunel’s Esq. Watcombe, nr Torquay, 8 December 1856. To R. Cole, announcing the  completion of the little picture of Lady Jane Grey...where my studio is and ask to see Mrs. Horsley my mother…this is larger and has taken more time than the Jealous will be the same price 40.0.0 including the frame…you will find me in the R.A. catalogue  for 1853...I am very hard at work and shall be happy to show you the result towards the end of January…” Signed “J.C. Horsley.” In fine condition. Together with an attractive vintage photograph of Horsley.
At Christies Auction one of Cole’s/Horsley’s original Christmas cards sold for 22,000 £.  Anything signed by Cole or Horsley can be considered quite scarce.  The collection

Rare  1931 Typed Letter Signed of Untouchables Leader Eliot Ness
NESS, Eliot  (1903-1957).  Special Agent of the U.S. Justice Department. He was hired in 1929 and assigned to head its anti-Prohibition efforts in Chicago, Illinois.  His goal was to end the criminal career of Al Capone which he did by securing evidence that led to Capone’s conviction for tax evasion. His efforts in frustrating Chicago organized crime during the 30’s and 40’s is legendary. He led a 9-man team known as “The Untouchables”, each man unbribable.  Ness was also responsible for the downfall of Capone’s successor Frank Nitti and the capture of John Dillinger.  In 1935, Ness was lured by the City of Cleveland to become their Safety Director, a position established to help and rid the police department of corruption.  His efforts were successful and by the 1940’s, the Cleveland Police Department was a model of efficiency with criminal activity greatly curtailed. During WWII, he was Director of the Division of Social Protection of the Federal Security Agency in Washington, DC.  Eliot Ness died in 1957, just months before his book The Untouchables was published.  The book went on to become the basis for the extremely popular 1960’s TV series starring Robert Stack and the 1987 movie of the same name featuring Kevin Costner as Eliot Ness.
Typed letter signed on the stationary of Treasury Department, Department of Justice, Bureau of Prohibition, Office of Special Agent in Charge. Chicago, Illinois, September 1, 1931, to L.B. Chapman, Special Agent 2248 Transportation Building, Chicago. Ness writes to the agent that he is authorized to use his personal automobile on official government business in connection with the investigation of Case No. will be reimbursed for gasoline and oil....a copy of this letter should be attached to your expense account....” Signed in ink “Eliot Ness.”  This letter was written during the time Capone’s seven-year reign as crime boss ended and he went to prison at the age of 33
Very minor chipping on some parts of the edges otherwise very good condition.  Letters of Ness are very scarce not to mention the date on this letter is during the very active capture and conviction of Al Capone

PRESLEY, Elvis  (1935-1977).  American singer, songwriter, and actor. An icon of the 20th century. Known as The King of Rock and Roll.  In 1972, Elvis and Pricilla separated, and they filed for divorce in August. Elvis became very depressed. His divorce took effect in October 1973 and he became increasingly unwell.  During this time his autograph was changing, and it experienced many variations.  Twice he overdosed on barbiturates. He spent three days in a coma and toward the end of 1973 he was hospitalized.  During 1974, he undertook an intensive touring schedule. In September 1974 his condition declined further and at one point he fell out of his limousine and on to his knees. During his next concert he appeared to be drugged.  Offered is an “in person” obtained signature, cut from a larger page that contained other celebrity signatures. Signature is super large and in fine condition.  Together with a fabulous photo of Priscella Presley (1945-    ) American actress  and businesswoman and former wife of Elvis Presley. Married to Elvis for 6 years. Divorced in 1973.  Photograph by Jeff Katz, 8”x10”, B&W,, head and shoulders pose. Inscribed and signed in white ink: “Dear Shaun- Good Luck with your autograph collection, Priscella Presley.” After her signature she draws a happy face.

El SADAT, Anwar (1918-1981).  Third President of Egypt (1970-1981). Vice-President and Prime Minister of Egypt. As President he led Egypt into the Yom Kipper War of 1973. He became a hero in Egypt.  He won a Noble Peace Prize making him the first Muslim Nobel Laureate. Awarded the U.S. Congressional Gold Medal. Assassinated on October 6, 1981.
Wonderful content T.L.S. as president on his official Presidential stationery dated Cairo, Sept. 24, 1980.  He writes in part: “...I have received your kind message through which you expressed your admiration of my attitude towards the late Shah and members of his family.” “ my deep thanks to you for your kind 10 dollar cheque which you were good enough to send me as a contribution on your part to establishing the Compound of Religions in Sinai.”
“It delights me very much, on this occasion, to hail your humanitarian feelings and noble sentiments as well as your highly appreciated keenness to support this project which will help deepening the correct understanding of the Heavenly Messages and serving the principles of justice, fraternity and peace.”  Very boldly signed in English. In very fine condition

One of the Best Players in NBA History

RUSSELL, Bill  (1934-2022)  Retired professional basketball player. Played center for the Boston Celtics. Five-time NBA Most Valuable Player and twelve-time All-Star.  Considered one of the best players in NBA history.  Winner of Olympic Gold Medal.  Very scarce 8X10” color photograph of Russell taking his favorite defensive shot. Boldly signed “Bill Russell” adding in his hand “#6  160/300” of signed photos. This photo comes with a matching numbered Certificate of Authenticitys

Collection, Signed Football Immortals cards

FOOTBALL IMMORTALS cards. 1985. The following cards are signed and in near mint condition.
ADDERLEY, Herb card #6, ATKINS, Doug card #8, BADGRO, Morris card #9, BEDNARIK, Chuck card # 14, BELL, Bobby card #16, BERRY, Raymond card #12, BROWN, Paul card #19, BROWN, Roosevelt card # 20, BROWN, Willie card #35, BUTKUS,  Dick card #36, ̣ CANADEO, Tony card # 33, CONNOR, George card # 30, DAVIS, Willie card # 28,  DONOVAN, Art card # 25, DUDLEY, Bill card # 37, EWBANK, Weeb card #39, FEARS, Tom card #40, FLAHERTY, Ray card # 21, FORTMANN, Dan card #23,  GATSKI, Frank card # 3, GIFFORD, Frand card #43, GRAHAM, Otto card #41,  GRANGE, Red card #42, GREENE, Joe card #138,  GREGG, Forrest card # 45, HEIN, Mel card #50, HUNT, Lamar card #58, HIRSCH, Elroy card # 55, HUTSON, Don card #59, LARY, Yale card #66, LILLY, Bob card # 70, LUCKMAN, Sid card #72, JONES (Deacon) David card #60, JURGENSEN, Sonny card #61, MARCHETTI, Gino card #75, MATSON, Ollie card #77, McAFEE, George card #78, McELHENNY, Hugh card #80, MITCHELL, Bobby card #84, MOTLEY, Marion card #87,  MOORE, Leonard card #86, MUSSO, George card #88, NAGURSKI, Bronco card #89,  OTTO, Jim card #95, PARKER, Clarence card #97, ROZELLE, Pete card #1, ROBUSTELLI, Andy card # 104, STAUBACH, Roger card #5,  TARKENTON, Fran card # 135, UPSHAW, Gene card # 140, UNITAS, Johnny card #120 and WARFIELD, Paul card  #123.
Collection of 52 signed cards

Last Czar of Russia - Nicholas II

NICHOLAS II.  (1868-1918). Last Czar of Russia (1894-1918).  Executed along with his family by the Bolsheviks.   His reign was marred by war and revolution. He was forced to abdicate on March 15, 1917 and was held captive for over a year before his execution.  Document signed, one page, appx. 9”x13”, Russian rubber stamp date of May 9, 1914.  Imprinted heading “Edict To The Capitulum of Russian Imperial and Royal Orders  The typed text is translated as follows: “To show my appreciation to Christian Teacher-Attorney of Hasaret teachers gymnasium of the Imperial Christian Palestinian Society and to the Principal Nasaret Male School to Konstantin Kanaz, we gave him a title of “Kovaler” of my Imperior and a medal St. Anna Third Degree. After that I order to give everything that I said above to tis person for his rewards.’ In very fine condition bearing a choice signature of Nicholas II.  Together with a fine portrait of Nicholas II and a genuine Russian Empire Nikolai II, 15 Kopeks 1914 silver coin. The three items.

Very RARE Sheet Music Signed by Richard Strauss

STRAUSS, Richard (1864-1949).  German composer, conductor, pianist, and violinist.  Considered a leading composer of the late Romantic and early modern eras.  He has been described as a successor to Richard Wagner and Franz Liszt. Strauss was initially drawn into cooperating with the early Nazi regime in the hope that Hitler-an ardent Wagnerian and music lover who had admired Strauss's work.
Strauss considered the Streicher-Goebbels Jew-baiting as a disgrace to German honor, as evidence of incompetence. Meanwhile, far from being an admirer of Strauss's work,
Joseph Goebbels maintained expedient cordiality with Strauss only for a period. Goebbels wrote in his diary: Unfortunately, we still need him, but one day we shall have our own music and then we shall have no further need of this decadent neurotic.
Strauss's music had a considerable influence on composers at the start of the 20th century.
Le Legend de Joseph, Sheet music for the piano, Paris 1914, 115 Pages. One act opera.  On the front free endpaper, the composer has inscribed, signed in full, and dated this item "Milan, 21.3.28.".
Bookplate of Vincenzo Celli, who played a part in this opera.  Folio in size, bound in hardcover. Title page professionally restored around the edges otherwise in very good condition. Composed in the years 1912-1914, the Russian Ballet Season opened with Le Legend de Joseph premiering at the Paris Opera on 14 May 1914.  Quite rare as such.

Autograph Album -  1950’S Rock Stars- Buddy Holly +++

Autograph Album, once belonged to Jimmy Oliver Atkinson who attended Oliver Hazard Perry School. He graduated June 17, 1955. The front portion of this album contains signatures of students and his teachers.  The last half of this album is signed by: Marylon Gayle, The Shepard Sisters, Buddy Holly & The Crickets, Phil Everly, George Hamiton IV, Don Everly, Martha, The Shepard Sisters, Paul Anka, Jimmy Edwards, Charlotte, The Tune Weavers, Billy Brown, Bobby Scholl, Mellow Kings, Margie Rayburn, The Hollywood Flames, Jimmy Clanton, Clyde McPhatter and Bobby Darin. A choice assemblage of Rock and Roll singers. Most on one side of the page. $2,500.00

Remarkable & Important Letter from Frank Lloyd Wright

WRIGHT, Frank Lloyd   (1867-1959). American architect, interior designer and writer. He designed more than 1,000 structures. Wright was the most influential architect of his time.  He adapted his buildings to the local environment using the colors, forms and textures of nature to furnish the aesthetic as well as the functional requirements of those that would inhabit the structure. Wright's most notable structures are the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo (1922); Fallingwater in Mill Run, Pennsylvania (1936); and the Guggenheim Museum in New York City (1959), along with his homes Taliesin in Spring Green, Wisconsin (1911); and Taliesin West in Phoenix, Arizona (1938). He also wrote several books, including An Organic Architecture (1939), When Democracy Builds (1946), and An American Architecture (1955).
REBAY, Baroness Hilla von (1890-1967)  German abstract artist who immigrated to the U.S. in 1927. She settled in New York City and became the key figure in advising Solomon Guggenheim to collect art. She reached out to Frank Lloyd Wright and was influential for him to design a museum for her patron Solomon Guggenheim. Hilla von Rebay co-founded and was the first director of the Solomon Guggenheim Museum, a position she held for thirteen years. After Guggenheims death, the family expelled her from the Board of Directors. When the new museum opened in 1959 she was not invited to the opening. She never set foot in the museum she created.
GUGGENHEIM, Solomon (1861-1949). Businessman and art collector.
Remarkable and important typed letter signed by Frank Lloyd Wright to Hilla von Rebay of the Museum of Non Objective Painting, 1071 5th Ave. New York City. Wright writes: “Dear Hilla Rebay,  My thoughts are with you my dear and the Guggenheim family.  Its not going to be easy without Solomon and I think it is wise to wait with construction until we can meet with the lawyer after Solomons services.  I spoke briefly with Peggy and the family has made arrangements at Salem Fields Cemetery in Brookln.  I will travel from Taliesin East the day before. With deepest sympathy, Signed in full, Frank Lloyd Wright.  November 5, 1949.”   Solomon Guggenheim died on November 3rd.  Family members especially Peggy (mentioned in this letter) Solomon’s niece found Hilla’s personality very difficult to work with. Letter in very good condition. $1,550.00

Signed by 15 of the 24 Astronauts Who Flew To The Moon

NASA color lithograph, signed by 15 of the 24 Astronauts To Fly To The Moon, Including 7 Moon Walkers.  NASA color lithograph, 10”x8”, portrait of the moon taken in December 1972 by the Apollo 17 Mission. Signed by 15 of the 24 men who flew to the Moon including 9 of whom are moonwalkers. Those who have signed are: Buzz Aldrin, Dave Scott, Tom Stafford, Alan Shepard, Harrison Schmitt, Charles Conrad, Al Worden, James Lovell, Alan Bean, Charlie Duke, Edgar Mitchell, Richard Gordon, Frank Borman, Fred Haise and Gene Cernan.  Each astronaut has added their mission number below their signatures. All have signed in black Sharpie.  A remarkable item, the finest of this type we have seen.  In very fine conditionr. SOLD

Morrison Hotel Signed by all four of The Doors

MORRISON, Jim (1943-1971).  Vocals and lead singer.
KRIEGER, Robbie (1946-  ) Guitar
MANZAREK, Ray  (1939-2019) Piano and organ
DENSMORE, John (1944-  ) Drums Their popular album folding cover for “Morrison Hotel”, Elektra Records, 1970. Album cover opens to 12”X24” depicting a color spread of the original four members of The Doors sitting in the Hard Rock Café, at the bar with Morrison having a bottle of beer.  Inscribed by each member offering very good contrast.  “To Danny John Densmore.”  “Danny Boy Robbie Krieger”, “Cheers Dan J. Morrison, The Doors” and ‘’To Danny Ray Manzarek”. The story that was told with this album is that “Danny” was Danny Sugarman, the President of The Doors Fan Club (1968-1971) and their second manager. Sugarman sold this album in 1982 to our source. This album was on display in Sugarman’s office for about 10 years. Sugarman was also Iggy Pop’s manager and they both ended up in a mental hospital suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. Sugarman idolized Morrison even having the same haircut and wearing similar clothing.  Signatures of all four of The Doors on one piece is of extreme rarity. All four signatures on this named album may be one of a kind.  Record not included, light wear to some portion of the very edges of the cover. $12,500.00

Signed “The Catcher in the Rye”

SALINGER, J.D.  (1919-2010) American writer best known for his 1951 novel The Catcher In  The Rye. A reclusive writer who won acclaim early in life. He gave his last interview in 1980. Very Scarce signed copy of J.D. Salinger’s “The Catcher in the Rye” with extraordinary provenance. New York: Bantam Books. Later paperback edition. Measures 4″ x 6.75″. Signed on the inside front cover with his desirable bold, black ink signature. Comes with the original USPS Certified return receipt addressed to Jerome David Salinger and hand signed for him by John R. McCuley agent, dated 5/5/88.  Together with a very lengthy autograph letter signed from noted autograph collector Pete Connolly of New York. Six pages in length dated 8/17/93 describing in detail how he was able to get this book signed. He tricked Salinger making him believe he was one of the two photographers back in April 1988 that took pictures of Salinger and Salinger in an angry manner was going to attack the photographers.  Salinger was in an uproar. Connolly wrote that he sent Salinger many books to be signed over several years that Salinger kept and that was robbery of personal property.  Two books were sent to Salinger (this is one of them) to be signed or Salinger would be sued for assault and that was the bargain….I believe what happened with Salinger is that he got scared. I didn’t really mean to alarm him it was semi-blackmail, but he kept my property.   Connolly talks about his experiences with Greta Garbo and Bob Dylan in the streets.  A fascinating letter.  Salinger signed his name two different ways this is one of them.  Book is nice, tight with light wear along the edges of the covers, Set in a custom made box. SOLD

WARHOL, Andy  (1928-1987). American artist, leading figure in the visual art movement known as Pop Art. Wonderful signature, possibly the bottom of an autograph letter, signed adding the date “1975” and drawing an original Campbell Soup can. One mailing fold otherwise in very fine condition, excellent for framing. SOLD

"in Person" Signature, 51 days before Lennon's Assassination
LENNON, John  (1940-1980).  English singer, songwriter and founding member of the Beatles.  John Lennon was one of the greatest figures in popular music during the 1960's.  Choice, very bold "in person" signature adding the date "80" in his hand.  Irregularly torn from a music magazine  Notation in pencil on verso states autograph obtained at the entrance to the Dakota Building Saturday, Oct, 18th.  This is just 51 days before his assassination.
ONO, Yoko  (1933-    )
Vocalist ,pianist, artist, songwriter and peace activist. Wife of John Lennon. One of the most iconic couples in the world.
ONO, Sean  (1975-   ) 
Musician, son of John and Oko Lennon.  Fabulous color photograph, 8”x10” of the two, side by side, close up of their faces. Signed in white ink, “Love Yoko” and signed by Sean.  Excellent contrast. The pair $1775.00

A Rare collection of Signed Photographs of the 12 Men who Walked on the Moon
(11930-2021) Apollo 11 -WSS Nasa photo signed
ALDRIN, Buzz  
(1930-   ) Apollo 11,  Nasa photo WSS signed
CONRAD, Charles  
(1930-1999) Apollo 12,  Nasa photo, WSS, signed
BEAN, Alan  
(1932-2018) Apollo 12, Nasa photo, WSS, inscribed and signed
(1923-1998)  Apollo 14,  Nasa photo,  Apollo 14 liftoff, insc/signed
(1930-2016). Apollo 14, Nasa photo WSS signedSCOTT, Dave  1932-   ) Apollo 15, WSS, signed
(1930-1991) Apollo 15, saluting flag on moon, “His love from the moon” signed
YOUNG, John 
(1930-2018) Apollo 16, Nasa photo in flight jacket. Inscribed and signed
DUKE, Charles  
1935-  ) Apollo 16, WSS, signed
CERNAN, Eugene 
(1934-2017) Apollo 17, WSS inscribed “From the Moon” and signed
SCHMITT, Harrison  H.  (
1935-   ) Apollo 17,  WSS. signed, adding “Apollo 17”
All twelve photographs in fine condition. A remarkable collection. $7,750.00

Rare Souvenir Folder Commemorating the Israeli Scroll of Independence Postage Stamp
MEIR, Golda
 (1898-1978).  Russian-born American raised, Israeli politician and political leader. She signed the Israeli Scroll of Independence in 1948. She cried uncontrollably as she signed the Scroll. She was Prime Minister of The State of Israel (1969-1974). She led her country in the 1973 war against the Arabs.  Fabulous folder commemorating the 25th Years of Independence of Israel. Original Israeli postage stamp depicting the Israeli Scroll of Independence, postmarked Tel Aviv 3/5/73.  Below the stamp is an ink, “full” signature of Golda Meir in Hebrew. On the cover is a green ink stamp of the Israeli Stamp & Autograph Collectors.  The first of these we have seen. Mint condition. $495.00

U.S.S. CONSTITUTION (OLD IRONSIDES)  Wooden-hulled, 3 masted, 44 guns, heavy frigate  of the United States Navy. Launched in 1797, she is the world’s oldest commissioned naval vessel. Her name was submitted to George Washington by the Secretary of War.  Her mission was to protect America against France and to defeat the Barbary Pirates.  She is most noted for her action during the War of 1812 against the British. She defeated five of their war ships.  The U.S.S. Constitution circled he world in the 1840’s.  She retired from active service in 1881.   In 1925 she started to undergo restoration. During 1926, the famous marine artist Gordon Grant painted a portrait of her making prints which helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for her restoration. In 1935 she completed a 90-port tour of our nation. She is presently berthed at Pier 1 at one end of Boston’s freedom Trail.
Original Gordon Grant color print (circa 1926) of the U.S.S. Constitution, signed in the print near the lower left portion.  Framed in original oak wood from the hull of the vessel. The wood frame is a generous 2 inches wide held together with iron straps taken from the ship during the 1926-1931 restoration.  On the bottom portion of the frame is a brass plaque stating: “THIS MATERIAL WAS TAKEN FROM THE HULL OF THE U.S.S. CONSTITUTION KEEL LAID 1794 REBUILDING 1927.”  Overall size appx: 19”x24”.  Perfect for display on a yacht, a nautical designed home, or a seafood restaurant.  A wonderful piece of historical Americana. $475.00

Large original sketch of Snoopy dressed in his flying gear

SCHULZ, Charles. (1922-2000). American comic-strip artist. Creator of the extremely popular comic strip Peanuts. Original drawing of Snoopy dressed in his flying gear on a 8.5”x11” cardstock. Accomplished using a black ink Sharpie pen and signed “Schulz.” In excellent condition, perfect for your favorite frame. SOLD

Very Rare, heavy Jiugong carved Meteorite

Very RARE 371.7 grams. Dronino iron/nickel meteorite, Jiugong carving pendant.
[Product Name]: 371.7g dronino iron meteorite A0586 carving pendant jiugong.
[product weight]: 371.7g
[Product Size]as picture

[Product material]:
The Dronino meteorite is a 40 kilograms (88 lb) iron/nickel meteorite that was found in the Ryazan Oblast of Russia in July 2000. It is classified as an ataxite.
The meteorite is named after the village Dronino where it was found.[1] The meteorite was discovered by Oleg Gus’kov in July 2000 on his way home from mushroom collecting near the village of Dronino (54.746667 N 41.42166 E). He noticed a rusty piece of iron protruding from the ground. Suspecting it to be a meteorite but unable to exhume it, he returned the next day with a shovel and wheelbarrow. He brought the meteorite to his house, where it lay in his garden for the next two years. In this time the meteorite broke into three pieces. Gus’kov sawed one of the pieces apart upon which he realized that it was definitely a meteorite. After that he alerted different experts of his discovery. In early 2003, a piece was identified as a meteorite in Vernad (Vernad on Russian Wikipedia). Suspecting that Gus’kov had only found a fragment of a larger meteorite.  Different search parties went to Dronino in summer 2003 and discovered more than 600 fragments with a total mass of about 3,000 kilograms (6,600 lb), the largest being 250 kilograms (550 lb).
JIUGONG, is the 9 places of the ancient Chinese astronomers dividing the heavenly palace into 9 equal parts. They can observe the sky from the ground at night.  Qi Yao and the stars move, you can know the direction and the seasons. Twenty-four solar terms, time, space and numbers match to form the basic pattern of structure.

Meteorites are sold usually by weight.  Our Jiugong weighs a whopping 371.7 grams more than double plus an additional 52 grams over one that our competitor is selling.

Competitor’s Meteorite on eBay
  Actual value of our meteorite pendant is worth over $6300.00.  Our price is $3,500.00 along with free shipping.

LUGOSI, Bela  (1882-1956). Hungarian actor forever famous as Dracula. He appeared in many other horror films.  Uncommon half-length profile pose, in a sitting position, smoking a pipe. Black and white, 5”x7”, inscribed and signed: “To Henry Capelle, Sincerely, Bela Lugosi.” Lugosi used a dark ink fountain pen. He basically wrote across his dark jacket, yet fairly easily read. In very good condition. $950.00

LINCOLN, A. (1809-1865).  Sixteenth President of the United States.    Very good dark signature adding the date “April 22, 1862” in his hand.  April was a busy month for Lincoln.  The day before he signed the Act of April 21,1862 authorizing a U.S. Mint facility at Denver, Colorado.  On April 16, 1862 President Lincoln signed the Act of April 16,1862, a bill ending slavery in the District of Columbia. Passage of this Act came just eight and one-half months before issuing the Emancipation Proclamation. $6,500.00

George Washington D.S. along with his four Directors of the Potomac Company
Includes the Rare signature of Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court
Thomas Johnson

WASHINGTON, George (1732-1799). Founding Father and the first President of the United States (1789-1799).  General Washington led Patriotic Forces to victory in the nation’s war for independence as Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War.
JOHNSON, Thomas (1732-1819).  First elected Governor of Maryland. Johnson and Washington formed a company to extend navigation of the Potomac River. Johnson became one of the four directors of the company. In 1791, Johnson accepted the nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court. He wrote the first documented opinion of the Court. Johnson was appointed by George Washington as Chairman of the Board of Commissioners to lay out the Capitol City. He was the first to call the city Washington. Johnson attended the Maryland Convention in 1788 where he successfully urged the state’s ratification of the U.S. Constitution. Thomas Jefferson recommended Johnson for Secretary of State but the offer was refused due to poor health.
GILPIN, George (1740-1813). Merchant, surveyor, and Colonel in the militia who accompanied George Washington as they fought through New Jersey. He was one of the four directors of the Potomac Company. The Gilpin Map was the plan of the town of Alexandria, Virginia. Gilpin was one of the pallbearers at Washington’s funeral.
FITZGERALD, John (unknown-1799). George Washington’s aide-de-camp. Served with Washington at Valley Forge, and the battles of Princeton and Trenton.  He founded the Bank of Alexandria and the Alexandria Library. He got George Washington to donate to building the first Catholic Church in Virginia. One of the four directors of the Potomac Company.
LEE, Thomas Sim (1745-1819) Second State Governor of Maryland (1779-1782).  Important participant in the process of the creation of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. He participated in the Annapolis Convention which transformed the colony into the State of Maryland.  He owned over 200 slaves. One of the four directors of the Potomac Company.
The Potomac Company was created in 1785 to make improvements to the Potomac River and improve navigability for commerce.
Very scarce manuscript document signed, 2 pp (recto and verso) Alexandria, as this receipt indicates, on October 3, 1786 “The within allowed for 16 Pounds virga (Virginia) Currency. Very boldly signed by five, George Washington, Th. Johnson, George Gilpin, John Fitzgerald and Tho. S. Lee.
Below is a note in manuscript: “Alexandria, October 4, 1786 rec’d of Wm. Hartshorne, Treasurer of Potomac Company the above Sixteen pounds, allowed by the President & Directors. Fr. Hamilton.”
The other side is an a.l.s. from a Francis Hamilton writing “To The Honorable President and
Directors of the Potomac Company now present at the great falls. In a lengthy letter Hamilton
writes about his framed house of 30 feet long and 20 feet wide with a stone chimney which was
entirely destroyed last Christmas by powder.  At the head of Shannandock Falls.”  He continues
by recommending a man who was familiar with the house before it was destroyed. Apparently, the
Potomac Company may have been expanding the width of the river by blowing it up with
“powder” which destroyed the house of Francis Hamilton. This document is in very good condition
except for a paper tape repair to a blank margin 1.25” long, not affecting any of the writing These
type documents are very scarce and almost never signed by the President and all four of the
directors. The signature of Thomas Johnson is usually missing in all collections of the Supreme
Court.  The signatures of Johnson and Lee have ink blots but still readable. SOLD

Fabulous Superman Collection

REEVES, George  (1914-1959).  American actor, best remembered for his role as “Superman” (1952-1957).  His film debut was in the opening scenes of Gone With The Wind.  Reeves was fatally shot under mysterious circumstances at the age of forty-five.  Whether his death was a suicide or homicide it remains one of Hollywood’s unsolved mysteries.  His death is the subject of a 2006 film Hollywoodland.  Fountain pen sentiment and signature on a portion of an album page.  “Merry Xmas George Reeves”. Written in dark purple ink. Ample margins for framing.
ALYN, Kirk (1910-1999). Original TV Superman. First actor to play the DC Comics  character of Superman (1948). He became the first Man of Steel. Very nice presentation inscription and sentiment signed: “Superman Kirk Alyn” on a 3”x5” card.
REEVE, Christopher (1952-2004). American actor, best known for playing the DC Comics character Superman (1978). In 1995 Reeve was paralyzed from the neck down from a horse-riding accident.  Choice red ink signature on a 3”x5”’ card.
SHANE, Robert (1900-1992).  American actor whose career lasted 40 years. Best known for portraying Inspector Bill Henderson in the TV series Adventures of Superman. He was briefly blacklisted for charges of being associated with Communism.  Choice signature on a 3”x5” card.
LARSON, Jack  (1928-2015). Gay, American  actor. Co-stared with George Reeves. He portrayed Jimmy Olen, photographer on the TV series The Adventures of Superman, He was Americas first teen heart-throb. Choice double signature: “Jack Larson, Jimmy Olsen” on a 3”x5” card.
NEILL, Noel “Lois Lane”  (1920-2016). American actress who appeared in 80 films. She played the part of the daily Planet Reporter in the 50’s TV series The Adventures of Superman.  She also played “Lois Lane” in the film serials of Superman (1948). Outstanding full signature: “Noel “Lois Lane” Neil” on a 3”x5” card. Biographical information neatly written at the top and bottom of the card. Dated by a collector “2/9/81.”
The signature of George Reeves was removed from an autograph album that was presented to him for an autograph backstage at the play he was appearing called Winged Victory. Collection comes with an original Brownie type photograph of George Reeves smiling and smoking a pipe. A fabulous collection for framing. $1,595.00

Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show Contract

LILLIE, Gordon W.  (Pawnee Bill). (1860-1942).   Legendary frontiersman, interpreter for the Pawnee Indians, contemporary of Buffalo Bill, Wild Bill Hickok and Bat Masterson. Originated the “Oklahoma Boomers” and led them in the land rush of 1889.  Circus owner founded the “Historic Wild West” tent show (1890).  Partner of Buffalo Bill Cody (1908-1913).  Known as the “White Chief of the Pawnees”. Original, four-page circus contract 15 November 1910, between Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show and Pawnee Bill’s Far East combined and H.G Wilson showman. The contract goes into what is expected of Wilson as the showman, his duties, percentages of profits, furnishing one sleeping car with bedding, wagons, tents, stages, ropes, carpets, etc., etc.  The circus is responsible for restoring or replacing all items during the season that may be destroyed by fire or wrecks.  Settlements as to how the money will be disbursed at the end of each day. This contract covers how the showman and his employees are responsible for their discipline with the side show, pit show, concerts, refreshment stands, etc. The showman will dismiss from his employ any persons that may be guilty of drunkenness, neglect of duty, disobedience of orders, using profane language, fighting, stealing, gambling and more. This lengthy and detailed contact deals with much more. Signed on page four by G.W. Lillie H.G. Wilson ad Wes Pike the witness.  Legal size contract, four pages enclosed in the original protective cover.  A wonderful contract associated to Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show. V/G condition. $950.00

GINSBURG, Ruth Bader (March 15, 1933- ) American justice, appointed by President Bill Clinton to be Associate Justice U.S. Supreme Court.  She took the Oath of Office on August 10, 1993.  Typed letter signed on the letterhead of Supreme Court of the United States, Chambers of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. November 16, 2007 to Stephen Koschal. Justice Ginsburg writes: “Thanks for alerting me to the one-cent check bearing a signature that certainly looks like mine.  Similar reports caused me, some months ago, to decline to provide signatures in response to mail requests. With appreciation, and best wishes for the progress of your book.” Signed in full “Ruth Bader Ginsburg.”
It is apparent that Ginsburg’s autograph was being abused. An autograph dealer created a mock souvenir check for one cent. The check listed her name and address and apparently her signature was printed on the check. This check appeared for sale at a New England auction house in February 2007. Obviously, this is one of the reasons why Justice Ginsburg’s autographs are so scarce and desirable. Supreme Court cards signed by Justice Ginsburg are increasingly in demand with some selling recently north of $2,500. Typed letters are much scarcer and usually have less content.  For 13 years Justice Ginsburg has not responded to autograph requests.  In excellent condition with original envelope and a copy of the one-cent check with the auction house description which upset Justice Ginsburg. SOLD

Apache Chief - Known for His Guerilla Warfare
GERONIMO. (1829-1909).  Chiricahua Apache Chief famous for his guerilla warfare in resistance to reservation life.  He gained the status of legend for decades of his defense for his native land against the United States government.  Geronimo surrendered to General Nelson A. Miles at Skeleton Canyon, Arizona on September 4, 1886. After years of imprisonment, followed by military confinement, Geronimo became a celebrity appearing at the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis where he sold his autograph to curiosity seekers. He appeared in Theodore Roosevelt’s 1905 Inaugural Parade.  He dictated his autobiography.  He died of pneumonia at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma.  Scarce, extremely bold pencil signature on a portion of a cream-colored album page. Note at the bottom in ink “Dec.12, 1908, Ft. Sill, Okla” in an unknown hand. Geronimo’s genuine signatures are amongst the most elusive and desirable signatures from the old west. Together with a limited-edition card #12 of only 100 copies which contains dirt from his grave site in Ft. Sill.  In addition is a fine photograph of Geronimo. The three pieces. $5,900.00

The King of Pop
JACKSON, Michael
  (1970-2009). American singer, songwriter and dancer. Best known as The King of Pop. Regarded as one of the most significant cultural figures of the 20th century. He was a global figure in popular culture. His 1982 album “Thriller” is credited with breaking the racial barrier. He sold 300 million records worldwide. Fabulous Backstage Guest Pass for the Dangerous Tour, June 1992-November 1993. Produced by the Perri Corporation, Reno, NV maker of Back Stage Passes. Circular Pass, in color portraying Michael Jackson. Boldly hand signed “Michael Jackson.” Along with a copy of a Certificate of Authenticity from Michael Jackson, MJJ Productions, Neverland and a color photo of Jackson taken during the “Dangerous” tour. In mint condition. Very rare as such. $1,495.00

Nine Billionaires on One Item
FORBES, Steve  (1947-     )  American publishing executive. Twice candidate for nomination Republican Party for president.
TRUMP, Donald J.  (1946-   ) American business executive, CEO Trump Organization, founder of Trump Entertainment, President of the U.S. 
(1923-   ) Chairman of the Board of CBS Corp. Global Media Businessman.
PICKENS, T. Boone (1928-2019)  American business magnate, Chairman and CEO of BP Capital.
PEROT, Ross  (1930-   ) Self made billionaire by the age of 38 with his computer service company.
BUFFETT, Warren  (1930-    )  World’s second richest man who turned his fortune over to the world’s richest man in 2006 to Bill Gates.
COOKE,  Jack Kent (1912-1997)  Owned Los Angeles Lakers, Washington Redskins, and New York’s Chrysler Building. He financed the first Ali/Frazier fight.
GATES, William (1955-  )  Chairman of Microsoft.
KLUGE, John W.  (1914-2010)  One time the richest person in the U.S.  TV industry mogul. Founder of Metromedia.
First Day Cover commemorating the Andrew Carnegie US 4 cent stamp and the 125th Anniversary of his birth. Cancelled, New York, Nov. 25, 1960. Fine engraved portrait of Andrew Carnegie.  Hand signed by nine billionaires.  Unique and in fine condition.... SOLD

Photograph from Prison Hospital sent to her Dad
BARROW, Blanche (   -1988).  American robber. One of the five members of the Barrow Gang that also consisted of Clyde Barrow, Bonnie Parker, a gas station attendant William Daniel Jones and Blanche’s husband Buck Barrow.  This gang pulled off many holdups of banks, stores, federal armory and gas stations. They killed police and marshals.  Known for their wild shootouts with lawmen using shot guns and machine guns. This gang killed two lawmen while fighting their way out of a trap in April 1933. In July 1933, a hundred-man posse surrounded the Barrow Gang while they were having a picnic in Dexter, Iowa. Buck died of six bullet wounds, Blanche was wounded and captured, and Bonnie and Clyde escaped wounded. Bonnie and Clyde were ambushed the following year and died in a hail of bullets. The Barrows were well known as snapshot fanatics and at one point taking a photo of a captured Marshal.  After the movie Bonnie & Clyde was produced Blanche Barrow sued the studio as she was being generally portrayed as a simpleton.  Photograph, Brownie camera type, 2.5”x3.5”, full length of Blanche Barrow wearing an ankle length dress. Blanche is still living in the prison hospital where this photo was taken. She spent 7 years in prison. On the hedge near her hip she writes: “Love you Dad.”  On the verso Blanche writes: “These are not very good, but you can tell I am well and getting along fine. So dear don’t worry this was taken beside the hospital where I live. I will have some more taken soon and send you a good one if I can take a good one ha ha. Now cheer up dear and get well so you can see your big fat baby girl some of these days before long. Always with love, B.B.”  In fine condition.... $2,750.00

HITLER, Adolf  (1889-1945). Born in Austria. German Army veteran of WWI.  During the war’s end he became involved in art and was an extremist in politics in Munich. Because of his ability to be a successful orator, he promoted a radical program based on anti-Semitism and anti-communism. Shortly after, he was the leader of what is known as the Nazi Party.  In 1923 with a small group of supporters he tried to seize power in what was called the “Beer Hall Putsch” but it was easily broken up by the police in Munich. Hitler was arrested, tried and sentenced to five years in prison. In prison he wrote “Mein Kampf” (My Struggle).  By 1930, the Nazis became the second largest party in the Reichstag.  During 1933, Hitler was sworn in as chancellor and turned Germany’s parliamentary democracy into a totalitarian state. During the next decade he conquered most of Europe.  His life ended in suicide on April 20. 1945.  Arguably, Adolf Hitler’s name is the most known and feared in history.  Photograph, postcard of Hitler, full length pose with soldiers and officers in the background. Hitler is smiling while looking at a young boy in military uniform. Photo by Otto Hoppe Verlag, Berlin. Hitler has boldly signed his name on the lower white margin. A beautiful signature. Hitler’s most attractive signatures were between 1933 and 1940.  On the verso of this card someone wrote “1938” in pencil. In very good to near fine condition.... $2,350.00

HITLER, Adolf  (1889-1945). Born in Austria. German army veteran of WWI.  During the war’s end he became involved in art and was an extremist in politics in Munich. Because of his ability to be a successful orator, he promoted a radical program based on anti-Semitism and anti-communism. Shortly after, he was the leader of what is known as the Nazi Party.  In 1923 with a small group of supporters, he tried to seize power in what was called the “Beer Hall Putsch” but it was easily broken up by the police in Munich. Hitler was arrested, tried and sentenced to five years in prison. While in prison he wrote “Mein Kampf” (My Struggle).  By 1930, the Nazis became the second largest party in the Reichstag.   As the Russian Army approached Berlin, Hitler and his wife committed suicide on April 30th,1945.  Postcard photograph by Hitler’s favorite photographer Hoffmann in Munich.  Photo of Hitler kneeling down wearing his swastika armband in front of a young girl, said to be Helga Goebbels (1932-1945), oldest child of Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Propaganda Minister. She was killed at the age of twelve along with her sisters and brother by her parents. They killed their children so they could die pure Aryan. So enthralled were Joseph and Magda Goebbels with Hitler they gave all their children names starting with “H.”  A day after Hitler committed suicide, the Russians buried the bodies of the children. Fifteen years later the bodies were disinterred and were burned. Their ashes were scattered in a river. Fantastic bold, fountain pen signature of Adolf Hitler with excellent contrast. In near fine condition. $2,375.00

Only Known Signed Photograph of Blanche Barrow
BARROW, Blanche (   -1988).  American robber. One of the five members of the Barrow Gang that also consisted of Clyde Barrow, Bonnie Parker, a gas station attendant William Daniel Jones and Blanche’s husband Buck Barrow.  This gang pulled off many holdups of banks, stores, federal armory and gas stations. They killed police and marshals.  Known for their wild shootouts with lawmen using shot guns and machine guns. This gang killed two lawmen while fighting their way out of a trap in April 1933. In July 1933, a hundred man posse surrounded the Barrow Gang while they were having a picnic in Dexter, Iowa. Buck died of six bullet wounds, Blanche was captured and Bonnie and Clyde escaped wounded. The Barrows were well known as snap shot fanatics and at one point taking a photo of a captured Marshal.  After the movie Bonnie & Clyde was produced Blanche Barrow sued the studio as she was being generally portrayed as a simpleton.  Photograph, Brownie camera type, 3”x4.5”, full length of Blanche Barrow wearing an ankle length dress. On the verso is a lengthy A.L.S. written to “Mother” (Connie T. Barrow) Clyde and Buck’s mother who Blanche always referred to her as Mother. Blanche writes: “Taken the next day after the bandage was taken off my eye, the 17th October (1934). Am sending this with love to all the family. Mother I wish you would send me all the negatives to my pictures so I can have them developed and put in a book while I am here to look at.  It will help pass the time away but be sure to address it to Mrs. Blanche Barrow, Box 47, Reg.#43654. Farm One.”  The bottom white margin of the photo has been very slightly trimmed otherwise in fine condition. This is the first time this Rare photograph has been offered on the market as it comes directly from the Barrow family. Included is a photocopy of Blanche in prison with the bandage over her eye and a copy of a sworn affidavit of facts dated 19 November 1993 which bears signatures of Marie Barrow and two grandchildren. $5,900.00

Uncommon Original James Earl Ray Painting from Prison
RAY, James Earl  (1928-1998)/ American fugitive, felon, on April 4, 1968 convicted of the assassination of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr in Memphis, Tennessee. He was also convicted of armed robbery, burglary and prison escape. Ray joined the U.S. Army near the close of WWII, served in Germany but he could not adapt to military life. He was discharged due to ineptness. Later he was convicted of mail fraud and served four years in Leavenworth. In 1959 he was caught stealing in an armed robbery. He was sentenced to twenty years for this being a repeated offence. He escaped from Missouri State Prison and spent time hiding in Mexico. During this time, he established himself as a pornographic film director photographing local prostitutes. Ray was prejudice against black people and was attracted to the George Wallace campaign. He volunteered at the Wallace Campaign Headquarters in North Hollywood.  In 1968 he underwent facial reconstruction and on March 30, 1968 he bought a Remington Model 760 Gamemaster 30-06 caliber rifle, a scope and a box of cartridges. Just days later on April 4, 1968 he killed Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. with a single shot in Memphis, Tennessee. After fleeing the United States, Ray was arrested at London’s Heathrow Airport. He was sent to Tennessee and on his 41st birthday he was sentenced to 99 years in prison.  On June 10, 1977 Ray and six other inmates escaped Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary. They were captured 3 days later.
Colorful acrylic painting on artist board consisting of a farmhouse, barn, a large field, trees, huge rock, blue skies and a white cloud.  On the verso Ray has signed his name in full, in ink and has added his prison umber: “65477” and writes the address of the property: “7475 Cockrill Bend Ind. Rd. Nashville, Tennessee 37209, State Prison, 1994.”  For the purpose of framing, the framer has attached a matboard to the back of the frame. They cut an opening in the mat so Ray’s signature and writing can easily be seen. Overall size of the frame is 17.5”x21” In excellent condition. Few original Ray paintings have appeared in the market, one estimated in an auction $8,000-$12,000. There is one presently on eBay for $9,500.00. Some of his paintings have been reproduced in prints and lithographs which were made to satisfy collectors. Our price:

Very Rare Signed Photograph of Adolf Hitler with his 1936 Olympic Team

HITLER, Adolf  (1889-1945). Born in Austria. German army veteran of WWI.  During the war’s end  he became involved in art and was an extremist in politics in Munich. His ability to be a successful orator, he promoted a radical program based on anti-Semitism and anti-communism. Shortly after he was the leader of what is known as the Nazi Party.  In 1923 with a small  group of supporters he tried to seize power in what was called the “Beer Hall Putsch” but it was easily broken up by the police in Munich. Hitler was arrested, tried and sentenced to five years in prison. In prison he wrote “Mein Kampf” (My Struggle).  By 1930, the Nazis became the second largest party in the Reichstag.  The 1936 Summer Olympic Games was held in Berlin. Nazi Germany won the bid over Barcelona. This was more than just a worldwide sporting event. It was a show of Nazi propaganda. For the first time in history of the modern Olympic Games, people in the U.S. and Europe called for a boycott of the games. The movement failed.  The 49 nations who sent teams to the games legitimized the Hitler regime.  With the conclusion of the games, Germany’s expansionist policies, the persecution of the Jews accelerated culminating in WWII and the Holocaust.  Photograph signed adding “Olympischen 1936” in his hand.  Photograph, B&W, measures approx. 4.25x6” of Hitler in a white suit wearing an armband with a swastika. He is totally surrounded by over 3 dozen members of the German Olympic Team and one German officer. In excellent condition, in original frame, sealed on verso just as purchased in Germany over 30 years ago.   Adolf Hitler during the Olympic Games was on meth and cocaine. See video. The first signed photograph of this type we have seen

Possibly the Finest Signed Charles Lindbergh Photo

LINDBERGH, Charles (1902-1974). American aviator, military officer, author, inventor and explorer.
COOLIDGE, Calvin  (1872-1933). 30th President of the United States. (1923-1929).
DAWES, Charles G. (1865-1951). 30th Vice-President of the United States (1925-1929). Co-Recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize (1925).
LONGWORTH, Nicholas (1869-1931). Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives (1925-1933). Married to President Theodore Roosevelt’s daughter Alice Lee Roosevelt.  Large portrait of the four (full length) with notables in the background. Overall size 11”x14”, image size 9.5”x12”. At The White House, President Coolidge has just presented and placed the Medal of Honor around the neck of Charles A. Lindbergh. Vintage signatures of all four signed during the time. Top left corner is a label describing the Lindbergh Air Mail Stamps.  A block of four are affixed to the top right of the portrait. The label also describes that President Coolidge is presenting the Congressional Medal of Honor.  The first signed portrait of this type we have seen.  Signatures and portrait in excellent condition. Framed, a museum piece.

FRANKLIN, Sir John (1986-1847). English Arctic explorer, explored the present day Northwest Territories of Canada, the Yukon and Alaska.. Discovered the Northwest Passage. Franklin was given command of the HMS Terror in 1845.  He was lost in the Arctic with his whole crew in 1847. His icebound ships were abandoned and his entire crew died of starvation, hypothermia and scurvy. Between 1819 and 1822 he lost 11 of his 20 men. Most died of starvation, there was at least on murder and there was suggestion of cannibalism. The survivors attempted to eat their own leather boots and Franklin gained the nickname of “the man who ate his boots.” The town of  Deline in the Northwest Territory is built on the site of Fort Franklin considered to be one of the birthplaces of the sport of hockey. In September 2016, the wreck of  Franklin’s  HMS Terror was discovered in pristine condition. DS, full page, legal folio, thirteenth day of February 1839. A scarce financial document , signed at Government House Hobart Town as Governor of the Island of  Van Diemen’s Land [Tansmania].  Franklin directs the Deputy Assistant Commissary General to pay from His Majesty’s Treasury to “F.C. Smith... coroner, the sum of two pounds and two shillings... for attendance at the inquest held as per account annexed...” In very good condition with a fabulous signature of John Franklin.  Anything signed by John Franklin can be considered scarce

Sheriff of Deadwood, U.S, Marshall for South Dakota
BULLOCK, Seth (1849-1919). Western legend, one of the wild west’s finest lawman. Member of the Montana Territorial Senate (1871-72). Sheriff of Lewis and Clark County, Montana Territory (1873) where he killed his first man, Clell Watson. Watson stole a horse and engaged in a gunfight with Bullock. Bullock was slightly wounded in his shoulder. Watson was taken in custody and prepared to be hanged. A mob appeared and scared off the executioner. Bullock climbed the scaffold and pulled the lever, sending Watson to his death. Bullock then held off the mob with his shotgun. Deadwood was a lawless and rowdy camp. The day after bullock’s arrival, Wild Bill Hickok was murdered by being shot in the back of his head.
Bullock opened a hardware store with Sol Star in Deadwood in 1876, soon becoming the first Sheriff of the town. Portrayed by Timothy Oliphant in the HBO television series “Deadwood.” When appointed sheriff, one of Bullock’s first duties was to confront Dodge City Deputy Marshall Wyatt Earp, who was interested in the sheriff’s job. Bullock told Earp that his services was not needed.  In 1881, Bullock was credited with introducing alfalfa farming to South Dakota.  Portrayed by Timothy Oliphant in the HBO television series “Deadwood.”  Bullock was instrumental in founding the town of Belle Fourche, offering free lots to anyone who would move from Minnesela. Belle Fourche became the largest railroad for livestock in the United States and became the new county seat.
Served as Captain of a Volunteer Cavalry Regiment in Grigsby’s Cowboy Regiment of the Rough Riders.  After Theodore Roosevelt was elected president, Bullock organized 50 people including Tom Mix, to ride in the inaugural parade in 1905.  Appointed U.S. Marshall for South Dakota by his longtime friend President Theodore Roosevelt (1909). He helped create Yellowstone National Park
Bullock died of colon cancer and was buried in Mount Moriah Cemetery in Deadwood, the same cemetery where Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane are also buried.
Partly printed autograph document signed, 3.5”x8” dated and accomplished by Bullock in red ink. Auditor’s Office, Montana Territory, Virginia City, Received of W,H. Rodgers, territorial Auditor... “Dec[ember] 9th 1871…One hundred and thirty seven Dollars, in full of the amount due me for pay and Mileage as Member of Council. Seth Bullock.” A pay warrant, while serving as a territorial senator. Attractive cachet of a Montana Democrat

DAHMER, Jeffrey  (1960-1994). American serial killer, known as the Milwaukee Cannibal or the Milwaukee Monster. Convicted of Murder, rape and dismemberment of 17 men and boys. He had an uncontrollable lust for human flesh.  One of America’s most notorious serial killers. One of history’s most hated persons.  Dahmer first killed in 1978 at the age of 18,  In July 1991 police found three human heads in his refrigerator along with hands, penises, seven skulls and a human heart.  During the time he was in the 7th grade when he started dissecting animals. Offered is the Eastview Patriots Yearbook 1972-1973.. Jeffrey Dahmer is listed as being in the7th grade class.  This book is  just short of the time when Dahmer became a heavy druggie and alcoholic. Jeff Dahmer’s photograph is posted as a member of the 7th grade.  This Yearbook belonged to Keith Skowronski whose photo is illustrated as a Seventh Grade student, It is believed that Keith wrote, in ink, on his photo: “Lousy Picture, Handsome person.”  Over three dozen students have inscribed and signed their name along with a statement to Keith. Some mentioning he was a drum player in the school band. On the page before the inside back cover, Jeff Dahmer has written:  “To a rotten drum player, Jeff Dahmer.”  Jeffrey Dahmer  was sent to prison.  He was serving 15 consecutive life terms. During that time he would fashion severed limbs out of prison food. He would dribble catsup to look like blood on his own limbs.   Dahmer was not a writer of letters and wrote very little while he was in prison. Prices for his autographs reflects the scarcity.  Jeffrey Dahmer was beaten to death in prison by a fellow inmate in a Wisconsin prison cell. His skull was crushed,  This Yearbook is in very good condition and without question a museum piece.

KOSCHAL, Stephen  (1945-    ) Professional autograph dealer and dealer in rare signed books. Autograph authenticator, author, world traveler, lecturer, winner of many awards. Two matching large art works each measuring 26”X38.”
Both signed on the lower right bottom “S.Koschal “93”.
The first is of the German Iron Cross (1939). Hand signed (each in person) by 19 German Aces. Those who have signed are:  Walter Schuck (206V), Gunther Bahr (37V- 36 at night), Heinz Lange (70V), G. Walter (6V), Ernst Wilhelm Reinhart (174V), Gunther Seeger (56V), Adolf Galland (103V), Guenther Rall (275v), Willi Reschke (26V), Eduard Neumann (13V), Walter Krupinski (197V), Herbert Wehnelt (36V), Wolfgang Spaete (99V), Julius Meimberg (53V), Martin Drewes (52V-43 at night), Gerhard Schoepfel (40V), Wolf Dietrich Huy (40V), Walter Loos (38V) and Arthur Gartner (26V).  Total 1,547 victories.  For years Koschal knew all of these Aces spending much time with them in the hotels we stayed.  In addition enjoying dinners, having drinks, attending their yearly get togethers and cruising down the Rhine.  This artwork was signed at the 1994 Gemeinschaft der Jagdflieger held at Oestrich Winkel, Geisenheim, Germany. In fine condition, framed.
A matching item,   The Ace of Spades.  Hand signed all “in person” of over 85 American Aces. Some of the popular Aces who have signed are: George Chandler, Dick Rossi, Gerald Brown, Bruce Carr, Ed Rector, Alex Vraciu, Jim Morehead, Joe Foss, Jim Empty, Roger Conant, Tom Blackburn, Boots Blesse, Bill Hardy, Jim French, R.E. Galer and many more.  For years, Koschal was a friend of The American Aces” and attended many of their yearly reunions.  The pair which is without question, one of a kind


Rare War Time Document Signed Twice

RUDEL, Hans Ulrich (1916-1982). Nazi combat pilot that repeatedly risked his aircraft and his life to save his comrades going to any extreme to never miss a mission. Â Stuka dive bomber pilot, Rudel became an Ace with his slow Stuka. Flew 2,500 missions destroying over 2,000 targets, including 800 vehicles, 519 tanks, 150 artillery pieces, 70 landing craft, 4 armored trains, several bridges, a destroyer, 2 cruisers and sunk a Soviet Battleship. After receiving a wound, his leg was amputated. He continued to fly claiming 26 more tanks Before the end of the war he was awarded a medal especially made for him by the Fahrer, the only soldier in German history to receive the Golden Oak Leaves with Swords and Diamonds to the Knights Cross of the Iron Cross. Ordered by Hitler to take a medical leave and not to return to the front, he twice disobeyed and returned as he felt his duty was to defend the Fatherland to the death. On April 19, 1945 the day before Hitler’s final birthday, Rudel met with Hitler in the Fuhrerbunker at the Reich Chancellery in Berlin. Following the war, and after release from prison, he settled in South America.. There he befriended Dr. Josef Mengele. Later Rudel was taken to West Germany. Document, signed twice in pencil dated January 6, 1944. This document is for rewarding medals, measures appx.5.5”x8”. hand signed by Hans Ulrich Rudel. On the verso signed by Rudel once again and by Hendrik Stahl an Oak Leaves winner. In fine plus condition except for paper clip indentation top left side


WRIGHT, Frank Lloyd   (1867-1959). American architect, interior designer and writer. He designed more than 1,000 structures.  Attractive check (6”x2.5”) on the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. Account of Taliesin Spring Green Wisconsin. Accomplished entirely in Wright’s hand in blue ink. “February 4, 49” Payable to: “James Fletcher $17.44” “Seventeen and 04/100” Check number “4119” and signed “Frank Lloyd Wright.”  In very good condition.  The original source of the Wright checks have been sold to a handful of dealers. Almost all checks were typed and simply signed by Wright.  Very few were accomplished in his hand.  The few dealers that purchased checks have all paid about the same price and typed checks are being offered for as much as $3,000.  This fabulous example is quite scarce


Rare Collection of 64 Checks Signed by Baseball Hall of Fame Members

Baseball Hall of Fame Members, 64 signed checks.  Fifty-three of the checks are signed on the front, ten are endorsed on the verso as they were checks made out to the player. Five checks are described as “unknown” according to the Sports Market report on Baseball Autographs.
Lloyd Waner  HOF 1967- his checks are unknown. Signed on the front.
Bob Gibson HOF 1981- his checks are unknown. . Signed on the front.
William Harridge HOF 1972- his checks are unknown. Signed on the front.
Donald Sutton HOF 1998- his checks unknown. Endorsed on verso
Eddie Matthews HOF 1978- his checks unknown. Endorsed on verso.
The following checks are all checks signed on the front.
Joe DiMaggio HOF 1955, Monte Irvin HOF 1973,  Bill Dickey HOF 1954, George Kell HOF 1983, Buck Leonard HOF 1972, Robin Roberts HOF 1976, Ralph Kiner HOF 1975,  Lloyd Waner HOF 1967, Waite Hoyt HOF 1969, Billy Herman HOF 1975, Ferguson Jenkins HOF 1991, Gaylord Perry HOF 1991, George Kelly HOF 1973, Earle Combs HOF 1970, Carl Hubbell HOF 1947, Warren Spahn HOF 1973, Enos Slaughter HOF 1985, Al Barlick HOF 1989, Rollie Fingers HOF 1992, Harry Hooper HOF 1971, Cal Hubbard HOF 1976,  Ray Dandridge HOF 1987, Hal Newhauser HOF 1992, Joe Sewall HOF 1977, Ted Lyons HOF 1955, Brooks Robinson HOF 1983, Leon Day HOF 1995, Orlando Cepeda HOF 2000, Hoyt Wilhelm HOF 1985, Ed Barrow HOF 1953, Walt Alston HOF 1983, Rick Ferrell HOF 1984, Lou Boudreau  HOF 1970, Mickey Cochrane HOF 1947, Max Carey HOF 1961, Bob Doerr HOF 1986,Eppa Rixey HOF 1963, Zack Wheat HOF 1959, William Harridge HOF 1972,  A.. Chandler HOF 1982, W.H. Terry HOF 1954, Steve Carlton HOF 1994, Edd Roush HOF 1962, Bob Gibson HOF 1981, J. Nelson Fox HOF 1997, Lefty Grove HOF 1947, Earl Averill HOF 1975, Branch Rickey HOF 1967, George Weiss HOF 1971, Casey Stengel HOF 1966, Reggie Jackson HOF 1993, Harmon Killebrew HOF 1984, Stan Musial HOF 1969 and Buck O'Neil HOF 2022.
The following checks are made out to the player and endorsed on the verso.
Eddie Matthews HOF 1978, Charles Gehringer HOF 1949, Jesse Haines HOF 1970, Duke Snider HOF1980, Gary Carter HOF 2003, Tommy Lasorda HOF1997, Early Wynn HOF 1972, Joe Morgan HOF 1990, Jim Catfish Hunter HOF 1987, Don Sutton HOF 1998. All checks in fine condition. The collection


Rare, Fabulous, Autograph Letter by Annie Oakley Bearing Three Signatures

OAKLEY, Annie  (1860- November 3, 1926). Born Phoebe Ann (Annie) Mosey on August 13, 1860 in a log cabin in Ohio.  From a very young age she became a sharpshooter. She married sharpshooter Frank Butler in 1876. He was a travelling marksman. The couple joined Buffalo Bills Wild West Show.  Annie and Frank lived in Cincinnati, Ohio and she adopted her name “Oakley” from a city neighborhood. While working at Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show she was given the name of “Watanya Cicilla” by fellow performer Sitting Bull. This name is translated to “Little Sure Shot.”  In 1894 Oakley and Butler performed in Edison’s Kinetoscope film the “Little Sure Shot of the Wild West.”  Annie Oakley performed in front of Royalty and Heads of State. Some include Queen Victoria, King Umburto and she shot ashes from a cigarette held in the mouth of Kaiser Wilhelm II.  Later on in the same year she shot a cigarette out of a man’s mouth from a moving automobile in order to promote the opening of a hotel in the Midwest. It is believed she taught more than 15,000 women how to use a gun.  Annie Oakley died on November 3, 1926. Her death certificate lists her name as Annie Oakley Butler.  Her husband Frank Butler died only 18 days later.
Autograph letter signed, 1 1/2 pages, 8vo, 706 Lexington Avenue, Dayton, Ohio.  Dated April 8th 1926 (in the same year of her passing).  In this most unusual handwritten letter she asks a Postmaster to Forward mail to her under four different names.
“To Post Master, Versailles, Ohio. Dear Sir, Will you kindly forward all mail. Directed to Annie Oakley. or Annie Oakley. Butler or Frank E. Butler. All in c/o RR2- Versailles, Ohio at 706 Lexington Ave, Dayton, Ohio. Until further notice. And oblige, very truly yours Annie Oakley, Butler.” The perfect letter for any gun enthusiast or collector of the United States Wild West.  Written on two separate pages therefore can be framed. Together with a color portrait


Very Scarce A.L.S. with full Signature, Choice Autograph Content
Authenticating a sketch of Adolf Hitler & commenting on C.O.A.’s

SPEER, Albert  (1905-1981).   German architect during WWII. 1st Architect of Nazi Germany (1934-1939). Wartime Architect (1939-1942).  Designed the Reich Chancellery, the Zeppelin Field Stadium and much more.  Minister of Armaments and War Production. Author of “Inside the Third Reich” and “Spandau.”  He was one of a very few men who had the courage to tell Hitler the war is lost.  Speer stated that he intended to kill Hitler in 1945 with poison.  Albert Speer was found guilty of war crimes against humanity. He claimed he was unaware of Nazi extermination plans which most likely saved him from hanging.   Speer accepted moral responsibility during the Nuremberg Trials and received 20 years for his role in the Nazi regime.  He served his full sentence and was released in 1966.
Autograph letter signed, one full page, dated 31.12.71. to a Florida autograph collector. Speer writes: “Dear Mr. Baton, We were on Holidays and now my secretary is on vacation.  I doubt, that it is a genuine sketch of Hitler. The details are not done with his usual accuracy. Certificates don’t mean much; they are paid and written to easily. Sorry, I can’t advise you to buy.  All the best for the New Year and cordial regards. Albert Speer. Enclosed one dollar in return.”  Most of Speer’s letter are typed. Fortunately for this collector, who knew and visited Speer in Heidelberg, wrote to Speer while his secretary was on vacation and signed this letter with his desirable full signature. Fine condition.


The Man Who Named The United States
Third Chief Justice of the United States
Document Signed in 1776 for Weapons

ELLSWORTH, Oliver  (1745-1807).  Member of Congress (1778-83). Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court under Washington and Adams (1796-1800). Attended the Federal Constitutional Convention.
SEYMOUR, Thomas  (1735-1829). Lt. Col. Who Commanded all the regiments of Connecticut Militia Light Horse at New York in 1776.
HOSMER, Titus (1736-1780). Statesman, member of Council of Safety (Conn) during the Revolution, member of the Continental Congress and a signer of the Articles of Confederation.
Manuscript document signed, one page, 5”x8”, April 8, 1776. Payment to Titus Hosmer one of the Committee for providing Arms to be spent for that purpose and charge the Colony. Signed by Ellsworth, Seymour , John Lawrence and on the verso by Titus Hosmer.  Signatures of Hosmer can be considered scarce. A 1776 Revolutionary historical document of military association.  In fine condition


Outstanding and RARE Combination of Cuban Signatures

CIENFUEGOS, Camilo  (1932-1959).  Leading figure in the Cuban Revolution.  Considered one of the great heroes of the Revolution. Third most powerful man in Cuba after Fidel and Raul Castro. In early 1959 he was promoted to head the Cuban Armed Forces. Che Guevara named his son after Camilo Cienfuegos. Cienfuegos died in a mysterious plane crash. The plane was never found.
GUEVARA, Che  (1928-1967).  Marxist rebel leader who helped Castro seize power in Cuba. Che and Castro’s troops entered Havana and took control of the Capital on Jan. 8, 1959.  Che became  commander of the Cabana Fortress. Che served several months at La cabana where he oversaw the execution by firing squads of individuals deemed to be enemies of the revolution.  He has become an icon whose life and death has been romanticized. Died by execution.
Very rare typed document signed by Che Guevara and Camilo Cienfuegos dated January 15, 1959 just a week after seizing Havana. Department of Military of La Cabana, La Havana.  Translated, Che writes: “To Whom it May Concern,  By means of the present, the Chief Commander of the Department Mtar of the Cabana. Ernesto Che Guevara wants to record that the companion of the revolutionary struggles Israel Tellez has been named Inspector General of all the Departments of saddlery and shoemaking of the Army. Therefore I ask for all the possible attention to fulfill the mission entrusted with greater effectiveness. Best regards, Cmdteen Head of the Military Department of the Cabana.  Boldly signed “Che”.  To the left of his signature is the approval of Camilo Cienfuegos. He writes in blue ink: “OK Camilo”.  Document is good condition, some wear at corners of the folds, very light scattered foxing. Official rubber stamp next to the signature of Che. On verso is eight very official rubber stamps of the Republic of Cuba two signed by officials the rest hand numbered.  A very scarce and extremely early document after the taking of Havana


CHE GUEVARA.  Ernesto Guevara de la Serna (1928-1967).  Argentine revolutionary leader, trained as a doctor. Marxist guerilla who aided Castro’s Cuban revolution in 1959. He rallied other third world countries to overthrow their corrupt regimes. He was President of the Banco Nacional de Cuba.  He left Cuba in 1965 to become a guerrilla leader in South America. He was captured in 1967 during a campaign in Bolivia. He was executed by firing squad.   He was transformed into a martyr.  Cuban 10 pesos Note, Banco Nacional De Cuba, printed signature of Che as President Del Banco. Above his printed signature he has personally signed his name using a black ink pen.  Very scarce as such as only a few of these notes have appeared for sale. Note and signature in fine condition. SOLD

Baseball Hall of Fame

GACY, John Wayne  (1942-May 10, 1994).  American serial killer who is also known as the “Killer Clown”. He was convicted of sexual assault and murder of at least 33 teenage boys and young men.  The killings took place between 1972 and 1978 in the Chicago area.  Twenty-six of Gacy’s victims were buried in a crawl space under his home.  Three others were buried on his property and the last four were dumped in the Des Plains River.  Gacy was convicted of the 33 murders and sentenced to death for 12 of them. He spent 14 years on death row before being executed by lethal injection.

Gacy’s first murder took place on January 2, 1972 during President Richard Nixon’s first term. Three days later, on January 5, 1972 Nixon entered his name on the New Hampshire primary ballot announcing his candidacy for reelection.  He was reelected on November 7, 1972 in one of the largest landslides in American history.  In January 1972, Gacy killed his second victim just 7 months before Richard Nixon’s resignation.

Oil painting titles “Baseball Hall of Fame” in Gacy’s handwriting on the verso. Gacy has signed his name “John W. Gacy” and identified the painting as “Oil #1014”.  At the top of the verso, Gacy has handwritten: “I hope you enjoy this painting as much as I enjoyed doing it. John Wayne Gacy 1990”.

This painting is on a Fredrix canvas panel measuring 16”x20”.  The painting is Gacy’s version of the Baseball Hall of Fame logo in red, white and blue paint.  Around the logo, 46 members of the Baseball Hall of Fame have hand signed this painting.  Some of those who have signed are: Al Lopez, Rod Carew, Joe Morgan, Jim Palmer, Johnny Mize, Yogi Berra, Jim Catfish Hunter, Rick Ferrell, Robin Roberts, Enos Slaughter, Monte Irvin, Bob Feller, Brooks Robinson, Al Barlick, Warren Spahn, Eddie Matthews, Johnny Bench, Ralph Kiner, Harmon Killebrew, Red Schoendienst, Luis Aparicio, Ferguson Jenkins, Willie Stargell, Frank Robinson, Duke Snider, Juan Marichal, Lou Brock, Ernie Banks, Luke Appling, Buck Leonard, Stan Musial, Carl Yastrzemski, Sandy Koufax,  Willie Mays, Mickey Mantle, Ted Williams, Joe DiMaggio and Roy Campanella.  At the bottom right corner of the painting is a blood red signature of the artist, J.W. Gacy.  To the left of Gacy’s signature is a bold large blue Sharpie signature of Richard Nixon. Nixon has dated his signature “9/7/90”.

The painting is in fine condition with just three signatures slightly light but completely readable.  Every signature guaranteed 100% GENUINE a they were all acquired “in person”.  Worthy of placement in a museum. $27,500.00

Note: Another baseball related painting (one of a kind) painted by John Wayne Gacy and commissioned by Stephen Koschal is recently being offered in an auction. it is signed by Richard Nixon (dated 9/9/90), Ted Williams, Mickey Mantle, Joe DiMaggio and other members of the Baseball Hall of Fame.  Opening and current bid is $25,000. Estimated value $75,000.  The painting we offer above has been signed by more members of the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Adolf Hitler’s Personal Monogrammed
Sterling Silver Vanity Mirror and Bristle Brush

HITLER, Adolf  (1889-1945).  German politician, leader of the Nazi Party.  Chancellor of Germany (1933-1945). Fuhrer of Germany (1934-1945). He initiated WWII in Europe. Committed suicide in his Berlin bunker by a gun shot to his head.  He was only 56 years old.

Very rare WWII Adolf Hitler curved flat top “AH” monogrammed Sterling Silver Vanity Mirror and Bristle Brush. These were used by Hitler at  Obersalzberg.  These were found and taken along with many other items in the Obersalzberg area by a member of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division at the close of WWII.  Described as a hammered silver vanity hair grooming set with engraved pointed “AH” monogram.  The hand mirror measures 12 inches top to bottom and the hair brush 10 inches long. Both  the mirror and hair brush are marked “H.B. Sterling.”  There is minor tarnish and the original patina from age. There are signs of use but both in very good condition.  The  find of most artifacts is mentioned in the latest and now out of print First Edition book Treasure Trove, The Looting of the Third Reich by Chase Haddock with Charles E. Snyder, Jr. Major USAF, Retired.  The book feature many never before published photographs of some of Hitler’s early watercolors from his Vienna years (1907-1912). There are many descriptions and photographs of his personal items and those of the most notorious members of the Third Reich. The book, 250 pages in length, 1500 digital images and detailed appendices on Hallmarks, signatures, monograms and crests.

The collection $6,200.00

Remarkable One of a Kind John F. Kennedy Collection

KENNEDY, John F.  (1917-1963). 35th President of the U.S., assassinated.
FORD, Gerald R.
  (1913-2006). 38th President of the U.S. Appointed by LBJ to the Warren Commission to investigate the assassination of JFK.
OSWALD, Lee Harvey
(1939-1963). American sniper, assassinated President John F. Kennedy.
  (1929-2006). Dallas Police Officer who captured Lee Harvey Oswald.
.  (1920-   ) Pearl Harbor survivor, Dallas homicide detective who was handcuffed to Oswald when escorting him through the Police Headquarters basement in Dallas when Oswald was fatally shot.

A red brick from the front of the Texas School Book Depository Building, Dallas, Texas. Affixed to the brick is a plaque stating the brick is from the building.  Three persons have signed this brick. The first is Gerald R. Ford who writes: ”Gerald R. Ford, Member-Warren Commission.”

Signing the brick is  Officer M. Nick McDonald who adds: “Captor of Oswald 11-22-63.” The third to sign is James R. Leavelle adding “Handcuffed to Oswald.” The brick, signatures and writing are in fine condition. With the brick comes two typed letters signed. The first from Nick McDonald who writes in part: “Thanks for sending the “BRICK”! I was looking more for a Bouquet! HA! Ha! A little humor there. I have autographed the Brick, as you requested... A couple of years ago I autographed the seat Oswald was sitting in when I challenged him in the Texas theater.  But, I must say the Brick is the most unusual thing yet.  By the way, an ex-FBI agent has the seat and also the Sixth Floor Window frame....I still have a lot of stuff left from my police career in Dallas, but I am not going to part with anything else for awhile...”

In addition is a Typed letter from James Leavelle. He writes in part:  “I have had the opportunity to sign many different objects in connection with the assassination of the President but never a brick before....In January of 1996 I had the opportunity to meet with President Ford on his way through Dallas for about 45 minutes. A one on one which was a very enjoyable meeting...I know Robert White very well we have visited several times over the years. He has invited me to visit him in Baltimore and I really intend to do so....”

Kennedy, John F.  A menu from the Del Monte Lodge, pebble Beach, California, November 10, 1969. On the verso Kennedy has written: "Dix, Jr. Best of Luck, John Kennedy, U.S.S. Mass."  Innlcuded is Dix Humphrey, Jr's business card.

OSWALD, Lee Harvey  A book “Facts On Communism.”  Government Printing Office, Washington 1960.  One hundred thirty-five pages, hard bound. Rubber stamped on the title page are two Dallas Public Library stamps one dated Mar. 9, 1960, the other Sept. 25, 1967. Penned next to the title of the book is the signature “Lee H. Oswald.”

Oswald read many of the books on Communism from the library. Sold in the past are the library cards signed by Oswald, indicating he took the book out of the library.  This copy has the pocket in the back of the book but the card is not available, most likely previously sold.  Apparently he enjoyed this book enough to sign the title page.  Many books if they are not taken out in 2 years in Texas libraries, are sold in their bookstore. This book is in fine condition. The collection. $27,750.00

Purple Rain 45 - Hand Signed

PRINCE Rogers Nelson  (1958-2016). American singer, songwriter, record producer, actor. He sold over 100 million records. Winner of the Academy Award for the film Purple Rain.  45 record “Purple Rain”. 1984 Warner Brothers Records.  Hand signed on the label “Prince”.  Signed by Prince on September 18, 1988 at the Plaza Athena Hotel for his performance for the 15th Anniversary of Saturday Night Live.  In choice condition. SOLD

Together With Ronald Reagan’s Pen from his Desk in The White House along  with His DNA


Richard Nixon, Gerald R. Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan (as President) and George Bush (as President).  Jacqueline Kennedy, Lady Bird Johnson, Betty Ford, and Rosalynn Carter.  Very attractive color portrait of The White House, measures appx. 8.5”x11”.   Gerald R. Ford has added an inscription and sentiment.  Jimmy Carter has added a two word sentiment. Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and George Bush have signed their names. Jacqueline Kennedy has inscribed this item adding a three word sentiment, Lady Bird Johnson has inscribed this item adding “one of my favorite views”, Betty Ford has signed her name and Rosalynn Carter has inscribed this item adding a two word sentiment.  On the verso is a penned statement from Oregon Senator Mark O. Hatfield. He writes: “President Reagan & Bush signed this in my presence. Mark O. Hatfield.”  Bush signed this portrait in the Oval office on 3/12/91.  This portrait has been removed from a book. On his engraved Senate correspondence card Senator Hatfield has written “November 6, 1987, This pen was used by President Ronald Reagan to autograph the portrait of The White House.  The pen was from his White House desk. Mark O. Hatfield”.  The tip of this pen has multiple teeth marks from when President Reagan would chew on his pen.  Quite a fascinating, one of a kind, collection. $8,900.00

Charles Manson
Charles Manson Compact Disk (CD)

All The Way Alive. Recorded September 11, 1967
Copy #1 of 1,000

MANSON, Charles (b. 1934). Drifter whose "family" committed the infamous Sharon Tate/LaBianca murders in 1969. Two of his followers, Sarah Jane Moore and Lynette Fromme are in prison for trying to assassinate President Ford. The book Helter Skelter is The True Story of the Manson murders. A movie Manson was also made.

Compact Disk (CD) Charles Manson - All The Way Alive. Recorded September 11, 1967. All songs written and performed by Charles Manson. Produced for this release by Shane Ballard. Inside artwork by Charles Manson. This CD was made in 2003 by People's Temple Records, Columbus, MS and is limited to only 1,000 copies. Songs on this CD are: Devil Man, The More You Love, Two Pair of Shoes, Maiden With Green Eyes, Swamp Girl, Bet You Think I Care, Look At Your Game Girl, Who To Blame, True Love You Will Find, My World, Invisible Tears, This Is Night Life. This CD also contains an interview with Charles Manson. Inside the back of the cassette holder is printed artwork by Manson in color. On the inside of the front cover of the holder is the information about this release. Next to Shane Ballard's printed name Shane has written in silver ink: "Copy #1 S.(hane)B.(allard)"

All The Way Alive's release date was January 1, 2003. Manson had a demo recording session on 9/11/1967. The World Center attack came 34 years later. In this CD Manson sings, plugs his guitar and offers spoken words.

Shane Ballard (January 13, 1981-August 13, 2004) was known as Manson's best friend. He produced this release. He was a native of Columbus, MS and was also an actor. Ballard's mother was murdered in Columbus in 1989. Ballard appeared in the films Cookie Jar (2003), Terror Toons 2, The Silly & Slick Show (2004). He appeared as himself and chronicled his run for Sheriff of Columbus in Citizen Shane (2004). The director of the film, Ron Tibbett was killed in a car crash shortly after finishing the film. Shane Ballard also directed the 2003 film Her Comes Santa Claus. Ballard committed suicide in 2004 at the age of twenty-three. He had a tattoo on his leg of Lee Harvey Oswald being shot by Jack Ruby.

Offered with the Copy #1 of Manson's CD is Manson's Original Artwork that he drew in prison for this CD. The drawing measures appx. 12"x18" and is drawn with crayon, using many colors. At the bottom left corner of the artwork Manson has signed his name, in ink, in full, adding the word "Scrash."

The artwork is extremely colorful and would make a wonderful presentation when matted and framed.

During February 1995, one of Manson's two acoustic guitars that was used to produce the songs in this album was being offered for $30,000. The other guitar came back into his possession after being kept for several years by prison officials.

The above collection of the Copy #1 CD and the matching original artwork is of museum quality. $4,900.00

Mary & Ernest Hemingway’s Xmas Card from Cuba

HEMINGWAY,  Ernest (1899-1961).  American writer of such notable classics as “A Farewell to Arms” and “The Old Man and the Sea”. He was the recipient of both the Pulitzer Prize and the Nobel Prize for Literature.

HEMINGWAY, Mary  (1908-1986).  American author. She and Ernest Hemingway both wrote for “Time” and “Life” Magazines. She married Ernest Hemingway in Cuba in 1946 becoming his fourth wife. She found his body in their home after Hemingway committed suicide.

Ernest and Mary Hemingway’s Christmas Card for the year 1957, 4 pages, with original envelope with 3 Cuban postage stamps affixed, postmarked, Habana, Cuba, Dec. 11,1957. Envelope hand addressed by Mary Hemingway to Miss Eileen H. Butts, Ormond beach, Florida.  Starting on the third panel of the Xmas Card and ending on the fourth, Mary Hemingway writes: “Dear Miss Butts, Nobody ever wrote me a more gratifying or smug-making letter. I’ve saved it all this time, and thank you very much indeed.  Of course I’m not such a paragon. Best wishes-Mary Hemingway”.  Beneath Mary’s writing, Ernest adds: “It was a fine letter and you were sweet to write it. Thank you very much Ernest Hemingway”.  The card itself has a stunning cover featuring what appears to be Arabs delivering gifts, camels and palm trees in the back ground. Both the card and envelope are in fine condition. $3,500.00

Possibly the Finest A.L.S. of Charles Dodgson/Lewis Carroll in Private Hands

DODGSON, Charles Lutwidge (pseudonym Lewis Carroll). (1832-1898). English author, mathematician and photographer. Best remembered for his Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland (1865) and Through The Looking Glass (1872)

Autograph letter signed, 4 pages, Christ Church, Oxford, Dec. 15, 1875.  To My Dear Magdalen. Carroll writes: “I want to explain to you why I did not call yesterday. I was sorry to miss you but you see I had so many conversations on the way. I tried to explain to the people in the street that I was going to see you, but they wouldn’t listen: they said they were in a hurry, which was rude.  At last I met a wheel barrow that I thought would attend to me, but I couldn’t make out what was in it. I saw some features at first, then I looked through a telescope and found it was a countenance: then I looked through a micro scope and found it was a face! I thought it was rather like me, so I fetched a large looking glass to make sure, and then to my great joy I found it was me. We shook hands, and were just beginning to talk, when myself came up and joined us, and we had quite a pleasant conversation.  I said “Do you remember when we all met at Sandown?” and myself said “It was very jolly there: there was a child called Magdalen,” and me said “I used to like her a little: not much, you know only a little” - Then it was time for us to go to the train - and who do you think came to the station to see us off”  You would never guess, so I must tell you. They were two very dear friends of mine, who happen to be here just now, and beg to be allowed to sign this letter as, Your Affectionate Friends, Lewis Carroll and C.L. Dodgson.”.

Boldly written in his characteristic purple ink. In fine condition.  A previous collector has housed this treasure in a protective hard cover binding and by tipping the left margin of the letter to a blank page, There are also blank pages tipped before and after the letter for protection. The book can be opened to display the letter or can be kept on a shelf as a book.  A most remarkable content handwritten letter that he ever wrote to a child and with an extremely scarce double signature

In addition we have included  Liddell, Henry  (1811-1898). Dean of Christ Church, Oxford, Vice-Chancellor of Oxford University. Author “History of Rome” (1855) and co-author with Robert Scott “A Greek-English Lexicon.”   Lewis Carroll wrote “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” for Henry Liddell’s daughter Alice. Autograph letter signed, one page, 1843 to  “Dear Jackson.”  It refers to a letter that was asking him for help with a book in part: “our Dean forwarded a recommendation of him...” In fine condition. $24,500.00

Very Rare Signature of  E.G. Gerard- Original Inductee Hockey Hall of Fame

GERARD, Edward George  (1890-1937).  Canadian professional ice hockey player and coach. His playing career covered 1910 to 1923. Played for ten seasons for the Ottawa Senators. Manager Coach of the Montreal Maroons for the 24-25 season and the 28-29 season. He was a member of several Stanley Cup winning teams and won his fifth Stanley Cup in 1925-26. He retired as a player in 1923. When the Hockey Hall of Fame was founded in 1945, he was one of the original 9 inductees. Died at the very early age of 47. RARE, large pencil signature “E.G. Gerard” on an album page. On the verso it is also signed in pencil: “J.G. Lamb, Feby 4/28.” 

LAMB, Joseph Gordon (1906-1982). Professional ice hockey player. Played eleven seasons in the National Hockey League with the Montreal maroons, Ottawa Senators, new York Americans, Boston Bruins, Montreal Canadiens and the Detroit red Wings. His playing career was from 1927 to 1940. One of the great Hockey legends. SOLD

Huge Collection of Signatures of
Inductees Into The Baseball Hall of Fame
Museum Quality

This Rare collection consists of 231 signatures on 3”x5” cards, government postcards, a few cuts, signed photos and  documents of those who have been inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Willie Mays 3”x5” card,  Ted Williams 3”x5” card.  Joe DiMaggio 3”x5” card. Mickey Mantle 3”x5” slip. Willard Brown 3”x5” card. Roy Campanella vintage album page, Turkey Sterns 3”x5” card with additional info in his hand,  Hilton Smith 3”x5” card with additional info in is hand.  W.J. Klem 3”x5” card with additional info in his hand.  Willie Wells 3”x5” card dated. Satchel Paige 3”x5” card. Charles “Kid” Nichols 3”x5” card. Monte Irvin 3”x5” card.  Buck Leonard 3”x5” card. Bill Dickey 3”x5” card. George Kell 3”x5” card. Robin Roberts 3”x5” card. Ralph Kiner 3”x5” card. Lloyd Waner 3”x5” card. Paul Waner “Pirates 38” on a slip. Waite Hoyt 3”x5” card. Billy Herman 3”x5” card. Fergusen Jenkins 3”x5” card inscribed. Gaylord Perry 3”x5” card. George L. Kelly 3”x5” card, Earle Combs 3”x5” card. Carl Hubbell 3”x5” card. Warren Spahn 3”x5” card. Eddie Matthews 3”x5” card.  Enos Slaughter 3”x5” card. Charles Gehringer 3”x5” card. Al Barlick 3”x5” card. Rollie Fingers 3”x5” card. Harry Hooper 3”x5” card.  Cal Hubbard 3”x5” card. Ray Dandridge 3”x5” card with additional info. Hal Newhouser 3”x5” card. Joe Sewall 3”x5” card. Jesse Haines 3”x5”card.  Ted Lyons 3”x5” card. Brooks Robinson 3”x5” card. Leon Day 3”x5” card. Orlando Cepeda 3”x5” card. Hoyt Wilhelm 3”x5” card.  Ed Barrow signature cut from a letter. Walter Alston vintage album page.  Rick Ferrell 3”x5” card. Duke Snider 3”x5” card. Lou Boudreau 3”x5” card. Mickey Cochrane inscribed and signed one cent postcard. Max Carey 3”x5” card. Gary Carter 3”x5” card. Bob Doerr 3”x5” card. Tom Lasorta 3”x5” card. Early Wynn 3”x5” card.  Joe Morgan 3”x5” card. Jim Catfish Hunter 3”x5” card. Eppa Rixey  inscribed and signed one cent postcard. Zach Wheat 3”x5” card. Will Harridge 3”x5” slip. Albert B. Chandler 3”x5” card. Don Sutton 3”x5” card. W. H. Bill Terry 3”x5” card. Steve Carlton 3”x5” card. Edd J. Roush 3”x5” card.  Bob Gibson 3”x5’ card. Nelson Fox 3”x5” card. Lefty Grove  3”x5” card.  Earl Averill 3”x5” card. Branch Rickey 3”x5” card. George Weiss signature on a slip. Casey Stengel 3”x5” card with additional info. Reggie Jackson 3”x5” card. Harmon Killebrew 3”x5” card. Stan Musial 3”x5” card. Jocko Conlon 3”x5” card. Hank Aaron 3”x5” card.  Red Schoendienst  3”x5” card.  Bob Lemon 3”x5” card.  Lefty Gomez 3”x5” card. Jim Palmer 4”x6” card.  Warren Giles 3”x5” card. Gabby Harnett  3”x5” card.  David Bancroft 3”x5” card.  Bucky Harris 3”x5” card.  Bob Feller 3”x5” card.  Sam Rice 3”x5” card.  Jim Bunning 3”x5” card. W.B. McKechnie 2”x4” card.  Larry MacPhail 3”x5” card.  Lee MacPhail 3”x5” card. Joe Medwick 3”x5” card.  Al Lopez 3”x5” card.  Ray Schalk 3”x5” card.  Pie Traynor 3”x5” card.  Joe Cronin 3”x5” card.  Burleigh A. Grimes 3”x5” card.  Luke Appling 3”x5” card.  Johnny Mize 3”x5” card.  Charles A. Cominsky signature cut from a letter.  Jim Bottomley signature on a slip.  Alex. J. Cartwright signature from an A.L.S.  Ed J. Delahanty pencil signature on a slip. Fred J. Clarke 3”x5” card.  T.R. Cobb signature from return address. Babe Ruth signature on a slip with “Sincerely”. Lou Gehrig signature on a slip.  Stanley Covelski 3”x5” card.  Jackie Robinson signature across 2 Professional Baseball Stamps. Larry Lajoie signature and date on a slip. Dizzy Dean 3”x5” card. Clark Griffith  signature on a one cent postcard. Lewis Hack Wilson signature and four lines of stats on a 3”x7” lined sheet. Walter Johnson 3”x5” card.  Rube Foster choice signature on a large album page.  Rogers Hornsby signature on a one cent postcard.  Tom Yawkey on an album page. J. Honus Wagner inscribed, signed and dated on a one cent postcard. Cy Young signature, place & date on a one cent postcard.  A.C. Dazzy Vance 3”x5” card.  Samuel Wahoo Sam Crawford A.N.S. on a 3”x5” card.  Chief Bender 3”x5” card. Mel Ott 3”x5”card.  Rabbit Maranville signature on a slip. Connie Mack handwritten letter on a once cent postcard.  Billy Evans signature cut from a letter. Bill Veeck 3”x5” card.  Pee Wee Reese 3”x5” card.  Don Drysdale 3”x5” card.  Freddy Lindstrom 3”x5” card.  George  Sisler 3”x5” card.  Earl Weaver 3”x5” card.   Phil Niekro 3”x5” card.  Frank Frisch 3”x5” card.  Ford Frick 3”x5” card.  Chick Hafey 3”x5” card.  Larry Doby 3”x5” card.  Red Ruffing 3”x5” card. Bill Mazeroski 3”x5” card.  Hank Greenberg 3”x5” card.  Sandy Koufax 3”x5” card.  Tom Seaver 3”x5” card. Ernie Lombardi 3”x5” card.  Rod Carew 3”x5” card.  Luis Aparicio 3”x5” card.  Johnny Bench 3”x5” card.  Tris Speaker  3”x5” card.  James Cool Papa Bell 3”x5” card.  R. Bob Wallace 3”x5” card. Nestor Chylak signed portrait.  Ernie Banks A.N.S. on a 3”x5” card.  Bill McGowan vintage album page.  Jimmie Foxx on an album page with 12 others 6 HOF’s.  Ed A. Walsh on a slip. John J. McGraw on a 4”x6” photo. Eddie Collins 3”x5” card.  Tony Lazzeri on a photo. Yogi Berra 3”x5” card.  J. Franklin Baker cut from a check.  Ban Johnson & Jacob Ruppert on a Player’s Contract.  Willie McCovey 3”x5” card.  Lou Brock 3”x5” card. Frank Robinson 3”x5” card. Nolan Ryan 3”x5” card.  George Brett 3”x5” card. Tony Perez 3”x5” card.  Willie Stargell 3”x5” card.  Robin Yount 3”x5” card. Mike Schmidt 3”x5” card.  Sparky Anderson 3”x5” card. Rube Marquard 3”x5” card.  Al Kaline 3”x5” card. Henie Manush 3”x5” card.  Kenesaw M. Landis 3”x5” card.  Herb Penock signature/date on 3”x5” card.  Grover Cleveland Alexander full signature and “A Friend” in his hand on  a 3”x5” card.  Thomas A. Connolly four words plus signature on a 3”x5” card.  Roberto Clemente inscription plus two words/signature on a 3”x5” card.  Hazen Ki Ki Cuyler choice interesting note signed/dated on a album page.  Chuck Klein cut signature.  Elmer Flick signed/date on 3”x5” card.  Al Simmons nice signature “The Tigers 1936” on a slip. Judy Johnson 3”x5” card.  Joe McCarthy 3”x5” card. Carlton Fisk 3”x5” card.  Kirby Puckett 3”x5” card.  Ozzie Smith 3”x5” card.  Carl Yastrzemski 3”x5” card. H.C. Faber 3”x5” card.  Eddie Murray 3”x5” card.  Travis C. Jackson signature + stats 3”x5” card.  Whitey Ford 3”x5” card. Leo Durocher 3”x5” card.  Richie Ashburn  3”x5” card.  Paul Molitor 3”x5” card.   Dennis Eckersley 3”x5” card. Ryne Sandberg 3”x5” card. Wade Boggs 3”x5” card. Juan Marichal inscription and note on a 3”x5’” card.  David Winfield 3”x5” card.  Bruce Sutter 3”x5” card.  Phil Rizzuto 3”x5” card. Tony Gwynn 3”x5” card. Cal Ripkin Jr. 3”x5” card.  Walter O’Malley 3”x5” card.   Bowie Kuhn 3”x5” card.  Billy Southworth  signature on a large slip. Dick Williams 3”x5” card.  Billy Williams 3”x5” card. Goose Gossage  3”x5” card. Rickey Henderson signature on portion of a postcard. Jim Rice 3”x5” card. Whitey Herzog 3”x5” card.  Joe Gordon 3”x5” card.  Doug Harvey 3”x5” card.  Andre Dawson 3”x5” card.  Harry Heilmann  cut signature. Bert Blyleven 3”x5” card.  Roberto Alomar 3”x5” card. Pat Gillick 3”x5” card.  Tony LaRussa 3”x5” card.  Ron Santo 3”x5” card. Bob Cox 3”x5” card. Joe Torre 3”x5” card. Gregory Maddux 3”x5” card. Frank Thomas 3”x5” card.  George Wright 1917 document signed. Buck O'Neil 3"x5" card, presentation inscription by Gil Hodges.

This collection which took decades to build is in fine condition and is housed in a large album containing Ultra-Pro platinum protective sheets.

Price Upon Request

Jimmy Doolittle and 20 of his Raiders

Jimmy Doolittle (1896-1993). American pioneer aviator, WWII aviator possibly best remembered for his bombing raid on Tokyo as captured in the movie Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo. On April 18, 1942, General Doolittle led sixteen B-25 bombers from the U.S.S. Hornet for a very daring bombing raid on Japan. This was the first time bombers had been launched from an aircraft carrier. This assault was very important because America struck a significant blow both military and psychologically at the heart of Japan. Doolittle was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his valor.

Absolutely fabulous huge cover, measuring  6.5”x9.5”, First Day of issue of the B-25s Take Off to Raid Tokyo, 29 cent U.S. Postage Stamp. Cancelled, Indianapolis, In Aug. 17, 1992, the 50th Anniversary of the raid on Japan.  In addition a USA 20 cent Medal of Honor US Postage Stamp has also been affixed to this cover. Affixed to this cover is a large label with a map of the world showing the different battles during 1942, including the Raid on Japan by Jimmy Doolittle.

This cover is hand signed  “J.H. Doolittle”. also bearing the signatures of  twenty “Doolittle Raiders.”  Those signing are  “Jack Sims” #14 Co-Pilot,  “Roy Stark” #10 Co-Pilot, “Dick Knobloch” #13 Co-Pilot,  “Jacob DeShazer”  #16 Bombardier,  Bert Jordan”  #4 Gunner,  “E.W. Holstrom” #4 Pilot,  “H.A. Sessler” #15 Navigator/Bombardier, “Hank Potter”  #1 Navigator,  “Charles Ozuk”  #3 Navigator, “Harry C. McCool”  #4 Navigator,  “David J. Thatcher”  #7 Gunner,  “Nolan A. Herndon” #8 Navigator/Bombardier,  “Joe Manske” #5 Gunner,   “James H. Macia”  #14 Navigator/Bombardier, “Bill Bower” #12 Pilot,  “Travis Hoover” #2 Pilot,  “Doug Radney” #12 Gunner,  “E.W. Horton” #10 Gunner,  “Dave Pohl” #8 Gunner, and “R.E. Cole”  #1 Co-Pilot. The envelope is in very fine condition. A fabulous piece of WWII history, a remembrace of the aftermath of Pearl harbor. $795.00

Jack the Ripper
Two Leading Suspects

H.R.H. Prince Albert Victor Christian Edward of Wales, The Duke of Clarence and Avondale.  (1864-1892).  The eldest son of the future King Edward VII.  Died at the very early age of 28 from syphilis of the brain.  The Royal family maintained an unusual discreet silence about “Eddy’s” private activities and destroyed all of his correspondence. Anything signed by “Eddy” is extremely scarce.  He is regarded by many criminologists as the #1 suspect of being Jack the Ripper,  Dr. Stowell caused something of a public sensation when he published in The Criminologist his solution to the Jack the Ripper mystery that “Eddy” was the brutal murderer.  Colin Wilson’s series of articles for  the London Evening Standard  called “My Search for Jack the Ripper” reached the same conclusions about the Ripper’s identity being “Eddy.”  Extremely RARE signature “Eddy” probably cut from an A.L.S. along with several words by his hand on the verso. Together with a portrait of Eddy removed from a book.

Dr. William Gull. (1816-1890).  1st Baronet, 19th Century English physician.  Dr. Gull is first mentioned as possibly being Jack the Ripper by Dr. Thomas Stonewall in the November 1970 issue of The  Criminologist  and again in 1973 by Joseph G. Sickert in the BBC Drama documentary “Jack the Ripper.”  He is mentioned once again recently by author’s Stephen Knight in his book “The Final Solution” and in Melvyn Fairclough’s book “The Ripper and the Royals.”

In 1871, Dr. Gull treated the Prince of Wales for typhus and was appointed the Prince’s regular physician.  Later, Dr. Gull became the physician in ordinary for Queen Victoria.

A very RARE, closing of a letter: “I am, yours very truly” hand signed by “William W. Gull.”  A fine bold full signature. This signature is included along with the “Eddy” items.  All items in fine condition. $2,495.00

Very Rare First Edition, First Printing

LEE, Harper  (1926-2016).  American novelist. Her book, To Kill A Mockingbird became a classic and was adapted into a major motion picture starring Gregory Peck. Peck won an Academy Award for Best Actor. He portrayed a country lawyer named Atticus Finch.  After the books publication in 1960 it won the 1961 Pulitzer prize for Fiction.  The copy we offer is a rare true First Edition, First printing with the matching very scarce First issue dust jacket. The book is inscribed and signed by Harper Lee on the front endpaper: “To William King with best wishes Harper Lee.”  A signature of Gregory Peck is laid in.  The book is in very good to near fine condition with a good dust jacket.This book is housed in a special custom made folding box with the title and author’s name printed in gold. There are no restorations to the book or dust jacket.  Dust jacket hinges are solid without the usual separation.  The $3.95 original publisher’s price is intact. It is estimated that only 5,000 copies of the first Edition were printed with many of them going to libraries. This book is the cornerstone of any major book collection. $24,500.00

Rare Collection of Superman Autographs

COLLYER, Bud  (1908-1969). Radio personality. His most memorable role was on February 12, 1940 when he assumed the title role “The Adventures of Superman.”  Millions of young listeners  sat in front of the radio visualizing the man of steel after hearing Collyer say: ”A strange visitor from another planet who came to earth with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men….”  A choice large pencil signature “Bud Collyer” adding “Superman” on a vintage album page. A former collector has written in pencil “June 15,45”.  Not a common signature.

ALYN, Kirk  (1910-1999).  First actor to play the D.C. Comics character Superman on the screen (1948). Photograph, 8”x10” head and shoulders pose as Superman.  Signed with a three word sentiment: “Best wishes, Superman, Kirk Alyn.”

LARSON, Jack  (1928-2015). American actor, best known for his portrayal of  cub reporter Jimmy Olsen on the Adventures of Superman TV series during the 1950’s. He was the partner/companion of Montgomery Clift.  Photograph, 8”x10”, B&W, head and shoulders pose, smiling.  Inscribed: “For Bob W- My best wishes, Jack Larson, Jimmy Olsen.”  Not common in signed photographs.

BOND, Tommy (1926-2005). American child actor in “Our Gang.”  He was the first actor to appear on screen as “Superman’s pal” Jimmy Olsen (1948).  He appeared in a total of 73 films.  Photograph, 8”x10”, B&W, full length pose of Bond with Superman. Signed: “Tommy Bond, Jimmy Olsen.”

NEILL, Noel  (1920-   )  American actress in motion pictures and television. Best known for her portrayal of Lois lane in the film series Superman (1948) as well as the television series The Adventures of Superman.  Photograph, 8”x10”, B&W, of Noel Neill with Kirk Alyn sitting in their newspaper office. Signed by both: “Noel Neill, Lois Lane” and  “Superman, Kirk Alyn.”

Rare Signed Photograph

SHAYNE, Robert  (1900-1992).  American actor. Best remembered for his portrayal of Inspector Henderson in the television series “The Adventures of Superman.”  Photograph, 8”x10”, B&W, head and shoulders pose as Inspector Henderson.  Inscribed and signed: “To Jim, Best wishes from Inspector Henderson, Robert Shayne.”

REEVE,  Christopher  (1952-2004).  American actor wop was selected for the role of Superman out of 200 aspirants.  Reeve played the part of Superman in the 1978 movie and performed his own stunts.  During 1995 a horse riding incident broke his neck causing paralysis.  Fabulous photograph, 8”x10”, B&W, head and shoulders pose as Superman from the Warner Bros. movie.  Boldly signed. Very fine condition.
The collection: $1,195.00

Called “The Angel of Death”
Document Signed by Dr. Mengele While Assigned to Auschwitz

MENGELE. Dr. Josef  (1911-1979).  He joined the Nazi Party in 1937 and the SS in 1938. German Schutzstaffel (SS) and physician.   He was sent to the concentration camp services in early 1943 and was assigned to Auschwitz. He was named SS Garrison Physician at Auschwitz.   He performed deadly human experiments on prisoners.  After the war he evaded capture for the rest of his life. He apparently died by drowning.  Official document signed, very shortly after arriving at Auschwitz. Dated, 7 Aug. 1943  at Auschwitz Birkenau.  Translated it originates at the “Hospital for Gipsies” and directed to “The Institute of Hygiene” in Auschwitz.  The text states: “Sample for examination regarding dysentery taken 7.8.43 for Lakatost Ziborah, registration #8162.“  Hand signed  by “J. Mengele” using a purple pencil.  His title is “SS-Hauptsturmfuhrer.”  Rubber  stamp seal of the “Waffen SS” (Combat SS) which illustrates the Nazi Eagle and swastika.  Below the Swastika reads “Konzentrationslager” (concentration camp) “Auschwitz.”  Dysentery is the inflammation of the intestines causing severe diarrhea with blood and mucus in the feces. Two file holes not affecting the typing. A notation in green pencil and a red check mark.  Documents of a medical nature from Auschwitz signed by Dr. Mengele can be considered rare. $8,900.00

First African-American Player to be Picked First Overall in the NFL Draft
First African-American to Win The Heisman Trophy

DAVIS, Ernie  (1939-1963).  American football halfback and first African-American to win the Heisman Trophy.   Basketball great who led Elmira Free Academy team to win 52 consecutive victories. He led Syracuse University to the National Championship as a sophomore. Davis was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 1979.
His college working manuscript that he was preparing to submit to his class, nine typed written pages on the history of Bristol, Vermont. Over twenty lines underlined in pencil by Davis and 3 words and a few notations written in pencil by his hand in the margins. Boldly hand signed “Ernie Davis” in pencil at the top of page one.  This manuscript comes from the original collection of Todd Mueller who purchased the papers of Ernie Davis directly from the Davis estate.   Occasionally simple signatures from this same estate are selling for as much as $2,500.  This nine page signed manuscript is in fine condition. $1,450.00


Vintage wood propeller trimmed in metal. Measures five feet long with blades measuring eight inches wide.  One one blade are the autographs of 60 American Aces including great names such as R.E. Galer, Navy’s Top Ace Capt. David McCampbell, Joe Foss, Ralph Parr, Bruce Carr, Ed Rector and Gerald Brown. On the opposite blade some of the greatest German Aces have signed their names including Adolf Galland, Gunther Rall, Walter Krupinski and Heinz Lange. A total of 23 German Aces have signed their names. On the verso an additional 28 American Aces have also signed their names including Dick Rossi, Manny Seigal, Chuck Older (also judge at the Charles Manson trial) C.E. “Bud” Anderson. Roger Conant and Tex Hill. The only person signing this propeller that is not an Ace is Tom Ferebee who has added “Bombardier of the Enola Gay, 6 Aug. 1945”.  Every signature on this propeller was obtained by Stephen Koschal “in person”. The autographs of the American Aces were signed during different reunions of the American Aces, the German Aces were obtained during two reunions of the Luftwaffe held in Germany.  Signature of Tom Ferebee was signed “in person” during a visit to the home of Stephen Koschal.  Thousands of victories are represented on this propeller. This propeller is worthy of placement in a museum or display at an airport.
Shipping Additional. $8750.00

One of History’s Most Famous New Yorkers
First Man to Jump off the Brooklyn Bridge

BRODIE, Steve (1856-1901).  19TH Century Daredevil, Champion Bridge Jumper of the World, popular actor. On July 23, 1886 he jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge and survived. The jump was from a  height of 135 feet, equal to jumping from a 14 story building.  This stunt was attempted just a year before in May 1885 by Robert Emmet Odlum but he did not survive. Brodie capitalized on his reputation appearing in vaudeville and musicals in the Bowery. In 1933, Brodie was portrayed by George Raft in the film “The Bowery.” Steve Brodie’s  very rare business card which depicts his portrait, his name and states that he is the Champion Bridge Jumper of the World.  In addition it states: “Will Appear Season 96-97 in Thos. H. Davis’ Sterling Comedy Drama On The Bowery.” Boldly signed and dated : “Sunday, Feb.7, 1897” on the verso of this card. In excellent condition. The expression “take a Brodie” or “do a Brodie” refers to Steve Brodie.  Brodie lived to be only 45 years old and his autograph is extremely scarce. SOLD

Founder of Planned Parenthood

SANGER, Margaret  (1883-1966).  American leader of the birth-control movement; a trained nurse by profession; organized the first Birth Control Conference (1921); indicted for sending pleas for birth control through the mail; founder and first President of American Birth Control League; author of books and pamphlets on birth control. Founder of Planned Parenthood.

Autograph letter signed, one very full page on her name imprinted stationery. New York, April 1st (n.y.) To :My Dear Mr. Guerney."  Sanger sends her thanks for sending a book that she has taken to Albany and read it on the train. She goes on to say..."I know so little of the Russian writers and am ever ashamed of this but the psychology of Merejkowski's is most interesting. It must be a tremendous task to translate such thoughts and ideas and to make them read so easily and clearly as you have done."  Signed in full.  Margaret Sanger's handwritten letters are very scarce and those with content are highly desirable. $575.00

One Of The 19th Century’s Famous Spiritualists

(Houdini) HOME, Daniel Douglas  (1833-1886).  Spiritualist, super knowledge of scientific investigation. At the age of 17  he became celebrated as a “Medium”. He was presented at the Courts of Russia, Germany, France and the Vatican. In 1863 he united with the Roman Catholic Church but was later expelled because of his practices. In Houdini’s book “A Magician Among The Spirits” he writes an entire chapter on the amazing life of Home. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s book “The Wanderings Of A Spiritualist” refers to Home.  Robert Browning attended one of Home’s seances. Sir William Crooks became interested in spiritualistic research and in 1870 spent four years of research devoted to Home who was successful in baffling Crooks.  Home stands out in the front ranks of the History of Spiritualism.  Very lengthy three page autograph letter signed (1860).  In part:  “Dear Mr. Coleman, I have this moment heard that you have another guardian spirit to love you in the other life.  Well do I know the deep sorrow the poor woman heart is called upon to pass through before it can realize that the change was indeed but a glorious one and the beginning of the only true life... will recall his every action and the heart will throb with pain at the recollection of his every smile.  Look upon lone mother he smiles on you now from that bright abode where you on day will go to dwell with him forever.  He was good and pure and now he would not return to this cold earth of ours.  Let not then your tears seem as if you would with selfish love call him to the material existence again.  He lives and memory dieth not, and now with the strength of his love he will twine the pure hands of spirit love about you till they become too strong for this world and you will go forth a spirit. It is so selfish to mourn yet we are but mortal and our affection the brightest and most holy part of our being and when we see flowers of promise fading from before us we are but too prone to forget that they are to be truly happy.  The fair flower may have escaped the natural vision but the perfume still remains and with the eye of faith we look up only to find the flower transplanted and sheltered from every harmful influence.  Praying God to strengthen and his good angels to protect you.” Home adds an additional thought on page four and dates it “Friday, 7 Dec. 1860”.  A true rarity with extraordinary content $3,250.00

Scarce Signed Photograph of the Legendary Comedy Duo

ABBOTT, Bud  (1895-1974)
COSTELLO, Lou (1906-1959)
American comedy duo who worked in vaudeville, stage, radio and film. At one time they were filmdom's hottest comedy team. Vintage photo of the legendary comedy duo, 8"x10" both smartly dressed with Costello looking over Abbott's shoulder and smiling.  Bud Abbott is looking quite serious and dressed in a mafia style looking suit.  Inscribed using a fountain pen: "To Our Pal 'Elaine' From Your Pals" and signed by Bud Abbott and Lou Costello.  The signatures of Abbott and Costello cannot be expected to be nicer.  Photo's of the duo in 8"x10" size are quite scarce. Most photo's that have appeared are smaller in size and most have obvious faults such as surface creases, wrinkles and brushing to the signatures. This photo is in remarkably fine condition with only the very slightest  minor creases to two of the corners not affecting the image. Also as usual with these vintage photo's this has the usual light silvering to some of the dark areas of Bud Abbott's suit $895.00

From The Memoirs of a Private Detective

HAMMETT, Dashiell (1894-1961).  American author of hard-boiled detective novels and a political activist. Regarded as one of the finest mystery writers of all time. He created Sam Spade (The Maltese Falcon) and wrote “The Thin Man” and The Glass Key”. Later in his life he became “a hermit” and his autograph in any form is very desirable and quite scarce. He is buried in Arlington National Cemetery.
Typed letter signed, one page on the printed letterhead of “The Lombardy” in New York City.  May 31, 1934, he writes to Mr. Groff Conklin: “What ever happened to the Smart Set anthology you wrote me about last winter?  Sincerely yours, Dashiell Hammett.”
The letter is hard bound along with “From the Memoirs of a Private Detective” by Dashiell Hammett, four pages.  These pages are from “The Smart Set Anthology”  edited by Groff Conklin and Burton Roscoe.
Groff Conklin (1904-1968) was a leading science fiction anthologist and editor.  In 1934, Conklin and Roscoe published “The Smart Set Anthology”.  It was the first collection of stories from the important magazine title “The Smart Set.”
This particular item was bought in March 1945 of the sale of Groff Conklin books at City Book Auction.  Some of the letters of Hammett than have reached the market are simply signed with his initials. Letters signed in full can be considered quite scarce. In excellent condition and one of a kind $4,750.00

Unique American Flag that once Flew Over the Nation’s Capitol.
Hand Signed by the First President of the United States to Resign
and the next President who Pardoned Him

NIXON, Richard and Gerald R. Ford.  American Flag, boldly signed “in person” by Richard Nixon (December 20, 1990) and by Gerald R. Ford ( a few months later). Together with a typed letter signed from J. George Stewart, Architect of the Capitol, July 24, 1964 to Congressman Peter W. Rodino, Jr. (New Jersey) certifying that the accompanying flag flew over the U.S. Capitol and the flag will be presented to Mr. Jerry Sassone of Newark, New Jersey. Also included is a letter from Congressman Rodino, Jr. dated July 28, 1964, presenting this flag to Jerry Sassone. (Both letters have some water staining along the top but not affecting the text or signatures.   Peter Rodino, Jr. chaired the 22 member House Judiciary Committee whose decision to bring impeachment to a House vote that prompted Nixon’s resignation.   The signing on this flag comes with the following story. On Thursday, December 20, 1990 I spent some time with my friend former President Richard Nixon in his office at Upper Saddle River, New Jersey.  Towards the end of the afternoon he was ready to leave his office and go home. I asked him if we could walk down together as I had a large American Flag that flew over the U.S. Capitol that I wanted him to autograph.  We went downstairs and walked over to my car. We spread the flag over the hood of my car making it easy for him to sign.  Nixon placed his briefcase on the ground and I handed him a Sharpie pen.  Nixon had some difficulty starting his signature as the pen would grab the material. After having trouble starting the “R” in Richard the rest of the signature went well as he realized he didn’t need to use that much pressure on the pen to sign the flag.  In person, Nixon was very generous with his autograph but on this day this was the only item I asked him to autograph.  I put the flag in my car and we both walked over to his own car which his driver was warming up on that cold New Jersey winter afternoon. As they drove away, Nixon looked out his window and waved.  I walked back to my car and in astonishment realized Nixon left his briefcase next to my car.   I knew Nixon would not be back in his office until Monday so I put his briefcase in my car.  I kept his briefcase in my office for the next three days.  What a temptation it was to open that case and see what a former president  of the United States carries.  I never did!  On Monday, I drove back to Nixon’s office which was only about a thirty-five minute drive from my home.  I can still remember the smile on his face when he saw that briefcase come through his door.  At that point I asked Nixon for a special favor. I had with me 8 copies of his full pardon that Gerald R. Ford previously signed for me. I asked Nixon to autograph the pardons below Ford’s signature. Without hesitation, Nixon picked up his own pen and started signing. He signed 6 of the pardon’s and put his pen down.

This flag, signed by both presidents is most likely unique. It has been properly folded and placed in a special frame made for flags.  A brass plaque has been affixed to the frame  indicating the flag flew over the U.S. Capitol and that it is signed by both Nixon and Ford..  Nixon will always be remembered as the first U.S. President to resign the presidency and Ford will be remembered for pardoning Nixon.  A most desirable and historic collectible worthy of placement in a museum or in an extraordinary presidential autograph collection $4,500.00

Exceedingly Rare Signature of John Brallier
First Confessed Paid Professional Football Player

BRALLIER, John Kinport  (1876-1960).  The first professional football team to be recognized as such played in the township of Latrobe, Pennsylvania. It was sponsored by the local YMCA. Latrobe made its debut on August 31, 1895.
Dave Berry, manager of the Latrobe YMCA Team was searching for a quarterback for the opening game against the Jeanette Athletic Club.  John Brallier, a local high school star, about to enter college was asked to be the quarterback. He declined.  The manager decided to offer Brallier $10.00 plus expenses.  This threw a different light on the proposition, for in those days $10.00 was considered a large sum of money.  Brallier agreed to the terms and signed the first professional football contract.  Thus pro football was born and history was made.
Latrobe defeated Jeanette  12-0. In 1904 Canton traveled  to Latrobe to play what was once the best team in Pennsylvania. When Latrobe kicked off to open the second half of a scoreless game, a botched play on the return resulted in a fumble at the Canton five yard line. A Latrobe player recovered the ball and ran it for a touchdown. John Brallier kicked for the extra point and Latrobe won 6-0.
Brallier had 4X undefeated seasons, 1902,03,04 and 05.
Brallier finished his career in 1907 and was considered one of the best players of his era.
Latrobe was recognized by the NFL as the Birthplace of Professional Football.
Brallier died without seeing the realization of the “Pro Football Hall of Fame” in Latrobe. He was on the original committee which began the movement in 1946. Brallier was the last member of the first professional football team. In recognition of his distinction as the first paid football player he had been awarded the “No.1” lifetime season ticket by the National Football League, which was good for admission to any league game in the nation.
In 1979, John Brallier was voted one of the “Best Pros Not in the Hall of Fame” by the Pro Football Researchers Association.
EXTREMELY RARE, full signature on a card, “Dr. Jno K. Brallier” adding “Latrobe, Penna” in his hand..  On the verso he has written: “1st Pro. Football team Latrobe, PA. 1895”.
Together with a portrait of john Brallier and a sealed set of “Birth of Pro Football” cards.  This is a thirty card set, printed in 1983. John Brallier is on card #1,2,3,4,, possibly on card 5, 6, and 7 and also on card twenty.
An extraordinary collection worthy of placement is a sports museum $3,750.00

1,478 +++ Victories

LUFTWAFFE ACES.  An Ace is a fighter pilot who has shot down 5 or more enemy planes.  Large porcelain Luftwaffe serving platter. Produced by Bauscher, Weiden with their mark/seal on the verso, dated 1937.  The German Eagle over a Swastika is above the maker’s mark.  Hand signed by 24 German Aces with a total of over 1, 278 victories.  All autographs on this platter were obtained in person by Stephen Koschal during the mid 1990's.  The autographs were obtained at the Luftwaffe reunions in Rudesheim, Germany.  Photograph of Steve Koschal with Adolf Galland the day he signed this platter. All those signing were quite happy to sign and many were excited to see the verso of this platter. According to Gerhard Schoepfel this platter brought back many memories and he asked to have his picture taken with the platter. Those who have signed this platter are:
Ernest Scheufele      18 victories
Gerhard Walter           8 v
Gunther Barr             37 v
Julius Meimberg       53 v
Walter Schuck         206 v
Heinz Lange              70 v
Gerhard Schoepfel    40 v
Hans-Joachim Jabs  50 v
Arthur Gartner           26 v
Hajo Hermann             9 v
Walter Krupinski     197 v
Eduard Neumann       13 v
Guenther Rall           275 v
Martin Drewes            52 v
Adolf Galland            104 v
Wolf-Dietrich Huy       40 v
Willie Reschke           26 v
Wolfgang Falck            8 v
Martin “Tino” Becker 31 v
Guenther Seeger          56 v
Walter Loos                 38 v
Heinz Marquardt        121 v

All autographs in excellent condition as well as the platter. A wonderful collectible for display and most likely one of a kind $1,900.00

Amazing 18th Century Vatican Reliquary
Containing Relics of Catholic Saints, Martyrs, Bishops, etc.

This extremely ornate reliquary is enclosed in a shadow box and measures approximately 20”x14.5”x2”.  It takes the shape of an alter of eight columns with a Greek styled roof.  The columns, roof and base are lined in a gold foil. This reliquary contains actual pieces of bones, first class relics across the top and on top of the columns and in between the columns.  Each bone is identified on a small slip.  At the top left, just below the roof starts the relics for the months of January and February. There is a relic for each day of the month.  The first column on the left is for the month of March.  Thirty one relics, one for each day of the month are attached. All the additional months follow to the right and across the bottom of the alter.  This reliquary contains a total of 377 relics each identified by name and day and month of the year.  In the very center of this reliquary is a sliver of wood in the shape of a cross. This wood is what the Vatican believes is from the true cross that Christ was crucified.  At one time during the 1970’s this reliquary was shown to Monseigneur Mulligan from St. Henry’s Cathedral in Bayonne, New Jersey. Upon seeing this reliquary, the Monseigneur got down on his knees and wept.

This reliquary was purchased directly from noted autograph/antique dealer Robert L. White of Baltimore.  White handled many first class relics during his career and stated this was the most ornate reliquary holding a record amount of relics he has seen.  Robert stated he purchased this reliquary from a noted antique dealer named Bragaw.

This reliquary has a wooden back. A signature on the back reads “Rev. P. Bonaventria”. In addition in two places there is a number “4”. Once it’s written very boldly in pencil and once again the number “4” is written of a very old paper label.  Near the center of the back is a wooden trap type door which is behind the wooden cross.  Two very old wax seals, one above the box and one below have two red pieces of string which goes over the box to indicate the cross was not tampered with.  Robert White did some research and he believed only four of these relics were made, this being number 4.  Number one may be in the Vatican.  Considering the age which is estimated to be late 18th Century, this reliquary is in very good condition $77,500.00

A Marie Curie Collection

CURIE, Marie  (1867-1934). The most famous female scientist in history. She worked with her husband Pierre Curie at the School of Physics and Chemistry in Paris. She discovered radium and polonium. She worked on the new discovery of radioactivity. She was awarded the 1911 Nobel Prize for Chemistry for her work on radium.
Her biography of her distinguished husband:  Pierre Curie.  Translated by Charlotte and Vernon Kellogg. Blue boards, cloth back, New York, 1923, First U.S. Edition.  Limited to ONLY 100 numbered copies, signed. This copy being number 40.
Nice, V/G copy in a custom made slipcase. Ex-Library copy with only one small library stamp on the front free endpaper and remnants of glue discoloration on the rear endpaper from removal of a library pocket. In addition is an ink gift inscription and two former owners signatures on the same front free endpaper.
Together with a solid lead ingot from the Radium Institute in Paris where Marie Curie worked in her laboratory. This ingot measures appx: 1.5”x2”x4” and weighs several pounds. These lead ingots were melted down and used by Marie Curie to help protect herself from radioactive waves. The ingot is currently wrapped in tin foil.
Also included in this collection is a limited edition card, printed in color, 8.5”x11”. A picture of Marie Curie standing outside her Institute of Radium and a color illustration of the front of the Institute in Paris. A nice printed biography of Marie Curie is printed on the card. These cards were printed in a limited edition of 100 numbered copies hand signed by Stephen Koschal the creator.  Each card contains pieces of brick from the Laboratory/Institute of Radium. A very attractive card for framing.  The collection $5,500.00

Original Piece of Goal Post Signed by Knute K. Rockne

ROCKNE, Knute K.  (1888-1931).  American football player and coach at the University of Notre Dame. Regarded as one of the greatest coaches in college football history.  Inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame.  Original piece of the goal post from the Nov.13, 1926 Notre Dame/Army game played at Yankee stadium.  In this game, the Fighting Irish handed the cadets their first defeat. Autographed by Knute K. Rockne.   On the other side of the piece of goal post is written “N.D. 7 -  Army 0, 11/13/26.”  Wood measures appx: 1”x3”.  Together with a handwritten letter from the woman who I purchased this relic. The original envelope is enclosed postmarked 8 April 1994.  She writes in part: “This is an authentic autograph of football coach Knute Rockne on a piece of the goal post from the Notre Dame/Navy game as indicated. These little mementoes were given to each girl attending the Victory Dance over Navy. As I was dating one of the players at that time, I had been to the dance and had the privilege of meeting the great Knute Rockne. He was truly a wonderful person…”  Included is the original Notre Dame button Mrs. Burns wore to the game.  After I received the letter from Mrs. Burns, I called her on the phone and asked her why she wrote “Navy” instead of “Army.”  Her explanation was that game was almost 70 years ago and she just mis-wrote the team.  This signed goal post is one of only two we had from that game. Her girl friend also sold us one at the same time.  That one we sold years ago. This one has remained in my personal collection since 1994. $3,900.00

Extremely RARE Movie Poster for Stephen King’s
Horror Anthology CREEPSHOW

KING, Stephen  (1947-      )  American author of contemporary horror, suspense, science fiction and fantasy.  His books sold more than 350 million copies. He published 55 novels and written almost 200 short stories. He is the winner of numerous awards.  CREEPSHOW  was based on a short-story work which includes five tales of horror inspired by the series of E.C. Comics in the 1950’s.  CREEPSHOW  is a 1982 horror anthology where Stephen King not only wrote the original screenplay but also starred in the movie.Original movie poster for CREEPSHOW measures appx. 27”x42”, printed in color. Very boldly signed by Stephen King along the bottom white margin.  In nearly fine condition except for one small tear on left margin, barely worth mentioning. A magnificent item for framing. $1,500.00

Two Rare Signatures
The First Colored Member of the Senate
The First Colored Member of the U.S. House of Representatives

REVELS, H(IRAM) R.  (1822-1901).  First colored U.S. Senator, elected in 1870 in Mississippi.  Popular Minister in the North.  Organized the first colored regiment in Maryland and Missouri.  He accompanied the Missouri Regiment as a Chaplin to Vicksburg.  Choice signature: “H.R. Revels, Mississippi.”.

RAINEY, Joseph F.
  (1832-1937). First colored member of Congress. Very scarce autograph letter signed, one page, Washington, DC, Feb. 5, 1871 to Mr. John J. Brown, Jr.  Excellent content: “At your request I send you this autograph letter not believing that I am yet distinguished but simply to gratify your curiosity, Respectfully, J.F. Rainey.”
Rainey was admitted to the U.S. House of Representatives on Dec. 12, 1871. Together with a portrait of both men, clipped from a magazine.  A rare combination of autographs. $1,250.00

Joan River Highlights 60+ Autographs Of Female Broadway Stars

NOTHING LIKE A DAME, 2000.  Poster, measuring appx. 16”x24” to Benefit The Phyllis Newman Woman’s Health Initiative Of The Actors’ Fund Of America/Produced By Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids.  Monday, March 6 (2000)  8PM, Richard Rodgers, 226 West 46th St. (NYC).  All Singing, All Dancing, All Talking Women.

Over 60 women who participated in this Broadway Production have signed this poster. To name a few,  Phyllis Newman, Florence Henderson (The Girl Who Came To Supper), Sandy Duncan ((Chicago), Rosemary Harris (Nothing Like A Dame), Heather Headley (Aida), Nancy Opel (Triumph of Love), Melisa Enrico (High Society), Caitlin Carter (Swing), Dee Hoty (Played Donna in Mamma Mia), Rita Moreno (West Side Story, film version and Nothing Like a Dame) and a fabulous signature of Joan Rivers (Fun City 1972, Broadway Bound and Sally Maar).  Presently the poster is framed but will be sold and shipped unframed. In excellent condition. $235.00


THE BEATLES. George Harrison, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr. Their fantastic and colorful album “Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band.”  Capitol Records, 1978.  Hand signed by Harrison, McCartney and Starr on the record. Record comes complete with the record cover.  Album in excellent condition, cover shows light wear. Together with a one page handwritten letter of provenance from long time and well known “in person” collector Pete Connolly. Pete writes about obtaining each autograph, the place and date each signature was obtained. We purchased this album in the mid-90’s directly from Pete Connolly. A modern rarity $4,950.00

Jimmy Carter and Saint, Pope John Paul II

CARTER, Jimmy (1924-   ) 34th President of the United States
JOHN PAUL II, Pope (1920-2005). Pope from 1978-2005. Blazed the fastest path to Sainthood in the History of the Catholic Church. His canonization was held April 27, 2014.

Official Program for The White House in honor of the visit of the new Pope.

Booklet/program with a large gold embossed seal of The President of the United States on the front cover. The title page states: “The President and Mrs. Carter Welcome You To The White House On The Occasion Of The Visit Of His Holiness John Paul II”.  Saturday, October 6, 1979. Turn the page and it is hand signed by Joannes Paulus PPII and a full signature of Jimmy Carter.

Printed on the next page: “Remarks by THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES - HIS HOLINESS JOHN PAUL II”.  Selection by the United States Marine Band.

Pencil notations on the back of this page read: “Pope John Paul at first did not sign autographs however after his remarks and when the band stopped playing he began to sign these programs for several dignitaries. I estimate he signed 15-20 programs. President Carter signed many more. B.A.” Below in pencil: Purchased at New York U.A.C.C. show from autograph dealer Paul Hartunian, Stephen Koschal, Verona, N.J.” In very fine condition.
Together with Rosary Beads, that appear to glow in the dark. Contained in a packet labeled  “This Rosary Has been Blessed For You By The Holy Father Pope John Paul II, July 28, 2002 - Toronto, Canada”. There is a picture of Pope John Paul with his hand raised as in a blessing.  Created for “World Youth Day, Toronto, Canada, 2002”. In excellent condition. SOLD

Captain of the Carpathia
Saved the Lives of 700 Titanic Passengers

ROSTRON, Arthur Henry (1869- ?).   Captain of the Carpathia, who received the Titanic’s distress signal on the night of April 14, 1912.  Although he was 60 miles away, he immediately set course for the Titanic braving dangerous ice fields and running the risk of damaging or even sinking his own ship. The result was he saved the lives of over 700 persons.  Readers of the New York Times gave him an award of $10,000.00 and he was showered with honors/ He was awarded the Medal of Honor by Congress and it was presented to him by President Taft. During 1914 he took command of the Lusitania and in 1926 was created a Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire.  In 1931 he wrote his life story Home From The Sea.
Autograph letter signed, one side and signed once again on the verso. Piece of lined paper measuring appx. 3”x6”:  “Montreal, 7/8/14, Dear Sir, Overside, I sign as you wished. Have been extra busy. Best Wished, Yours truly, A.H.R.”  On the verso Rostron has signed  with the finest full signature one can imagine. For those who would think of it, the page could be trimmed so that one could end up with the closing of the letter signed with initials from one side and the other with a full signature. The letter has one punch hole barely touching the word “extra” and some burn marks from a fire not touching any of the writing. Together with this letter is a Underwood & Underwood magazine photo of Captain Rostron and also several original newspaper articles regarding the Titanic sinking and about a painting sold by Frank Millet who was lost on the Titanic.  This letter of Rostron is extremely rare and may be the only letter ever offered containing two signatures $2,950.00

RARE, Two Virgins Album Signed by
John Lennon and Yoko Ono

LENNON, John (1940-1980) and Yoko Ono(1933-   ) Their album Two Virgins.  Apple Records, May 1968.  The record is contained in the RARE  album cover. Boldly inscribed by John Lennon on the album cover, the side which depicts him and Yoko Ono in full frontal nudity. Lennon writes: “To Jule love John Lennon”.  Yoko has added, using the same collector’s pen: “and Yoko Ono NYC 77”.  Also present is the album cover jacket which was issued to cover the nude photos of this famous couple. This highly prized collectible comes with a full page handwritten letter of authenticity from one of the most noted “in person” collectors of musical autographs. His name is Pete Connolly of New York.  Pete, is one of the original “in person” collectors who is very well known in the hobby amongst his peers. He is the collector who supplied many of the legitimate galleries with guitars and other musical instruments signed by many of the rock and roll notables. Many of the Stars know Pete by his first name. Pete’s handwritten letter  of authentication and original envelope comes together with this album.  Pete writes: “John Lennon & Yoko Ono-2 Virgins. This album was obtained in person by myself on Oct. 9, 1977 outside The Tavern On The Green Restaurant in New York for a birthday party for John and his 2 year old son Sean. John was holding something in his hand so he scrawled his inscription and signature ‘To Jule’ which he has done on other occasions for other autograph seekers. Jule may be his way of love for his son Julian or one can use their imagination especially in the case of John. Shortly afterwards Yoko signed: “Yoko Lennon NYC 77”.  I certify that the above is a true statement and both autographs were obtained at that time, place and date and are genuine and signed in front of me.  Sincerely, Pete Connolly.”  The record and album cover are in fine condition. The album jacket shows a little wear. A remarkable collectible. $9,500.00

Uninscribed First Edition, Walt Disney Biography

DISNEY, Walt (1901-1966). American cartoon artist, producer of animated films and film studio founder. The Story of Walt Disney by Diane Disney Miller. Henry Holt & Co. 1957, First Edition. Hardcover with dust jacket. Beautifully signed on the half title page, "Best wishes, Walt Disney." In fine condition, a bright clean copy,  with light wear to the dust jacket. Bookplate affixed to inside the front cover with the written name "Jerry Lewis." The signature of Walt Disney is exceptionally large. Contained in a custom made protective box. SOLD

Inscribed to the President of Israel by Yaacov Agam, the Most Noted Israeli Artist

AGAM, Yaakov (1928 - ) Most noted Israeli artist born May 11, 1928 in Rishon, LeZion, then mandate Palestine.  Agam trained at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem before moving to Zurich, Switzerland in 1949.  In 1951 Agam moved to Paris, France where he lives today. He is a world-renowned kinetic artist. He had several gallery and museum exhibitions. Numerous works by Agam have sold at auction including the sale of “New Israel Design” at Sotheby’s in 2010 for $698,500.  Also Agam is noted for his “Star of Love” silver medal (1978) where the Star of David changes shape as the medal is rotated. This popular medal commemorates Israel’s 30th Anniversary.  Agam was voted 195th greatest Israeli of all time. Agam is called one of the most important living artists of our time.

NAVON, Yitzhak, (1921 - ) Served as the 5th President of Israel. He served from 1978 through 1982. He was the first Israeli President to be born in Jerusalem. In 2005 he was voted the 108th greatest Israeli of all time.

Agam’s book: Hommage To Agam - Xxe Siecle,  1980, Printed  in France in French. Plates captions both in French and English.  Book also contains two original color lithographs by Agam.  159 pages, heavily illustrated. Hardcover. Very boldly inscribed to the 5th President of Israel. “To the President of Israel and Mrs. Navon, Agam, 30.7.1981”.  Agam has artistically drawn the Star of David which is incorporated in his initial “A” in Agam.  Most unusual and a choice association item between the great Israeli artist and the President of Israel. Certainly one of a kind. $395.

One of a Kind

POLK, Sarah  (1803-1891).  First Lady, widow of President James K. Polk.  Free frank signature “Free Sarah Polk”, on a mourning envelope addressed in her hand to Maj. Wm. H. Polk, Columbia, Tennessee. A dark ink hand stamp at left corner “Nashville, TN, Aug.11” and “Free” handstamp.  Intact black wax seal on verso. Collector’s note along front left corner of the cover.

Major William H. Polk (1815-1862) was an American politician and brother of James K. Polk. He was admitted to the bar in 1939. He served as Minister to the Kingdom of the two Sicilies (present day Italy). He was Major of the Third Dragoons in the Mexican American War (1847-1848). President Polk died on June 15, 1849, just four months after leaving the Executive Mansion. This cover was signed just two months later.

An auction description in December 2008 stated: "her Franks on Intact covers are extremely rare. There are only three recorded and only one being on a mourning envelope”.  All three were signed Mrs. J.K. Polk.  The cover offered here is said to be the only known cover signed as “Sarah Polk”



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