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Scarce Signed Photograph of the Legendary Comedy Duo

ABBOTT, Bud & COSTELLO, Lou Vintage photo of the legendary comedy duo, 8"x10" both smartly dressed with Costello looking over Abbott's shoulder and smiling.  Bud Abbott is looking quite serious and dressed in a mafia style looking suit.  Inscribed using a fountain pen: "To Our Pal 'Elaine' From Your Pals" and signed by Bud Abbott and Lou Costello.  $895.00

Wonderful photograph, 7”x9”, head and shoulders profile pose. Inscribed: “To Mabel, very best wishes Mary Anderson-Vitagraph 1914”.  Photographer’s embossed imprint “Stacy, 5th Avenue & 9th Street, Brooklyn”. $125.00

ARNOLD, Edward
Photograph, 8”x10”, half length pose smiling. Signed with a one word sentiment: “Sincerely, Edward Arnold”. $95.00

Excellent vintage movie still from the 1928 silent film “Romance of the Underworld”.  Head & shoulders pose, 8”x10” inscribed and signed and dated “1980” with excellent contrast. A list of most of her movies have been written on the verso. $135.00

Photograph of Astaire 8”x10”, B&W, full length pose dancing with Ginger Rogers. Boldly signed by Fred Astaire on the light portion of the photograph. $375.00

Rare Topless Josephine Baker Signed Photograph

BAKER, Josephine Photograph, 2.5x 3.5” by Walery, Paris.  Full length pose, topless, her hands raised above her head. She is wearing only a necklace and a pair of shorts that resemble a cat’s face.  Signed in full, with very good contrast.  $695.00

Great American Ballet Choreographer. Fantastic full signature on a blue 3”x5” card. $135.00.

BANKHEAD, Tallulah
Photograph, 5”x8”, head & shoulders pose. Boldly signed.. Dated on verso April 6, 1937 with photographer’s stamp “James Hargis Connelly Portrait- Chicago”. $175.00.

BANKHEAD, Tallulah
Front cover of a Playbill for the Maplewood Theatre, Maplewood, New Jersey, week of July 6, 1942 presenting Tallulah Bankhead in "The Little Foxes".  Across her portrait she has signed her full name adding "Best wishes". $125.00.

A Wonderful Menu

BARRYMORE, John Full Menu for “Monaco’s” Restaurant, January 20, 1940 where whole lobsters were $1.25. Ladies are requested “Not To Dance Together”. Signed on the back of the menu by John Barrymore.  $195.00

Signed Just Months Before His Death

BARRYMORE, Lionel T.L.S., one page, on his name imprinted stationery, Chatsworth, CA. May 3, 1954. (Died 11/15/54).  In part: “How very nice of you to send me a telegram on the occasion of my 76th birthday--it was so very heartening to know that you would take time out of your busy lives to wish me well on my Natal day--..” Signed in full, together with the original envelope and a fine portrait of Barrymore for framing.  $275.00

Photograph, 8”x10”, B&W, head & shoulders pose. Inscribed: “To Henry B. Nightengale with my appreciation and best wishes, Sincerely, Lionel Barrymore”.  $185.00

Original "Batman" Poster, Signed

BATMAN Original single sided Batman movie poster.  Warner Bros. 1989. Starring Michael Keaton as Batman. Jack Nicholson as the Joker and Kim Bassinger. Release date of the movie was  June 1989.  The film was a financial success grossing over four hundred million dollars. It was the 5th highest grossing film in history. It also won an Academy Award. Poster measures a large 28”x40” and has the original folds. Very boldly signed by Michael Keaton using a gold tip marker. Would look fabulous framed  SOLD

BAXTER, Warner
Photograph, 7”x9”, B&W, close up profile of Baxter lighting a cigarette. He has written: “Best wishes, Sincerely, Warner Baxter”.  $125.00

Choice signature and sentiment on a card: “Thanks for asking, Clyde Beatty, Big Cage”.  $85.00

Attractive photo, 5”x7” half length pose. Signed in purple ink with a one word sentiment: “Sincerely, Ralph Bellamy”  $110.00

The Greatest Actress In The World

BERNHARDT, Sarah Postcard photograph of Bernhardt as Saint Theresa. Boldly inscribed and signed and dated in her hand “1904”.  $375.00

BERRY, Wallace
Fine full ink signature on a portion of an album page.  Ample margins for matting and framing. $160.00.

BLACKSTONE, Harry Autograph quotation signed on an album page: “Success is work Plus Confidence, Plenty of It” “Harry Blackstone, The Magician.” $295.00

TThe Greatest Magician of His Day

BLACKSTONE, Harry Very scarce “Playbill” from the Cass Theatre, Feb. 1955. “Blackstone The Magician”, the front cover bears a portrait of Blackstone, full face, which he has inscribed and signed. Together with a photograph of Harry Blackstone, Jr. 8”x10”, B&W, inscribed, signed and dated “6-4-88”.  $275.00

Very scarce autograph letter signed on his name imprinted stationery. $395.00.

Photograph, 8”x10”, B&W, head and shoulders pose as “The Scarecrow.”  Together with an authentic piece of straw from Bolger’s “The Scarecrow” costume and a copy of Bolger’s autograph letter signed submitting the straw. $295.00.

Handsome vintage photograph of a young Bolger, 8”x10”, B&W, head & shoulders pose, smiling. Inscribed and signed on the light background of the photograph thus offering excellent contrast. $165.00.

Brother Of John Wilkes Booth

BOOTH, Edwin Fine ink signature dated Dec.21, 1872.  $125.00

BOYD, William
Portion of a postcard where he writes: “Good Luck and Best Wishes - ‘Hoppy’ William Boyd”. $225.00.

Probably The Most Successful Character Actor In American Films

BRENNAN, Walter Vintage, sepia photograph, 8”x10”, head & shoulders pose, full face, smiling.  Uncommon, early inscription, signed and dated by Brennan. “To Ruth and Wally, with best wishes always, Walter Brennan, 1941”.  $350.00

Beautiful original pen sketch of “The Creature”, boldly signed in full. Overall size 8.5”x11”.  $100.00

One of the Most Forged Hollywood Autographs

BRYNNER, Yul Glossy photograph, 8”x10” of Brynner, half length pose smiling. Inscribed: “Sue, Yul Brynner”.  $125.00

Very Scarce Signatures of Vaudeville black dancers "Buck & Bubbles"
Michael Jackson named his Chimpanzee after Bubbles

BUCK, Ford L (1903-1955) African American vaudeville dancer and singer.
BUBBLES, John W. (1902-1986) African American vaudeville dancer and singer.
Yellow album page signed “Buck & Bubbles” by the hand of John W. Bubbles. Together with a B&W portrait of both. 

Rare Letter From The Original Siamese Twins

BUNKER, Chang & EngManuscript letter signed, Mount Airy, N.C., Dec. 18th (n.y.). To J. Brown. They write: “We have been ill ever since our return from Europe and one of us-Chang-cannot use his hand so as to write. Eng writes for both, Chang & Eng Bunker.”  From the noted collection of John Brown, Jr. In fine condition along with a portrait of the Bunker’s and a magazine article about a Bunker family reunion.  SOLD

Scarce Signed Cover of a Script for Ironside

BURR,  Raymond Front cover of the Script Ironside The Over-The -Hill Blues.Production # 40310, June 25, 1974. Boldly signed by Raymond Burr. In addition it appears two others have signed one being Don McDougall (1917-1991) Director of Ironside and dozens of other TV series such as Rin Tin Tin, Dukes of Hazzard, Amazing Spider Man, Wonder Woman, Dallas, Planet of the Apes and more.  $135.00

Fabulous black & white photograph, 8"x10" of Burton holding a deck of cards. Bold signature.  $27.50

BURTON, Richard
Photograph, 8”x10”, B&W, head & shoulders pose inscribed with a two word sentiment: “Good wishes, Richard Burton”.  $350.00

Very rare autograph letter signed on the imprinted stationery of his farm in New York State. One and a quarter pages, Oct. 11, 1966  $375.00

Movie still of Cagney along with a female actress, 8”x10”, B&W, half length pose, signed “James Cagney $135.00

One of Canada's Greatest Actors

CANDY, John Black and white, 8”x10” of Candy with three other jockey’s.  Ever the master of disguise, Detective Harry Crumb (John Candy) slips by unnoticed during an undercover assignment,  Boldly signed “John Candy”. He draws an arrow to himself and writes “ME”.  SOLD

One of Canada’s greatest and funniest character actors.  Choice signature “John Candy” on a 3"x5”card. Quite uncommon in genuine signatures as many forgeries appear on the market. In very fine condition  $65.00

Vintage 8”x10” photo, head & shoulders pose,  looking very distinguished in a suit and tie.  Inscribed and signed: “To Ruth, Good Wishes, Eddie Cantor”..  $175.00

CHAPLIN, Charles & Lita Grey
Black felt tip signature “Charles Chaplin” on a 3”x5” card.  Received from Chaplin, through the mail during the mid 1970’s. Card shows minor wear. A second card signed by Lita Grey Chaplin adding a three word sentiment. The two  $350.00

CHONG, Tommy
Wonderful, vintage signature of Tommy Chong on a 3“x5“ card.. He draws a marijuana cigarette after his name. $35.00

Fine signature on a card where a collector has affixed his portrait.  $150.00

CODY, Iron Eyes
Known as “The Crying Indian”, he starred in the famous 1970’s anti-littering TV commercials.Fabulous, glossy 8”x10” photo of Cody in costume wearing an elaborate headdress. Inscribed, signed and dated: “Iron Eyes Cody, 1980, Bob Orth”. $100.00

America's Most Distinguished Show

COLE, James M. James M. Cole became a circus legend.  Typed letter signed on his ornate, colorful letterhead.  December 18, 1945.  Fine circus content regarding getting back from a show and mentioning a few problems. In part he writes: “ really is some job getting this opery (operation) ready, but I love it..”  Signed “Jim”  $125.00

Scarce Signed Photo of One of Hollywood's Top Stars

COMPSON, Betty Photograph, 8”x10” full face looking directly into the camera. A most unusual portrait.  Beautifully inscribed and signed: “To Anna Patrick, Sincerely yours, Betty Compson”. $185.00

Uncommon Vintage Signed Photograph

CONNERY, Sean Photograph of a very young Sean Connery, 4”x5.5”, B&W, full face, smiling. Signed and inscribed with a sentiment  “For Richard,  with good wishes, Sean Connery.  SOLD

Hugh Hefner’s Second Wife
CONRAD, Kimberly Color portrait, 8”x10.5” topless and bottomless,  from Playboy Magazine, June 1989. Inscribed and signed: “To Robert, Best wishes, Kimberly Conrad.”  Inscribed and signed once again on the verso of another topless and bottomless photo  $49.95

COOPER, Gary Candid vintage original one of a kind “Brownie” photograph, half length pose wearing a suit and hat. He was caught getting out of his automobile. Signed: “Best wishes, Gary Cooper”.  $550.00

One of a Kind Original Sketch by Jack Rosen

COOPER, Gary Original caricature by the noted artist Jack Rosen. During WWII, Rosen sketched the portraits of over 25,000 hospitalized servicemen. Image area appx. 6”x10” in color, head and shoulders pose, profile of Cooper. Cooper has signed his name in full with a huge signature up the left hand margin. Very attractive for framing.  $450.00

Rare A.L.S. of Gary Cooper

COOPER, Gary Autograph letter signed, one page, no date.  SOLD

Fabulous publicity photograph, 8’X10”, B&W, head & shoulders pose, full face, close-up looking directly into the camera. Inscribed and signed on the clear area of the background: “To Janet, Love & Kisses, Lou Costello”. Copyright 1945, Universal pictures Co., Inc. $395.00

Scarce Vintage Photograph

CRAWFORD, Joan MGM Vintage photograph, 7.5”x9.5”, B&W, head and shoulders pose, looking to the side and smiling. Boldly inscribed and signed: “To Edith from Joan Crawford”.  SOLD

Photograph, B&W, head and shoulders pose smiling. Inscribed and signed: “To Richard from Joan Crawford”. Her signature is almost seven inches long.   $135.00

Fine content letter From Joan Crawford

CRAWFORD, Joan Typed letter signed on her name imprinted letterhead. May 19, 1971 to Dear Richard. She writes in part: “...I’m so happy that you enjoyed seeing me on the Merv Grifffin’s Show. My book will be published in the fall.  At the present time, we are not sure of the title, but I think it will be: “Joan Crawford - My Way Of Life”.  Yes, I’ll be glad to autograph your copy of the book...”.  $75.00

ST. CYR, Lili
Photograph, 8”x10”, B&W, topless, full length pose lying down. Titled “Naked Maja” from her performance at the Windmill Theatre in London. $125.00

DAVIES, Marion
Lists all the extras with delivery to be made on 6/19/1930. Also signed by the Isotta Motors Manager. On the verso Isotta Motors agrees to arrange for service in Paris, France and Milan, Italy for Miss Marion Davies, signed once again by the company  manager. SOLD

DAVIS, Bette
Photograph, 8”x10”, B&W, head & shoulders pose looking directly into the camera.  Inscribed and signed: “For Richard Butler, from Bette Davis”.  $100.00

James Dean
Bold Vintage Signature
from the legendary actor. Increasingly scarce autograph, and this one is an exceptional example. $SOLD.

MGM's Queen of Character Actresses

DRESSLER, Marie Typed letter signed, one page on her name imprinted stationery. December 14, 1933.  $150.00

The Amazing Dunninger

DUNNINGER, John A very scarce autograph letter signed on ornate letterhead, Cliffside Park, New Jersey, no date but original envelope, hand addressed and postmarked  8 October 1966.  To Mr. Paul F. Hoag, Dunninger writes: “Happy to see you at any time. Don’t wait for the cold weather. Regards to Mrs. H- and yourself. Love, D.”.  $250.00

World Famous Magician

DUNNINGER, Joseph Typed letter signed on his name imprinted letterhead, March 2, 1970 to Wayne Bramble.  Dunninger writes to a collector about making an appointment to see Dunninger’s autograph collection which was for sale.  $125.00

DURBIN, Deanna Lovely photograph, 7.5”x9.5”, head and shoulders pose/ Inscribed: “To Ruth-good luck! Deanna Durbin”. SOLD

Magician, Who Succeeded Houdini as President of
The Society of American Magicians

ERNST, Bernard M.L. Very scarce autograph letter signed, one page on the letterhead of The Society of American Magicians, Bernard M.L. Ernst, President.  March 1, 1937, Ernst writes several lines responding to an autograph request. $125.00

Greatest Italian Film Director Of His Time
His Film La Dolce Vita Condemned By The Vatican

FELLINI, Federico Typed letter signed on his name imprinted stationery. Roma, 14/11/1970 to Marshall E. Bean. Sends thanks for a picture of pupils and sends along a drawing which is not enclosed.  $100.00

FETCHIT, Stephin Printed promotional postcard, signed photo, B&W, matte finish, half length portrait. Boldly signed in green ink across his image. $150.00

FIELD, Kate Autograph letter signed, one page, May 17, 1869, Westminster Hotel, New York. She writes:  $37.50

FONTEYN, Margot Photograph, 8”x10”, B&W, vintage three quarter length pose in costume.  Boldly signed in full across the center of the photograph. English photographer’s imprint on the verso. This item is from the Dance collection of Arthur Todd. $195.00

Inscribed to the Famous French Cinematic Trade Paper

BOOTH, Edwin Fine ink signature dated Dec.21, 1872.  $125.00

Original One of a Kind Judy Garland

Gable, Clark Outstanding vintage MGM photograph of Gable, head and shoulders pose of the very young looking actor. He is looking directly into the camera sporting a slight smile.  Inscribed: “To Cine Miroir, best wishes always, Clark Gable”.  Possibly the earliest signed photo of Gable that we have had the pleasure of handling.  Cine Miroir began publishing in May 1922 ending in 1953.  $1,250.00

GARDNER, Ava Glossy photo, 5”x7” of Gardner aboard a cruise vessel shaking hands with the officers. Signed in full. $125.00

Dead at the Early Age of 39

GARFIELD, John Sepia photograph, 8”x10”, near half length pose of a smiling Garfield dressed in a sailor’s uniform.  An attractive, close-up pose looking directly into the camera. Inscribed and signed: ‘To Ruth, For Victory! John Garfield”.  $595.00

Vintage Photograph of Judy Garland
Inscribed to Clark Gable
With Letter of Authenticity From A Gable Family Member

GARLAND, Judy OVintage, MGM photograph, 8”x10”, full length pose of a very young, smiling Judy Garland.  She is dressed in a knee length coat with velvet collar and wearing a hat. Her hand is placed on a table and she is looking a little away from the camera.  Her shadow appears on the wall behind her.  Inscribed and signed mostly on the light portion of the background of the photograph. “To Mr. Gable, with love, Judy Garland”.  SOLD

Slain Mob Boss’s Daughter

GIANCANA, Antoinette Very scarce color portrait, 8”x9.5 from Playboy Magazine, topless, inscribed and signed: “To Robert, Love & Kisses Antoinette Giancana.”  $65.00

GRABLE, Betty Vintage matte finish photograph, 8”x10”, head and shoulders pose, smiling. Inscribed and signed in red ink: “Best wishes always to Patricia from Betty”. Light wear to three spots bottom right otherwise very good.  $135.00

Sky King - Killed In A Automobile Crash

GRANT, Kirby Advertising portrait of Kirby Grant for the Florida Film Festival. Close up full face portrait of grant, head & shoulders pose wearing his cowboy hat. Boldly inscribed and signed: “For Ray, Happy Landings! Sky King”.  SOLD
Greta Garbo A Striking Vintage Signature on an album page from the most reclusive actress of Hollywood's Golden Age. This is an outstanding piece. $SOLD
Charley Grapewin A Rare Signed Photograph from the Wizard of Oz's Uncle Henry. $1,800.00.


ARNESS, James, BLAKE, Amanda, STONE, Milburn, WEAVER, Dennis, EWING, Roger, and CURTIS, Ken The entire collection is in fine condition and quite scarce as such.  $895.00

GWENN, Edmund Wonderful, choice vintage postcard photograph, head & shoulders pose, full face and smiling. He has signed this photograph with a very bold signature. $145.00

Jim Bakker Scandal
HAHN, Jessica Color portrait 8”x10.5”,  from the November 1987 Playboy Magazine, topless. Boldly signed: “Love Jessica Hahn.”  $39.95

Alan Hale, Jr. Scarce Signed Photographl
HALE, JR., Alan Photograph. B&W half length pose smiling.  Inscribed, signed and dated: “Shari How nice a way to meet you! The Best – Alan Hale Jr, The Skipper-8/3/86.”   In fine condition and rather scarce  $350.00

HAMILTON, Neil Photograph, B&W, head & shoulders pose. Inscribed and signed: “To Robert Orth, with my every good wish, Neil Hamilton-71”. $95.00

The Wicked Witch

HAMILTON, Margaret Photo, 10”x8”, B&W, of Hamilton as the witch looking in her crystal ball at Judy Garland.  Excellent inscription: “No, I want to see Joe, not Dorothy, Go Monkey, and bring me that Layton Boy, and I’ll show him more tricks than pictures, With Love, Margaret Hamilton”.  $250.00

HAMILTON, Margaret Photograph, 8”x10”, B&W of Hamilton as the Wicked Witch looking at Judy Garland in her crystal ball. Inscribed and signed: “To Al, My best! --Margaret Hamilton.” SOLD

Commissioner Gordon in Batman TV Series

HAMILTON, Neil Photograph, 8”x10”, B&W, head and shoulders, profile pose.  Inscribed: “To Ray Bravo-with my every good wish-Neil Hamilton.””.  $110.00

Very Scarce A.L.S. By Mama Jean for Jean Harlow

HARLOW, Jean Very scarce autograph letter signed, 4 pages on the letterhead “On Board The Cunard R.M.S. Berengari.” July 18, 1928 to Merty dear..  $350.00

Her mother s buried in the same room as her daughter, Pink album page boldly inscribed for Jean Harlow by her mother: “To Jean Fletcher Sincerely and Kindly Jean Harlow.”  Wonderful close-up full face smiling magazine photo of Jean Harlow affixed on the verso. $195.00

Very Scarce Signed by William S. Hart

HART, William S. His book: My Life East and West. Boston, Houghton Mifflin Co. 1929, First Edition.  Three hundred sixty-three pages photographs, frontispiece portrait of Hart in color on horseback by Charles M. Russell. Inscribed and signed: “To Marguerate Tazelaar from William S. Hart.”.  $375.00

HAYES, Gabby A very uncommon genuine signature on a slip with his printed portrait and the printed statement: “From your old Pal”. $185.00

Choice Content Letter on The Motion Picture

HAYS, Will H. T.L.S., imprinted stationery of Motion Picture Producers & Distributors of America, Inc., Feb. 23, 1928 to George Adams.  $275.00

Copy #1. Inscribed and signed by Rita Hayworth

HAYWORTH, Rita The book: Hello, Hollywood, Doubleday & Co, Inc. 1962, First Edition. Starring many celebrities such as Humphrey Bogart, Charles Chaplin, Gary Cooper, James Dean, Clark Gable, Greta Garbo Cary Grant, Oliver Hardy, Rita Hayworth, Stan Laurel, The Marx Brothers, Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, Elizabeth Taylor, John Wayne and several more. Five hundred seventy-one pages. On the half title page someone wrote Copy #1 most likely stating this is the first copy off the press or some copies were given to each actor and this is Copy #1 given to Rita Hayworth.  Hayworth has boldly inscribed and signed this copy on the half title page: “To Joyce Youngbar, with warm wishes and admiration from your friend Rita Hayworth.”.  $235.00

Boldly Signed by Paul Muni

HILTON, James His book: “We Are Not Alone”  Grosset & Dunlap. N.Y. 1937. Two hundred thirty-one pages. Interesting bookplate on the frontispiece portrait. Above the bookplate is signed: “Greetings Paul Muni Feb.12, 1940.”  $95.00


OLSEN, John, JOHNSON, Harold Wonderful vintage photo, 8”x10” of the zany duo, head & shoulders pose. Inscribed and signed: “To Joe & Wally merrily Olsen and Johnson”.  Not common as such.  $125.00
Katharine Hepburn A Vintage Signed Photograph of a youthful Hepburn inscribed to baseball Hall-of-Famer Jimmie Foxx. $1,495.00

The Greatest Actress of all Time

HEPBURN, Katharine Very uncommon vintage photograph, 7.5”x9.5”, very slightly trimmed., head & shoulders pose of Katharine Hepburn.  Inscribed to a friend of many celebrities and also an autograph colllector.  “To Edith, In remembrance, Sincerely, Katharine”.  $550.00

The Greatest Actress of all Time

HEPBURN, Katharine Extremely rare autograph letter signed with her full name.  Very few handwritten letters have come on the market signed in full.  Autograph letter signed, one full page on her name imprinted letterhead.  $475.00

Named the Greatest Female Star in Hollywood History

HEPBURN, Katharine Front cover of “Newsweek” magazine, November 10, 1969.  Full face color portrait of Hepburn clasping her hands. Inscribed to Arthur Todd, Katharine Hepburn”.   $175.00

The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis

HICKMAN, Dwayne & DENVER, Bob Photograph, 8”x10”, color of Hickman and Denver. Both have very boldly signed this photograph adding the name of the character they played. This photo is from an original private signing.  $100.00

Typed letter signed on his name imprinted stationery. Dated, Aug. 19, 1976.  $595.00

Very Rare Letter From Bob Hope To Golfer James O'Keefe

HOPE, Bob Postcard, color, aerial view of Wake Island.  Six cent U.S. Theodore Roosevelt postage stamp cancelled “Army/Air Force. P.O.” Dec. 18, 1964.  Hope writes to the noted golfer James O’Keefe in Evanston, Il.  “Dear Hacker, She is quite a divot-1st stop on Xmas tour, Best, Bob Hope”. Very attractive piece, military and golf related and signed in full.  $225.00

HUTTON, Lauren Color portrait of Hutton, three quarter length pose. Long presentation inscription: “Hooray Robert Orth, to the Mid-America Film Archive, the only one of its style I know of--Best times-wishes & luck, Lauren Hutton.”. $45.00

Jackson Family’s “Black Sheep”
JACKSON, La Toya Vintage photograph, B&W, 5”x7”, head and shoulders pose, full face looking directly into the camera.  Signed using a silver ink pen: “La Toya.” $47.50

Autograph quotation signed on a large album page: “I will with a bold hand ...J. Jefferson.” A very attractive piece together with a vintage steel engraved portrait.  $67.50

Striking sepia-tone photograph, 5”x7” of a smiling profile image of the great entertainer. Boldly signed with a one word sentiment.  $450.00

Original Sketch of Batman & Robin
KANE, Bob The black-ink sketch is on a 3”x5” card and the sketch of both characters is head & shoulders pose. The drawing is inscribed, signed, adding “Bats Wishes, Bob Kane” and dated 1990 $675.00

Rare Signed Portrait of Buster Keaton

KEATON, Buster Magazine portrait, head & shoulders full face pose, looking quite sad. Very boldly signed using a pencil with thick lead.  $575.00

Original 1989 Warner Bros. Batman Movie Still.
KEATON, Michael Original Batman movie still in color. Warner Bros. 1989,  measures 11”x14” and  depicts Keaton as Batman  in full length.  Bold signature of Keaton using a gold ink Sharpie pen. length. $110.00

LADD, Alan
Photograph, 3”x4”, B&W, head & shoulders pose, smiling. Inscribed: To Caesar, Alan Ladd”. $125.00

Rare letter of the Founder of Universal Pictures
LAEMMLE, Carl Typed letter signed, on the imprinted stationery of Universal Pictures Corp., Carl Laemmle, president. Oct.23, 1931, New York. To Mr. Maurice Weinberg.  $595.00

LAHR, Bert
Playbill for the famous comedy Burlesque,   February 1948 held at the National Theatre known as "America’s First Theatre" in Washington  D.C.  Portrait of  Bert Lahr, on the cover  apparently dressed as a clown. Very boldly signed. $395.00

Battered Wife of  Boxer Jake LaMotta
LAMOTTA, Vikki Color portrait from November 1981 Playboy Magazine,  8”x11”, topless and bottomless. Sentiment signed: “These pictures will bring you luck, Vikki.”  $39.95

One of Her Last letters, Great Content, Mentions Her last Movie
"Yes, I did appear again…before Their Majesties at a Command Performance"

LANDIS, Carole Very uncommon typed letter signed, on her name imprinted stationery, March 19, 1948.  $275.00

LANDON, Michael Choice, inscription, sentiment and signature on a 3”x5” card. . $95.00

Slip: “86, Eaton Square, S.W. where Langtry has written: “Admit bearer and 3 friends to Box R this Wednesday, Lillie Langtry.”. Double matted with two color portraits of Langtry.  In an elegant frame. $550.00

Large bold signature on a card. Light blotting to the top of the “L” in Lillie otherwise a lovely example. $275.00

Laurel, Stan & HARDY, Oliver
Photograph. 5”x7”, B&W, of the young team shortly after teaming up and possibly before they invented their characters.  Inscribed and signed by Laurel. Signed by Oliver Hardy. $1,500.00

The Finest Signatures of Laurel & Hardy Imaginable

Laurel, Stan & HARDY, Oliver A fantastic pair of signatures together on a single album page. Very scarce as such.  This is the finest pair of signatures of Laurel and hardy we have seen in over 40 years.  $950.00

A Legend In Her Own Time

LEE, Gypsy Rose Vintage photograph, 10”x8” by Maurice Seymour of Chicago.  Signed: “Greetings, Gypsy Rose Lee”.  SOLD

LEE, Gypsy Rose
Partly printed contract, both sides of one page, between Gypsy Rose Lee and Standard Riverside in Milwaukee, January 25, 1945 for an appearance for one week singing and talking.  $175.00

Original One of a Kind Photo Receiving Her Oscar

LEIGH, Vivian Blue ink signature to the right of her portrait on a card. The “eig” of her last name a bit lighter then the rest of her signature. Together with an original one of a kind photograph of the beaming actress holding her Oscar.  $425.00

Enormously Popular Porn Star

LOVELACE, Linda Scarce autograph note signed on a card measuring 3”x5”.  “Ordeal” written for a better tomorrow! Linda.. $95.00

Full Nude Portrait of George Maharis

MAHARIS, George Two portraits on a single page each inscribed: “To Michael” and signed in full. The top portrait is of Maharis nude. This was taken from the Playgirl centerfold of July 1977.  Signed photographs of George Maharis can be considered quite rare. $60.00

Printed portrait, bust pose, full face inscribed and signed: “To Bob Orth, Fondly! Jayne Mansfield”. $475.00

The very First "Jane" in Tarzan Movies

MARKEY, Enid Very uncommon autograph note signed in full on her name imprinted note paper. "My very best wishes to you- Enid Markey.".   $85.00

MARX, Groucho Photograph, 8”x10” head and shoulders pose holding his head up with his hand while smoking a large cigar. Inscribed: “To Larry all my best, Groucho.” Together with a COA from another dealer. $275.00

One of Hollywood's Most Famous Lines
One of Only Two Known

McQUEEN, Butterfly Photograph, 10”x8’, B&W, scene from Gone With The Wind standing with Vivien Leigh.   Boldly written across the upper portion of the photograph: “I know nothing ‘bout birthin babies, Miz Scarlet, Butterfly McQueen”.  On the verso she has also written: “Vivien Leigh-Scarlett, deceased”.  $1,750.00

Fabulous Sylvia Miles Collection

MILES, Sylvia Black & White photograph, 8”x10” bust pose, smiling. Inscribed, signed and dated: “11/86 To Bob Fondly Sylvia Miles”, Lengthy autograph letter signed 2 full pages dated 11.20/86 to Bob. Miles, and her original pink panties inscribed:  “Robert Orth with Love!  11/86 From ‘Farewell My Lovely’. $275.00

The Elusive Genuine Signature of Sal Mineo

MINEO, Sal Partly printed document signed. Actors Television Motion Picture Minimum Free Lance Contract, dated 30th June 1966 between Selmur Productions, Inc. and Sal Mineo.  $450.00

Note on the Death of her Father

MINELLI, Liza Printed on front cover “Liza and Mark Gero”. Typed note on inside panel: “Dear Bob, The way I see it, heaven can only be more beautiful now. Love”.   Liza has added in her hand: “Always, Liza”. With original envelope addressed to Robert Orth (President of American Film Archive) postmarked New York, Aug. 4, 1986.  On July 30th Liza attended her father’s funeral. The two items.  $60.00

Married to Howard Hughes in 1949

MOORE HUGHES, Terry Color portrait from Playboy Magazine 8.5”x10.5”, half length pose, topless. Boldly inscribed and signed: “Love always Bob, Terry Moore.”.  $67.50

Famous Magician & Intelligence Agent

MULHOLLAND, John Very scarce typed letter signed on the letterhead of “The Sphinx”  New York City, February 18, 1933.  $250.00

MUNI, Paul
Photograph, 8”x10”, B&W, close-up pose, inscribed: “  To Maurice J. Weinberg from Paul Muni April 1956”. $275.00

The First James Bond

NELSON, Barry Reprint of an advertisement for “Casino Royale” 8.5”x11’ of Barry Nelson holding a gun. Signed “Barry Nelson - 007”.  Barry Nelson lived part of the time in New York City. It took us a few years to convince him to attend our New York City autograph show as a guest signer. We had asked him for a photo of himself as “Bond” to reproduce for those who attended the show and his reply was there aren’t any. He appeared for a few hours and this is one of the items he signed during the show. The photos illustrated are of Nelson and his wife at the show, not included.  Multiple copies available.  $20.00


NELSON, Ozzie Fine, very early Maurice Seymour photograph of Ozzie Nelson, 8”x10”, B&W, half length pose sitting with his hands folded. Inscribed: “For Rose and Ann from Ozzie Nelson.

HILLIARD, Harriet Fine vintage publicity photograph, 8”x10”, B&W, head and shoulders pose, serious looking inscribed: “For Murray-Harriet Hilliard”. 

Most unusual oversized, appx.11”x14” color portrait of Nicholson wearing a kamikaze shirt and lying underwater, taken by Herb Ritts, August 14, 1986.  Boldly signed on the lower white margin by Jack Nicholson. $125.00.

Color portrait of Nicholson as “the Joker”, 8.5”x9”, taken from a magazine. Fill face, close-up pose smiling. Boldly signed, striking. In excellent condition. SOLD

"Spock" in the Original Star Trek Series
"Since the news of Star Trek's cancellation... I will be back on the sound stages"

NIMOY, Leonard Signed in full. An extraordinary letter in two separate pages, thus excellent for framing.  Together with a copy of Hy Gardner‘s letter to Nimoy  $350.00

Rare Letter From Leonard Nimoy

NIMOY, Leonard Very scarce typed letter signed, two separate pages pages on Paramount Television letterhead.  Dated May 12, 1969 to the noted TV personality Hy Gardner.  $185.00

A Choice Combination of Signatures

OLIVIER, Sir Laurence & LEIGH, Vivian Photograph, 3.5”x5.5”, B&W, of the two looking into each others eyes and smiling. Signed by both on the lower light margin.  $550.00

Considered the Greatest Actor of the 20th Century

OLIVIER, Laurence Photograph, 4”x6”, head & shoulders pose.  Inscribed and signed: “For Richard Butler, L. Olivier”.  Biographical info on verso also stating this photo was signed 15 March 1974.  $135.00

America's Sweetheart

PICKFORD, Mary Uncommon typed letter signed on the imprinted letterhead of The Sherry Netherland. Dated November 25, 1938 to Mrs. Miller Hickerson of Goodwill Industries of Washington, D.C.  Pickford writes: “I am sorry I did not have time to visit the Goodwill Industries plant when I was last in Washington and hope I may accept your invitation during some future visit. I am thoroughly familiar with the work of the Goodwill Industries and would be interested in seeing the Washington establishment...”.  SOLD

Wonderful, vintage photograph 7.5”x9.5”, full length pose, dressed in a beautiful gown standing on a herringbone walkway in a garden. Inscribed signed and dated: “ 10-14-38, To Timothy Harrington, Sincerely yours, Mary Pickford”.  $450.00

POWER, Tyrone
Handsome vintage photograph, 8”x10”, head and shoulders pose. Inscribed and signed: “Ann Patrick, my best wishes, Tyrone Power”.  Dated on verso, Nov. 19, 1938. $225.00

Original Self Portrait

PRICE, Vincent Original self portrait sketch of his profile, signed on a sheet measuring 8”x10”. A very attractive and larger than usual portrait.  $150.00

Yellow Brick Signed by Coroner Meinhardt Raabe

RAABE, Reinhardt Yellow Brick, measures appx: 4”x8”x1.75” which has been hand signed by Meinhardt Rabbe. Twenty-five bricks were signed by Rabbe in the Office of Stephen Koschal the night before Raabe was to be the autograph guest at the autograph convention in Ft. Lauderdale. The autograph convention/sale was created and promoted by Stephen Koschal.  Raabe’s signature is fine and bold..  $45.00

Theatre Guild did the play and not well...
by reason of its very sexy psychological research

RAND, Sally Typed letter signed, one very full page, Feb.6, 1946 to William Targ.  $135.00

One Of Superman's Last Signatures
Signed Two Weeks Before His Mysterious Death

REEVES, George Fountain pen inscription and signature on a portion of an album page.  “To Helen, George Reeves”. Written in purple ink, inscription could be matted out.  Ample margins for framing.  Ink notation at the bottom left edge indicates this signature was signed on June 2, 1959 just two weeks before his death on June 16, 1959.  $1,175.00

Scarce Handwritten Letter Just Month’s Before His Passing

RENALDO, Duncan Very scarce handwritten letter on his name imprinted desk stationery. Renaldo writes: “2/15/80, Dear Mr. Orth, Thank you for your kindly letter. Here’s the autographed photos- Kindest personal regards and good wishes- Sincerely, Duncan Renaldo”. Renaldo died on September 3rd, 1980.  $125.00

Third Rarest Autograph From the Major Cast of Gone With The Wind

RHETT, Alicia Autograph letter signed, two pages (written on both sides) of her ornate imprinted stationery.  South Carolina, January 27, 1988, regarding one of her paintings.  SOLD

Rare Signed Cast Photo of Three's Company

RITTER, John, KNOTTS, Don, DeWITT, Joyce, KLINE, Richard, BARNES, Priscilla Very scarce cast photo, 8”x10” of the team from the ABC Slapstick Comedy “Three’s Company” (1977-1984). Signed by all, each adding a sentiment. $150.00

Photograph, 8”x10”, B&W, head & shoulders pose. Inscribed and signed: “Regards to Robert Orth from Hal Roach”. Date stamp on verso “Dec. 9, 1980”.  $100.00

Best remembered for his gangster roles. Honorary Academy Award (1973).  Photograph, B&W, 8”x10” one of a kind photo taken in a night club of Robinson about to kiss a woman wearing a fur at their cocktail table.  Nice inscription in French most likely to the woman in the photo, signed “Eddie Robinson”.   $150.00

ROGERS, Ginger
Her bubbly good looks during the late 30’s on a matte finish 8”x10” photograph, head & shoulders pose.  Inscribed and signed with her early signature, dated in her hand “1939”.  $150.00

Vintage movie still from The Gay Caballero playing the part of the “Cisco Kid”.  Appears to be in a love scene, holding a woman against a wood fence.  Very boldly inscribed and signed with excellent contrast.  $95.00

American Actor and Boxer

ROSENBLOOM, Maxie Ring Boxing Hall of Fame (1972), World Boxing Hall of Fame (1985), International Boxing hall of Fame (1993).  Wonderful, vintage photo, 8”x10”, dressed in a suit and tie holding up his head with his hand. Dated on verso “Jan. 31, 1939”.  Inscribed: “To Ann Patrick with best wishes for your success-from Maxie Rosenbloom”.   $175.00

RUSSELL, Rosalind
Regal Hollywood actress nominated 4 times for a Best Actress Oscar.  Lovely vintage matte finish 8”x10” photo, head & shoulders pose. Inscribed: “To Ann Patrick, Sincerely, Rosalind Russell”. Dated on verso in another hand “1935”.  $100.00

Tri-Star Pictures (1990) publicity photograph of Schwarzenegger on the run from killers disguises himself to reach Earth’s colonies on Mars.  Very boldly signed in full. $100.00

SCOTT,  Randolph
Photograph, B&W, measures appx: 3.5”x3.5”, head & shoulders pose dressed as a cowboy. Signed on the lower white margin.  Un-inscribed photos of Scott are uncommon. $85.00

SCOTT, Willard
Original sketch of the face of the Ronald McDonald clown. Scott has added a heart and has signed Ronald McDonald. Measures appx. 4”x6”, matted. $85.00

Bozo the Clown and the First Ronald McDonald

SCOTT, Willard His first book: “The Joy of Living”, Coward, McCann & Geoghegan, New York, 1982, First Edition. Two hundred twenty-two pages with illustrations. Nice illustration of Scott as “Bozo” and another as “Ronald McDonald”.  On the front free end-paper Scott has written: “Love, Willard Scott, Oct. 2, 1982.”.  $65.00

Bozo The Clown, Original Ronald McDonald

SCOTT, Willard Photograph, 8”x10”, B&W, half length pose of Scott smiling. Signed with a five word sentiment: “All Good Wishes To You.”  $47.50

SCOTT, Zachary
Uncommon Warner Bros. publicity photograph, 8”x10”, B&W, head & shoulders pose, looking very serious. Inscribed: “Hello Irwin, Zachary Scott".  $110.00

Scarce Signed Photo - Pink Panther Series

SELLERS, Peter Photograph, 4’x6”, B&W, half length pose holding a cocktail.  Boldly signed.  $195.00

A scarce full signature on a lined slip. $285.00

P.T. Barnum’s Last Clown

SHERWOOD, Bob His book  “The Laugh Book”, Sherwood’s, New York, 1927, First Edition. Gilt red cloth, illustrated, two hundred and forty pages. Frontispiece portrait of Bob Sherwood. A fine lengthy presentation inscription on the front free endpaper: “To Mr. Henry, in the knowledge that a little nonsense now and then is relished by all intelligent men. Bob Sherwood, Last of Barnum’s Clowns  NYC May 1927.”  $150.00

Large color photograph from the Mirage in Las Vegas.  Siegfried and Roy are posing with  Sitarra, one of their Royal White Tigers. Boldly signed "Sarmoti, Siegfried/Roy 1995"  $55.00

Very unusual one of a kind photograph, 8”x10”, B&W, oblong, of a very young Sinatra standing between two lovely girls.  Inscribed: “To Shirley, Sincerely, Frank Sinatra”. SOLD

His inscription and signature on a Landmark Hotel Drink Card. Sinatra writes: “To Mary Lou, Love, Frank Sinatra”. The Landmark Hotel & Casino was built in Paradise, Nevada. It was used in the films “Diamonds Are Forever” and Viva Las Vegas”.   A wonderful “in person” signature where the inscription can be matted out if so desired. $550.00

Noted for his very desirable Paintings of Clowns

SKELTON, Red Photograph, 8”x10”, B&W, head & shoulders pose, laughing. Inscribed and signed to a friend.  $75.00

1993 Playmate of the Year
SMITH, Anna Nicole Fabulous color photograph, 8”x10”, head & shoulders pose of Anna throwing a kiss.  Very boldly signed: “Love Anna Nicole” adding her trademark smiley face.  $150.00

STARRETT, Charles Durango
Attractive movie still from West of Abilene. Boldly inscribed: “Ray, watch it!  Don’t get caught in the line of fire! Charles Starrett”. $135.00

The First Lady of American Dance

ST. DENIS, Ruth Vintage photograph, 8”x10”, B&W, full length posing in a gown with her hand on the shoulders of a man.  Boldly signed and dated “51” in her hand.  $225.00

Scarce Oversized Original Genuine Sketch of “Harvey”

STEWART, James White artist board appx. 11”x16”. Drawn with a blue ink marker is a huge sketch of “Harvey: a rabbit’s head with large stripped bow tie.  $695.00

Publicity photo, 8”x10”, B&W, full face as a rare appearance as a senior citizen in And Justice For All. Not common in signed  photographs. $125.00

Dorothy Stratten Exceptionally Scare Photograph Signed, being an 8 in. by 10 in. black and white publicity portrait by Crown International Pictures for her debut feature film, Galaxina. SOLD

Rare Signed Photograph

STROHEIM, Eric von Striking postcard photograph of von Stroheim dressed in a military uniform, most likely from Grand Illusion. He is sitting at a table and having dinner. Inscribed: “To Nathan, with my very best wishes, Erich von Stroheim”.  SOLD

Inscribed and Signed by Mack Sennett

SULLIVAN, Edward D. His book: “Rattling The Cup On Chicago Crime.” The Vanguard Press, 1929, fifth printing. Two hundred fourteen pages. This is the first and only complete inside story of the reign of crime in Chicago. He writes about Al Capone and other high crime figures.  Inscribed and signed by Mack Sennett (1880-1960) Father of Slapstick Comedy, creator of the Keystone Kops and 1,000 comedy shorts between 1909 and 1933. On the front free endpaper Sennett writes: “To Jessie Henderson from Mack Sennett.”  $250.00

Retired at 33, Suicide at 49

SULLAVAN, Margaret Lovely MGM studio photograph, 8.5”x11”, B&W, head & shoulders pose, serious looking full face portrait. Inscribed and signed: “To Edith Paulis, Best wishes, Margaret Sullavan”.  $250.00

Rare Collection of Superman Autographs

COLLYER, Bud & ALYN, Kirk, LARSON, Jack & BOND, Tommy, NEILL, Noel & SHAYNE, Robert & REEVE Christopher the Collection.  $1,195.00

SWANSON, Gloria Attractive, vintage photograph, 5”x7”, B&W, head and shoulders pose, full face. Boldly signed with excellent contrast. $195.00

SWANSON, Gloria Photograph, glossy 8”x10”, full length pose wearing a hooded outfit.  Inscribed and signed: “To Robert Orth, greetings and a joyous heart always, Gloria Swanson, 1974”.. $125.00

Three Rare Taglioni's

TAGLIONI, Marie, TAGLIONI, Paul & TAGLIONI, Amalie Composer of Ballets. Autograph note signed, in French by Marie Taglioni, 24 March 1837 on a  3”x6” slip. In addition the slip is signed by Paul Taglioni and he adds in his hand: “du Theatre Royal de Berlin, 24 Mai 1837”. Paul’s wife, has also signed this slip adding  two words in her hand.  SOLD

Tarzan Collection

Tarzan Collection Signatures: WEISSMULLER, Johnny, O’SULLIVAN, Maureen, SHEFFIELD, John, CRABBE, Buster, BRIX, Herman, MILLER, Denny, O’KEEFFE, Miles  $295.00

Tarzan, Jane and Boy

WEISMULLER, Johnny, O’SULLIVAN, Maureen, SHEFFIELD, Johnny Choice set of three 3”x5” cards signed by each. One of the finest signatures of Johnny Weissmuller we have seen.  $165.00

TATE, Sharon Wonderful 3”x5” white index card inscribed in green ink: “To Paul, Sharon Tate”. She has hand drawn a “Smiley Face” after her signature. SOLD

TAYLOR, Dame Elizabeth Vintage portrait, B&W, 8”x10”, very close-up full face, head & shoulders pose. Her eyes are striking and she is wearing elegant earrings. Inscribed and signed: “To Chuck, Best wishes, Elizabeth Taylor”. $595.00

TAYLOR, Elizabeth Eighty pages, signed “Elizabeth Taylor Warner” on the cover just above an illustration of her eyes $225.00

TAYLOR, Robert Vintage portrait stamped “MGM” on verso. Measures appx: 7.25”x9.25”, head & shoulders pose, inscribed “To Edith Paulis, Regards, Robert Taylor”. $165.00

TAYLOR WARNER, Elizabeth Photograph, 8”x10”, B&W, wonderful head & shoulders pose looking quite serious.  Inscribed to her friend: “To Bob Orth, with all best wishes, Elizabeth Taylor Warner 1980”.  Bob Orth was President of American Film Archives and was friends with Elizabeth Taylor. $475.00

Vintage Shirley Temple

TEMPLE, Shirley Vintage photograph, appx. 8”x10” of a teen age Shirley Temple dressed in an evening gown. She is wearing a three strand of pearls and holding a bouquet.  Inscribed: “To Margaret, Love, Shirley Temple”.  $450.00

Very Scarce Shirley Temple signature as a child
TEMPLE, Shirley Vintage fountain pen signature with the word “Love” by her hand.  Penned on a cream colored card, very light water stain across the top of the card but not touching her signature.  SOLD

TERRY, Ellen & IRVING, Henry Choice studio photograph of the fabulous duo depicting Irving as “The Vicar” and Terry as “Oliva”.  Boldly signed and dated “1887” by Ellen terry. Boldly signed by Henry Irving.  $275.00

One of America’s Greatest Magicians

THURSTON, Howard HChoice inscription with a full signature and date “Dec. 8, 1929.”   $150.00

Third Husband of Elizabeth Taylor

TODD, Michael Vintage album page inscribed and signed”: “To Nathan, Sincerely, Michael Todd”.  $85.00

TRAPP, Baroness Maria von Lengthy autograph letter signed, April 17, 1967 to Dear Mrs. Noble. $185.00

TURNER, Kathleen Front cover of “People”  Weekly Magazine. Color portrait of turner on the cover, boldly signed with excellent contrast $37.50

TURNER, Lana Photograph, 8”x10”, B&W, head and shoulders pose, looking directly into the camera. Inscribed signed and dated: “To Bob Orth (President of America Film Archive) Sincerely, Lana turner ‘82.” $160.00

TURPIN, Ben Choice autograph self-caricature signed with a one word sentiment. Turpin in his self portrait depicts himself in his most famous role with his silly eyes, wearing his hat. Boldly drawn and signed.  $475.00

TWEED, Shannon 2 Vintage publicity photo, 8”x10”, B&W, head & shoulders pose. Inscribed in pink ink: “To Bob with love, Shannon Tweed." $75.00

Scarce Signed photo - Starred in the First Movie
to Depict a Homosexual Relationship (1919)

VEIDT, Conrad
A fine vintage photograph, 5”x7”, B&W, head & shoulders pose, full face. Boldly signed and date “1935”.  $250.00

VELEZ, Lupe Adorable vintage photograph, 8"x10”, head & shoulders pose of a smiling actress wearing an elaborate hat and jacket.  Inscribed: “To Cenn, Best luck and happiness, Lupe Velez”. Dated “1938” on verso.  $250.00

The Most Famous Circus Performer Of The 20th Century
Creator Of The First High Wire Pyramid

Frontispiece portrait, removed from his biography, of Karl Wallenda walking a high wire.  Measures 5”x8”, B&W, boldly signed.  $650.00
John Wayne Photograph Signed, approximate 8 in. by 10 in. still by famed Hollywood production photographer David Sutton, who was often referred to as the Wayne's personal photographer. Shows Wayne posing in a classic Western outfit, from the 1971 release, Big Jake. $1,050.00

16 Munchkins from The Wizard of Oz

JEANE, Little, TOCZYLOWSKI, Betty, SLOVER, Karl, CARROLL, Mickey, DOLL, Tiny, SWENSON, Clarence, BRUNO, Betty Ann Cain, NELSON, Nels, FORMICA, Fern, MONTY, Harry, MAREN, Jerry, RAAB, Meinhardt, COTTONARO, Tony, DUCCINI, Ruth Robinson, KRANZLER, Emil, PELLEGRINI, Margaret The entire collection all in very fine condition  $225.00
KREBS, Nita Actress played a Munchkin Lullabye League Girl in the Wizard of Oz. Color photograph, 3”x5” of Judy Garland looking over the three Lullabye Girls. Signed, in ink, by Nita Krebs. $55.00

RAAB, Reinhardt American actor. Munchkin in the Wizard of Oz. Played the part of the coroner. He certified the death of the Wicked Witch of the East.  Wonderful color photograph, 8”x10” of Meinhardt Raab in the Wizard of Oz. $47.50

Very Uncommon Signed Photograph of Spyros P. Skouras

SKOURAS, Spyros P. Oversized photograph, 10”x13”, B&W, head & shoulders pose, smiling. Inscribed and signed: “My best to Charles Anderson and the Alpine Theatre, Spyros P.  Skouras.”  $225.00

SWENSON, Clarence Played one of the 25 soldiers in the Wizard of oz. Color photograph 5”x7” of Judy Garland looking over the Munchkin soldiers. Signed in red ink: “Wizard of Oz, Clarence Swenson, A Soldier, Munchkin.”. $37.50

The Real Story Behind Batman

WEST, Adam His book: “Back to the Batcave.”  Berkley trade paperback edition, First Edition, Sept. 1994.  Two hundred fifty-seven pages, heavily illustrated. Inscribed and signed on the title page: “To Steve- Adam West.”.  $75.00

TV’S Batman

WEST, Adam Color photo, candid shot, half length pose of Adam West. Boldly signed.  $37.50

Desirable and Uncommon Photo From "King Kong"

WRAY, Fay Fabulous glossy photo, 8”x10”, B&W of King Kong reaching for Fay Wray. Boldly signed “Fay Ray”.  $185.00

WYLER, William Photograph, 8”x10”, B&W, of the Director behind his motion picture camera. Inscribed and signed: “To Robert Orth, William Wyler”. $135.00

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