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MONROE, James Vellum document signed, Washington, D.C. Measures 9.5”x15” dated May 25, 1824.  A partially-printed land grant signed “James Monroe” and countersigned by Commissioner of General Land Office George Graham.  Grant of 80 Acres in Crawfordville in the State of Indiana. SOLD

COOLIDGE, Calvin A superb check of Calvin Coolidge, accomplished in his hand, payable to Northhampton Empire Laundry for Seven dollars and six cents.  Dated by Coolidge Mat 4, 1911. Rubber stamp “Paid” cancellation slightly touching the first three letters of Calvin yet not affecting the clarity of his signature. $185.00

Only President to Resign from Office
One of the Finest Signatures of Nixon on a Souvenir Resignation

NIXON, Richard
Richard Nixon hand signed souvenir of his Presidential Resignation. Measures 6”x9”, The White House, Washington, August 9, 1974 to Dear Mr. Secretary (Henry A. Kissinger). Very boldly signed Richard Nixon with a signature 3.25 inches long. The finest signature of Nixon we have seen on the souvenir documents. $750.00

Souvenir Pardon of Richard Nixon

FORD, Gerald R
Hand signed and dated souvenir copy of the Pardon of Richard Nixon. Measures 6”x9’ on a tan page, fifteen lines long “The White House”.  Boldly signed and dated 11/5/1979.  On this date Ford was in New York City signing copies of his book. $95.00

Collection of Ronald Reagan Secretarial Signed Items

REAGAN, Ronald
Nice collection of items signed for Ronald Reagan by a secretary. 8”x10 photo inscribed and signed, Choice ink caricature of Reagan’s head, inscribed and signed for RR by a secretary and 3”x5” card inscribed and signed for R.R. by a secretary. $95.00

JOHNSON, Lady Bird Very uncommon autograph note signed on a portion of her bookplate.  She writes: “College-with the warm best wishes of the diarist-whose family has ties to your school- Lady Bird Johnson.” $85.00

CARTER, Jimmy 39th President of the United States.  One of his major accomplishments was to help negotiate peace between Israel and Egypt. Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize (2002). Choice signature from a limited edition signed book.” $65.00

JOHNSON, Lyndon B. 36th President of the United States. His personal bookplate made especially for his book “The Vantage Point” (1971). Gilt embossed Presidential Seal along with his initials. Boldly signed in full by Lyndon B. Johnson.  Most seasoned autograph dealers will tell you that genuine signatures of Lyndon B. Johnson are very difficult to obtain. He used the Autopen machine and secretaries.  Many documents are signed with a printed signature. Many books are signed and or inscribed by his secretary.  Basically, the only way to ensure you have an absolutely genuine signature of Johnson is to obtain one of these bookplates. Unusually large signature. $167.50

NIXON, Richard 37th president of the United States.  First President to resign the Office of the Presidency. Large slip most likely removed from one of his books with a four-word sentiment, signed as “Dick Nixon” and dated 5/2/88. In excellent condition. $165.00


ADAMS, John Very dark and bold old age signature on a slip affixed to a larger slip. $2,600.00

ADAMS, John Quincy Choice signature “J.Q. Adams” on a  .75”x2.5” slip. SOLD

ARTHUR, Chester A. Wonderful, very large signature, as president, dated in his hand “February 3d, 1883.”.  SOLD

ARTHUR, Chester A. Twenty-first President of the United States. Excellent full signature on an engraved card depicting the Executive Mansion.   No flaws. SOLD

Very Rare Book Inscribed & Signed by LBJ

BELL, Jack His book:  “The Splendid Misery, The Story of the Presidency and Power Politics at Close Range.” Doubleday & Co. 1960. Four hundred seventy-four pages.  Inscribed and signed by Vice-President Lyndon B. Johnson.  “To Carl Curtis for his dedication to the Senate of the United States; for his faithful service and for his friendship- Happy Birthday! Lyndon B. Johnson 3/15/63.”.  $2,500.00

James Buchannan
An 1846 Autograph Letter Signed. Very Fine. $450.00

BUCHANAN, James Manuscript letter signed, one page as Secretary of State. Department of State, Washington, 11th May 1846.  $475.00
George H.W. Bush (b. 1924) & Edward W. Stack (b. 1935 ) . 41st President of the United States and Chairman of the Baseball Hall of Fame (1977-2000). A Signed Perez Steel baseball card, #6,770/10,000. A very unique baseball and presidential collectible. Very few of these jointly signed cards exist. $595.00

Attractive George H.W. Bush Double Signed Letter:
"We're moving on all fronts..I know victory is within reach..."

BUSH, George H.W.
Typed letter signed on his name imprinted stationery, Houston, Tx. Aug. 25, 1979.  To Stan Archenhold. Bush writes: “Thanks so much for your thoughtful letter and your contribution. We’re moving forward on all fronts. I’m working very hard and I know victory is within reach. I hope to see you when my travels take me to S. Carolina. Sincerely, George.”  In a lengthy handwritten postscript Bush writes: “I miss my previous associations very very much-great hearing from you- GB.”. $595.00

Very Nice Content

BUSH, George H.W.
Typed letter signed on his name imprinted stationery, Houston, Tx. August 25,1979. Bush states: “Thanks so much for your thoughtful letter and your contribution. We’re moving forward on all fronts. I’m working very hard and I know victory is within reach. I hope to see you when my travels take me to South Carolina.” Signed “George”. He then adds in his own hand; ‘I miss my previous associations very very much- Great hearing from you-“  Signed “GB”. $495.00

Scarce Presidential Golf Ball signed by President George H.W. Bush

BUSH, George H.W.
George Bush Presidential Golf Ball bearing the colorful Presidential Seal and his printed signature. SOLD

Very Scarce, Signed as Vice President of the United States

BUSH, George H.W.
“George Bush A Biography” by  Nicholas King. Dodd, Mead & Company, New York, 1980, First Edition, soft cover. One hundred forty-six pages, illustrated.  Inscribed on the half title page: “Alan Bush with best wished George Bush 5-26-83.” $275.00

BUSH, George H.W. His book: “Looking Forward An Autobiography.”  Doubleday, New York 1987. First Edition, so stated.  Two hundred seventy pages, illustrated. On the front free endpaper Bush has written “Good Luck” and signed his name. Vintage signature. $275.00

Original War Medal Signed by President George H.W. Bush

BUSH, George H.W.
Original Gulf War, Kuwait Liberation Medal, 1991 together with the original Bertoni box. Hand signed by George Bush and dated 6-9-01. Included is the box that contains the box holding he medal and also Topps #1 Desert Storm Trading Card depicting George Bush as The Commander in Chief. $225.00

BUSH, George H.W. His name engraved calling card hand signed. A calligrapher has written above his engraved name: “To Barbara Beckinsale.”. $95.00

BUSH, George H.W. Original ticket to the January 20, 1989 Inaugural Ball, President’s Box. The two ticket stubs have not been removed. Full tickets to this Inaugural Ball are very scarce. In excellent condition. $47.50

One of the Most Iconic Photographs of the 21st Century

BUSH, George W. CARD, Andy
Color photograph 8”x10” of Andy Card whispering into the ear of President George W. Bush in a Florida school on 9/11/2001. SOLD

BUSH, George W. & EVERT, Chris Former President George H.W. Bush and his partner Chris Evert beat Regis Philbin and Billie Jean King.  Wilson, Chris Evert model tennis racket from the tournament boldly autographed on the racket cover by Chris Evert and George Bush. $495.00

BUSH, George W. His book: Decision Points.  Crown Publishers, 2010, First Edition, 497 pages with illustrations.  Affixed to the half title page is Bush’s bookplate made especially for this book.  The bookplate is hand signed by George W. Bush with a signature second to none. Book is in “as new” condition with the dust jacket. $125.00

Rare Portrait of Yitzhak Rabin with President George H.W. Bush

RABIN, Yithzak & Bush George H.W.
Splendid Official color White House photograph of both Rabin and Bush, head and shoulders pose, both looking quite serious.  Boldly signed by both Rabin and Bush in the light blue area of the sky offering excellent contrast. $595.00
Jimmy Carter & Gerald Ford A Beautiful Signed Color Photograph of Jimmy Carter taking the Oath of Office with Gerald Ford looking on. $795.00

Jimmy Carter, Menachem Begin, Anwar Sadat A combination of three signatures, each in ink matted with a black and white photograph of the three world leaders clasping hands in the historic agreement.  $475.00

Outstanding A.L.S. Of Jimmy Carter Regarding The Israeli Peace Effort

Extraordinary content T.L.S. to Carter from the V/P of the Jewish Federation of Palm Beach. March 14, 1944 (should be 1994).  It is interesting to note that Jimmy Carter kept the original letter for his files and sent a copy back to the original writer adding a wonderful autograph letter. Carter writes: “3/26/94 15th Anniversary (of Camp David). To Douglas Kleiner- Thanks for your good letter. I spoke to P.M. Rabin yesterday and he is determined to succeed in the peace effort. Jimmy C.”. SOLD

CARTER, Jimmy and Rosalynn Typed document signed, The Capitol Building, Washington, D.C. Thursday, January 20, 1977. One page, measures appx. 6”x8”.  Presidential Oath of Office very boldly signed by J. Carter and Rosalynn Carter. Both signature are unusually large. Matted along with a color portrait of Jimmy Carter being administered the Presidential Oath of Office.  Overall size 11”x14”. $450.00

President Carter Mentions Israeli/Egypt Peace Agreement

Choice typed document signed, March 26, 1979.  Fabulous content document regarding Israel and Egypt. $350.00

CARTER, Jimmy Governor of Georgia. Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize (2002). Carter is unique in receiving the award for his actions post presidency.  Fabulous document signed, folio, one page. $295

CARTER, Jimmy Very unusual large (3.5”) imitation peanut, hand signed “J. Carter.” Encased in an attractive presentation box. SOLD

President Carter Mentions Israeli/PLO Peace Agreement

Choice typed letter signed, one page of his name imprinted stationery. October 18, 1993 to the Associate Executive Vice-president of the Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County, Florida. Carter writes in part: “..I’m glad to know you share my enthusiasm for the Israeli/PLO peace agreement. Let us hope we can give these neighbors the support they need in the days ahead…”  Full large signature of Jimmy Carter. Together with the original envelope. SOLD

Acting President of the U.S. - Vice President of the U.S.- Limited, Signed Edition

His book with Liz Cheney “In My Time” A Personal and Political Memoir. Threshold Editions, New York, 2011, First Edition.  565 pages, illustrations in color. This signed edition has been specially bound by the publisher. Collector’s Numbered and signed edition, copy 3569 out of 5000 copies. $95.00

Signed & Dated Cabinet Photo

Cabinet photograph of Cleveland, bust pose by Powelson Photographers, Buffalo, N.Y.  Signed and dated July 24, 1883 by Cleveland on the lower photographers mount. $695.00

CLEVELAND, Grover Official Executive Mansion. Washington card from his first administration, variant  #2 with Executive Mansion. Washington printed at the top right side. In near fine condition with  very light toning around the edges and  light mounting traces at the very top of verso. $450.00

CLEVELAND, Grover Twenty second President of the United States. Wonderful full signature on a slip. Lightly mounted SOLD

CLEVELAND, Grover Two word sentiment signed and dated: “Yours Sincerely Grover Cleveland Jan. 22, 1907” on a card SOLD

Bill Clinton received a pardon on Jan.21, 1977 from Jimmy Carter
Bill Clinton becomes the FIRST PARDONED FEDERAL FELON ever to serve as President of the United States
Bill Clinton will get about $14 Million for his memoir, yet he is unable to recall anything about past events while under oath.

His book: “My Life” A.A. Knopf, 2004, First Edition, so stated. 957 pages, illustrated, in very fine condition with the dust jacket.   Signed by Bill Clinton on the title page in blue ink $395.00

Bill Clinton received a pardon on Jan.21, 1977 from Jimmy Carter
Bill Clinton becomes the FIRST PARDONED FEDERAL FELON ever to serve as President of the United States
In Person Signature

Coffee table size book  “Clinton, Portrait of Victory”. Text by Rebecca Taylor, Photographs by P.F. Bentley.  Warner Books First Printing, January 1993.  One hundred twenty-eight pages very heavily illustrated.  In person signature on the half title page. $250.00

Said by Some, the Most Cheated on Woman in America

CLINTON, Hillary Rodham
Boldly signed in full on the title page.  Many books which contain a Hillary Clinton signature are forgeries, even those with COA’s from the ABC type companies who claim to authenticate autographs.  Others claiming to be signed bear Autopen signatures.  Many that containing genuine signatures are simply signed “Hillary”. $135.00

Autograph letter signed along with Free Franked envelope

COLFAX, Schuyler
Autograph letter signed, one page, H.R. Washington, May 2, 1864, To Hon. Brutus Clay in the House of representatives. A fine letter sending thanks for a compliance with a request. Together with an ornate House of representatives cover, 38th Congress filled out and signed by Schuyler Colfax adding “Speaker H. Rep” in his hand $195.00

Interesting and most unusual content letter from Calvin Coolidge, as President, to Walter R. Benjamin, noted autograph dealer

Typed letter signed, one page, November 28, 1925 on the imprinted letterhead of The White House, Washington. $750.00

COOLIDGE, Calvin Fabulous Harris & Ewing, Washington, DC photograph. Measures 7.5”x11” head and chest pose, serious looking. Inscribed and signed on the lower light margin: “To Clarence R. Hotchkiss with regards Calvin Coolidge.” 450.00

T.L.S. as Vice-President Elect

T.L.S. as Vice-President elect, Governor of Massachusetts, on the imprinted stationery of The Commonwealth of Massachusetts and a colorful State Seal.  December 22, 1920 to Mr. Francis Prescott. $375.00

COOLIDGE, Calvin Thirtieth President of the United States. Full signature on a slip. Typed below “Calvin Coolidge, Former President of the United States.” SOLD

DAVIS, Jefferson Only President of the Confederate States of America.  Choice full signature on a card. He adds: “Beauvoir, Miss. 29 March 1883.”  Left top corner of card folded as issued. Mounting traces on verso. SOLD

RARE A.L.S. of Eisenhower as President with Excellent Documentation
In a letter to Mamie from Ike on September 20, 1943, Ike Stated "I write to no one (long hand) except you."

Very rare autograph letter signed, as president, on lined paper cut to the size of a postcard. President Eisenhower writes: “Dear Mary Jane, Will you please air mail these, also check addresses on top Two (Mr. Farrel & Mr Slater). D.E.”  Together with an engraved card of “Mary Jane McCaffree” who writes on her card: “The Mary Jane in Pres. Eisenhower’s note was addressed to me. Former Chief of Staff to Mrs. Eisenhower 1953-1961 Mary Jane McCaffree.”  Included is The White House envelope for this card which bears the gold Presidential Seal on the flap. $3,900.00
Five Presidents of the United Statesr

EISENHOWER, Dwight D., KENNEDY, John F., NIXON, Richard M, , FORD, Gerald R.
  and CARTER, Jimmy.
Card measuring appx. 3”X5.5” signed by Dwight D. Eisenhower, signed and dated by John F. Kennedy  “61”, and signed by Richard Nixon, Gerald R. Ford and a full vintage signature of Jimmy Carter. Notes on verso in pencil indicate Eisenhower autographed Oct. 11, 1961, Jersey City, New Jersey, Kennedy autographed Dec. 18, 1961, Nixon autographed Dec. 19, 1987, Ford autographed Nov. 6, 1987, Cater autographed  Oct 26, 1987. $3,750.00

Original Self-Portrait By Dwight D. Eisenhower

Original pencil sketch, self portrait by Eisenhower, head and shoulders pose on a 5”x7" page. To the right are notes in shorthand by Mrs. Eisenhower’s Chief of Staff Mary Jane McCaffree.  At the bottom Mrs. McCaffree has written “Original by D.D.E.”  with an arrow pointing to the drawing.  Included is Mrs. McCaffree’s visiting card of notes dictated to her by Mrs. Eisenhower. In addition we have included a copy of Mrs. McCaffree’s visiting card  with her printed notes: “Chief of Staff to Mrs. Eisenhower 1953-1961). This self portrait of Dwight D. Eisenhower has been in my possession since our  White House days” signed with her initials.  The drawing has been encapsulate for preservation however easily removable is so desired. Original sketches by Eisenhower are rare especially as President. This item was purchased  directly from Mary Jane McCaffree at her home in West Palm Beach, Florida. $1,500.00
Dwight D. Eisenhower A Typed Quote Signed, Presidential Oath of Office. $1,200.00

The Only Complete Collection of Executive Mansion Signed Cards in Existence

This unique collection consists of nine signed Executive Mansion cards.  The collection begins with the only known Executive Mansion card signed and dated (as president) by Ulysses S. Grant.  The date on this card is of great importance as the great autograph dealer Paul Richards (1939-1993) whose specialty was in the autographs of Presidents of the United States once said “if you really have a card signed by Grant, it was signed during the Hayes administration as Hayes was the first president to sign these cards.  Someone got a blank card and had Grant sign it while Hayes was president.”  Obviously this is not true.  The Grant card is followed by Executive Mansion cards signed by Rutherford B. Hayes, one signed and dated by James A. Garfield,  Chester A. Arthur, and one by Grover Cleveland during his first term as president. The collection continues with Executive Mansion cards signed by Benjamin Harrison, Grover Cleveland signed and dated (second term), William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt. Executive Mansion cards signed by Benjamin Harrison and Theodore Roosevelt are rare and missing from most collections.   Executive Mansion cards were signed by James A. Garfield during his short time as president and are very, very desirable.  This collection took over 40 years to complete. It is worthy of placement in the finest presidential signed collections or in a museum.  Together with a copy of “History of Collecting Executive Mansion, White House and The White House Cards Signed by the Presidents and their First Ladies.”. $65,000.00

V/P of the United States For a Day
President of the United States For a Day?

FERRY, Thomas W.
TyFabulous ink signature: “T.W. Ferry, Mich” on a 1.5”x 4.5” slip. Not a common signature.  Together with a printed portrait. $100.00

Fabulous manuscript document signed by D. Goddard, Secretary of the Interior, ad interim. One-page, Washington, July 25, 1850 on black bordered stationery. $1450.00

FILLMORE, Millard Full signature adding in his hand: “Buffalo, Oct.23, 1868.” 350.00

First Ladies:
First Lady & Second First Lady

BUSH, Barbara
Uncommon autograph letter signed on her name engraved card, Nov.19th, Dear Peg (LeBaron) Loved our visit. Thanks so very much for all your help and advice. Hope we have a visit soon-Warmly- Barbara.”. $115.00

Very Uncommon Signed Baseball

BUSH, Barbara
Official Ball, American League, Bobby Brown, President. A huge dark bold signature “Barbara Bush” is on the sweet spot. $55.00

First Lady & Second First Lady

BUSH, Barbara
Her book: “A Memoir”.  Charles Scribner’s Sons, First Edition. Boldly signed by Barbara Bush on the blank page. $45.00

Millie’s earnings quadruple Bush’s

BUSH, Fred
The dog’s book: “C. Fred’s Story A Dog’s Life.”  Edited by Barbara Bush. Doubleday & Company, New York, 1984. One hundred nine pages, heavily illustrated. Signed on the second flyleaf “Barbara Bush and”  then signed with a printed paw-print of C. Fred Bush. $95.00

Signed by the First Lady & her Daughter

BUSH, Laura & Jenna
Their children’s book: “Read All About It.”  Harper Collins Publisher, 2008 First Edition. Heavily illustrated in color. Signed on the title page by Jenna Bush & Laura Bush. $65.00

CARTER, Rosalynn S/P, B&W, 8”x10” head and shoulders pose. Signed with a two word sentiment: “Best Wishes Rosalynn Carter.” Photo by Hour Magazine. $57.50

Signed Photograph of the First Lady

Scarce cabinet photograph by Napoleon Sarony. Copyright 1892.  Head and shoulders pose, slight profile, boldly signed “Francis F. Cleveland. $250.00

Desirable Full Signature

CLINTON, Hillary Rodham
Her book:” It Takes A Village.” Simon & Schuster 1996, fifth printing,  Three hundred eighteen pages. Choice full signature on second blank flyleaf. $85.00

Very Rare Photograph of First Lady Eisenhower Preparing to Leave The White House and Jacqueline Kennedy Moving In, Signed by Both

KENNEDY, Jacqueline & EISENHOWER, Mamie
Extraordinary Official Life Magazine photograph, 8”x10”, B&W, of Mamie Eisenhower, Jacqueline Kennedy and Pat Nixon sitting on a couch in what appears to be The White House.  Apparently this took place when the Eisenhower/Nixon administration was leaving and the Kennedy’s were moving in.  Boldly signed by Mamie Eisenhower across her light colored coat.  Also signed by Jacqueline Kennedy across her light colored coat. Both signatures have excellent contrast. The first signed photograph of this type we have seen. $1950.00

KENNEDY, Jacqueline & EISENHOWER, Mamie
Extraordinary photograph, measures 5”x7”, B&W, full length of the two First Ladies probably taken outside of The White House or Capitol.  Both wearing winter hats, coats and gloves. This appears to be in January when Eisenhower was leaving The White House and John F. Kennedy was moving in. Signed by both Jacqueline Kennedy and Mamie Eisenhower. SOLD

Mamie Eisenhower
Autograph Letter Signed. SOLD
First Lady Free Frank Collection ~ 8 Matching First Lady Free Franked Envelopes. $895.00
FORD, Betty S/P, B&W, 8”x10” full face pose, smiling. Signed with excellent contrast. $67.50

Caroline Scott Harrison Scarce Full Signature; Very nice example. SOLD

HARRISON, Anna Front panel of an envelope, hand addressed by Anna Harrison to Henry L. Sheldon Esq. Middlebury Vermont.  Top right corner she has written “Free Anna Harrison.” Postal marking “Cleves, O. Feb,27.” . $675.00

Scarce Christmas Card of First Lady Mary Lord Harrison

Folding Holiday Greeting card with a color painting of a bouquet of flowers on the cover, signed in print by the artist. When the card is opened, on the third panel Mary Harrison has written: “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you both and may the New Year hold much happiness for you, Mary Lord Harrison”. $225.00

HARRISON, Mary Lord Folding Holiday Greeting card with a color painting of a bouquet of flowers on the cover, signed in print by the artist. When the card is opened, on the third panel Mary Harrison has written: “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you both and may the New Year hold much happiness for you, Mary Lord Harrison”. $225.00

Very Scarce A.L.S. of Lou Henry Hoover as First Lady

HOOVER, Lou Henry
Autograph letter signed, both sides, on her personal name imprinted visiting card which she used as First Lady.  Mrs. Hoover writes: “So many thanks for such a lovely basket of delicious things. It has been a constant joy to all of us, Lou Henry Hoover.”  With original White House envelope hand addressed by Mrs, Hoover to “Hoover Republican Club, Dayton, Ohio”. $300.00

Interesting Content letter from Lou Henry Hoover

HOOVER, Lou Henry
Typed letter signed, on her 2300 S Street, Washington, D.C. letterhead.  19 October 1928 she writes:  "My Dear Mrs. Reed, Thank you so much for your letter with its interesting little incident.  I am sure the people of Massachusetts did not enjoy us half as much as I enjoyed my visit there, seeing and meeting the thousands that I did. You gave us such a royal welcome that we shall never forget it. With much appreciation, I am Yours sincerely.” Signed in full. SOLD

Very Scarce Book Signed by LBJ (as President)

JOHNSON, Rebekah Baines Her book: “A Family Album” McGraw-Hill Co.1965, First Edition, so stated.  Introduction by Lyndon Baines Johnson. It is believed that Johnson only signed copies for family members and very close friends. Believed to be signed “as President.”. $450.00

Extraordinary Letter by Lady Bird Johnson

Handwritten Written Just 23 days after Lyndon Johnson Died

JOHNSON, Lady Bird Uncommon autograph letter on her Stonewall, Texas imprinted letterhead. Two full pages dated February 14, 1973.  To Dorothy (Nichols)  who was one of Johnson’s three secretaries and spent 17 years working in the Capital. $395.00

JOHNSON, Lady Bird T.L.S. one page on the imprinted letterhead of The White House, Washington, November 15, 1966. The First Lady writes: “Dear Fay:  Thank you so much for your sweet note, and the pretty snap shots. I will treasure them for my scrapbook of memories of an exciting and wonderful trip full of endless interest.  With much appreciation and my warmest wishes, I am, Sincerely”.  Signed in full. $100.00

JOHNSON, Lady Bird Very uncommon autograph note signed on a portion of her bookplate.  “Hope that readers will feel a little closer to their government, Lady Bird Johnson”. $135.00
'Lady Bird' Johnson Fabulous Photograph Signed, as First Lady, standing on the Truman Balcony at The White House. $125.00

McKINLEY, Ida Genuine sheet of note paper, unused. Her initials in blue (IMK) top center. $22.50

"The Investigation Is A Spell-binder"

NIXON, Pat 1942 Rare autograph letter signed, one very full page on the printed letterhead of “La Casa Pacificia”. Nixon writes: “Dear Mr. Covington, You were ever so thoughtful to write me the heartwarming letter regarding Julia’s visit to Atlanta. She has told us of her pleasure in visiting with you and of your many kindnesses. The investigation is a spell-binder-- thanks so much for sending it to me. With deep appreciation and warm best wishes, Sincerely, Pat Nixon”.  Together with the envelope, hand addressed by Pat Nixon.  Postmarked June 28, 1977. Both pieces in excellent condition. SOLD

NIXON, Patricia Engraving of The White House, attractively matted. Signed with a full signature of Patricia Nixon and dated in her hand “1971”. SOLD

NIXON, Patricia Her recipe for Meat Loaf on a 3”x5” index card. Signed with her desirable full signature.SOLD

NIXON, Patricia Bookplate from The Museum Shop of The Richard Nixon Library & Birthplace.  Hand signed by Pat Nixon. SOLD

POLK, Sara Childress Fabulous signature “Mrs. James K. Polk” adding “Polk Place” in her hand on a wonderful card 2”x3.5” gold trimmed” . $375.00

One of a Kind
POLK, Sarah Free frank signature “Free Sarah Polk”, on a mourning envelope addressed in her hand to Maj. Wm. H. Polk, Columbia, Tennessee. A dark ink hand stamp at left corner “Nashville, TN, Aug.11” and “Free” handstamp.  Intact black wax seal on verso. Collector’s note along front left corner of the cover. SOLD

REAGAN, Nancy Very popular First Lady. “An American Life, Autobiography of Ronald Reagan” Simon & Schuster, 1990. Signed by Nancy Reagan on the dedication page. $75.00

REAGAN, Nancy Her book: “My Turn, The Memoirs of Nancy Reagan.” Random House, 1989, First Edition. Three hundred eighty-four pages, illustrated. Inscribed and signed on the front free endpaper. $75.00

Very Uncommon Early Autograph Letter Signed

Autograph letter signed, one page on the imprinted letterhead of “Council Rock, Oyster Bay, N.Y.”  Roosevelt writes: “My Dear Mrs. Mallon, Thank you so much for your letter-the picture which is very good-most interesting. It was kind of you to think of sending it to me. Sincerely yours, Eleanor Roosevelt, Feb. 2nd.” Together with original hand addressed envelope, with a 2 cent stamp cancelled  Feb. 2, 1921”. SOLD

ROOSEVELT, Eleanor Choice, The White House card signed. SOLD

Roosevelt writes as "Cousin Eleanor" as First Lady

Typed letter signed, as First Lady, on the imprinted letterhead of The White House.  August 24, 1942 to “Dear Nancy.”   Roosevelt writes: “I am so sorry the enclosed letter from Mr. Donovan is disappointing. Affectionately, Cousin Eleanor.”. $175.00

Very Rare Letter of Helen Taft as First Lady

TAFT, Helen H
Manuscript letter signed, one page, on the imprinted letterhead of The White House, Washington, (DC)  October 18,1909.  “To My Dear Mrs. Thaw.”  Interesting content: “...I was much interested in hearing from you and about your daughter & her husband. I know my sister...will be glad to see the young couple when they come to Washington if I should not be available to do so. With kind regards, believe me...”This letter is most likely penned by the hand of Mrs. Taft’s daughter Helen Taft (Manning) but hand signed by Helen H. Taft. $1,100.00

Scarce A.L.S. Of Helen Taft with wonderful content

TAFT, Helen H
Scarce autograph note signed on a 2”5”x4’5” card. Helen Taft writes: “My Dear Mrs. Deane, Mr. Taft had a bookplate, which he put in many of his books, but moving around so much, it got lost, and he did not have another one made. Sincerely yours, Helen H. Taft  November 14th.”. $275.00

Very Rare Hand addressed Free Franked Envelope

Envelope, hand addressed  “Mrs. Roger DeWitt, 412 N. Spring Street, Independence, Missouri” and Free Franked as “Bess W. Truman” in the upper right corner of the envelope”. $295.00

Autograph Letter Signed by Bess Truman

Autograph letter signed, 2 pages on her personal note paper with the imprint of her initials on the top left corner.  Truman writes: “Dear Mary Mildred, How wonderfully kind of you and Roger to send me these beautiful carnations…and they happen to be my favorite variety. I am enjoying them tremendously (and Harry is too). Thank you loads for thinking of me. Fondly, Bess W. Truman”. $150.00

TRUMAN, Bess A very fine The White House card which displays a perfect signature “Bess W. Truman.”. $150.00

WYMAN, Jane Ronald Reagan was her first husband and they had one child who lived only nine hours. She was married to Ronald Reagan (1940-1949)”. $47.50

Inscribed to a serial autograph criminal who spent two separate stints in prison for autograph related crimes.
He recently bounced 2 checks over $2200.000 each
FORD, Gerald R. His very desirable book: “Portrait of the Assassin.”  Simon & Schuster, 1965, Second printing, 510 pages, in G/V/G condition, fine dust jacket in plastic protective cover. Portrait of Oswald on the on the cover, bright colors.  On the front endpaper is a lengthy fascinating presentation inscription by Congressman Gerald R. Ford.  He writes:  “To Gary Zimit, the opportunity to serve on the Warren Commission was both sad because J.F.K. was a friend and as a challenge because it was important to do a good job. In my opinion the Warren Commission conclusions were sound and so far not challenged. No significant new evidence has been found. Lee Harvey Oswald was the culprit. Gerald R. Ford 11/29/80.” $4900.00

Gerald R. Ford Exceptionally Rare and Historic Document Signed, being a typescript of Executive Order #4311, the Proclamation Granting Pardon to Richard Nixon. Signed by Presidents Ford and Nixon. $2,750.00

Lengthy Vintage Inscription
FORD, Gerald R. His very desirable book: “Portrait of the Assassin.”  Simon & Schuster, 1965, First printing, 510 pages, in G/V/G condition. Light wear to bottom of covers,  fine dust jacket in plastic protective cover. Portrait of Oswald on the on the cover, bright colors.  On the front endpaper is a lengthy vintage presentation inscription by Congressman Gerald R. Ford.  He writes: “1/16/66  To J. McArt, an ardent, effective, top flight Republican. We deeply appreciate your help for the ‘cause.’ Warmest personal regards, Gerald R. Ford.” $1495.00
Gerald R. Ford & Warren E. Burger An Exceptionally Rare Signed Photograph of President Ford being administered the oath of office by Chief Justice Burger. Ideal for framing. $950.00

Signed Three Times
FORD, Gerald R. His very desirable book: “Portrait of the Assassin.”  Simon & Schuster, 1965, First printing, 510 pages, in V/G condition with fine dust jacket in plastic protective cover. Portrait of Oswald on the on the cover, bright colors. Slight erasure marks top of the front end paper where most likely a former ownership’s name was removed. Signed by Gerald Ford three times. Signed as “Gerald R. Ford,” “Jerry Ford” and “G.R.F.” $950.00

President Gerald R. Ford & Mother Teresa

FORD, Gerald R. & TERESA, Mother
Official National League Baseball, William White, President.  Hand signed on the sweet spot by Gerald R. Ford. Mother Teresa has also signed her name in ink on a side panel. In very good condition and possibly unique. $1500.00

Rare, Proof Copy, Historic Limited Edition Presidential Broadside
FORD, Gerald R. This beautiful and colorful broadside measures 15”x22”, is limited to only 175 numbered copies. Each individually boldly hand signed by President Ford using a black ink pen.  $875.00

Rare, Limited, Numbered Edition, Vice Presidential Broadside
FORD, Gerald R. This broadside is limited to only 150 numbered copies, hand signed “Gerald R. Ford” using a black ink pen.  This is copy number 129.  On the right side of this broadside is an illustration of one of the rooms in The White House.  $750.00

Very Scarce Free Frank as Minority Leader
FORD, Gerald R. Very scarce Official Congress of the United States, Office of the Minority Leader, House of Representative envelope bearing a printed Free Franking signature of Gerald R. Ford. Directly below his preprinted signature Ford has signed his name in full.  $550.00

FORD, Gerald R. Baseball Bat with the name "Gerald Ford" beautifiully engraved.  Hand signed "Gerald R. Ford". $495.00

I’m a Ford, not a Lincoln
FORD, Gerald R. Full sheet of 1 cent United States Postage Stamps depicting the head and shoulders pose of Abraham Lincoln. Boldly signed: “Gerald R. Ford” on the selvage. Plate number 26245.  Ford obviously is pleased with this statement as his writing and signature are forceful and quite large.  $395.00

Signed by Leavelle and Gerald R. Ford
FORD, Gerald R. & LEAVELLE, Jim Original color photograph of Lavelle talking to Ford. Gerald Ford was on the Warren Commission. $275.00

FORD, Gerald R. His very desirable book: “Portrait of the Assassin.”  Simon & Schuster, 1965, First printing, 510 pages. Very boldly signed “Gerald R. Ford” in the center of the front free endpaper. $275.00

FORD, Gerald R. Typed letter signed, 1 page, letterhead of the House of Representatives, April 30, 1954 to Nicholas Stellman of Grand Rapids, concerning two women who wish to continue their missionary work in India. He sends (present) a copy of a letter he wrote to the Assistant Secretary of State on the subject, and will let him know when he receives a reply. Fine condition and a very early letter and style of Ford’s signature. With the original envelope bearing a printed free frank. $225.00

FORD, Gerald R. & FORD, Betty Their last Presidential Christmas card (1976) hand signed by both. Quite scarce. Together with the original The White House envelope. $225.00

FORD, Gerald R. Full sheet of 3 cent United States Postage Stamps depicting the White House (1950). Boldly signed: “Gerald R. Ford” on the selvage. $195.00

FORD, Gerald R. Thirty eighth President of the United States. Full sheet of 3 cent United States Postage Stamps depicting the National Capital Building (1950). Boldly signed: “Gerald R. Ford” on the selvage. Plate number 24285. Most unusual. $195.00

FORD, Gerald R. Original “Official” book of presidential matches. Gerald R. Ford is print on the front cover over the embossed portrait of The White House.  On the verso is a color seal of the President of the United States. Signed “G.R. Ford” top of the front cover. $150.00

Excellent, Historic Quote of Gerald R. Ford
FORD, Gerald R. Typed quotation on a 3”x5” card.  “One of the deepest mysteries at the outset of the hearings was why would lee Harvey Oswald want to kill a President”.  Boldly signed ‘Gerald R. Ford”. $137.50

FORD, Gerald R Official 1976 White House Tour Ticket, Tour #35. Unused condition with stub still attached. Signed in full by Gerald R. Ford. $135.00

FORD, Gerald R. & FORD, BettyThis photograph was taken weeks after Gerald Ford became president.  Overall measurement 4”x6”, B&W, very nicely hand signed by both. $95.00

Rare Portrait of Yitzhak Rabin with President Gerald Ford
RABIN, Yithzak & FORD, Gerald Portrait of  Rabin standing at the dinner table in The White House as President Gerald R. Ford, smoking his pipe sits along Rabin’s side and listening intently as he carefully watches Rabin. Signed by both Y. Rabin and Gerald R. Ford on the lower white margin below a printed caption. Overall size 6”x9. $395.00
Four Presidents & Three First Ladies A magnificent Signed Bureau of Engraving White House Card, The 37th through 40th Presidents of the United States, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan, and Three First Ladies, Lady Bird Johnson, Betty Ford, and Rosalyn Carter. $2,000.00

GARFIELD, James A.  Closing of a letter in his hand signed. “Respectfully, Your Obt. Servt.  J.A. Garfield, Brig. Gen. Vols” on a slip. SOLD

GARFIELD, James A. Manuscript letter signed, one page, as a member of Congress. Washington, D.C., March 1, 1876.  To C.F. Conant (Ass’t Secretary of Treasury).  “Will Mr. Conant please send copies of the Finance report for 1872-73-74 to Hon. Reuben P. Harmon of Kirtland Lake Co. Ohio and oblige.” SOLD

GEORGE III King of Great Britain and King of Ireland. Considered America’s last King.  Attractive fine signature (George) removed from a document. $195.00

U.S. Grant as President and Much of His Cabinet
GRANT, U.S., BELKNAP, Wm, ROBESON, Geo, JEWELL, Marshall, DELANO, Columbus, FISH, Hamilton, BABCOCK, O.E., Zalinski, E.L. Program, 3”x5” for the Grand Ball, Closing The Centennial Celebration at Lexington, Monday Evening, April 10th 1875. Promenade Music by Brown’s Brigade Band and Dancing Music by The Germania Orchestra.  Eight pages, includes the Program, Musical Selections, Order of Dances, Reception Committee, Floor Committee and sixty members of the Honorary Committee. In the center of this Program, the eight men listed above have signed their names in pencil with Grant signing as President. $2500.00

Rare Autograph Letter From A Losing Proposition
GRANT, U.S. Autograph letter signed Wall Street, New York, Feby 15th 1883. On the imprinted stationery of Grant & Ward. U.S. Grant, Jr., Ferdinand Ward, Gen’l U.S. Grant and James D. Fish. $1950.00

HARDING, Warren G. One page, oblong, appx. 2”x8”  “17 December 1898” added by Harding’s hand.  Countersigned by a witness, Martin Burke, Probate Judge.” SOLD

Very Scarce Signed Engraved Portrait
HARRISON, Benjamin Engraved portrait by William G. Phillips, head and shoulders pose, overall, 5.5”x9” removed from the special edition book “The Seventieth Indiana” (1900). Boldly signed “Benj Harrison” below his portrait. $1950.00

HARRISON, Benjamin This card depicts a view of the south portico of the Executive Mansion. Very boldly signed and dated in his hand “March 1st 1893.”  795.00

Benjamin Harrison refers to the Executive Mansion as The White House and most important content, four years after his presidency, he is still signing engraved portraits of the Executive Mansion.

Four Years After His Presidency, Still Signing Engraved Executive Mansion cards
HARRISON, Benjamin Letter signed on his imprinted name and address stationery.”. $775.00

HARRISON, Benjamin  Wonderful three words and signature by his hand: “Your affectionate brother Benj Harrison.” SOLD

HARRISON, Benjamin  Fine signature cut from a check SOLD

HARRISON, Benjamin Choice signature on a slip adding “Iowa” in his hand. SOLD

Eighty -four Gills of Whiskey for the Indians
HARRISON, William H. Autograph document signed (“Wm H Harrison a d c”) one page, 2.25”x7.25”, Greenville (S.C), 31 July 1795. $1550.00

Rutherford Hayes A.L.S. as President
HAYES, Rutherford B. Autograph letter signed as president, on the imprinted Executive Mansion, Washington stationery. Washington, 30 December 1879. $1750.00

HAYES, Rutherford B. Nineteenth President of the United States.    Fine signature on a light gray lined slip. SOLD

HAYES, Rutherford B.  One word sentiment signed with his desirable full signature: “Sincerely Rutherford B. Hayes.” SOLD

Rare Book With Signatures of Ronald Reagan and John Hinckley, Jr.
From the Library of Governor Richard Lamm of Colorado
HINCKLEY, Jack & JoAnn The book Breaking Points by Jack & JoAnn Hinckley, 1985, First printing, 375 pages. Inscribed to their Governor: “ To Governor and Mrs. Lamm, with our sincere thanks for your concern and support Jack and JoAnn”. Affixed to the inside cover is a 3”x5” card signed “John Hinckley, Jr.” and a bookplate signed by “Ronald Reagan”. $695.00

Herbert Hoover Very Rare Signed Title Page For His Report On Survey Of Germany, February 1919 and full page letter to Colonel Groome regarding ceasing executions and tribunals being set up.
HOOVER, Herbert Title page of a report: Report On Survey Of Germany, February 1919.  Hoover writes in pencil on this page: “American Relief Administration, Herbert Hoover, Director General. Report Economic Conditions in Europe, Germany, Alonzo Taylor, Feb. 1919”.  On a brown sheet of paper Hoover starts a RARE handwritten letter. $1500.00

HOOVER, Herbert Typed document signed, East Portico of the Capitol, Monday, March 4, 1929.  One page, measures appx. 4”x5”. Presidential Oath of Office, boldly signed with a large signature, in green ink, of Herbert Hoover. Matted along with a photo of Herbert Hoover being administered the Oath of Office from Supreme Court Justice William Howard Taft. Overall size 9”x12”. From a distinguished collection of rare Presidential Oath’s of Office. This is only the second Hoover signed Oath of Office we have handled in over 45 years. $950.00

Scarce Presidential Document Signed by Herbert Hoover
HOOVER, Herbert Document signed, folio, Washington, December 16, 1930, measures 18”x22”. Appointment of J. Butler Wright to the Office of Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary to Uruguay.  Fine clean signature of Hoover as President and countersigned by Henry L. Stimson as Secretary of War. Large wafer seal affixed to the bottom left of the document. $750.00

HOOVER, Herbert Thirty-first President of the United States. His three volume set of book: “The Memoirs of Herbert Hoover.”  Vol. #1 “The Cabinet & the Presidency.”  Macmillan Co., 1952, First printing.  Inscribed and signed on the front free endpaper: “To Victor Emanuel with the good wishes of Herbert Hoover.”  Vol. #2 “Years of Adventure.”  Macmillan Co, 1951, Second Printing. Inscribed and signed: “To Victor Emanuel with the good wishes of Herbert Hoover.”  Vol. #3. “The Greta Depression.”  Macmillan Co. 1952, First printing. $575.00

Herbert Hoover An Outstanding Content Typed Letter Signed. $495.00

Very Rare Book Un-inscribed Yet Signed by Herbert Hoover
HOOVER, Herbert His book: “The New Day, Campaign Speeches of Herbert Hoover.” Stanford University Press, Second Edition, January 1929.  Two hundred and thirty pages.  Signed “Herbert Hoover” on the front free endpaper.  This is the first book we recall seeing not inscribed by Herbert Hoover.  The colorful stamps from Morocco affixed to the bottom of the page Hoover signed.  $450.00

One if Not the Scarcest of Presidents in Signed Documents
HOOVER, Herbert He was appointed by President Wilson the U.S. Food administrator on may 19, 1917. Very attractive partly printed document signed circa 1918-1919.  Large engraved vignette across the top on assorted fruits and vegetables. The U.S. Food administrator to W.G. McKeller in appreciation of efficient and patriotic service during The Great War (1917-1918).  Signed by Herbert Hoover. $450.00

HOOVER, Herbert Wonderful, formal studio photograph signed depicting Hoover in full face, head and shoulders pose. Signed with a four word sentiment on the lower light margin “with kind regards of Herbert Hoover.”  Image by Underwood & Underwood, N.Y. with their imprint at the lower left. $395.00

Desirable "The White House" card Signedr
HOOVER, Herbert D.  A desirable “The White House” card very boldly signed by Herbert Hoover. $350.00

Most Unusual Display of President and Mrs. Hoover
HOOVER, Herbert and Lou Henry Signatures of Herbert Hoover and Lou Henry Hoover, double matted along with two photographs of their graves.  One photograph illustrates their graves in West Branch, Iowa with an American flag flying at the base of each grave stone.  The other photograph shows the flag from Herbert Hoover’s grave  removed.  Included in this frame ensemble is the original flag that was removed from Herbert Hoover’s grave.  $250.00

HOOVER, Herbert His book: “Addresses Upon The American Road 1945-1948.” D. Van Nostrand Company, Inc. 1949 First Edition.  Inscribed and signed in green ink on the front free endpaper: “To F.R. Barlow with the good wishes of Herbert Hoover.”. $225.00

HOOVER, Herbert Very interesting content (unusual for Hoover) typed letter signed, one page on his name imprinted letterhead.  The Waldorf Astoria Towers, New York , February 19, 1960. $225.00

HOOVER, Herbert Thirty first President of the United States.   Perfect dark bold signature on a slip of card stock SOLD

JACKSON, Andrew Autograph letter signed appx. 2.75”x8.”  Jackson writes: “I am acquainted with Capt. Ricd (Richard) Rapier. He is a gentleman in whom full & entire confidence may he respond. Nashville, 16 Dec. 1817 Andrew Jackson. SOLD

JACKSON, Andrew Seventh President of the United States. Fabulous signature measuring six inches long on vellum, as President. Countersigned by Elijah Hayward, Commissioner of the General Land Office. SOLD

D.S., Th. Jefferson as President and James Madison as Secretary of State

Vellum document 8.5”x15.5” signed by Jefferson as President and James Madison as Secretary of State, Washington, 26 August 1806. Pursuance of the act of Congress, passed on the first day of June 1796, entitled “An Act regulating the grants of land appropriated for military services..." $8950.00

JEFFERSON, Thomas Third President of the United States. Fine dark signature on a slip. Mounted to a larger slip. $3,900.00

Very Scarce A.L.S. of Andrew Johnson along with Free Frank

Early and very lengthy autograph letter signed, Blountville, Tennessee, July 24th, 1845. Full page, 10.5’x8”. Integral address leaf addressed in Johnson’s hand to the Commissioner of Pensions in Washington City, D.C., bearing Johnson’s free frank, signed “A. Johnson” as a member of Congress. $2950.00

Rare Andrew Johnson D.S. During His Impeachment Proceedings

Partly printed document signed as President. Oblong, folio. Washington, D.C., April 25, 1868. Countersigned by William Seward, Secretary of State.  Large white embossed seal of the United States affixed to the lower left of the document. $1,250.00

JOHNSON, Andrew Fabulous full signature, in ink on a 1”x5.25” slip. SOLD

JOHNSON, Andrew Fabulous ink full signature on blue lined paper. SOLD

Senate Ticket For President Andrew Johnson's Impeachment

Tickets for the impeachment proceedings of the 17th President of the United States was a hot item in 1968. The president endured a two month trial on charges of high crimes.  Card measures 3"x3.5" and is in good condition.  Those who collect these treasures also collect the tickets for the impeachment of Bill Clinton. $250.00

Jackie Kennedy believed LBJ was behind JFK's Assassination

JOHNSON, Lyndon B. Ten of his LBJ bookplates signed.  Each in fine condition.  Basically, the one way to know if you have a genuine signature of Lyndon B. Johnson is to obtain an LBJ bookplate signed.  Jackie Kennedy believed LBJ was behind the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy. $1,875.00

Jackie Kennedy believed LBJ was behind JFK's Assassination

JOHNSON, Lyndon B. Ten of his LBJ bookplates signed.  Each in fine condition.  Basically, the one way to know if you have a genuine signature of Lyndon B. Johnson is to obtain an LBJ bookplate signed.  Jackie Kennedy believed LBJ was behind the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy. SOLD

Jackie Kennedy believed LBJ was behind JFK's Assassination

JOHNSON, Lyndon B. Twenty-five of his LBJ bookplates, signed. Each in fine condition.  Basically, the one way to obtain a genuine signature of Lyndon B. Johnson is to obtain a LBJ bookplate signed.  Jackie Kennedy believed LBJ was behind the assassination of President Kennedy. $4250.00

Very Scarce Genuinely Signed Book by Lyndon B. Johnson

JOHNSON, Lyndon B. William S. White’s book “The Professional Lyndon B. Johnson”  Houghton and Mifflin Co. 1964, fourth printing.  Inscribed to Paul Betz and signed and dated  “12/5/64” (as President) by Johnson. This book was signed shortly after LBY signed the Civil Rights Bill into law.  This may be the only book of this title signed by Johnson as President. Only a handful of this title contains a genuine signature of Johnson. SOLD

Scarce Signed Photograph of  Lyndon B. Johnson as President

JOHNSON, Lyndon B. Photograph, 8”x10”, B&W of President Johnson talking to Mike Manaos (Executive Assistant to the President) and Bill Norris (Democratic National Committeeman from Cheyenne , Wyoming).  Inscribed by Johnson: “To Bill Norris with warm regards Lyndon B. Johnson.”  Dated: “9-15-65.” Photograph was taken on August 21/1965. $795.00

JOHNSON, Lyndon B. Thirty sixth President of the United States.  Fabulous full signature on a presidential place table card. Card has an embossed Presidential Seal in gold. Together with the Table Number card. In addition is the original invitation for Mr. & Mrs. Jerome Siegel to attend the President’s Ball in the Los Angeles Ballroom of the Century Plaza Hotel on Friday evening June 23. $550.00

Chief Justice Warren E. Burger's Copy of LBJ's Book

JOHNSON, Lyndon B.
His book, The Vantage Point, Perspectives of the Presidency 1963-1969. Holy, Rinehart & Winston, 1971, First edition, so stated.  Affixed to the half title page is the bookplate of LBJ hand signed.  On the facing page is the ornate bookplate of Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court Warren E. Burger. In a few places in this book, Burger has drawn some lines where it referred to the Supreme Court..SOLD

JOHNSON, Lyndon B. and Lady Bird Typed document, Presidential Oath of Office. Aboard Air Force One, Love Field, Dallas, Texas, November 22, 1963. One page, measures appx: 5”x6”. A separate slip matted below the Oath of Office bearing a four word sentiment signed with his famous initials “LBJ” with Lady Bird adding the word “and” and signing her name in full under LBJ’s signature.  Matted along with a portrait of Lyndon Johnson being administered the Presidential Oath of Office from Sarah T. Hughes. A signature of  Sarah T. Hughes is also contained in the mat. It is not common to find something signed by both Lyndon B. Johnson and Lady Bird Johnson on the same item. A fabulous ensemble of signatures of a very historical moment shortly after the announcement of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Overall size 11”x14”.From a distinguished collection of rare presidential Oath’s of Office. $495.00

JOHNSON, Lyndon B. Thirty sixth President of the United States. Fabulous full signature adding: “with warm regards” on a portion of one of his bookplates $225.00

JOHNSON, Lyndon B. His autobiography, The Vantage Point, Perspectives of the Presidency 1963-1969. Holt, Rinehart & Winston, 1971, First Edition, so stated. His personal bookplate made especially for this book which has a gilt  embossed Presidential Seal and his initials. Bookplate is boldly signed in full by Lyndon B. Johnson. $225.00

JOHNSON, Lyndon B.
His personal bookplate made especially for his book “The Vantage Point” (1971). Gilt embossed Presidential Seal along with his initials. Boldly signed in full by Lyndon B. Johnson. $195.00

JOHNSON, Lyndon B.
Typed letter signed, Congress of the United States, August the sixteenth 1941. Johnson writes in part: “ Thanks for giving me the chance to help Geraldine secure a job in order that she might continue her college work at Sam Houston. Today I got in touch with the proper officials and gave her a very strong endorsement for a place, and I surely hope that things work out as we want them to.  At any time that I can assist you or one of your friends don’t fail to let me know...”. SOLD

Kennedy Collection
KENNEDY, John F.,FORD, Gerald R., OSWALD, Lee Harvey, MCDONALD, Nick, LEAVELLE, James RA red brick from the front of the Texas School Book Depository Building, Dallas, Texas. Affixed to the brick is a plaque stating the brick is from the building.  Three persons have signed this brick. The first is Gerald R. Ford who writes: ”Gerald R. Ford, Member-Warren Commission.”. Signing the brick is  Officer M. Nick McDonald who adds: “Captor of Oswald 11-22-63.” The third to sign is James R. Leavelle adding “Handcuffed to Oswald.” The brick, signatures and writing are in fine condition. With the brick comes two typed letters signed. The first from Nick McDonald who writes in part: “Thanks for sending the “BRICK”! I was looking more for a Bouquet! HA! Ha! A little humor there.In addition is a Typed letter from James Leavelle. Oswald read many of the books on Communism from the library. Sold in the past are the library cards signed by Oswald, indicating he took the book out of the library.  This copy has the pocket in the back of the book but the card is not available, most likely previously sold.  Apparently he enjoyed this book enough to sign the title page. $27,750.00

Rare John Kennedy, Ted Kennedy and Ted Williams Signed Photograph
KENNEDY, John F., KENNEDY, Ted, WILLIAMS, Ted Hand signed by John F. Kennedy, Ted Kennedy and Ted Williams. Photo by “Fay Foto, Boston”. Photo has some minor creases. The two Kennedy signatures were signed in black ink, offering acceptable contrast, the signature of Ted Williams is fantastic. $3,250.00

LINCOLN, Abraham Partly engraved unusual document signed, as President. Oblong folio. Washington, October 21, 1862. Countersigned by Caleb B. Smith, Secretary of the Interior.  Blind-stamped Department of the Interior seal to the left of the signatures. Lincoln’s name appears in large type at the top center of the document.  Lincoln appoints J.H. Hawes of Iowa, Principal Clerk of Surveys in the General Land Office.  Lincoln’s full signature is three inches long.  $7500.00

LINCOLN, Abraham Very good dark signature adding the date “April 22, 1862” in his hand.  April was a busy month for Lincoln.  The day before he signed the Act of April 21,1862 authorizing a U.S. Mint facility at Denver, Colorado.  On April 16, 1862 President Lincoln signed the Act of April 16,1862, a bill ending slavery in the District of Columbia. Passage of this Act came just eight and one-half months before issuing the Emancipation Proclamation.  $6500.00

LINCOLN, A. Sixteenth President of the United States.    Choice dark and bold signature adding; “1863” in his hand. A wonderful example. SOLD

Original Hair From Abraham  (Copy #1) and Mary Lincoln
LINCOLN, Abraham & LINCOLN, Mary Fabulous display, double matted in black and white, measures appx. 16”x24” and displays a strand of original Lincoln’s hair. Choice display of a strand of Mary Lincoln’s hair with a full-length portrait of Mary Lincoln. On the verso is a full-page letter of authenticity. $775.00

Father of the Constitution
MADISON, James Signature on vellum cut from a document “as President.” SOLD

Scarce Set of Signed Executive Mansion Cards
McKINLEY, William & McKINLEY, Ida Pair of Executive Mansion Cards signed. William McKinley’s card has light scattered foxing  and light remnants of tape removal in two places, top third and bottom margin of card, not affecting his bold signature. Ida McKinley’s signature is fine. The card has a minor trace of an impression of a paper clip. Dated on the back, in pencil is Nov.11,1900. SOLD

Scarce Telegram, A.L.S. William McKinley
McKINLEY, William Seventeen days after inauguration, McKinley sends this telegram. On the imprinted Executive Mansion, Washington, Telegram, (stamped March 31, 1897). $1,250.00

MCKINLEY, William Twenty fifth President of the United States. Wonderful full signature as President on a partial piece of a vellum document (military appointment). SOLD

MCKINLEY, William Fine very early signature “McKinley, Pros. Atty.” on a small portion from a legal document. SOLD

The Vice-Presidents copy of Jimmy Carter’s Speech
MONDALE,  Walter “THE WHITE HOUSE REMARKS OF THE PRESIDENT IN HIS ADDRESS TO THE NATION ON INFLATION." For Immediate Release, Office of the White House Press Secretary. Eleven pages, legal size. Signed on the front page: “W. Mondale.” $95.00

MONROE, James Partly printed document signed, as President, one page, small folio, Washington, 12th Day of February 1819. Countersigned by Josiah Meigs, Commissioner of the General Land Office. President Monroe grants George Shafer,  Private in Fink’s Company thirteenth regiment of infantry, 160 acres of land in the Territory of Missouri. Handsome vignette of a couple receiving a deed from a seated Liberty figure near the top left corner and  paper seal of the land office.  Some water staining on parts of the document but none affecting the very strong signature of James Monroe. $795.00

MONROE, James Fifth President of the United States. Fabulous full signature on a slip of vellum. Most likely as President. $395.00

The Unique President Richard Nixon Baseball Collection
NIXON, Richard A rare, one of a kind collection of 29 photographs each inscribed to President Nixon.  Twenty-three of the photographs are inscribed by members of the Baseball Hall of Fame and six are signed by noted players who admired Richard Nixon. The collection is housed in a three-ring binder and all photographs are in excellent condition. The following inscribed and signed photographs are included.Bobby Thomson and Ralph Branca, Chuck Connors, Ralph Pignataro, Johnny Podres, Paul Blair, Billy Loes, Luke Appling, Yogi Berra and Don Larson, Lou Boudreau, Lou Brock, Leon Day, Monte Irvin, Billy Herman, Jim Catfish Hunter, Al Kaline, George Kell, Johnny Mize, Juan Marichal, Phil Rizutto, Robin Roberts, Brooks Robinson, Enos Slaughter, Duke Snider, Warren Spahn, Hoyt Wilhelm, Early Wynn, Joe Sewall, Stan Musial and Sandy Koufax.  $7,900.00

Most unusual, very early Richard Nixon letter, ready to run for Vice President
"..I am wondering if you have taken into consideration the fact that California Senators and Congressman are not in particularly good standing in Arizona..."

NIXON, Richard
T.L.S., one and a half separate pages, on the imprinted stationery of the United States Senate, Committee On Labor & Public Welfare.  August 9, 1951. To Miss Selma Warlick, Director of National Concert & Artists Corp.  $1,375.00

Extremely Rare Matching 1973 Inaugural Ball Signed Tickets
NIXON, Richard & AGNEW, Spiro T. Pair of Inaugural Tickets. For Nixon, The Inaugural Ball on January 20th, 1973..  $875.00

Original Sketches By Richard Nixon
NIXON, Richard Page from his personal note pad where Nixon has drawn a baseball, baseball bat and a N.Y. Yankees Baseball Cap.  $675.00

NIXON, Richard Choice first day cover with an engraved cachet of both Richard and Pat commemorating First Day of issue of The White House postage stamp.  Postmarked, Washington, DC, May 10, 1971. Signed by both Richard and Pat Nixon. $450.00

Extremely Rare Signed Nixon/Agnew Inaugural Book (1973)
NIXON, Richard & AGNEW, Spiro “The Inaugural Book, 1973”.  First Edition Published by the 1973 Inaugural Committee. Ninety-six pages, full page color illustrations.  Richard Nixon has signed the title page and dated his signature “7-25-92”.  On page 8, Spiro Agnew has signed his name under his full page color portrait.  This was their last term before both resigned their office. Agnew resigned on Oct. 10, 1973 and Nixon resigned on Aug. 9, 1974.  $450.00

NIXON, Richard Thirty seventh President of the United States. His New York City office business card. Choice signature $225.00

NIXON, Richard Typed letter signed, one page on his name engraved letterhead. November 3, 1982 to Charles S, Montroll. Unusual, Dear Mr. Montroll is written in Nixon’s hand. Nixon thanks Montroll for his kind letter and a gift of Oliver Wendell Holmes’ signature. SOLD

Louisville Slugger Signed by 46 Members of the
Baseball Hall of Fame and President Richard Nixon
NIXON, Richard  President Richard Nixon, Hall of Fame Bat.  Louisville Slugger baseball Bat signed by Richard Nixon and 48 members of the Baseball Hall of Fame.  All signatures signed with a blue ink Sharpie pen. All signatures signed “in person.”The following have signed the bat.  Enos Slaughter, Louis Aparicio, Buck Leonard, Ernie Banks, Whitey Ford, Rick Ferrell, Bob Gibson, Billy Williams, Willie McCovey, Harmon Killebrew, Ted Williams, Bob Lemon, Ralph Kiner, Bob Feller, Frank Robinson, Red Schoendienst, Yogi Berra, Hank Aaron, Eddie Matthews, Ray Dandridge, Jocko Conlon, Willie Stargell, Don Drysdale, Al Barlick, Willie Mays, Early Wynn, Jim Catfish Hunter, Luke Appling, Bobby Doerr, Lefty Gomez, Mickey Mantle, Monte Irvin, Early Wynn, Lou Brock, Johnny Mize, Lou Boudreau, George Kell, Hoyt Wilhelm, Billy Herman, Robin Roberts, Stan Musial, Duke Snider, Warren Spahn, Juan Marichal, Al Kaline and Sandy Koufax.  In addition this bat is expressly made for President Richard Nixon and has been hand signed by  Richard Nixon.  There is some rubbing to four signatures. All signers have added “HOF” and the year they were inducted into the Hall of Fame. One of a kind SOLD

OBAMA, Barack Bold blue ink signature on a 3”x5” card. Notation in ink on verso states: “Met him at Rally in Washington State Park, New York City. Sept. 27, 2007, Democratic Presidential Candidate Barack Obama”.  One light crease bottom left of card not affecting the signature. SOLD

PIERCE, Franklin Fourteenth President of the United States. Choice full signature adding: “yr. obed. Servt” in his hand.  Written on his embossed “P” stationery.  Top left corner has an embossed “Paris Paper” emblem. SOLD

POLK, James K. Eleventh President of the United States. Fabulous full signature with “yours” in his hand. The closing of a letter. Signatures of Polk are becoming uncommon SOLD

POLK, James K. Excellent Free Franking signature “J.K. Polk” on a slip. SOLD

President of the United States For Less Than Half an Hour
RAYBURN, Sam Choice inscription and full signature on a page removed from a book. As nice a signature as one can ever expect. $85.00

Together With Ronald Reagan’s Pen from his Desk
in The White House along with His DNA

Richard Nixon, Gerald R. Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan (as President) and George Bush (as President).  Jacqueline Kennedy, Lady Bird Johnson, Betty Ford, and Rosalynn Carte Very attractive color portrait of The White House, measures appx. 8.5”x11”.   Gerald R. Ford has added an inscription and sentiment.  Jimmy Carter has added a two word sentiment. Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and George Bush have signed their names. Jacqueline Kennedy has inscribed this item adding a three word sentiment, Lady Bird Johnson has inscribed this item adding “one of my favorite views”, Betty Ford has signed her name and Rosalynn Carter has inscribed this item adding a two word sentiment.  On the verso is a penned statement from Oregon Senator Mark O. Hatfield. He writes: “President Reagan & Bush signed this in my presence. Mark O. Hatfield.”  Bush signed this portrait in the Oval office on 3/12/91.  This portrait has been removed from a book. On his engraved Senate correspondence card Senator Hatfield has written “November 6, 1987, This pen was used by President Ronald Reagan to autograph the portrait of The White House.  The pen was from his White House desk. Mark O. Hatfield”.  The tip of this pen has multiple teeth marks from when President Reagan would chew on his pen. $8,900.00

Ronald Reagan, Louisville Slugger, Signed by
43 Members of the Baseball Hall of Fame.
REAGAN, Ronald President of the United States.  Louisville Slugger baseball bat made expressly for President Ronald Reagan.  His name is engraved in the bat  This bat has been hand signed (in person) by 43 members of the Baseball Hall of Fame. Those who have signed are:  Duke Snider, Rick Ferrell, Al Barlick, Buck Leonard, Luis Aparicio, Bob Gibson, Jim Catfish Hunter, Ted Williams, Willie McCovey, Hoyt Wilhelm, Red Schoendienst,  Robin Roberts, Yogi Berra,  Don Drysdale,  Warren Spahn, Frank Robinson, Whitey Ford, Mickey Mantle, Stan Musial, Eddie Matthews, Harmon Killebrew, Juan Marichal, Lou Boudreau,  Brooks Robinson, Bob Feller, Lou Brock, Ernie Banks, Lefty Gomez, Ray Dandridge, Jocko Conlon, Johnny Mize, Luke Appling, Willie Stargell, Monte Irvin, Bob Lemon, Ralph Kiner, Enos Slaughter, Billy Herman, Bob Doerr, George Kell, Al Kaline, Hank Aaron and Early Wynn.  At one time, Ronald Reagan was supposed to autograph this bat as well. A space for his signature was lightly sanded so as his pen/ink would adhere to the wood.   SOLD

Scarce A.L.S. of Ronald Reagan to his Football Coach

REAGAN, Ronald
Handwritten letter to Art C. Bowers, Dixon, Il.  11/15/67 as Governor of California. $1,250.00

REAGAN, Ronald His book along with co-author Richard Hubler  Where’s The Rest Of Me? The Ronald Reagan Story. Duell, Sloan and Pearce. 1965, First Edition, so stated. Personal bookplate of Ronald Reagan with a blue ink printed Presidential Seal and his name affixed to the front free endpaper. Inscribed by a calligrapher for the President: “To Karen Siebrasse with best wishes,” and hand signed by Ronald Reagan. $450.00

REAGAN, Ronald Perfect, dark bold very large vintage signature of Reagan, inscribed “To Walter” on a portion of an album page. SOLD

Very Early Ronald Reagan/Jane Wyman Christmas Card
REAGAN, Ronald & WYMAN, Jane Their very early  Christmas card. On the cover is a cute puppy with a Christmas Wreath around it. Across the second and third panel is a dog holding a Christmas ribbon sending Christmas wishes. On the third panel below New Year’s wishes the card is signed in print: “Ronald, Jane and The Children”. $95.00

ROCKEFELLER, Nelson A.T.L.S., 6/12/1947 on the imprinted stationery  of The Museum of Modern Art, New York.  Fine letter regarding a dinner for Captain Steichen at the penthouse of the museum. $95.00

"In Honor of Edward Steichen"

Typed letter signed, one page, as president of the Museum of Modern Art. Dated may 26, 1947 he writes to T.J. Maloney of U.S. Camera.  A fine very early letter inviting Maloney to attend an informal dinner along with the members of the Photography Committee in honor of Captain Edward Steichen. SOLD

Official Act Regarding Cherokee Senate Bill #22

ROOSEVELT, Theodore & BUFFINGTON, Thomas Mitchell
Partly printed document of the Executive Office, Cherokee Nation, dated February 5, 1902. Hand signed by the Clerk of the Senate, Clerk of the Council President of the Senate, Speaker of the Council and finally “Approved Dec.4.1901 T.M. Buffington Principal Chief. Both documents appx. 8”x12”. $3750.00

A Fabulous full Theodore Roosevelt as President

Fine portion of a presidential document complete with a large paper seal. Dated, Washington 29 July 1902 and signed in full with a signature nearly five inches long. $850.00

ROOSEVELT, Theodore Balance of a T.L.S. “that report of your talk. Need I say that I believe in every word you say? I am not at liberty to speak about what has been going on here.”  Roosevelt adds in his own hand: “my language would be too strong!” Signed in full. 595.00

ROOSEVELT, Theodore  Signature: “T. Roosevelt” on a slip. Typed under his name “Acting Secretary” can easily been trimmed away if so desired SOLD

ROOSEVELT, Franklin D. Short autograph note, in pencil, undoubtedly as President of the United States.  Roosevelt writes: “To answer & show to Farley (Jim Farley, Postmaster General). FDR”.  Only very few Presidents are best known by their initials, others are “JFK” & “LBJ”.  An excellent example with an unusually large signature of the President. Matted along with a portrait of Roosevelt. Overall size 9”x12”. SOLD

ROOSEVELT, Franklin D. Thirty second President of the United States. Wonderful dark, bold full signature on a slip. SOLD

The only person to hold the Office of President of the U.S. and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States Chief Justice Taft arranges to obtain the signatures of the members of the Court

TAFT, William
Typed letter signed on the imprinted stationery of the Supreme Court of the United States. June 2, 1929 to Mr. George M. Nelson. $495.00

Eleven More Days and His Presidency is Over

TAFT, William
Dinner program and menu and table settings, ten pages plus the covers.  Program tied together with a red, white and blue ribbon.  Affixed to the front cover is an engraved portrait of President Taft. The President of the United States, with only eleven days left of his presidency, has boldly signed his name under his portrait. $495.00

TAFT, William H.  Wonderful signature on vellum. Printed “Secretary of War) after his name, easily trimmed if so desired SOLD

TAYLOR, Zachary Document signed, one page “Appointment of a U.S. Marshall” Washington, D.C., May 9, 1849. Countersigned by the first Secretary of the Interior Thomas Ewing. Embossed seal at the lower left. President Taylor, two months after taking office appoints Anthony Roberts a Marshall of the United States for the eastern district of Pennsylvania. $4750.00

TAYLOR, Zachary Fabulous ink signature most likely removed from a Free Frank.  Affixed to a larger slip. SOLD

TAYLOR, Zachary Twelfth President of the United States.  Partial document dated November 1832. Signed: “Z. Taylor, Col- 1st Rgt,U.S. Infy,Comd.”  A fabulous signaturep SOLD
Three Presidents: Nixon, Ford, & Carter A Signed First Day Issue, date stamped January 9, 1963, of an American Flag. Old Glory at its finest. Ideal for framing. $925.00
Three Presidents: Nixon, Ford, & Carter A Signed Engraving of the White House by the 37th, 38th, & 39th Presidents of the United States. $925.00
Three Presidents: Nixon, Ford, & Carter A Signed Program, with an engraved bust image of each, noting the presidents as "Distinguished Guests". Each president has signed next to their image. Very Unique. $925.00

TRUMAN, Harry S. Typed document signed, Cabinet Room of The White House, Washington, D.C., April 12, 1945.  One page, measures appx: 5.5”x8”. Presidential Oath of Office bearing a choice large signature of Harry S Truman. Matted along with a photo of Truman being administered the Presidential Oath of Office. Overall size 9”x12”. From a distinguished collection of rare Presidential Oath’s of Office. $950.00

Uncommon un-inscribed portrait of Harry Truman
TRUMAN, Harry S. 33rd President of the United States (1945-1953). Color portrait, overall measurement 7.75"x11", removed from the book "Mr. President". Signed with a one word sentiment on the lower white margin: "Sincerely, Harry S. Truman". It is quite scarce to find any image of Truman not inscribed. SOLD

Rare Cover Signed by Harry & Bess Truman
TRUMAN, Harry S TRUMAN, Bess Wallace Very RARE cover commemorating the First Day of Issue of the Harry S. Truman U.S. 8 cent Postage Stamp. Cancelled, Independence, May 8, 1973 (four months after Truman’s death).  A fabulous pair of signatures of Harry and Bess Truman.  Bess Truman has signed with her scarce full name. $450.00

TRUMAN, Harry S. BENTON, Thomas. Full sheet of the Missouri 150th Anniversary Stamp hand signed by Harry S. Truman and Thomas Hart Benton.  In excellent condition and possibly one of a kind $450.00

TRUMAN, Harry S. Short autograph note signed: “Independence, Oct. 24, 1955, Kind regards to D.R. Sutphin, Harry S. Truman”. Tastefully matted with an engraved portrait of Truman and an engraved plaque. Standard overall size, 9”x12”. $250.00

TRUMAN, Harry S. Truman’s pencil is in fine condition, just in need of a green lead replacement.  Metal cap removes to expose the eraser. SOLD

TRUMAN, Harry S. Thirty third President of the United States.  Choice signature on a closing of a letter sending his autograph SOLD

45th President of the United States & his First Ladies
TRUMP, Donald J., TRUMP, Melania, MAPLES, Marla, TRUMP, Ivana This collection consists of four 8”x10” photographs. SOLD

Make America “Grape” Again
TRUMP, Donald J. Wonderful un-used “Trump, 2013, Sauvignon Blanc, Monticello” wine label  Hand-signed, in person by Donald Trump during his visit to Colorado Springs, Colorado while on the campaign trail. SOLD

45th President of the United States
TRUMP, Donald J. Portrait of Donald Trump giving the “thumbs up” signal.  In person very bold black Sharpie signature signed during one of his campaign stops in Colorado Springs, Colorado. SOLD

VAN BUREN, Martin Eighth President of the United States. Fabulous signature as Secretary of State.  Slip measures seven inches long. SOLD

VAN BUREN, Martin Fine large signature “M. Van Buren” on a vellum slip affixed to a larger slip. SOLD

George Washington D.S. along with his four Directors of the Potomac Company
Includes the Rare signature of Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court
Thomas Johnson
WASHINGTON, George, JOHNSON, Thomas, GILPIN, George, FITZGERALD, John, and LEE, Thomas Sim Very scarce manuscript document signed, 2 pp (recto and verso) Alexandria, as this receipt indicates, on October 3, 1786 “The within allowed for 16 Pounds virga (Virginia) Currency. Very boldly signed by five, George Washington, Th. Johnson, George Gilpin, John Fitzgerald and Tho. S. Lee. $15,000.00

First President of the United States
WASHINGTON, George Discharge paper from the American Army for Philip Echorn, Soldier.  As these papers were folded, many of these discharge papers are in poor condition. This example has some paper loss in the folds and around the blank edges.  Repaired, strengthened with archival tape on verso.  Signature somewhat lighter in a few letters but all readable. SOLD

Original 2 inch strand of hair from George Washington
WASHINGTON, George One appx. 2 inch strand of hair from the head of George Washington. Placed inside a 2.5”x3” stainless steel frame.  Comes complete the original signed Certification from Charles Hamilton dated July 12, 1992 and a copy of the original authentication written about 1845. The original hair was sold to Stephen Koschal and his Certification  dated July 12, 1992 is also enclosed stating this is the hair handed directly to him by Charles Hamilton and it has not been tampered with. $775.00

Rare Presentation Inscription by LBJ

WHITE, William S. “The Professional Lyndon B. Johnson.”  Houghton Mifflin Co. 1964. First Edition, First printing. Two hundred seventy-three pages.  Very few of this title bears a GENUINE inscription/signature of Johnson.  Most all were signed by his secretary while Johnson was President. $395.00

August 3, 1914 Great Britain Declares War on Germany
WILSON, Woodrow Typed letter signed, one page on the imprinted stationery of The White House. September 24, 1914.  To Mr. & Mrs. J.P. Hutchins c/o American Embassy, London, England. $850.00

WILSON, Woodrow Harris & Ewing Washington photograph, measures 8”x11” head and shoulders pose looking serious. A two-word sentiment and signature, undoubtedly as President, is at the lower light margin: “Cordially yours, Woodrow Wilson.” $695.00

Rare President Wilson Appoints A Woman
WILSON, Woodrow Very handsome, partly printed document signed, as President. One page, oblong folio, Washington, August 2, 1915. Countersigned by Thomas Gregory, Attorney General. Large red paper seal of the department of justice affixed to the lower left corner. $575.00

Wilson, Woodrow Document signed, Washington, 25 June 1919, folio, appx. 18”x22”, appointment of Martin A. Morrison of Indiana a Civil Service Commissioner.  Signed by Woodrow Wilson, as President and countersigned by Frank L. Polk, Acting Secretary of State.  Polk represented the United States at the Peace Conference. $550.00

WILSON, Woodrow Twenty eighth President of the United States. Excellent signature on a slip. SOLD

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