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AGAM, Yaakov  Book by Merlin Levin, “It Takes A Dream, The Story of Hadassah” Gefen Publ. 1997 First Edition, printed in Israel. Four hundred forty-five pages, illustrations in color. On the title page the author has inscribed and signed: “For Ruth, Marlin Levin, 7-14-97, Chicago.”  Agam has drawn a rainbow in five colors adding a heart and star. In addition he has signed his name. $350.00

AGAM, Yaakov  Book by Jasia Reichardt, Methuen London, 1966. Measures appx. 5.5”x7” illustrated. On the front free endpaper, Agam has drawn a concentric circle which looks like a  shell of a snail. Boldly signed “Agam.”. $225.00

Creator of Smiley

BALL, Harvey Color photograph, 8”x10”, of Harvey Ball holding a poster  for the first World Smile Day.  Harvey Ball has signed the photograph and has hand drawn an original “Smiley” face. $85.00

BENTON, Thomas Hart
Scarce autograph letter signed on his name imprinted letterhead. Kansas City, MO. May 16, 1972. $325.00

Gutzon Borglum
American Sculptor, ceator of Mount Rushmore. A Unique Photograph Signed of Mount Rushmore as a work in progress. $750.00

CADMUS, Paul Autograph letter signed, one page, 26 July 1984. $135.00

Stone Carver/Driller of Mt. Rushmore

CLIFFORD, Don Baseball card size color portrait of Don Clifford standing in front of the Mt. Rushmore memorial holding stone with holes that he drilled. Hand signed on the verso. $22.50


COLLINS, Michael Original watercolor, “Broken Dreams”, measures 14”x20” of a boat se up on blocks with a posted 4 Sale sign.  Palm trees and heavy vegetation in the background. Signed by Collins and dated “IV-08” $850.00

Billy Rose and Salvador Dali

DALI, Salvador & ROSE, Billy Rose’s book “Wine, Women and Words.”  Simon & Schuster, 1948, First Edition. Illustrated by Salvador Dali. Two hundred ninety-five pages, heavily illustrated.  Signed by Billy Rose and by Salvador Dali. $550.00

Original Sketch of a Shooting Star

DALI, Salvador His book “Hidden Faces” Dial press, New York, 1944, First Edition. Four hundred fourteen pages, very good copy with dust jacket.  On the front free endpaper Dali has signed his name and dated it “1970”.   $775.00

Uncommon Signed “Appeal to the Great Spirit”

DALLIN, Cyrus E. Printed portrait of “Appeal of the Great Spirit”  8”x12” signed in ink “Cyrus E. Dallin” and dated in his hand “Se.1924.” Housed in a period frame.  $350.00

DORE, Paul Gustavo Autograph letter signed, one page, no date, in French. Friendly content, not translated but sends greetings and sets up an appointment. Boldly signed. $495.00

ERTE Envelope, 6.5”x8” sent from France postmarked, Paris 13.12.88. Hand addressed by Erte to a U.S. Autograph collector Tom Price in Belle Meade, New Jersey. On the flap of the envelope, the artist has signed his name and wrote his return address.  $85.00

FOX, Fontaine Drawn on the back of a 2 cent postcard and sent to a collector in Connecticut as a Christmas greeting for 1957.. $175.00

FRELENG, Friz Marvelous two volume set of books, boxed.  Animation: The Art of Friz Freleng,  Donovan Publishers, 1994. Vol.#1, 240 pages, illustrates pictures and stories about the life of Friz Freleng in animation. The spine is in leather and this is copy #379/4000 copies signed by Friz Freleng on a  page which contains a hologram of the Warner Brothers characters.  Second volume also with a leather spine contains a VHS and tape cassette. Both volumes are contained in a protective leather bound slipcase. The books are housed in the original publisher’s special packaging and box.   $375.00

Scarce Double Signed “The Cat in the Hat”

GEISEL, Theodore (Dr. Seuss) Color portrait of  The Cat in the Hat holding a rake with a crooked handle. Signed with his very scarce double signature “Dr. Seuss, Theodore Geisel.”  Measures 6”x9”. $675.00
Cover of Jan. 1, 1925 Life Magazine

GIBSON, Charles Dana Color print from the New Years issue of Life Magazine (1925) of an angel making a toast to the 1925 New Years Baby. The top of the table is covered with fruits and drink.  Lengthy two line inscription signed by Gibson. $275.00

GORMAN, R.C. Folding brochure for the Artistic Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona.  When opened the top panel contains a color photograph of the artist. Signed “R.C. Gorman” across his chest. $85.00
Chester Gould A Sketch of Dick Tracy signed with Gould's Iconic Signature. $250.00

GROSS, Chaim Uncommon original sketch of two figures balancing themselves on one hand. Signed and dated along with a two word sentiment: “Best wishes, Chaim Gross, March 28’ 66”. $195.00

GROSS, Chaim Typed letter signed, one page, August 25, 1981 $75.00

Gutzon Borglum American Sculptor, ceator of Mount Rushmore. A Unique Photograph Signed of Mount Rushmore as a work in progress. $750.00

Drawn and Signed just 62 Days before His Passing

HARING, Keith Original very popular sketch on a 3”x5” card of a “crawling baby. ”Signed “K. Haring ,89.”  This was received through the mail on Thursday, December 14, 1989 just 62 days before his passing, $1,100.00

HARING, Keith Original sketch of his famous “Radiant Baby” signed and dated “89” on a 3”x5” card. SOLD

Creator & Illustrator of many popular Children’s Books

HAGUE, Michael Ten Little Bears, A Counting Rhyme, Morrow Junior Books,1999, First Edition. Heavily illustrated with full page color illustrations.  On the dedication page Michael Hague has drawn a cute full length bear, wearing a winter hat. Signed in full, $95.00

Known as America’s Most Beloved Artist & Colorist

HIBEL, Edna Her fabulous book: “Hibel, The Life and Art of Edna Hibel.”  Star Group, 2006, First Edition, two hundred sixty-six pages, heavily illustrated, many in color. On the front free endpaper Hibel has drawn a palate and inside the palate she has written: “Best wishes Edna Hibel.”  A fabulous art books in fine condition with the dust jacket. $195.00

Known as America’s Most Beloved Artist & Colorist

HIBEL, Edna Fantastic color print on canvas of two children hugging each other. Across the top left portion of the print Hibel has written: “With love Edna Hibel April 6,’08.”  The writing and signature by Hibel was done “in person.” $175.00

Known as America’s Most Beloved Artist & Colorist

HIBEL, Edna Original sketch of a palate. Inside the palate she writes: “With Best Wishes Edna Hibel”  drawn on a 5”x8” blank card in her Florida studio. $175.00

Inscribed and signed to President George W. Bush

HIBEL, Edna Soft cover book:  “Edan Hibel an Album and Biography.” Eighty two pages, heavily illustrated.  First Edition, first printing 1985.   Measures 8”x11”.  On the title page Edan Hibel has written: To President George W. Bush,with best wishes for the next four years and with Love, Edna Hibel, Jan. 20, 2001.”. $175.00

Known as America’s Most Beloved Artist & Colorist

HIBEL, Edna Beautiful colorful poster of a child holding an American Flag. This poster was created for the 20th Anniversary of the Edna Hibel Society Measures  appx. 18”x22”.  Hand signed by Edna Hibel on the inside of the Seal of the Edna Hibel Society. $150.00

Known as America’s Most Beloved Artist & Colorist

HIBEL, Edna Plate 31170E.  Hand signed “in person” on the front of the plate using a black ink Sharpie pen. $87.50

HOCKNEY, David Card measuring 4”x6”  with one of his works “Flowers Made of Paper and Black Ink” (1971) signed “D. Hockney” on the lower white margin.  $85.00

Drew Tarzan For 12 Years

HOGARTH, Burne Uncommon and excellent content autograph letter signed. $150.00

HURD, Peter Autograph letter signed, one very full page, June 7, 1939, San Patricio, N.M.  Wonderful letter to a friend sending some lithographs, numbered, signed and priced. Hurd wants to give one as a gift. On the verso is a four line P.S. signed “Peter” and a half page of notes by a former owner of this letter.  $275.00

Rare Signed Photograph of Jasper Johns

JOHNS, Jasper Photograph, B&W, 8”x10” of the artist drawing.  Signed on the lower left area of the photograph. SOLD

JONES, Chuck Color printed cartoon, measures appx: 7.5”x10.5”, of Tweety taking a bath with Sylvester sneaking up behind him with a towel. Hand signed by Chuck Jones.  $150.00

Bob Kane Set of Original Signed Batman & Robin Sketches SOLD

Rare Letter of One of the Greatest Photographers

KARSH, Yousuf Early typed letter signed, one and a half pages on his name imprinted letterhead. $275.00

KINKADE, Thomas Typed letter signed on his studio letterhead. May 8, 2002. Kinkade talks about his busy schedule  and the importance of writing skills for young students. Talks about sending a signed photo. He adds: “Good writing skills are an essential component of the arts.”  Signed “T. Kinkade.”  $85.00

Scarce Combination of Signatures: Jack Kirby and Stan Lee
Jack Kirby known as “The King of Comics

KIRBY, Jack LEE, Stan Marvel 1991 Super Hero’s card  #41 for “The Invisible Woman.” Hand signed, using a silver ink pen by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee. Lee adds the date “92” in his hand. $95.00

KNAPP, Tom Plate block of four Frederick Remington 4 cent Indian Stamps.  On the selvage Knapp has painted an Indian Warrior holding his spear. Inscribed: “Best wishes to Noel Goldblatt Tom Knapp 1981.:  $95.00

The First Great Artist of Neo-African Painting

LAM, WILFREDO Original pen & ink drawing of a woman (untitled) half length, wearing an ornate hat with ribbons and an ornate blouse. Overall size 5.5”x7”. image size 3.25”x2.25”.  Signed by Lam with an exceptionally large signature and dated by the artist “Habana 1954”. $4,900.00

Walter Lantz Original Signed Sketch of Woody Woodpecker. $125.00

LEAR, Edward Autograph letter signed, no date, one page. “if I can be useful to you on this side of the Atlantic, pray command me. I am faithfully yours, Edward Lear”. $550.00

LICHTENSTEIN, Roy A very uncommon signature well centered on a 3”x5” card. A wonderful example to frame along with your favorite Lichtenstein print. $95.00

Very Uncommon Signed Photograph of Roy Lichtenstein

LICHTENSTEIN, Roy Postcard photograph, B&W, of Roy Lichtenstein, head and shoulders pose, wearing a sweater and jacket and looking directly into the camera. Taken and printed in Germany in 1982. Boldly autographed in full on the lower white margin. SOLD

LICHTENSTEIN,  Roy Master of Pop Art. Title page removed from a book “Roy Lichtenstein”. Signed across the center of the page. SOLD


LYDIS,  Mariette Exquisitely sculptured hand from a solid piece of wood, housed in the original glass coffin like showcase. Her signature is carved in the wood. $1,850.00

CHOICE Content of J.F. Millet on the Death
Of His Friend Theo. Rousseau

MILLET, Jean Francois Autograph letter signed, one full page, Barbizon, Dec. 22, 1867. To “My Very dear Friend”.  We quote the letter in full:  “Our poor Rousseau died this morning at nine o’clock. Together with a printed portrait of Millet which was drawn by himself in 1847. SOLD

The Great Western Artist Thomas Moran writes about Utah
eighteen years before it becomes a State.

MORAN, Thomas Rare and very lengthy four page autograph letter signed. $750.00

MOSES, Grand Ma Color print, measures 5”x7”, removed from her book which was titled “Covered Bridge” boldly signed in ink on the light portion of the sky. $225.00.

NEIMAN, Leroy Original self portrait of his face, wearing a hat and smoking a cigar in a No Smoking Zone.  Sketched  on a heavy card, measures 6”x9”.  Inscribed: “To Genny, LeRoy Neiman ’92.”. $775.00

Uncommon “Genuine” Signature of Wallace Nutting

NUTTING, Wallace Choice signature dated “1927” on the letterhead of Old America Company, Framingham, Massachusetts. $55.00

O’KEEFFE, Georgia Russell postage stamps with the plate block number printed above.  Signed on the selvage, in ink, “Georgia O’Keeffe”. $475.00

The Utimate Georgia O'Keeffe Check with Excellent Association

O'KEEFFE, Georgia Very rare double endorsed check. Check from the noted autograph company Walter R. Benjamin Autographs.$1,150.00

Rare Picasso Signed Book with Sketch

PICASSO, Pablo The book: “Picasso” by Jean Cassou. Translated from the French by Mary Chamot. Copyright 1940 in Paris by The Hyperion Press. Copyright 1940 in the United States by Art Book Publications. Folio,  one hundred sixty-seven pages, one hundred sixty illustrations, many full page, some in color. On the front free endpaper Picasso using a blue art pencil has signed his name adding the date “9.4.68” and has drawn a small sketch of a swirl. $1,100.00

Father of American Illustration

PYLE, Howard Choice color print of a seated woman holding flowers.  Signed in pencil in the lower white margin. Print measures appx. 5.5”x7”, overall size 14”x16”. $450.00

Rembrandt Peale Discusses a new picture and revisions in a very desirable Autograph Letter Signed. $1,595.00

Original Drawing of a Rizzi-Bird

RIZZI, James Original drawing using a black Sharpie pen of a flying Rizzi-Bird on a 4“x6” card. Boldly signed. $135.00

One of the Greatest Artists of the 20th Century

PICASSO, Pablo Color portrait, removed from a book, half length pose smoking a cigarette.  Measures appx. 10”x12”.  This is one of a very few oversized items Picasso signed through the mail in April 1970.  Signed using a blue artist pencil. $1,250.00

One of the Greatest Artists of the 20th Century

PICASSO, Pablo Portrait of Picasso cut from a magazine, in his studio painting one of his plates. Measures appx. 7.5”x11”,  black and white, The artist has signed his name with a blue artist pencil on the light area of a mantle. Signature obtained through the mail during the early 1970’s. SOLD

Diego Rivera A Signed Book. The famed Mexican painter's 1934 book, Portrait of America. $1,075.00
Norman Rockwell Autograph Note Signed discussing the painting of the Russian Heads. $475.00

Photographer of the Flag raising at Iwo Jima

ROSENTHAL, Joeo Large colorful cachet of the Emblem with six different  U.S. 3 cent postage stamps. One of the stamps is the Iwo Jima illustrating the raising of the American Flag.  Cancelled, Washington, D.C. May 9, 1946. Hand signed by Joe Rosenthal above the colorful cachet. $250.00

Very Scarce Full Signature

ROUAULT, Georges Autograph letter signed in French  to a gentleman about requesting his autograph  and apologizing for being late to respond. A few words crossed out by Rouault.  Signed with his scarce full signature. $595.00

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Illustrator

SARG, Tony Original ink-wash, large size, measures appx. 15x18”.  Depicts an old man dressed in an overcoat and hat walking in heavy rain with his dog on a leash trying to walk through heavy clay which is stuck to his shoes.  Title of this sketch is “Clay is Soil!”  Very boldly signed “Tony Sarg/38.” $350.00

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Illustrator

SARG, Tony Wonderful typed letter signed on his very ornate letterhead "'Tony Sargs" Marionettes.” SOLD

Created the Balloons for Thanksgiving Macy's Day Parade

SARG, Tony Original ink-wash, large size, measures appx. 13x17”.  Depicts an old man sitting on a park bench. A young mischievous young boy is holding a reflector towards the sun and deflecting the sun’s rays onto the old man’s face. Boldly signed “Tony Sarg” near the bottom right corner. SOLD

Fabulous ink sketch by Tony Sarg

SARG, Tony Original wash, black & white,  folio, measures appx. 13”x14” of a big thug holding a man with one hand, off the ground.  Titled “The Opposite of Strong is Weak.”  Boldly signed in full adding the date “(19)34.” SOLD

Father of Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade - Illustrator

SARG, Tony Original ink-wash for Parent’s Magazine. Measures appx. 12x14”.  Depicts a man running away from a vicious dog. The dog has grabbed a hold of the man’s pants at the rear, tearing away material. Boldly signed and dated: “Tony Sarg/36”. SOLD

SARG, Tony Original watercolor in color of a giraffe, appx. 7.25”x11”. Boldly signed. Would frame well. SOLD
Dr. Seuss Exceptional Cat in the Hat Signed Print $165.00

Original Sketch of Snoopy as a Golfer
The Story of Charles Schulz

SCHULZ, Charles M. JOHNSON, Rheta Grimsley  (1953-   ) Award winning reporter, columnist for King Features Syndicate.  Her book: “Good Grief, The Story of Charles Schulz”. Pharos Books, New York, 1980, First Edition.  On the front free endpaper is a large sketch of “Snoopy” as a golfer. Inscribed to “Pat” and signed “Charles Schulz”.   $495.00

SCHULZ, Charles Four ceramic figures, Charlie Brown measures 8” high, Lucy measures 8” high, Baby measures 6” high and Snoopy measures 7” high.  Initialed and dated “71” by the maker of this one of a kind set.  Signed in blue ink “Charles Schulz” on the head of Snoopy.  $375.00

SCHULZ, Charles Original sketch of “Snoopy” as a golfer on a heavy stock board measuring 8.5”x8.5”.  Snoopy is smiling and holding a golf club in the grass.  SOLD

SCHULZ, Charles Vintage red brick made by a company named “Shultz” from the area of Newark, New Jersey.  This brick was mailed to Charles Schulz with a request that he autograph the brick. He autographed the brick and made corrections to the spelling of  the similar name of his on the brick by adding a “c” and crossing out the “t”. SOLD

Choice Content Letter

SLOAN, Eric Choice typed letter signed, one full page on his name/address imprinted letterhead. $125.00

SLOAN, Eric Autograph letter signed, one page, no date on his name and address imprinted letterhead. $135.00

SNOWDON, Lord Scarce typed letter signed on the imprinted letterhead of Kensington Palace.  Dated March 8, 1972. $100.00

One of America’s Most Respected Realist Painters

SOYER, Raphael Color print, appx. 7”x9.5” of ten women in a crowd, possibly at an art gallery.  Signed in full by Raphael Soyer across the chest of one of the women. $85.00

Only Person that Hitler Put a Price of 1M on His Head

SZYK, Arthur Szyk’s most famous illumination of the United States of America. Published by K. Bileski. Printed in the U.S.A. by A. Jaffe. Image size appx. 7”x8” in full color. Vignettes of a steamboat, Pony Express, the industrial revolution, an Indian and a locomotive surround the central emblem The United States of America surmounted by the American Eagle. Hand signed “Arthur Szyk” near the bottom right margin. $575.00

Interview - September 1985 - Signed by Andy Warhol

WARHOL, Andy Interview magazine, September 1985, Movies A-Z/Sylvester Stallone.  Very large magazine, 11”x17”  in remarkably good condition. Andy Warhol has boldly signed his name across the front cover. $325.00

WARHOL, Andy A fabulous “in person” full signature boldly signed using a blue Sharpie Pen, on a 3”x5” card. SOLD

WENDELIN, Rudolph Original ink sketch, overall size 8.5”x11” on heavy paper board, blue in color, of Smokey wearing his famous hat. The artist has added Smokey’s name to the hat and has written the Bear’s famous quote “Prevent Forest Fires!”  Very boldly signed “Smokey, Rudolph Wendelin, ‘93”. $295.00

Benjamin West Autograph Letter Signed, d. 1812, to the Fellows at Dulwick College explaining his wife's ill-health prevents his traveling. $1,850.00

WHISTLER, James A. McNeill Autograph letter signed, one page, 110 Rue de Bac, Jan. 18 [n.y.].  $975.00

Very Rare Illustrated Letter by Rex Whistler

WHISTLER, Reginald John “Rex” Charming, illustrated Autograph Letter Signed, 2 pages, on both sides of a 4to leaf. At the top center of page one is an original sketch, a witty pen and ink drawing of a penitent figure (self portrait of Whistler) covered in patched sackcloth and smoking ashes. On the verso are a much larger drawing appx. 5”X3.5” in pen, ink & charcoal, illustrating four panels above a staircase, depicting pastoral scenes. $2,500.00

American Artist Noted for Illustrating Charlotte’s Web and other Classics

WILLIAMS, Garth Original ink sketch, full length of a woman sitting in an elaborate chair. Measures appx. 7”x10”, page 92 from his sketch book. Signed with his uncommon full signature. $95.00

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